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Created on : Friday, February 06, 2009, 02:13:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
For most single mothers, one child is enough of a handful, but when a 33-year-old woman in Southern California gave birth to eight premature babies -– in addition to the six children under the age of 8 she already has -- the country started talking! The mother of 14, Nadya, is keeping a low profile, but it is reported that all her children were created through in-vitro fertilization, an expensive and purposeful process. Questions are cropping up: How did she end up with eight embryos? How will she care for all of them? Who will pay these children’s expenses over the years? How do we take the children’s well-being into account in reproductive medicine? Dr. Phil and his panel of esteemed guests, including Dr. Jim Sears co-host of The Doctors, debate the ethical questions that have been raised. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 11, 2009, 12:22 pm CST

Get Over It Already - Who cares!

This makes me so mad that they are trying to explain why she wanted so many children. Who cares! It is her life and her life only. It is her choice. People need to mind their business. Who cares if she has to live off the state. There are blacks, mexicans, and other races that have many children and live off the state. It is none of their business how she is going to raise these childrens or anything else. Who cares if she still wants more children. If she can take care of them, then quit talking about it. I do worry about the children b/c she is single but there are so many single mothers raising kids and they do just fine. People need to stop judging her. I have 2 small children and if I could have had more, I would have. Who people judge me b/c I wanted more children or had more children. Get over it already. It was her decision and her decision only. It is what she wanted. Go and have more babies. Tell everyone to shut the blank up. Good Luck in the future with your beautiful babies and all of them!!!!!
February 11, 2009, 12:30 pm CST

I'm a proud Single Mum and I live in a free America!!

Dr. Phil,


I'm a proud single mum, I thought I lived in America where people were FREE to live as they chose.

I was completely angered by Dr. Phil allowing Ann Coulter to come onto his show in future to debate why single mothers are somehow according to her "destroying America".  Frankly, I am sick to death of all of the apparent anti-single mum and anti-single parent language going on in the media too.  The multiple birth in California really angers me because as much as I respect Dr. Phil's psychotherapy skills with families etc. this is way out of bounds, even though we both agree we must leave this woman and her family alone!  I can't help but think this is a continuance of this anti-single parent campaign presently ruining this country.  Were this mum married, this country wouldn't care!!  There are foster parents who live in this country who also have loads of kids and no one bats an eye!!  So, if we really want to start controlling the number of children someone can have and so on, we are walking down a slippery slope, like China!  Please America, mind your own business, she made her choices, let's help her and her babies, and if we don't want to do that because we are truly a selfish we don't care about our neighbours nation then, let's be that because all I see is hatred and that hurts me!  If you don't want your precious tax dollars going to help her FINE!  Change the Laws so that no one gets help!  I'm sick of America demonising single mums.  And finally as a mum of two boys w/disabilities there is no greater good than giving, especially to children who need it most.  I'm proud of this mum for not aborting her babies, I'm chuffed to bits that she has the courage to stand up and fight for her children, and finally I may be the only person in America who supports her but, it is unethical for this country to play games with fertility.  I could not abort my babies no matter how many times they split that would go against my beliefs. 

I agree wholeheartidly by what the doctor from Northwestern said about privacy!!!


okay that is all I needed to vent/say.

February 11, 2009, 12:38 pm CST

02/11 Octuplets Debate

What on earth is wrong with this woman? They should adopt these children out to people who can take care of them! She certainly can not!
February 11, 2009, 12:42 pm CST


Dear Dr Phil,  I would appreciate you asking the people on your show today a question on behalf of single people.  I am a single person who paid high taxes out of my pay checks all but 3 years of my life.  I am 55 years old and have paid higher taxes than married couples.  I don't think it is fair that when a single person can gross $900 a week and $200 of it goes to support other people's children.  I can't have children myself but, because I'm single and others like me, have to pay the outragous taxes to pay for other's children. I believe we are the ones being taken advantage of. When people who don't  can get housing, food stamps, medicaid and welfare at our expense. This makes no sense.


Ron Stevenson

February 11, 2009, 12:43 pm CST

02/11 Octuplets Debate

Quote From: simonae77

Just because you love kids and had 6 of your own, does not  necessarily mean everyone should do the same.  I love animals but I don't have a house/yard/barn full. Any intelligent, rational thinking, self respecting adult, with a brain should knows where to draw the line. Using self-control over what we want and what is right takes maturity.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what this girl has done is unacceptable. Even her own mother has washed her hands of it..And if the father is going back to Iraq, as an interpreter, I highly doubt if it's to support her, its to get away fast. It plainly showed the man was embarrassed the other day. He just had nothing much to say. At the risk of ridicule. He also didn't want the the country thinking HIS daughter was going to be a burden financially to the tax payer. Serious repercussions there.  I would rather burn the money than give her ANY.


When their are two parents involved it's a whole other ball game. And you bloody know it.  She HAS six at home under the age of 7 years old..They're already impoverished and their little lives will be much more so now..So explain to me if you love kids, why in the name of God in Heaven would this be a miracle?  And why would you want 6 little ones to suffer because their mother is dropping kids like a cat having kittens? YOU HAD BETTER GET REAL AND YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAD BETTER ,"GET OVER IT."  For a mother of six to make such ridiculous statements leads me to the conclusion, sensibility and good ole common sense is a not predominant here my bet is this is a totally dysfunctional family. Good parents know that having 3 children and giving them the best you can is plenty. Unless a person has a huge income, then more.  Don't be bringing God into this. (Although God has given us free wills, we tend to run amuck with it, it's greatly abused.)

Nadya has children at home that already needed her care and undivided attention and supervision. She did not need to go and get pregnant again. First and foremost take care of the ones you have. Now tell me how the hell will that happen now with 8 more mouths to feed? These already existing children deserved to have every chance at living good healthy lives and given every chance. Without compromising them, your comments are so irresponsible, selfish, self-centered and totally ridiculous it makes me want to resign as a human being. Breeding like church mice does not mean it's done with love and intelligence.  :)

The medical community already feels that the doctor who performed this ridiculous in vitro procedure was inappropriate. .And because some fool thinks it isn't his fault doesn't make it so.. She can ask, but he also had the option to say NO. Doctors are supposed to be good advisors. He was not.  Like it or not, because of the other six children there are moral questions here. I doubt God had much to do with what she and the doctor did. Like it or not these little ones do NOT have a father. It's the children who will suffer. No thanks to people like you who think this type of thing should go on and on ad-nauseum. It boggles the mind to hear an adult make such statements, like, "IT'S A MIRACLE FROM GOD." Just very very very basic common sense knows this was downright immoral and very wrong. 


I will end this by saying, time to grow up and get real. Six children are going to suffer greatly because of this mother's very bad choices. And the other eight are in really deep trouble. I doubt they will have much of a chance at life other than minimal love/care and an abundance of poverty, illness, negligence, dysfuntion, and very little rearing, they will all be starved for love and attention, not to mention having the unique experience of individuality. They will all be lumped together in squalor. And have only a mother who is bankrupt of good ole fashioned horse sense.

So when is she going for more kids? Soon is my guess, she is deeply troubled. That is one sick person.



I respect your opinion...please respect mine. The Bottom line is a done deal. The babies are here...there is nothing anyone can do about that. I agree in her situtation it may not have been the best thing for her to do...but that does not mean she is gonna love them any less....and I believe they will be taken care of. She will get help from family and friends and church members...and I can guarantee diapers and formula and clothing will be provided by companies. I just cannot believe how much media attention that has received...most of it negative. I wish her the best.
February 11, 2009, 12:46 pm CST

02/11 Octuplets Debate

Has anyone ever watched "Kids by the Dozens" on TLC!!! There is sometimes more then 14 children living in 2-3 bedroom homes! Sometimes with only one bathroom. I understand the concern with this mother of 14 being single and living in a three bedroom home. But she does have her mother to help out and their home isn't horriable!!

If we can judge her and make this into such a controversy subject, maybe the media needs to investigate the other families in North America who have this many children and are living in similar living conditions!I

I am sure TLC has the tapes from their famous show "Kids by the dozen" and we should judge them and put them into the media as well!

February 11, 2009, 12:46 pm CST

Stop Being Politically Correct

Our country is a mess because a certain few insist on political correctness.  I’m fed up.  I am a middle class female who recently lost my job due to our countries current crisis.  This is one more reason why we are in this crisis.  Middle class is vanishing and they have kept this country a float.  So, tell me, who is going to keep paying the bill?  First, the clinic that performed this service should be closed and everyone involved should loose his or her license.  Secondly, these children should be taken from this mother and placed in homes that can provide all means to meet their needs.  This has to stop.  The free rides are over.  Career Welfare can no longer be afforded.  This will certainly send a message.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem helping people in troubled times but we have to have limits and time frames.  Most people on welfare refuse jobs because they can get more by not working.  Our system allows and promotes this.  These children deserve a fair chance and that cannot be provided in this situation.  Children are removed everyday from abusive or unstable environments and this situation is exactly that.

February 11, 2009, 12:50 pm CST

Just not right

I can't have children, here is a woman that is having children an has no way to support them . I think in this situation the Govt. should come in an take the children an give them to loving families. There are people out there that would love to have a baby an not just as a commodities to get money. If that is the case why not sell them, at least they would have a better life
February 11, 2009, 12:51 pm CST

Mentally unbalanced

I don't understand why this fact is not the highlight of the discussion. The motive of the mother and the physician seems to be, to me, anyhow, a publicity/money making ploy at the expense of these children and her mental stability has to be questioned as well as the greed factor. It should be illegal to pull stunts and use children for monetary gain, both for her and the physician, particularly for the physician. His license should be pulled and he should have financial responsibility for the care of these children, rather than foisting it upon the taxpayers. The icing on the cake is that she is supposedly a student studying to be a counselor which seems entirely ridiculous that she would have any business advising anyone with their problems when she so clearly has no good judgment.
February 11, 2009, 12:51 pm CST

02/11 Octuplets Debate

The one thing that I am having a problem with is the fact that Dr. Phil keeps saying that this woman is unemployed and single!!!! (not saying single women cannot have children)  How in Gods name is she able to afford IVF once, let alone several times!!!  I am 37 years old.  My boyfriend and I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 years now and have had no luck.  We both work fulltime jobs, own our home, good christian people, and would be able to provide a wonderful life for a child.  But, we cannot even start to think about being able to afford IVF.  It is very expensive!!  I just hate to see every day, children put in a situation they cannot control.  Their future depends on what they learn as they grow.  I just hope and pray for these babies and all the others in this "free" country that will not have the love and stable home environment that they deserve and so desperately need.
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