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Created on : Friday, February 20, 2009, 05:23:37 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
With the country facing economic woes, many Americans are on the lookout for ways to generate extra cash. But are those lucrative offers to work from home and get-rich-quick ads legitimate, or scams designed to swindle consumers? Corbie found out the hard way when she says she registered online to become a mystery shopper. The job came with a check for $4,000, so how did she lose $5,000? Next, Blair says she surfed the Net for a part-time job she could do from home. She was hired for a data entry position paying $35 an hour, so how did this one-time high school valedictorian end up losing thousands? Then, Richard and Cynthia say they were about to retire at 59, but were devastated to learn that they lost everything in an alleged Ponzi scheme. Now Richard fears he and his wife will have to pinch pennies in their golden years. Can the couple get over the guilt of losing their investments and move on? Plus, attorney Steven J. Weisman gives you the tools to protect yourself from con artists, and don’t miss the top 10 most popular scams! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 4, 2009, 2:16 pm CST

How not to get scammed

Quote From: bequialife

Well I had something similar happen to me except the fellow I was dating I knew; he grew up with my brothers so I figured it was safe to date him.  He needed a loan for a "house" he was having built out of state.  Gave him the money (uh, hem $20,000!!); figured I had loaned people money before with a low interest rate and was always repaid-never a problem).  Few months went by and here I am asking for my money (I only asked for a couple thousand a month till paid off).  He made excuses and at one point said "you don't need the money now anyway".  Oh boy.  I got suspicious that he didn't use my money for a "house".  Did some investigating, turned out he bought a firetruck instead (he and his father use to purchase firetrucks and ambulances, restore them, then resell them).  I froze when the salesman at the truck dealer told me and went into shock.  Of couse I would never have given him the money for a firetruck.  Well, I sued him.  He had no idea it was coming.  My attorney did a background check on him and found he "had a substantial criminal background" and he never "bought or owned any property."  Infuriatated me even more. Well, got my money back (all of it), but the more people I ran into I found out even more info on him, like how he spent time in prison for "impersonating a police officer".  All I felt was humiliation and violated by this person; we even talked about moving in together.  I had also met his family and he mine.  Took me a long time to get over it and move on.  And I had no idea he was such a con. 
thank you for sharing your story....I just can't believe not you but me for being too nice. At least you got your money back. I didn't have him sign a contract but I have proof depositing it into his bank account and also many e-mails promising to pay me back, I kept them just in case he acted like he didn't borrow it. I still e-mail him with the old ones he wrote to me promising to pay me back.....I thought maybe by throwing it in his face with his own words he would have a heart. Jerk...I guess he doesn't have one. I would give anything to be on his show to expose him on national t.v. Maybe if Dr. Phil ever has a show with these contents he will get in touch with me......thanks again, Ruby Zulaica 
March 9, 2009, 12:48 am CDT

I have done real mystery shopping before...

Quote From: dljbeaupre

I have done the myster y shopping and recently was contacted by JM Ridgway so I completed their form and emailed it.  Today in the mail I received via UPS a check for $3,800.  I had e-mailed them after watching the show and said I was not interestedl.  I e-mailed and asked if they were the ones sending the check as another business was listed in the shipment from part (a TV place) and they answered "Yes, we sent the check, but it went out before we received your e-mail cancelling with us"  I calle the bank "Wachovia" in GA and they said this was a scam and DO NOT deposit the check.  I then called the TV business and they verified this scam and whoever is doing this just used their name.  I will be writing this all up and taking it down to our local police department the fraud unit.  The bank and TV place thought that was a very good idea.  The TV place said they have been getting these returned refused and they are being charged $20. if they take them, so they are now refusing them.  I would have NEVER deposited the check--with it was suppose to be instrustions for using it to send money orders and shopping at WalMart and doing a review about the store.  The bank told me normally they ask you to deposit the check and send them a check for so much. 

I watched the show on the Mystery Shopping scam last month. I used to do a lot of mystery shopping and enjoyed it but was paid AFTER I completed a shop and submitted my paperwork. I was paid through paypal so only my email address was given out to the company. There are real companies to work for as mystery shoppers but things to be aware of when searching. First off, if they say they're going to pay you a lot of money, it is not true. My first shops paid the most and that was in 1999. Now the pay is a free meal for evaluating a restuarant or about $10-$15 for a clothing shop. During tax time H&R Block hires mystery shoppers to have their taxes done and reimburse their fees as well as pay around $100 but other than those simple little shops are about all you will find. It takes a lot of running around and gas for a person get a good amount of money.  One more thing, ANY mystery shop or JOB that asks for money upfront is a SCAM!!! I am glad you called the bank before cashing the check. I have a friend in prison right now for cashing $5000 money orders that were sent to her in the mail. It seems there may be more to that story but she said that is all she did...


Blessings to you :)

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