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Created on : Friday, January 30, 2009, 02:15:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Pedophiles once lurked in parks and around schoolyards, and then they prowled the playground of the World Wide Web. Now these predators have a more sinister method at their fingertips – sending explicit text messages directly to your child's cell phone. Dr. Phil examines the latest technological threats to your kids and shows you how to protect them. Joining him is Colorado detective Mike Harris, who works overtime tracking online predators. He says one piece of equipment gives him a high success rate. Find out what this device is, and how you can use it to monitor your children. Next, go behind the scenes as Mike’s unit prepares to take down a 28-year-old man allegedly texting sexually explicit material to a girl he thinks is 15. Dr. Phil cameras capture the dramatic arrest on tape. Then, 16-year-old Zoe admits that she exchanges risqué photos with men online but says this is normal teen behavior. Her mother, Sharon, says Zoe invited a man into her home whom she met online, and she worries for Zoe's safety. Dr. Phil has a stern message for the teen. And, Kyra was 12 when she was sexually assaulted by a 22-year-old man she met in a chat room. How can she pick up the pieces and move on with her life? Will her story be a wake-up call to Zoe? Plus, don’t miss the top three things you can do to save your child from cell phone perverts. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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February 3, 2009, 4:08 pm CST

02/03 Pursuing the Predator: Internet Investigations

Quote From: zoolady

If you think only teenagers are stupid and naive, I am the cousin of a 64 year old widow who is meeting people on-line, taking them to her apartment and having sex.  I asked her, "If a strange man rang your door bell, would you invite him in?"    She replied, "Of course, not."  I asked her in what way is your behavior any different?  She told me she knew these guys by their profiles.  I told her that a serial killer could say he was Mr. Nice Guy on the internet.  She still doesn't get it.  I think she is one click away from danger even though she's had some scares.  One gentleman said he would be happy to handle her finances.  A bell goes off.  She had to change her telephone number because a man was calling her in the middle of the night asking for money.  Her family is worrying about her safety.  Because we are critical of her internet dating she has gone underground and tries not to tell us anything. 
Teenagers are not stupid, they are naive and they do not really think about the consequences to their actions. And yes I to know women in their 50's who meet men on-line have them come over to their home on the first date, and have sex!!!! This behavior floors me. You can almost forgive a young person for this, but come on......
February 3, 2009, 4:08 pm CST

today's show

Ok, all I have to say is what the hell was Kyra's mother thinking when she gave her daughter a frickin Blackberry? She said that in an effort to protect her and keep her safe she didn't allow her daughter to have a computer, yet she gives her a Blackberry that has internet access!!!!! AND, what does a 12 year old need a Blackberry for? Unbelievable!!!!


Parents like this make me so frustrated and angry!


February 3, 2009, 4:11 pm CST

02/03 Pursuing the Predator: Internet Investigations

Quote From: n3tsniper

Alright so anyways heres how I feel about these teenage girls.

One I dont believe that they have had their parents there enough for them in order for them to understand rignt and wrong enough to know that what they are doing is dangerous. More I believe that what that agency is doing is doing a good job. They need to keep up with it too.

I also feel that the men sometimes arent always to blame. Not too long ago some girl had added me to her myspace, now I for one hate all the immature highschool drama queens. So I asked some of my younger sisters friends about this girl to find out that the girl whose myspace page said she was 19yr's old  was only 16. I deleted her out of my friends list leaveing her a msg letting her know that I dont deal with children.

I believe guys should have the mentality to look into these "girls" they are talking to online. Because more and more I see stuff like whats on your show today. Im not taking sides with the guys and saying your wrong by no means. Im saying that these girls need to be. A, restricted from useing such sites. B, There should be a simular investigative task force looking into these sites which by all means should force you to use an id number or some sort to register. Such as your drivers license serial number. Without it, you cant register your own account on these sites.

As disturbing as it is to see what guys do and are capable of doing, I cant entriely blame them for their actions. Especially when a girl like Zoe, or some of these other girls act.
Wouldn't it be nice if more men were as honorable as you.
February 3, 2009, 4:12 pm CST

Very good program

I saw the program and I feel sorry for all the kids who are in the same boat.  There is no reasons they need a cell phone until they are old enough to understand the problem.  I teach religious education in the catholic church to 4th graders.  We just finish the 10 commandments.  Both the teachers book and student book touch on the problem of computer and cell phones.  We talk about this and I took a poll and found out that none of them (I have 12 students) have cell phones.  I asks about computers only one have their own the rest share with the family with parents permission.  I duscuss what can happen and how it will destroy your life.  They are aware of the problem.
February 3, 2009, 4:39 pm CST

02/03 Pursuing the Predator: Internet Investigations

Quote From: kriskris

It is very frightening to see this young girls point of view, but it reminds me of when I was 16.  I dated older men, I hitch-hiked, and I acted inapropriatley for my age. Most of the girls I grew up with shared the same outlook as Zoe, the only difference is we didn't have Myspace, we didn't meet these men in the comforts of our homes, we were sneaking out at all hours, going to parties in places our parents would never know where to find, using fake ID to get into bars in other towns...

I guess my point is, girls will struggle with the changing from child to adult, and though the means change, the danger has and will always be there. It's unfortunate and scary, but it's the exact same problem, just a new generation. 

Maybe while you're trying to get through to your daughters, think back to when you were their age, and how fearless you were, and how your mom just didn't get it. Maybe sharing your experiences, and feelings will help get your point accross.

but at the same time the dangers have gotten worse. I understand your point my mother was a wildchild but was a very protective mother to me as I wasnt as wild as her I had my share of "fun" times, but there where times you could hitch hike and get away with it now days its just not possible.
February 3, 2009, 4:48 pm CST

02/03 Pursuing the Predator: Internet Investigations

Quote From: cupcake351

Dr Phil is living in the past. You CAN tell if someones Myspace is real. I'm 19 now and I have met SO many of my great friends from this website. I believe I have been approached by sexual predators and if you're not stupid it's easy to see and you stop talking to them. They blew it way way way out of proportion.
honey you have no idea
February 3, 2009, 4:59 pm CST

another thing...

I always talk about this stuff with my husband, here is an example of how "sluty" (couldnt think of a better word) teenage girls have become. The other day I was in victorias secret buying a few things and in walks these twwo little they loked like they were about 12 year old girls looking at thongs and bras wearing heels and low cut shirts with make-up not to long after that a group of teens about 15 walked in with their horndog boyfriends and found the most revealing outfit in the store one of the girls was like 'Im gonna buy this" and her boyfriend started rubbing up on her, she did nothing to stop him and just egged him on with comments like wat do you want ot see me in and so on. Im 24 and wear things like that for my husband I dont go flaunting it in public and I couldnt believe all of these children in the store.
February 3, 2009, 5:34 pm CST

I have just begun living with this exact topic.


 Just before the holiday's I discovered that my 13 year old daughter was involved with a man on the internet. 

 To back up a little.  Last July my husband (her father) was killed by a drunk driver while taking his motorcycle for a short ride around the block. (Which is about 2 miles long) To this day she still hasn't greived for him. 

 At the time she had been playing in a virtual family on line and was always talking about what the were doing .  Her dad was right there with her and really kept a close eye on what she was doing.  (The house rule was she couldn't be on line unless we were there with her.)

 One of the guys  in this little group turned out to be a 20 year old that ended up continuing to talk to my daughter when the group broke up while she was away tending to family things.  He managed to get her cell phone number from her and started the texting. (she has had her phone for 2 years but just got texting in May)  He was being sympothetic to her over her dad and she then decided she was in love with him so when he requested very personal pictures she sent them to him.  I caught her texting after she went to bed and took her phone away.  I looked to see who she had been texting and discovered that it was a boy and he had sent 44 texts already that night.  I deleated them and 1 didnt delete

(it was the pictures she had sent to him)

 My point is that it is easy to drop the ball when your world gets turned upside down and a preditor is just waiting for the chance to spring.  I thought she had been taught better but his fingers must have been loader then our voices. 

 The guy was in Ohio so the State Police are on the case.  So I hope that is one less that can feed off a family in crisis.

February 3, 2009, 5:59 pm CST

02/03 Pursuing the Predator: Internet Investigations

Quote From: jdillner

We're not worried about the teenage girl fornicating with some stranger?  We're only worried that she might get raped or killed?



Thank you for bringing this up!!  I, too, was wondering why it wasn't brought up that sending nude pictures to anyone is wrong!!  We have been having this problem with our daughter off and on since she was in 6th grade.  They are so exposed to sex in the media, etc, that they have no problem exposing themselves!  We have been those "good" parents that have always been there for our kids. We have antenna-only TV.  My husband quit a full-time job and we moved to the country, and I work part-time.  The computer is in the living room and is locked, so the kids can only get on it when we sign them on.  But in the middle school they started going to the movies(all girls, we thought)  Well, come to find out the boys would come later and they would all meet up.  Later, when our daughter was old enough to drive, we did get her a cell phone, but only to have when she had her car in case of emergency. There was no texting and no pictures per how we set up the plan. And the phone was left on the kitchen counter all the time. But, she contacted the phone company and was able to get those things changed, and would get the bill out of the mailbox so we didn't see that she had changed it.  Let me tell you, they have ways of circumventing any roadblock we tried.  We found out she got another cell phone that she hid in her room. (a "friend" who was over 18 got one for her in his name) Cell phones are the devil!!  The things we saw on that phone are awful!! Pretty much the way Zoe was talking.  Nudity is no big deal.  And we have discussed the ramifications of those pictures being seen by others, not just who it was intended for.  Doesn't matter.  She turned 18, still in high school, mind you, and decided she didn't want to live by our rules and moved out--no car, no diploma...But she has a cell phone! 

February 3, 2009, 6:35 pm CST

this is my daughter

dr phil   I took my daughter to monster jam in miami dade    i invited her friend who was 13 my daughter is 11  i text my child at the event  her friend took control of my daughters phone and it progressed to them meeting the texter to meet in the restroom in dolphin stadium.  Her mom was not affected by this. i turned her phone off,   her mom got mad at me, so did my daughter, she told me she hate me!  how should i handle this      she doesnt want to talk to talk to me   my daughter  i need help
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