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Created on : Monday, March 09, 2009, 05:53:54 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard2

Single mother of octuplets Nadya Suleman faces an audience for the first time as she sits down with Dr. Phil to discuss the rampant rumors: the million-dollar offer to star in a pornographic video, her frantic 911 calls, the departure of her second spokesperson and the alleged sale of the octuplets’ birth video. Plus, hear about exciting new developments in the care of Nadya’s 14 children. Go inside Dr. Phil’s private meeting with the octuplets mom, attorney Gloria Allred and the founders of Angels in Waiting, a non-profit organization that has offered professional wrap-around care for all 14 of Nadya’s children. Will Nadya accept the help? And, Nadya has a new house, but this family’s needs are far from met. With the first of the octuplets ready to leave the hospital soon, will Nadya and her new home be ready in time? And, don’t miss the continuation of this two-part special on Wednesday, when Dr. Phil meets the octuplets and delivers a big surprise for Nadya. Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 10, 2009, 12:51 pm CDT

Give me a break!

Nadya was telling a bunch of lies, saying what she knows Dr. Phil wants to hear.  For example that she definitely does not want a reality show.  Who are we going to believe on this, Nadya on Dr. Phil today, or Angels in Waiting?  Angels in Waiting said Nadya kept asking them if she could have a reality show, then lost interest when they said definitely not.  Are we going to believe Nadya that she paid rent or her mom that she didn't?  Like Casey Anthony, when Nadya's lips are moving, she is lying.
March 10, 2009, 12:52 pm CDT


Give those children to couples who desparately want children.  Stop giving her national press, which encourages other people to use children as a means to get a home, money, cars, etc. Unstable people will see this a great way to get notoriety, money, and whatever else they need.
March 10, 2009, 12:53 pm CDT


I just can't understand how a doctor knowing that this woman isn't working went ahead with the procedure.

There has to be something wrong with the mother - for her to say she hates being pregnant - I don't buy it.

She evidently didn't have a good childhood if she is looking for love from all those kids - I feel bad for the children being raised by a mother and having no dad. Also the tax payers having to pay for all there needs.

I usually don't criticize people for what they do. This mother is in need of help mentally. I get the feeling she says what people want to hear and I would not be surprised if she has more babies down the road.

One mother can't give the attention all those children will need. I pray that all works out and she and the children will continue to get the help thats needed.

I also pray that the anger that people have over this stops - this is a woman and her children in need of help and prayers.

March 10, 2009, 12:57 pm CDT

why is dr. phil being so easy on this woman...?

I used to watch the show on a regular basis but it is because of shows like this one that I stopped. I was looking forward to seeing someone finally really give this woman a piece of their mind. Dr. Phil never holds back on anyone else, and I really can not figure out why he seems to have done a 180. Normally he would tear this woman apart. It kind of seems like a sham... I'm just confused about who this new Dr. Phil is.
March 10, 2009, 12:58 pm CDT

Crazy Like a Fox

From day one I felt she is playing everyone and is looking for fame and money just like the Duggers and John and Kate plus eight. She certantly is achieving this through the media which includes Dr Phil. I know she needs help and I am glad she is getting it for the childrens sake. She must be good for the ratings as several shows have jumped on the opportunity to talk with or about her.
March 10, 2009, 12:59 pm CDT

Leave her alone!

I am getting so sick and tired of people bashing this poor woman! The public seems to be more mad at her than they are at all of these huge companies that are getting away with scamming billions of tax dollars and walking away with huge bonuses. If you're so upset about your tax money going towards her with everything else that's going on, then you've got your priorities messed up. Most people don't even pay attention to exactly where their tax dollars go anyway--it's just an excuse to gripe! She admits that she made a bad decision by chosing to have one more child after she already had six and she certainly didn't expect to have eight! If anyone has been paying attention, she had the same amount of embryos emplanted each time and only ended up with 1-child (twins, once.) She did not expect this and needs help! I feel so sorry for how scrutinized she is and think that people just need to mind their own business! There's not one person out there that lives without faults. Would you like all of your dirty laundry to be so public? No one would. I commend Dr. Phil for being so positive and logical about this situation!
March 10, 2009, 1:03 pm CDT

A rose is a rose

Begging without holding her hand out is still begging and now Dr. Phil is helping her. Sad, sad, sad. Free care for the children and apparently daddy can afford a house that costs over a half million dollars? A place to send contributions? Come on folks.  I don't want the babies to suffer but she is irresponsible and not all that mentally stable. Feeding at the charity trough is not being self reliant. I am shocked at Dr. Phil's acceptance of this.
March 10, 2009, 1:09 pm CDT

Dr. Phil is being naive

I like Dr. Phil from the very moment he entered into Oprah's life during the whole burger issue with the beef industry. I've always liked his no non-sense approach and his down home wisdom and advise. I must say I am very disappointed that he seems to believe Nayda Suleman. I am in doubt of his judgement. She is clearly shoving it and it stinks. She needs to disappear from public eye and her children given to loving, sensible people to care for. She is a crazy and anyone who trust her with the care of these poor children must have their judgement check. She must hate Gloria Allread for trying to take away her ability to milk the children like cash cows.

Now that she's received so much money in donation, does this mean that she can pay her own medical bill or at least buy the required insurance for the children, or pay back the money the state spent on her behave? Isn't there a law limiting how much money you can have while receiving assistance?
March 10, 2009, 1:10 pm CDT

Bad choices don't deserve rewards

I am a newbie to any sort of chats or blogs on any website. But, I feel alot of disgust with Ms. Suleman

and wanted to vent my frustrations here. I just finished watching the show today about her agreeing

to the angels in waiting care. I feel that she was being beyond selfish to have more children at this time in her life. ( Also, maybe this has been already questioned but, how did she get the $ for IFV anyway?) I do understand that the children should not have to suffer for her poor choices but should she gain all this attention and profit for interviews and photos? Sure the $ money helps the "family", and yes I'm sure she does not like certain opinions and negative  publicity and feels the need to explain it on the Dr. Phil show or whatever other shows she has done. But, this is all working out to her advantage. She WILL profit from this history making births and I think that it is disgusting and deliberate. Too late to do anything about it of course ,but hopefully  to punish the insane Doctor. I think that she should have to live like everyone else who makes  bad choices each and everyday even if that means allowing the children to be adopted by other families and take care of herself and her mistakes. She knows what she is doing & she is getting it!

March 10, 2009, 1:13 pm CDT

03/10 Octuplets: Breaking News

I am a new member to this board. Can anyone tell me please if I am missing something when trying to see if Dr. Phil has live stream? I would like to watch the show today that just started about 15 minutes ago my time. Thanks!
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