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Topic : 02/26 Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil, Part 2

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Created on : Monday, February 23, 2009, 07:06:45 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard2

Dr. Phil’s daytime exclusive with Nadya Suleman continues. The unemployed single mother of six who gave birth to octuplets answers the public’s number one question. Plus, Nadya’s mother, Angela, joins the discussion. How does she feel about her daughter’s decisions? Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 26, 2009, 7:38 am CST

Where is the MD's Responsibility?

Dr Phil, she "admits" it was a mistake??  Getting pregnant because of a one-night stand is a "mistake".  Planning, paying for and executing the implanting of a pile of embryo's is way more than a mistake. This woman not only needs psychiatric evaluation, but she also needs to be sterilized FOR GOOD. There is no possible way that this woman can provide proper care for all these children and any sane person would have known that, not to mention that no woman in her right mind would run off to add to her brood through the means that she went through when she currently has 6 mouths to feed!  What I'd like to know is where is the outrage at the doctor who thought that this was a good idea to help this woman into the position that she is in?  I never once heard Dr. Phil mention that this Dr. Whacko should take any blame or responsibility.  How about letting this doctor foot some of the medical as well as child rearing bills, and also future college expenses since he didn't even think it was necessary to evaluate whether she was even mentally or physically capable to care for all of these children he enabled her to have.   There seems to be more guidelines & restrictions in place for adopting a dog from a shelter than in bringing babies into this world!    How is it that to adopt a dog from many shelters, one must provide information about the vet they'll be taking them to, if your yard is fenced, and a host of other questions may be requested of the adopter. Many times there is even a home visit by the shelter to determine if the adopter is qualified.  Should not the doctor who has this enormous responsibility over making these new lives possible (implanting embryos), at least make a house call to see if this prospective mother even has a place to bring these babies home to?? Which she doesn't.  Now they will all be added to the burdon of the tax payers, no?  This whole thing is sickening.  I hope someone in some sort of charge will make changes in how fertility doctors do their jobs.  This one was irresponsible at the least, criminal at the most.  I feel for these innocent little lives.  I have much compassion for them, none for their mother or for her fertility doctor. Maybe these babies could be placed with adoptive families who long for just ONE baby and are unable to have any on their own.  These babies deserve a chance and with this imbalanced, selfish woman, what chance do they have? 
February 26, 2009, 7:40 am CST

02/26 Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil, Part 2

Talk about spewing psycho babble!  This woman needs to close her mouth and listen!  She seems to be using a lot of the terms she learned in school appropriately but without much understanding.  She hasn't allowed anyone (her mom or Dr. Phil) to finish a sentence without interrupting them.  Hmmmm.....maybe because she doesn't want to hear that she was wrong (unable to face reality maybe?).  It's such a shame that these children are going to suffer for her selfishness when there are couples all over the country who would give everything they have for a child.  And be able to give them the life they deserve. 

February 26, 2009, 7:42 am CST

octuplets mom

I am really tired of hearing about this woman. She made her bed now let her lie in it. Social services should step in and take these childern as she is totaly unstable and in la la land.
February 26, 2009, 7:43 am CST

Leave her alone

I sit here & watch Dr.Phil.  I feel as if he is trying oh so hard to get the woman to say something that can be used against her  by authorities, such as childrens's services.  I live in Ohio..... why not come & visit some of the Amish families here, those with 13 -16 children in a 3-4 bedroom home.  I guess it is okay for them to have that many children.... yes, the man may work, but the women do not.  And the children run around bare foot, in horse manure or cow manure, or whatever else.  Most have rotten teeth.  Children as young as 5 years old walking down the road without an adult.  If that was this mother's children, she would be hung high.  And yes, Amish do assist each other, but what difference is that from others offering to help this lady with her children?  Amish may not get public assistance, but they sure do get alot of tax relief.  And they do ask & use the services of others for transportation, phones, tv, etc.  So what is the difference between this woman & the Amish?  Maybe if she said it was her religion, then all would be right.  So he just got her to say "yes, I regret it", so what new group will jump on that now?
February 26, 2009, 7:44 am CST


This mother just doesn't GET IT.

Number one, I pray for all of her children, for I feel for each and every one of them. As for the mom, she really needs help and Dr. Phil isn't going to be able to do it, unless it's money. Why give this mom the time of day? If it's for the children, fine. Mom put herself in this mess and I can't feel sorry for her at all.

Now... I wish Dr. Phil would of just told her to shut up and LISTEN.

It is so clear she is using those precious children for money. Mom thought that the student loans would help her? COME ON. And she wants to get a degree in therapy? I would not want her as my therapist.

What saddens me the most is I am motherless, not by choice. I would of given ANYTHING to have a child and that child would of had a wonderful home.I would of loved to of had the chance to be offered just one of the embreos. I looked at her and just want to cry for what she is doing to these children. I pray that someone helps the grandma, for she is the one that really needs the help raising the children.
February 26, 2009, 7:44 am CST

Nadya ...

You know I agree with the most of you, this woman does appear in a dream world and yes some of her choices have been very selfish but this is the way I look at this ... What's done is done.  Instead of constantly knocking this woman's already low self esteem let us all try to help her tobetter herself and these children.  If we keep reminding her how "stupid or selfish" she is she may finally snap and then God forbid what if she pulls the old bathtub trick ... I think after watching the 2nd part of the show and watching Dr. Phil at the end,  I was relieved to hear what Dr P had to say.  She cried.  And you know what, all of us humans DO make mistakes - I have made countless and my kids are under the age of 6!!! It is so easy to sit on the outside and judge,  it seems that is all this world does anymore.  If I was closer I would love to be there for her to help her with the Children.  That is what she needs now is Support and Help and it IS for the kids.   I do not think she did this for the "money" or the "15minutes of fame" that she is getting as of now - I think she did make a poor choice but let's face reality now -  all we can do is try to make the best of this beautiful mess.  I mean my God this woman has gotten DEATH THREATS.  That is really who should be ashamed of themselves!  And actually suggesting that she put these children up for adoption is ridiculous - I mean she would not even do that with the embryo's.  Anyways I guess what I am saying is  yes it is an awful situation but like I said what's done is done,  why can't all of us that are mothers and grandmothers try to leave the Judging to God  and give this woman what she needs HELP!. And I am not just referring to money of course, but clothing, diapers, food, cribs, bottles, etc.  Most of all she is going to need TIME.  She seems to me like a very gentle loving mother - you cannot fake that for the cameras, that just comes naturally.  Those children are loved.  Why can't we love the mother as well.  Stop butchering her!   What about these other families on TV with 8,10,or 17 kids?  Is it just ok because there is a father in the picture?  My girls father is in the picture but I stil do 99% of the care BY MYSELF.  This woman needs our love, support, and advice and whatever else positive we can give her, she has had enough of the bashing.  Those babies are coming home any day.  I am not a strong religious person but I do know that God does not make mistakes and those babies are here for a reason.    I have bad days with just 2 kids - I cannot even imagine 14.  I wish her and her family the best, as I hope the Country can do one day as well.
February 26, 2009, 7:46 am CST

How dare you ask us to help this woman

I feel for these children BUT if we as a society help support this mother, we are only telling other "sick" people to go out and do the same thing. Nadia is a manipulator and is only going to use these children to get her fame and fortune. Dr. Phil, I cannot believe that you ask people to help support this woman. NO, I would not give her or her children one cent. I have 2 grandchildren of my own that I try and help out with. At this time in our lives...we have family and friends that have lost their jobs, struggling to make ends meet and you have the nerve to ask us to help sick Nadia. How dare you. If I have any extra money I will give it to my family, my neighbors. If you want to help the familes out here that are trying to put food on the table because they have lost their jobs not because they went out and made a dumb decision like Nadia did. People need to learn from their mistakes not be awarded for them.

February 26, 2009, 7:47 am CST

02/26 Octuplets' Mom Talks to Dr. Phil, Part 2

Quote From: milkglass

Too many people are frowning on something that can't be changed irregardless of your opinion.  Not enough people are embracing the real point-the children!!! Dr. Phil is the first I've heard to take the HERO stand on be-half of this family!!!  The people who are being close minded regarding this must live very sheltered. OPEN YOUR EYES IN YOUR OWN BACK YARD!!!! You people need to volunteer more, your local Salvation Army or Red Cross if you don't believe in God or have a church to help at to will show you there are tons of large single parent families with not much means to provide for their children!! (In my area I see families with dead beat parents of both sexes, and more commonly military mothers with 6 or more kids needing support, and more recently families of all sizes who have lost their homes to forclosure) I happen to personally  know first and foremost through being a child raised in foster care-these children  or Nadia's would not be better off taken from their mother so all of you saying such things-STOP. Maybe you could crusade for Foster Care-something your voice could change!!!  The problem here is not Nadia's decision, but the lack of compassion or embracing between women in our generation.  Get over it people!!!
Amen!  It is so nice  to hear someone else feel this way ...
February 26, 2009, 7:50 am CST

Octo Mom...

OK, here is my opinion of this person that we call a human being... This girl who does want to be Angelina Jolie, and it is very clear, has already 6 children that as of then she could not afford. Then whomever this doctor was that thought by doing this for free or whatever kind of agreement they came upon thought hey this will make me look good and get me out to the public. Well how can she of afforded to have the other eggs implanted, and then this doctor probably thinks that he looks good, is unreal, anyone who thinks by bringing a child into a situation that is not stable is in my opinion not a stable person them self. So her this girl is and in my opinion she is a girl, has 6 kids then considering that she is at stable mind goes to have more. And as you see on and from the show she was having problems supporting the first set of kids. So guess what America now we get to support this girl that wants to set at home and be lazy and not try to work like most of the American population has to. At first she thought she was to good for help now she is begging for it, and I would not help her if she was the last person on earth. I feel she brought this upon herself so guess what Octo Mom deal with on your own! Maybe all our taxes can go to you! I feel no remorse for you or your family I just hope that social services keeps in check with you because the children probably more than likely will need further help! Then you just go on the Dr.Phil show for help and money and I think that is very low. My husband and I work everyday day and try to make it. We have 2 children and I would love to have More but guess what I cannot afford to do so, but hey maybe if I do then I could be like you and get everything given to me!! One day it will all catch up with you and you Will your punishment for being greedy and all of the things you have done that is wrong!! I hope you enjoy spending my tax money that could help that families that actually need and deserve it!!!!!!!!!!!!
February 26, 2009, 8:01 am CST


SHE DOES NOT GET IT!!!! Period!! It's sad to say that even Dr. Phil cannot get through to her!! WOW! She does NOT need to bring these 8 babies home, they deserve better, they should be adopted by families who have the finacial, emotional and physcological cappabilities to take care of these babies! This woman is saying how there are volunteers, and people will to help who are going to be there to help take care of these children...thats PATHETIC!! She is responsible for having these kids, SHE needs to see the reality of  her decision she has made to have all these children. What is sad is the fact that the children will suffer and pay for what this ignorant woman has done. She is pushy, and I feel she's a liar!! Dr. Phil said "Millions of people are watching right now" And she replies "Don't remind me" Oh please.....she wants the attention, and no matter what she says about "Not wanting to ask for help" Well....thats bull()*#)@$!!!!!!! I just hope she had her tubes tied!! Cause she will do it again, it's not about's about her!! Grrrrrr....she makes me sick!!
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