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Created on : Friday, February 27, 2009, 02:14:21 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 03/05/09) Truancy, vandalism and drinking alcohol may seem exciting to some kids, but these actions can have severe consequences. Warren Messner found out the hard way, and his shocking story made headlines. In 2005, 15-year-old Warren and his friends were smoking marijuana and drinking in the woods when they happened upon an unsuspecting homeless man. What happened next was unthinkable and landed the teen in jail for 22 years. Dr. Phil cameras go inside a maximum security prison for the first televised sit-down interview with Warren, now 18. Learn what he says motivated him to commit a heinous crime. Then, his mom, Lori, joins Dr. Phil to talk about the warning signs she missed. What does she say she regrets the most? Next, 16-year-old Chris felt high school was a waste of his time, so he dropped out. His mother, Kerry, and stepmother, Lisa, say they're at their wits' end trying to cope with his aggressive ways. They say he assaulted them and stole their money, and they just discovered that he smokes marijuana. Is it too late for the teen to change? And, Janene says her 19-year-old son, Brett, has a bright future, but she fears that his drinking and driving could ruin his life -- or someone else’s. Brett already has two DUIs and crashed three cars but says he’s just being a normal teen. Dr. Phil urges these two young men to spend a day at San Quentin, one of the country’s oldest and most notorious prisons, as part of a program to deter them from a life of crime. Will Chris and Brett accept the challenge? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 9, 2009, 2:21 pm CDT

kids in trouble

I feel that part of the problem with todays kids are that they know that we as parents really have no rights anymore, the kids know that they can call the cops over whatever. I have a 18 year old nephew who was raised by his dad, he comes from a good home.  Right now he is a punk, his dad, myself, I am his aunt and an uncle have gone out of their way for this kid.  He acts like we owe him a living.  He knows if his dad touches him, he can call the cops.  But its ok if the kid goes after his dad.  His dad is at his wits end, this kid continues to get into the wrong crowd, spends money on foolish things.  He was a good kid until he turned 18 and since then he has been nothing but a headache.  He thinks because he is 18 he can do whatever he pleases.  He has been in trouble with the law, but it just does not seen to bother him, talking to him is like talking to a wall.  His dad is at his wits end, I know its easier said than done, but I would just turn him loose.  His father bought him a truck which is under his dad's name, the kid does make the payments, but I think I would take the truck away and throw him out.  I feel that his dad deserves to have life too.
March 13, 2009, 8:20 am CDT

Fear of your own child?

For those of you who have posted your comments on the board regarding the fear of your teen, think about the message you're sending to your child. If you sincerely have that fear, your child is well aware of it. Hence the reason there may be difficulty in keeping him or her in check.


I am a single parent of a 19 year old daughter and 22 year old son. Both are attending a university here in PA. While it has been difficult to raise the two alone after my divorce and given the statistics of success for African American young men, I have continuously stood my ground with each of them. I AM THE ADULT AND PROVIDER! I have been so blessed not to have experienced any of the issues that these parents have of the young teens drinking and driving or doing drugs as seen on the show. I wouldn't tolerate it and my children knew that.


My son has repeatedly expressed an appreciation for having the type of discipline in our home that kept him from making mistakes that could potentially endanger someone else's life or his own. begins at home while they're young and it never stops regardless of their age!

July 17, 2009, 9:34 am CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

Away Doctor From Jail Mis One Phil/Robin Take. Where did I see this before? Maybe this year. See you on-

Friday July 24th, 2009. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.----------------------------------------------------------------

July 20, 2009, 9:28 am CDT

With much respect

Quote From: doctor40

Dr phil.  Don't judge until you have walked the parents shoes.  I know I've been there and it ain't easy.

They're coming to him for help.  Therefore, they have to be open to the fact that he does not "sugar coat" his opinion for anyone.   That is to say, Dr. Phil isn't in the business of telling people what they "want" to hear; he's in the business of telling people what they "need" to hear. 


If we stop and think about it, there's no escaping the judgment of others, unfortunately.  It comes with the territory of having differing opinions. Even though it isn't our right to judge others we all fall short because we are all human.


July 24, 2009, 2:57 pm CDT


   I found this episode very interesting becaues I, myself am an upcoming freshmen in highschool and I know some kids in my grade who are having problems with the Town Law Enforcement because they are skaters who smoke pot and are the troublemakers of the town.


  I think its so sad how these kids act like this because its obvoius they get themselves in trouble for the attention because they don't get iany at home from their parents or family. Recently, in the news the kids went on tv against the cops because one of them got a 144$ fine for skating across the road. I think that the fine was far too harsh and that their are better ways of setting these kids straight. Their was also a problem at a local eating place where these kids were just standing in front of the building just obviously looking for trouble or as I think looking for attention getting in trouble by a police officer. It was at 8:30 at night and my question is "Where are these kids parents or legal guardians because kids shouldn't be out to roam around that late at night?" unless they are looking for trouble.


   I wish that these town troublemakers could have seen this episode because their going down a bad path because they already are known for stealing and smoking pot. It only gets worse, I find it sad because each one I think has potential to have good lives and their ruining their lives. The parents honestly don't care.



July 24, 2009, 3:07 pm CDT

one mistake away from jail

Quote From: quietsteve

Dr. Phil should consider the danger the parents face when they do try to intervene in their teenagers behavior.  Teenagers can and do retaliate in vicious ways when a parent steps in to prevent their children from associating with the wrong crowd .  My 15 year old daughter made a false abuse accusation about me after I took a hard line about her school performance and the type of people that she associates with.  I was there on a daily basis and would make sure that she was in class and stayed away from other troubled teenagers.  For my efforts I was almost arrested.  And I am still battling CPS over the false allegation even though my daughter came clean and told them it was made up.   There seems to be no way to win.  
I know exactly where you are coming from, I to have been dealing with my almost 17 yr old daughter  for about 4 yrs now she also reported me and my husband to cps because i reported 2 boys that  had come thur the window one night to have sex. she made false accusation about us. I had to hire a lawyer to fight cps but it took at least 6 months before they found out that she lied. It cost my family alot of grief and heartache and money to say the least. She does drug , runsaway,lies, steals and does not go to school.Right now she is involed with 2 mincipal courts one for not going to school and the other for theft. Supposely right now she is under house arrest  and she ranaway again and no one does nothing about it. She has been arrested for assulting me and she calls me all kinds of names. I have gotten her consueling and she has been admitted to behavioral hospitals 5 times, she has been put on medication for bipolar and depression but she was abusing the medication. Finally he physcathrist did not want to see her no more. I have been told to just continue call the police when she runs away which i do but she does it so often that the police dont even want to deal with it. As i said She is supposely on house arrest right now and she ranaway so i reported to the police and i was told to give the case mumber to the probation so i did but till this day NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE. i have follow every thing that the courts have asked me to do but she has not but yet it still comes back to me......well now i say TO THE JUVNILE SYSTEM  GIVE ME MY RIGHTS  AS A PARENT BACK AND STAY OUT OF THE WAY  SO THAT I  MY CAN STAIGHTEN UP MY DAUGHTHER LIKE I WAS SUPPOSE TO BEFORE YOU CAME INTO OUR LIVES AND  HAVE ALLOWED  HER TO CONTINUE
July 24, 2009, 4:45 pm CDT

one mistake

Hi Dr. Phil, I am absolutely appallled at these kids with their nonchalant attitudes towards their criminal actions. I and my husband of 33 yrs are parents of 4 children. and one of them is incarcerated for the rest of his life. He has already been locked up foe 10 yrs, and has 42 more to go. the young man brett has no idea what he is in for, my son is now serving life with parole, which in tennessee, is 52 yrs. and because of the heinous act that took place, he can not be eligible for 51 of those 52 yrs. all this was because of a "drug deal gone bad" please dr phil, continue to do these types of shows because even if it is only child that hears and changes, it may cause a snowball effect.
i watched this program the first time it aired, and this time it just really stirred something in me. by the way,we have not physically seen our son for 6 yrs. due to the fact he is 10 hrs away, just wanted to let u know from a praying momma's point of view.

Sincerely yours, Robbin Christein
July 24, 2009, 5:10 pm CDT


I have a 26yr old son who is at this time serving time in a state pen, I have not had a b-day,mothers day, xmas or any holiday with my son since he was 15, due to his multiple incarcerations. If these parents/kids think that it will not happen to them, they need to prepare themselves for the fear & heartbreak that I am living with on a daily basis. I assure them it starts with marijuana regardless of the crap that any potsmoker spews. They are only 1 hit away from meth & then they will smoke meth& say they would never shoot it.

I heard all the same excuses & it wasn't long b4 my son was putting that needle in his neck. He is now fully sleaved (tattooed) even his bald head, which are all prison tattoos. He was running the peckerwoods (white men in prison) by the age of 19, and he's been in multiple riots not to his doing but there anyway & had to protect himself.

i used to tease him b4 he was an adult that the men in prison smoke their drugs from pipes & drugs that come out of their behinds & was he going 2 do that? It freaked him out so much that I was naive enough to believe he would NEVER be there...

Guess what? he is there now & partakes....Please don't tell me it doesn' t progress, they ALWAYS have to increase that high & it only leads 1 place & i hope these parents & teens WAKE UP, they are headed down a VERY DARK PATH & a very sad life!!!!

Just so they understand the full range of their decisions right now, my son will NEVER be the child i raised based on his choices & if he could go back he absolutely would but prison has molded him into person and a way of life I could never understand but will never stop loving & i will never stop hoping.......
July 26, 2009, 7:39 am CDT

07/24 One Mistake Away from Jail

I was absolutely outraged by watching this show. No wonder the kid is in trouble...this idiotic woman minimizes and makes excuses for everything that's her murderous offspring has done. Missed the warning signs? Duh!...he'd already been in court several times before he brutally murdered this poor man, and she'd still minimizing everything. She's so angry because he's not getting 'what he needs' in prison. Hello? Prison is prison. What did you expect? Fraternity parties and proms? Oh, and by the way, your son didn't get there on purpose. And, I don't think it was a matter of 'falling in with the wrong crowd.' He IS the wrong crowd. How does anyone do something like this to another human being and not have any feelings about it? And, I doubt he does now; he just wants sympathy. The mother is so upset that he's not getting an education and what will he do when he gets out. It's beyond my comprehension that anyone in this country could do what they did and still be allowed to get out of prison. No wonder life is considered so expendible here; all anyone gets is a slap on the wrist for murder...of course, unless the murder victim is someone rich and/or famous. Guess what, murder mom...the victim will never be able to do anything ever again. His family will never be able to see him or talk to him again. He suffered an horofic death by this sociopathic thug. This mother is so in denial...she is a contributing factor to all this. She consciously ignored and denied his progressively anti-social behavior teaching him that he can get away with anything and never have to take responsibility for himself. She can thank herself for this brute being in jail. And, of course, Dr Phil really didn't address this much at didn't really fit in with his 'theme' for the day. He constantly ignores issues of his guest if they don't figure into the show's theme. Disgusting.
July 27, 2009, 12:48 pm CDT

07/24 One Mistake Away from Jail

This little kid has so much to learn...and unfortunately he's going to learn it in prison. I've known too many selfish people like this who choose to learn the hard way. Hopefully he'll smarten up before he hurts someone again.... It's infuriating.
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