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Created on : Wednesday, February 11, 2009, 10:37:43 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The discussion continues regarding Nadya Suleman, a single mother of six children, who recently gave birth to a set of octuplets. How will she care for 14 babies? Are the newborns at risk? Will this mother be able to provide stability, or are the 14 children destined for a life of neglect and poverty? Speak out!

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 12, 2009, 7:17 am CST

The crazy lady

I beleive that this woman is nuts.  She has stated that she has never had any plastic surgery.  Well if she has not, I want to know who punched her in the lips.  I also what to know how she received food stamps and had the money for the reproductive surgery.  I thought that the government made a person report all of their assets and income to get food stamps.  Also, I would like to know does she have private insurance that covered her care and the babies care.  If not, why should the doctor have done this.  Why was the government not asked if they were willing to pay.  I believe that for the childrens benefit that social services need to be involved and to make sure that these children are well care for.  I am a mother of 3 children.  I had a two year old and then had twins.  When they were small, it was difficult.  If this woman thinks that many people will help her, she is wrong.  I believe that someone needs to step in for the children.  What kind of life will they have

February 12, 2009, 7:18 am CST


Quote From: pagemac

Let me first say I  am a single mother who is disgusted by what this woman has done, and even more disgusted with her doctor(s). I am no doctor, and can plainly see that this woman has some mental and emotional issues. She has no job, her parents have a small house, not fit for the six children she already had, they are bankrupt... and now she gets pregnant KNOWINGLY expecting at LEAST twins?

  Those children should be TAKEN from her and given to loving parents who can provide for them, and are mentally sound enough to handle the kind of pressures that come with one child, much less 14. She deserves NO hand outs!!!!!!  Those children do, yes. They deserve the world and a fair shot in it.Her doctor should NEVER EVER be allowed to practice medicine again for not looking into her situation before implanting those babies.

She needs mental evaluations, and I hope social services watches her like a hawk for those poor babies, and her older childrens sakes. I dont see how society can stand by and let her keep these children that she can not take care of adequately, if we care about their health and welfare. This frustrates me to no end.. I pray DSS does something quickly and that she doesnt get a free ride, because frankly I think she's insane and has no business with any children at all.

Yes I do agree with you here and will take it a step farther. She needs mental help for sure and should also be fixed so she can never have anymore kids AND the idiot doctors that did this should have to pay the hospital bills and their licence to practice taken away.
No way the tax payers should have to pay and this woman should NOT get any money for her story.
February 12, 2009, 7:21 am CST

02/12 Octuplets Scandal

Once these infants are able to leave the hospital, they SHOULD be put up for adoption. It is SELFISH on the mothers part to think she can care for all these children. It's obvious she is neglecting the other six since the grandparents are taking care of them. This mother has no business with any kids at all. She is selfish and irresponsible and is taking advantage of the system. It would be in the best interest of the children to be in stable and loving homes that they can get the appropiate care from families that can't have children. The doctors SHOULD lose there license and NEVER be able to practice in any state ever again. This is unprofessional !!!!! 

February 12, 2009, 7:23 am CST

I'm Concerned...

I am concerned with two things.  The first one is if the Doctor is found to be negligent, could he then be sued?  Would that then lead to the Mother receiving monetary compensation?  She should not have access to large amounts of money in her unstable state of mind.  The next one is what stops her from having more children?  There are all kinds of people out there, I am sure, who would pay for her to pursue the "dream".  The woman is unstable and in need of counseling.  That is clear from just listening to her interview.  Trying to use children to fulfill one's need for love in wrong.  Thinking that one parent can realistically care for 14 youngsters alone with no job is an example of immature reasoning.  My hope is that someone close to her counsels her and advises her to seek help for her personal issues.  Also that the children find themselves in a healthy home capable of providing for their needs and nurturing.
February 12, 2009, 7:24 am CST

on the fence

It's hard to say what the right thing to think is here.  I feel incredibly saddened at seeing this woman put these children through such neglect. At the same time, my heart goes out to her if those children are going to be taken away from her. I can see in her eyes that she genuinly loves her children. I think everyone should give her a chance to see what happens when she gets those babies home. A social worker should closely monitor what is happening and if at any time there is neglect going on, pull them away from her. I would hate to see 8 babies go into the government system, so hopefully she will do the right thing and adopt them out privatly if need be.  I know there are so many families that do have the means to raise multiple children and would be more than willing to take on this task.

 As for the doctor who did the procedure, he should be stripped of his license. A nation wide law should be set stating that a mental evaluation should be done on mothers before they go in for IVF or any other medical fertilization treatment. A psychologist would have taken one look at her life and told her that she did not need any more children. She can't even take care of the ones she has already.

February 12, 2009, 7:30 am CST

Who will watch the money?

What concerns me most is who is going to decide where the money is spent if she receives donations and I am sure she will.  I am bothered by the fact that it appears she has used some of the settlement money on plastic surgery, and that she has not been honest about it.  I also question why she received so much money for an injury to her back and then has carried 14 children.  I do not agree with those who have called for the adoption for the children but do feel the doctor should be responsible for the hospital bills instead of the taxpayers.   
February 12, 2009, 7:31 am CST

02/12 Octuplets Scandal

Quote From: shahnster

Did you notice that the "bioethicist" (in this case bioUNethicist") called them BABIES when they were still unborn?? Hmmmm.....a slip up on her part?


She said the implanting doctor should have discussed selective reduction, translation: ABORTION, if too many BABIES WERE DEVELOPING.


Thank you! Finally a liberal who ADMITS that they are indeed BABIES. If all pro abortion liberals would admit that they are in fact FOR the killing of unborn BABIES they would get more respect. Or at least they would be taken seriously.  


But can't this doctor who called them babies get kicked out of the liberal club for admitting that?? Ruh-row....

Although I do believe it is a woman's right to choose, I think anyone who has the opinion that abortion is wrong has a right and valid opinion as well.  In the case of the octomom, I think the whole "selective reduction" process is irrelevant. That doctor shouldn't have done this procedure to begin with. If he wouldn't have done it, the woman wouldn't have been faced with the whole "selective reduction" choice after she found out she was having high # multiples. After pregnant, she definitly had her own moral right to keep all 8 babies.
February 12, 2009, 7:36 am CST

jon and kate plus 8

Quote From: jfg1010

I really think shows like Jon and Kate plus 8 are part of the problem. I bet this girl was looking for her 15 minutes of fame by having all these children and she thought some sponsors would want to make a show out of it. annie
I think regardless of the show Jon and Kate plus 8 that she still would have done this. A TV show cannot be blamed for something like this happening, And even if she was watching the JK+8 show and thought it was a good idea, where was the medical MENTAL evaluation?????????   A woman cannot look at TV and movies and base that on what she wants for her life.   What about all the other reality TV shows??? I'm not going to go out and act like a drunken slut just becaue I see some girls do it on Rock of Love Bus or something. It's absurd.
February 12, 2009, 7:38 am CST

What about the Grandmother

I watched the show yesterday and really had alot of questions.  For one how is she paying for the precuders to be done?  I am here to post my comment in concer for the Grandparents.  I seen on the show here saying that she is tired and ran down.  Is there any help out there for her, someone to come in 2 or3 times out the week to give her a helping hand.  The next question i sit and watch tv with all these people getting there houses redone due to bad living conditions, where is her help.  I just want to state a fact that we all know to be true, a person's body can only take so much no matter how strong minded you are.  I think that pointing the finger at her to keep  saying it's wrong is wrong.  Get over it and deal with the issue the kids are here and not even know that they face a long hard road.  A cry out for Grandparents!!!!!!!!
February 12, 2009, 7:46 am CST

money money money

I have a huge problem with this whole siuation.  Can someone PLEASE tell me how this unemployed mother of 6 had the money to pay for IVF?????  It is EXPENSIVE.  I am married and have good insurnace and own my home.  But yet I cant afford to have IVF done.  I do have 2 children already, but wanted a 3rd when my boys were school age.  Which they now are.  Where did the money come from to pay for her procedure?????????


And, on top of all that, why not just adopt?  There is a need for parents for foster kids, it isn't cheap, but it doesn't cost as much as having IVF and paying for doctor checkups and labor and delivery.  Adoption is an option we are now exploring. 


I just don't understand how a woman with no home of her own, no job, and 6 kids (now 14) has the NERVE to expect the tax payers to pay for her children, 6 and now 14, through public assistance.  Use the public assistance for childcare and get a job like the rest of us to support your own children.  Don't expect us to pay for food and shelter, and medical, and.... and.... and.... Especially now that the economy is so bad.  there are so many people who were working to take care of their children and have lost their jobs.  THOSE are the people who deserve help.  Not this woman who dares to have 14 children and expect someone else to pay for them.  She couldn't take care of the 6, she shouldn't have even had 1 more child, let alone 8.... PERIOD.... ITS WRONG!!!!!!



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