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Created on : Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 10:37:43 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The discussion continues regarding Nadya Suleman, a single mother of six children, who recently gave birth to a set of octuplets. How will she care for 14 babies? Are the newborns at risk? Will this mother be able to provide stability, or are the 14 children destined for a life of neglect and poverty? Speak out!

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 6, 2009, 7:10 am CST

02/12 Octuplets Scandal

I would like to help this lady I cant help her with Money but I can offer her my time . I feel sad for her and wish that people were not so mean to her .I have 5 girls and 15 grandkids my 1st 3 girls are 10 months apart and when they were babies it was very over wellming it was like having triplets.I want to wish the best I want her to know that its ok to ask for help.
March 9, 2009, 6:41 pm CDT

You don't have to worry

Quote From: yviramontez

I would like to help this lady I cant help her with Money but I can offer her my time . I feel sad for her and wish that people were not so mean to her .I have 5 girls and 15 grandkids my 1st 3 girls are 10 months apart and when they were babies it was very over wellming it was like having triplets.I want to wish the best I want her to know that its ok to ask for help.

Everyone is always helping this woman: the greedy, unethical doctor who took her disability checks for the IVF treatments, the manicurist, the plastic surgeon who tried to make her dreams come true, the mother who let her live rent free, the US government who kept feeding those kids, and didn't ask enough questions.


Sticks and Stones---she hasn't been hurt one bit!!!! What we think and pay for too, matters not a single wit to her!!!! She takes and takes, and takes and whines and complains, and refuses to care for the children she's already paid for--I guarantee you, she'll be just as happy as a pig in you know what, while people like you keep on feeling sorry for her.


She's laughing all the way to the bank, and the Starbucks, and the beauty parlor, and the surgeons for more Botox, and the stores, and the shows and the interviews, and the whole celebrity 3 ring circus, and you don't care about her, you care about the part of you, that you see in her.


Listen she's not having a hard time: she manufactured a hard time, on purpose.


I had a neighbor once who had 9 kids and was widowed at 26. She had triplets, and a preemie all in one calendar year. No IVF, this was 40 plus years ago, and they were Catholics. She had a very hard life, but she didn't use and take and take, and manufacture anything to force people to help her.  She had the best outlook, and all her children, were healthy and very happy, and pretty successful in life too. And in the end, her reward was to find a man in later life who married her, and took care of her. She was a lovely, caring and kind woman. And.......she worked and was a union organizer too, for 30 yrs.


Believe me, Ms. Suleman is not like my friend, and she's not you!!! She's one of a kind, thank goodness! 

March 9, 2009, 6:56 pm CDT

You're so right

Quote From: ppitstop

I was nothing less than shocked by a couple of things during this show. First - the way Ms. Suleman attempted to explain herself with so many excuses and psycho-babble, even constantly interrupting Dr. Phil again and again, she appeared to be one huge B.S.-er. And how the doctor didn't pick up on that is beyond me. I always believed him to have a huge B.S. detector.


Second, the plastic surgeon he had on stated the work he believes Ms. Suleman has had done, and Dr. Phil's only response was that he didn't judge anyone's choice to have plastic surgery. But as the poster above states, he should indeed care about whether or not she did, because it is a HUGE reflection on her mental state. Receiving all that money and not telling her poor retired mother - who is now about to lose her home because of caring for her first six children, then going and having plastic surgery with it, THEN LYING ABOUT IT? You certainly should care, Dr. Phil. These are HUGE RED FLAGS.


Dr. Phil had the opportunity to tell this woman like it is, and perhaps give her the wake-up call he has given to so many other troubled guests. But in my opinion this woman steamrolled hard and fast right over him in that interview, and again, I'm shocked and disappointed.

I agree with you, ignoring the Red Flags is not worthy of Dr. Phil.


Everything is relative or relevant to the specific circumstances---anyone having plastic surgery is not my business, unless, it's part of a specific malady or set of potentially harmful circumstances set in motion.


If she's spending all her money, admittedly in the past while she needed to feed, care for, and plan for the impending birth of all those children, on top of the other six, then it's a problem. The test is whether or not something is interfereing with your life. I'd say a whole heck of a lot of things is interfereing with her life .


I am shocked and disappointed, and yes I am watching, but that's because i have the time, and the concern for her kids. All of them. I am hoping somehow the public backlash, thru Dr. Phil and others will eventually force some of the needed changes for the sake of the poor children, who need so much that they are unlikely to ever get from this woman. 


You know it hurts me in many ways too, because my mother was a working woman, with 9 sisters, when women didn't usually work by choice, and her sisters always berated her mothering, in front of us. It hurt. I knew she was working partly by choice, and mostly by necessity, (my step dad had unceremoniously left), and I knew even better than they did, just how poor a mother she was, but she was still the mom I loved, and it hurt, but they really were right. My aunts, were worried sick about us, and ultimately, they understood that we may very well have been better off without material things; my mother had so much to give that didn't require money. But.....she believed we needed more things and a better place to live.


In the end, she really cheated us all, and we had much to overcome, as she just wasn't there for us, but we know she had our best interests at heart . I wish I could say the same of Ms. Suleman.


Someday, her children, will probably look at her the way many children of alcoholics and other addicted parents are looked at, as fallible people who although they might want to do better, just can't at the time. Maybe as a group we can help her do better, by some tough love and some consequences, and a lot of eagle eyes.

March 11, 2009, 1:02 pm CDT


Okay, i really havent cared about the big ordeal about the octuplets UNTIL, i just watched the show AND she was given BABY CRIBS.....  You mean she has went thru the pregnancy and already had them and PLANNED this BUT she DOESNT EVEN HAVE THEM BEDS??? 




I havent personally understood the 'DEATH THREATS' or any of the HARSH treament she had/has been receiving BUT now i do understand the FRUSTRATION of MANY!!!





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