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Created on : Thursday, March 05, 2009, 01:53:09 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Is it wrong to go dating for dollars? Dr. Phil’s guests say if you want to court them, you have to pay to play! Baje says she uses sex appeal to get cash, jewelry and expensive trips from men. She says she never leaves home without her "gold-digging kit," and you won’t believe what it contains! Her friend, Michelle, says Baje taught her all the secrets to getting money from men, and she doesn't see anything wrong with accepting gifts from wealthy suitors. With the help of an NFL superstar, Dr. Phil teaches these materialistic ladies a lesson they won't forget. Then, attorney Lauren Lake says gold digging is "two sandwiches short of a prostitution picnic," but Lucia, a radio talk show host, says that using men for money is no worse than men using women for sex. Don’t miss their heated debate! And, Emilie says she's not a gold digger; she’s just looking for a rich man to support her extravagant lifestyle. Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 9, 2009, 12:59 pm CDT

You Are Not Looking in the Right Direction

Quote From: mengine4

it seems thats all there is available out there, i was married to a gold digger and a cheater back in 1994 and since then thats all i seem to find out there. the way they operate is when the money is gone their gone, it's worse when the gold digger has kids in tow cause they teach the kids the same thing!!!!
I am sorry to hear that your world is so narrow.  You seem to have let your previous bad experience sour your outlook on life.  There are many wonderful young women, older women out there with excellent values and hearts of gold.  They would never ask for money, expect money, or prostitute themselves for money.  I don't know where you are looking or what you are looking for, but you have evidently been picking the wrong women.  And by the way, the women I am talking about are just as beautiful, inside & out.  Change your perspective & you may find the right woman- when you do, don't trash her based on your previous experiences.  Also, you may be blocking the good ones by your attitude, if you present yourself as an angry or negative person.
March 9, 2009, 12:59 pm CDT


Quote From: chamelon701

This show should of had the men that were suckers enough to pay these women on it,in the real world men with street sense who are not geeks and who grew up with the proper upbringing would never pay for these women . Shows like the bachelor and such are very distorted it does not show what all men think I came from the side of life where a man had to be articulate,creative, and artistic we had to have game and a good mouth piece. We need men who know how to play the game on these shows in order to teach these dumb men who are paying for women thus creating this travesty. 

Many Gold-Diggers end up on Forenesic Files or Cold Case Files!

March 9, 2009, 1:02 pm CDT

03/09 Gold-Digging Secrets Revealed

I would never say that Gold digging is ok, but what the women on todays show say they are doing does not bother me in the least. My morals would say that Gold digging is wrong, but I don't see how anyone is getting hurt in what these women are doing. I believe if what they were saying is the truth, then the men that are doing these things for them are idiots and it's their own fault. I would like to say I don't know why people gave Baje such a hard time. I personally liked her. I thought that she was very confident. She was not defensive, or angy in anyway. She was respectful and kind, even to the ones that disagreed with her. I really like the way that she handled herself. This tells me that beyond the gold digging persona is probably a really good, nice, interesting, person. I would tell Baje...keep on keepin on!
March 9, 2009, 1:04 pm CDT

03/09 Gold-Digging Secrets Revealed

thoese gold diggers give good gilrs bad names
March 9, 2009, 1:05 pm CDT

Good girls don't play that game!

I hope there are a lot of nice girls out there who are watching Dr. Phil today, and realize that good girls don't play the gold-digger game.  Back in my dating days, we used to call these kind of girls "sluts", cause they would do almost anything so that their whole evening out would be paid for by the guy & then he'd take them home in his fancy car.  I was not one of these types ever, I went to school & obtained my own degree & success before I went looking for Mr. Right.  Who I found, by the way, not at a nightclub, but through friends from work, and we were compatible enough to know we had similar economic status, education and friends.  What the heck would I ever have in common with a millionaire anyway?

This is just one of the reasons why we do not go to night-clubs anymore, since it's mainly now just a meat-market, and with shows like VIP enhancing the image, this is showing young men & women how to act like "sluts".  Shame on you girls, beauty fades but dumb is forever!  Thanks Judge Judy for this enlightened view (the quote is from her show), and I still believe a pretty, smart woman with her own career & economic status will still be more revered for being herself, and if guys choose the gold-digger instead of her, good luck with long-term marriage or if your economic status ever changes, cause they will likely leave you PDQ.  Just shows how shallow people can be these days, what happened to being happy with your own self & finding someone to share your life with?  These girls are missing out on meeting some really nice guys, instead they will be meeting drunks and dullards who populate the bar-scene.   We have been married now 7 years, after being together for 5 years prior, we own our own home, 2 cars in the garage paid for, and both have good hubby is the most handsome, nicest, happiest, most wonderful man I have ever met, we go on a nice holiday every year and we both have everything we could ever ask for.  Good luck with your search ladies!

March 9, 2009, 1:06 pm CDT


dwight is so good looking


March 9, 2009, 1:06 pm CDT


Ok,  look, When I was young, I was raised to be pure, sweet, demure, not flashy, dressed modestly,  attract the RIGHT kind of opposite sex, try not to be around the older used men, don't curse, don't idly gossip and for God's sake, DON'T talk about money!  That will instantly get you not so much into "crossing the line"  trouble,  but the main thing is to keep it light,  and never go beyong 1st base, or a kiss on the cheek.  Never go in with them to their place on the 1st date, etc. etc. etc.  

What Baje is doing is putting herself above any men and she'll be danged if she's gonna be used and she just is going to sweet talk them as hard and fast as she can!  And too bad if they get took by her,  her victory, their loss. 

My honest op on what she's doing,  WRONG, WRONG, WRONG LITTLE GIRL!  One of these days you're gonna meet the wrong one and you may just wind up dead from some P-O'd guy who just gets enough of yo S--t!  Do you get what you're doing!   You are out in the open with blatant thievery in my op.   You obviously didn't read the Bible.  You don't toy with men like that and you are NOTHING BUT A TEASE,  THE BIGGER THE GIFT,  THE BIGGER THE KISS, so to speak!   You are despicable!  You are a brat and obviously did not get raised with the right values!  God help you!  You're gonna wind up old, and haggard, and without children and family and all you'll have to show for your life will be what?   A few trinkets of gold.  There are numerous children's nursery stories of old that depict your kind. 

You really need to search your heart,  you're missing out on a lot of really nice men who are wanting a sweet wife, honest, pure, for real, not a gold digger,  making it $$'s a prerequisite for a relationship.  I know someone who is dating someone who he thinks  winning the lottery would be the 1st thing he'd go get is the biggest baddest Mercedes and didn't say a word about marrying the woman who recently had his child!  HELLO!  You don't want a man like that so if you met that type of man who just won the lottery,  and you didn't know anything about him, you wouldn't care except to trick him into buying you gifts and toys, cars, etc. 

When you say you don't lead them on,  what exactly are you saying that you don't?   YOU ARE!  It's shameful!   So let me get this straight.  If you were to meet someone like Donald Trump,  (who wouldn't give you the time of day BTW) and you didn't have a clue where they got their money from,  and come to find out they were actually in say,  the Mafia,  then you would only care about getting your "goal list" gifts from them, not the morals behind where those gifts come from?  You're nuts! 

You have no morals because you set yourself up as this very gorgeous plastered with makeup woman, who has this goal list of "trinkets"  and no matter who you hurt,  you're goal is one of those things on your goal list, your type and others are doing more harm to humanity than a whore on Broad St. so-to-speak.   You are eroding the trust of not only good men, but your kind is also eroding any hope that other women that may appear like you but just plain good women, to men who may actually be looking at a woman as a potential mate! 

Get a brain, get a life, and get out of town! Leave those innocent poor fools with $$'s alone!  

March 9, 2009, 1:07 pm CDT

i disagree with the gold diggers

I think it is hard enough to find a descent man who takes you seriously and respects a woman for who and what they are. These woman are giving other woman a bad name we dont need a man to buy us stuff. Woman today have jobs that can support them and children they have if the mans not in the picture. I t might be a struggle but you will have more pride and can hold your head up if you work for stuff your self and not  degrade your self by promising a man  even just a moment of your time in exchange for a thousand dollar bag. A 50 dollar one holds the same stuff  that one can and you'll have money left for a matching outfit to go with it
March 9, 2009, 1:12 pm CDT

Gold Digging Makes Me Sad

      So it is very obvious to me that these gold digging women are just unhappy inside. Baje's behavior is just a product of her experience in a field that is disgusting and demeaning, This formed her idea of men early on. I am a very beautiful woman and I have always been wanted by men. The big difference is I had an excellent relationship with my father so I have respect for men and myself. At an early age, I tried to develop myself in positive, respectful ways because I knew that whatever man I wanted would expect the same things in me as I would in him. I am funny, cool, super fun and very smart, not to mention beautiful. I have that man that ive always wanted and he respects the crap out of me. Accepting money from men you dont respect only makes you respect yourself even less. Giving those men even a second of your time should feel a little demeaning. These girls are just doing this in response to feeling like all men are the same and trying to get them back. They are only hurting themselves. I could be a gold digger if I wanted to but I know that my self worth is priceless and I could not be happier. We all know that material things do not equate to happiness and these beautiful girls on this show need self esteem counciling. Im not mad at them, Im just sad for them. Please help them Dr. Phil!
March 9, 2009, 1:15 pm CDT

This Is So One-Sided!

First of all, I don't approve of the so-called Gold-Diggers on the show; they are cheating themselves out of quality relationships and even though there is no sex involved (per their statements), they are losing a little piece of themselves with each encounter.


What about the other side of the coin, though?  Nothing is said about the men who are Gold-Diggers as well.  I know of many women who got nothing out of the relationship but soaring bills and possibly a baby or two.  The men took them for everything they could get out of them, while dating or sleeping around with anyone who would believe the lies.  The men themselves gave nothing except a few moments of appeasement, but they took every penny, the woman's self-esteem, her reputation, etc... No one calls them Gold-Diggers, but they are just the same!  And they come after rich and poor women alike, makes no difference.  Either way, it is wrong and payday is coming for all of them -- but it won't be the kind of payoff they are hoping for.

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