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Created on : Friday, January 16, 2009, 02:56:58 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil takes an in-depth look at unbelievable news stories that have captivated millions. Adam Herrman, 21, vanished from his Kansas home 10 years ago, but his adoptive parents, Doug and Valerie, only reported him missing last month! Dr. Phil talks to the young man’s biological parents, Gerri and Irvin, who haven’t seen each other in 22 years. What do they think happened to their child? Who’s to blame for the disappearance of Adam Herrman, and is there any chance that the young man is still alive? Nancy Grace, the host of Headline News, weighs in. Then, millions were inspired by the safe landing of USAirways Flight 1549, also dubbed the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Three passengers, Brad, Joshua and Denise, say they’re thankful to be alive, but they’re still haunted by memories of that fateful day. How can they deal with the psychological affects of the plane crash and move on with their lives? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 25, 2009, 2:40 pm CST


I am beyond angry and upset regarding the show about Adam.  This poor little boy fell "through the cracks" on so many levels.  What I find incomprehensible is that the state continued to pay the "foster/adoptive" parents to the tune of $50,000.  The only way that could possibly happen is for the state to never have home visits or if they did I guess they never thought to inquire as to where this child might be.  I don't care how overworked the caseworkers were this is UNBELIEVABLE to the extreme.  So in my opinion the state or county is as responsible as anyone in this case.  As for his in the world do you live with yourself.  You actually had his life in your hands and did nothing....shame on you.

January 25, 2009, 5:54 pm CST

Adam from Kansas

Dr Phil,

I am just watching the story about Adam fro Kansas I am not one bit surprised about the state being the cause of what I am sure is his death.  The state of Kansas also murdered my own son.  I begged  state personnel to send my son, who was in foster care, to live with me in Texas and not allow him to return to Garden City.  However they did send him back to Garden City on Saturday, September 23, 2007.  My son was killed during a police pursuite on Saturday, September 30, 2007.  I strongly believe that if my son had not been sent back to that town he would be alive today.  The state of Kansas does not watch the children that are in state custody and do nothing when abuse is reported.  I really hope that the state gets looked at real thoroughly by the new administration and that kids will be spared.

January 27, 2009, 10:34 am CST

State/Federal Laws Need to be Updated

After watching this episode I felt compelled to write.  I live in Canada, and in Canada it is a legal requirement for EVERYONE to report child abuse.   Teachers, doctors, everyday folk like you and I are LEGALLY REQUIRED to report it!  If this adoptive Mom were my sibling/friend/neighbour, she would have heard from me immediately that this child will NOT be treated this way.  How this women's sister could sleep at night is beyond my comprehension.  I would not allow a dog to be tied up like that, let alone a child.  What the hell is wrong with people?  I would certainly have reported this to Child Welfare officials in a heartbeat.  Perhaps if the State and/or Federal laws are updated to require child abuse to be reported, we could save more children from this dreadful, life-altering (sometimes life-ending) fate!

January 27, 2009, 7:36 pm CST

Open hand spank abuse or not abuse?

Quote From: conniejackie

An opened hand spank on the butt is not abuse! And it is like that in most states. My brother works for Wyandot Center for Mental Health with the children and that is one of the first things that they learned in training. Most of the kids have serious mental problems which result in them lying and overexagarating. He was told that if a kid tells him that they are being beat, to ask for details. And that if the child says that it is open hand on the butt that its okay. They are allowed to do that. And to be honest I have to agree. Until you have a child with a disorder that causes them to act out constantly even with meds and nothing else works as disapline you need to resort to physcial disapline. As long as it is controled and not out of anger I don't see what the problem is.
So yes if you see a child getting abused call the police. Just make sure it is abuse. Because spanking is not abuse!!!!

Actually the on going political debate is - Is spanking considered abuse?  Everyone will have different opinions regarding this issue.  As I was growing up I got spanked as did most kids growing up before the 1990's.  Legally, spanking is NOT abuse.  Although if you think this out, if an adult with an open hand walked up to another adult and slapped them, they could file a police report for assult - do we agree with this?  So than, why is it ok to open handed slap a child?  Now is spanking considered abuse?  No not by the definition of child abuse.  But could spanking a child be considered assult?  Absolutely!


I absolutely agree that not all spanking is considered abuse and you should ask further questions before assuming a child get spanked is just discipline.  But as a society we also need to look at the laws and determine or ask ourselves - why is hitting an adult illegal, yet hitting a child is legal?


Also, as the laws currently state - specifically the 1974 Child Abuse and Protection Act - professionals are required by this law to report suspected child abuse.  Professionals are defined as doctors, teachers, other school personel.  IT DOES NOT state that the every day person who might witness (as a bystander) abuse happen is required to report suspected child abuse.  Maybe the ACT needs to be revised to make everyone in a society held accountable if they witness child abuse and don't report it.

February 1, 2009, 4:16 pm CST

Furious with Nancy Grace

Quote From: madcelt

Dr. Phil...I am not someone who tends to write on TV show message boards. But in the last week you have allowed not only Ann Coulter run her mouth on your show (quite unchecked and I'm sure you looked a tad smug at some of her comments), you introduce Nancy Grace as one of the top legal commentators. EVERYONE knows Nancy Grace is a joke! You are turning your show into the equivalent of a tabloid. These people are not experts on anything. Such a dreadful and horrific story about that poor child was tainted with Nancy Grace's quavering voice (do NOT try and convince me that was sincere) and her over the top affectations made the importance of the story drift - and become more about what NANCY GRACE felt about it. Typical Nancy Grace. Just as with Ann Coulter, the show became about Ann Coulter and her extremist views. Any more of these kind of 'experts' and I'm going to think the real ones won't go on your show. And if they won't...why should I watch?

I was certainly hoping someone beside me noticed how ridiculous Nancy appeared on this show. She not only has ZERO compassion but she talks like a robot. Not to mention she has a face of stone! I have to be honest, I liked her when she first got her show on Court TV but I'm sick of her now. 


Yes, I question how Adam's adoptive aunt could walk in and find him chained to the bathtub, then walk out. If I found my nephew chain to the tub I personally don't think I could accept my sisters answer of "he was being bad." I mean, that seems a little extreme.  But in the aunt's defense, sometimes people do things and later wonder why when it's too late.  I'm not making excuses b/c she is somewhat responsible, but she later realized what she did was wrong- and admitted it, if I'm not mistaken.  Nancy made it sound like the aunt was solely responsible for his disappearance b/c she found him and did not report it.  NO!  It was the sick and inhumane adoptive parents that chained him there IN THE FIRST PLACE. I believe too much emphasis was placed on the aunt instead of her sister.


I made a comment to another poster several months ago regarding Bishop T.D. Jakes, because they were aggrivated at Dr. Phil for having him as a guest.  While I can't make the request that Dr. Phil stop having Nancy as a guest, however, I do wish he would find someone "in addittion" to her with a litlle bit more compassion and knowledge.   



February 4, 2009, 11:16 pm CST

Miracle on the Hudson

Dr. Phil,

During the miracle on the Hudson portion of your recent show I heard you say something that was profound. When you were speaking with the survivors about the landing and the adjustment period afterward you told them that there wasn't a place in their brain for "escaping a near death experience". That piece of information has played repeatedly in my mind for days. As a teacher with a Master's degree, I survived a brutal rape during an occupied robbery, in my home in the middle of the night.  DNA matched the rapist during another crime spree. I went three years later and testified during Hurricane Francis and a jury found him not guilty on 7 life sentences. He walks free today, a lifetime criminal and convicted felon for other crimes. I sought counseling, but never after the rape trial could I reconcile when those images would reappear, or when I would feel safe in my own home.  Your life is never the way it used to be. There isn't a place for surviving a near death experience in your mind and sometimes the imagery  just shows up when you least expect it, even years later. Thank you for recognizing the job that Sully did and also the adjustment that these wonderful people will have to make.  Until you have had put a period in your life and say that was do not know, Thank you.

February 11, 2009, 1:37 pm CST

01/23 Behind the Headlines

Quote From: willowhaven

Yes, in the state of Kansas, yes you can.  If they terminated the rights of one child, then all future children will be removed and rights terminated.  They will take them straight from the hospital after birth and place them in foster care pending termination.  Even 15 or 20 years later, they will be removed.  That is the law.  Ground for unfitness in Kansas is having rights terminated to ANY child.  The fact that she has two children in her custody in Colorado tells me she is to blame for blindly remaining in Kansas, and a mistake in younger life.  Even if only one child was abused. all would be taken, even future children.  Just how the law is here in Kansas.
Hmm I like that law.
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