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Created on : Friday, February 06, 2009, 02:13:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
For most single mothers, one child is enough of a handful, but when a 33-year-old woman in Southern California gave birth to eight premature babies -– in addition to the six children under the age of 8 she already has -- the country started talking! The mother of 14, Nadya, is keeping a low profile, but it is reported that all her children were created through in-vitro fertilization, an expensive and purposeful process. Questions are cropping up: How did she end up with eight embryos? How will she care for all of them? Who will pay these children’s expenses over the years? How do we take the children’s well-being into account in reproductive medicine? Dr. Phil and his panel of esteemed guests, including Dr. Jim Sears co-host of The Doctors, debate the ethical questions that have been raised. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 11, 2009, 1:05 pm CST

This One You Got Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Please tell me we didn't just spend an hour listening to people worry about this woman's children. We have hundreds of thousands of children that are in serious trouble because their families (after doing everything correct) fell onto hard times during this financial and housing crisis.


The best thing we could do for these kids is take the 8 away before they ever go home and place them into loving homes with families that want tham and can take care of them.


Next step is to go to the house and remove the other 6 if the house is as nasty as it looks on TV and place them with families that are not mentally ill.


The mother should be removed from any and all wellfare. Obviously she is a user and an abuser. I know I don't want to pay for her.

February 11, 2009, 1:06 pm CST


Dr. Phil, why didn't you donate money or supplies to help the kids? You kept saying on the show that we have to look past the mother so we can make sure the babies are alright?

Isn't thins a good time to try and show how we can be good people and help this lady and her kids instead of playing witch hunt? You made money of showing them on your show, you should at least help them out in some way? Diapers arent that expensive, buy her a pack.

February 11, 2009, 1:07 pm CST


this woman already had 6 kids she wasnt properly caring for... my question is why would she/the doctor even want 1 more child..? is this rocket science??
February 11, 2009, 1:08 pm CST

So where does it end?

I have heard both sides.  Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but please don't hang this mess on God's head.  It's pure system manipulation and it's way out of control already.

I would have loved to have 5 or 6 children, but I have enough intelligence to know that it would be quite an undertaking after all was said and done.  I settled for 2, and we never had to ask for help from anyone.  That doesn't seem to be the norm these days, though.  Seems like it's always the single women who are having several children, most by different fathers.  Do you think it may be because it's easier to keep popping out kids and getting a financial free ride through life than it would be to actually WORK to pay for your kids' needs?  Sorry, but the welfare trash have been using and abusing the system for decades, and it totally disgusts those of us who WORK to pay for every single thing we or our kids have or do.  And with all the media focus on people like John and Kate (barf), it certainly makes it enticing for someone like the "mom" in question to perhaps go for the same rewards via whatever media is made available to her.  I mean, for Pete's sake, she was deciding on high-pay book deals, movies and show interviews from the get-go....when she SHOULD have been wondering how to stack 14 cribs into that already crowded, unkempt crackerbox house that she lives in for free....never contributing one dime to her parents to help with the bills, food, etc.  OH.....did you notice the difference in her facial appearance from just a few years ago.....her lips USED TO be normal in size, now they're almost inhuman!....her nose was different, as were her nasal-labial folds, which are now non-existent.  Can you say FACE-LIFT and collagen injections????  Pretty sad for a 33 yr. old to do that, and you HAVE to wonder where the money came from to pay for THAT?  Oh, that's right, she got hurt at work years ago, and it's from a large monetary reward.....not to mention the disability payments.  If shs's SO disabled, WHY have more children, and how will she take care of 14 kids!  From her Mom's comments, it doesn't sound like she takes care of the six she already has, sounds like the grandparents have to do it.   Maybe she IS trying to look like Angelina Jolie....the lips sure match now!  But that chick doesn't have the class to even come close.  Regardless, she's NOT playing with a full deck, and is only using her circumstances to become RICH and FAMOUS!   

February 11, 2009, 1:09 pm CST

Who paid for this procedure?

It is my understang that ivf costs approximately $10,000.00 a procedure.  This is over the edge outlandish.  The doctor should be made to pay all expenses.
February 11, 2009, 1:09 pm CST

02/11 Octuplets Debate

Dr. Phil ,my mom came from a family of 16 children, and she was number 16 in birth order.  I'm sure glad my grandmother wanted that many children or I would not be here today.  They lived in a 3 bedroom, 1 bath house with lots of love in it.  Would you be talking about this woman if she had a husband with a job?  I'm sure she will get help from her parents and the SSI system will take care of the disabled children.  If she is up to the challenge, then leave her alone.
February 11, 2009, 1:11 pm CST

02/11 Octuplets Debate

Like you said, everyone has an opinion so I thought I might as well share mine too.  I know the mother of these 8 precious babies made some really bad choices and her Dr. also made some bad choices.  It was not wise to implant that many babies in her womb.  However, once those babies were implanted in her womb, it would have been wrong to take one of those innocent lives.  I keep hearing things like why she didn't choose selective reduction.   I would like to know which one of those babies that are are alive and breathing in the hospital someone would choose to kill.  The only difference in selective reduction and murdering one of those babies is location.   I could never look at those babies and choose one to kill and that's what everyone is suggesting that the mother should have done.  I do agree that bad choices were made, but don't take it out on innocent babies.  Maybe she should consider adoption to give these babies a chance for at a healthy family.

February 11, 2009, 1:13 pm CST

02/11 Octuplets Debate

The Dr.s in this case were completely irresponsible.  This is obviously an emotionally unstable woman.  She must be a big fan of "John & Kate plus Eight" who glorifies multiples births.  They managed to take 8 kids to Hawaii!!!  I can barely meet my mortgage every month with 2 kids and these people are taking exotic vacations!  It's just a matter of time before Ty Pennington knocks on her door and gives her home an "Extreme Makeover"!


February 11, 2009, 1:14 pm CST

02/11 Octuplets Debate

Quote From: mumfoxx

Dr. Phil,


I'm a proud single mum, I thought I lived in America where people were FREE to live as they chose.

I was completely angered by Dr. Phil allowing Ann Coulter to come onto his show in future to debate why single mothers are somehow according to her "destroying America".  Frankly, I am sick to death of all of the apparent anti-single mum and anti-single parent language going on in the media too.  The multiple birth in California really angers me because as much as I respect Dr. Phil's psychotherapy skills with families etc. this is way out of bounds, even though we both agree we must leave this woman and her family alone!  I can't help but think this is a continuance of this anti-single parent campaign presently ruining this country.  Were this mum married, this country wouldn't care!!  There are foster parents who live in this country who also have loads of kids and no one bats an eye!!  So, if we really want to start controlling the number of children someone can have and so on, we are walking down a slippery slope, like China!  Please America, mind your own business, she made her choices, let's help her and her babies, and if we don't want to do that because we are truly a selfish we don't care about our neighbours nation then, let's be that because all I see is hatred and that hurts me!  If you don't want your precious tax dollars going to help her FINE!  Change the Laws so that no one gets help!  I'm sick of America demonising single mums.  And finally as a mum of two boys w/disabilities there is no greater good than giving, especially to children who need it most.  I'm proud of this mum for not aborting her babies, I'm chuffed to bits that she has the courage to stand up and fight for her children, and finally I may be the only person in America who supports her but, it is unethical for this country to play games with fertility.  I could not abort my babies no matter how many times they split that would go against my beliefs. 

I agree wholeheartidly by what the doctor from Northwestern said about privacy!!!


okay that is all I needed to vent/say.

Stick to the subject, this isn't about single moms.  This is about a single mom with no job, no prospects, living off her parents, while injecting her face, with the money she was rewarded, but kept from her parents.  I've seen older pics of Nadya.  Her face now looks *affected* like an old socialites.  My sister was a single mom for many years and I was very proud of her.  She made her own way and didn't mooch off anyone.  She also didn't get french manicures, like Nadya.  She spent every dime on her daughter and denied herself everything.  No lip injections and botox.  Outrageous.  Nadya has some deep rooted problem and now 14 kids are going to pay for that.  The house was a pig sty and there's nowhere to put anymore beds or cribs.  They don't have money for a bigger house either.  Her poor elderly mother would just like to relax and enjoy her retirement, but can't because of her selfish daughter's irresponsible choices.  Nadya had no right to have even ONE more baby, she can't take care of the ones she already has.  None of the eggs should have been implanted.  If she had a husband, she'd still be in the same boat.  He'd be working 3 jobs and she'd still be going to school.  Who's taking care of 14 kids?  Her mom?  So unfair.  I have no problem with people single or otherwise having loads of kids.  However if you can't afford them, why would you do such a thing?  Also fosters get paid a monthly salary per child.  Nadya will not be getting a monthly check for each one of her children.   Well not yet anyway.


Having said all that, Nadya will need help and I don't think her children should be punished or denied because of their mother's poor judgement and impulsiveness.  She says she won't be on welfare, but she will be, it's inevitable.  The folks who help her innitially, will fall away by the time the babies are toddlers.  From pure exhaustion and being finantially bled dry.  Churches only have so much money to go around.   


And Ann Coulter is a truly horrible woman who's nothing more than an attention seeker.

February 11, 2009, 1:14 pm CST

Totally irresponsible behavior

 The young woman who conceived 8 children when she already had 6 at home is the most irresponsible individual I've seen in a long time. Has anyone noted how much she looks like Angelina Jolie? Frankly, I think she needs and probably has needed extensive counselling for a long time. I feel sorry for those poor children because they are the ones who will suffer from this crazy woman's decision.
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