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Created on : Thursday, February 05, 2009, 03:16:53 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 02/09/09) “If you’re somebody who uses drugs, you do drugs recreationally, or you have a child who’s experimenting with drugs because ‘That’s just what kids do,’ or ‘Everybody does it,’ please sit down with me in the next hour, pick up the phone right now, call a friend, call two, tell them to tune in, get your child next to you on the couch,” Dr. Phil tells his viewers. Stephanie was an aspiring songwriter who loved taking care of kids. Diana was a preschool teacher with a bright future. Neither one of these women knew they could end up addicted to drugs, on the brink of death. They face Dr. Phil to ask for help, but do they really want out of their drug-crazy lifestyles? Does Stephanie deserve a second chance? Don’t miss this intense intervention. Plus, former Dr. Phil guest and addict lifeline, Joani, celebrates a milestone and receives a momentous surprise.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 12, 2009, 1:48 pm CDT

06/11 Wasted Youth

Quote From: leogorky

Dr Phil can be extremely judgemental at times. And, I've said this before on a recovering addict of 23 yrs and a former addiction counselor (RN now), I'm shocked at how little he seems to actually know about addiction. This always shocks me as he is an educated mental health professional and talks about his father's alcoholism. He says things to addicts that I feel are inappropriate AND neglects to say things to addicts that should be said. It's maddening! You are right. We addicts are extremely good at hiding our problems..we'll do anything to protect our substance abuse. Eventually, as my addiction progressed (which it always does), friends close to me became concerned, but this had been after years of hiding my problem. Still, when I went into recovery, most people I knew were shocked that I was an addict. I am so happy that your son made many don't....I hope he continues to do the things he needs to do to protect his society...sounds like he's got a good start!!!! 
Thank you so much for your understanding.  I agree with all that you said and I appreciate your comments.  Like you, people were shocked that my son was an addict when it was revealed.  He was very good at hiding it and his lies were so believable, I truly think he believed them himself, sometimes.  Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue on your road to day at a time.  You sound like you have a lot going for you and can help others like you in many ways.
June 16, 2009, 11:14 pm CDT

Stephanie---pls. read!!

Hey! I just NEED to say this! Stephanie (I think that's her name, sorry) said she just wiished there was a way to legally live her life on narcotics.  Dr. P said no way, no how.  I need to correct this comment.  I felt the same way S. did.  I am very very happy, lead a phenomenal life, have 3 fabulous, successful, absurdly intelligent kids.  But, I just felt like I only felt 'sane' or 'ok' or 'at peace' if I was taking percocet, OC's, etc.  I didn't need much at all, but I just felt like something was missing without it.  I felt SO happy and peaceful and hopeful and just wonderful all around with a small dose of the narcotics every day.  I found my answer, and I believe that it will be my answer forever.  Methadone.   It is not expensive. It is not illegal.  You don't feel 'high', but you do get that feeling of 'well-being' that narcotics give you.  I think it only fair that S. is made  aware of this.  Sure, ideally, it would be great to have NO addictions at all.  But M. is very very safe, and legal.  Why not try it, Stephanie???  It has taken away so much stress from my life and I am at peace and extremely functional.  No one would ever guess in  a  million years that I take a narcotic every day.  Pls. reply if u have any questions. Thx Dr. P!!!
July 21, 2009, 2:27 pm CDT

Done this before?

I swear, I thought I'd already done this before, and I left a message sometime ago which never seemed to show up. Just trying again, so ignore this one if you saw the last one...
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