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Topic : 01/22 President Obama: Hope vs. Reality

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Created on : Friday, January 16, 2009, 02:55:17 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The inauguration party is over. What’s next for this country? Dr. Phil and his esteemed guests discuss their thoughts about the new presidency and what to expect in the next four years. How will the Obama presidency change our lives? Can he save this country from financial ruin? What does his economic stimulus plan mean to you at home? Can Obama live up to the hype -- or will our hopes be dashed? Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville recaps the highlights from the inauguration, and Ann Coulter, controversial author and conservative commentator, gives her opinions on President Barack Obama. Plus, a personal finance expert tells you what you need to know to get through these tough economic times, and more! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 22, 2009, 8:21 am CST

Ann, Ann, Ann....stick to what you know!

Ok...I am taking a deep I do 500 times a day being a single mom and all...but Ann you would't know anythin about that or even about being a mom would you? Why do you choose to report all the bad things...why do you say things like..strippers in training? Why can't you say future President in training..after all her is a product of a single mom....good lord are a big mouth everyone knows that and you could talk circles around most are smart and wity but on this subject you should just sit the hell down and shut up...cuz you don't have a clue....don't worry I am here to school you! So listen up....I am a single mom...I am a nurse...I save the lives of people you love...I am strong...I work hard and I raising an amazing little girl...its days are long...sometimes I want to give up and run away....but what parent doesn't single or not...I hope one day you will have the opprotunity to understand parenting but right now you are clearly way off so for once in your life could you choose to uplift instead of pull down..your such a drag!
January 22, 2009, 8:25 am CST

why does is matter so much

Quote From: jenna1968

First and for most I can say this I AM PROUD TO BE AN AFRICAN AMERICAN? Why because if Barak Obama's mother can be Caucasian and is Father African American and he can be Labeled African American instead of BI-Racial then I am African American. Why I forgot history repeats it self  if you remember history if a White man,woman had relations with a Colored women,man of the African American descendant.  Their children where Slaves and not reorganized for the Caucasian in them didn't matter how many descendants down if you had Color in you,You where a slave.. Meaning you where African American.. So that is what I am, but I thought their was freedom now. If their is why are they labeling Barak African American. Why are they not saying he is Bi-Racial for unity??? So what his father is African American Barak is not! If he is isn't it because of his skin color.. because if he was born white what would he be then??? One would half to ask themselves that question you say we don't, well let me give you an example. My Great Grand father is black his Grandparents are black, My Grandmother is black my father is black and white... But my uncles very in color from pure white to deep dark and delicious.. Even my uncles kids children even though their moms are white their children are a  beautiful hew of rich skin tones black and beautiful hair.. My Father has an Afro.. so .. Should we still be labeled African American or Bi-racial?????? but I guess I would have to say I am African American.. because of the blood lines my father carries. just like Barak! So why are they playing it up so much he is African American so from now on when I fill out an application they ask what my race it I should put down African American. I never new what to put...  So what about my children.. ???? are they Indian as their father is French Indian so should I go get my Tax rights!!!! for my kids and my hubby??? It is burning in me Even though I love my race that they are using this First African American President when he truly is not. Both of his Parents are not African American... !!
Why does it matter what people call themselves...If I want to call myself a skinny white girl when infact I weigh 200 pounds who the hell cares..I just don't get why everyone is so upset of thoughts is if there where ever a definition of African-American I am guessing he woud be it...his father Kenyan his mother American=African-American....but why do we care so much?
January 22, 2009, 8:27 am CST

I agree

Quote From: raymom5

And do you think that MSNBC and CNN aren't airing yellow journalism?
Dr Phil...your a doctor stick with helping people..this just pissed people off...she is annoying to say the least!
January 22, 2009, 8:49 am CST

Whatever happened to respect

Hundreds of thousands came out to see Obama become President - a man who so far as not done much for America.  While former President Bush who had to deal with so much which some may feel 8 years is a long time is really nothing compared to the enormous problems that affected not only our country but everyone in the world.  No one knows what President Bush did to keep America safe since 9/11 because it was kept quiet.  No one knows what affect the Iraq war will have on the World because we acted  instead of  standing by.  Everyone talks about how we abandoned the people of Afganistan because of the war in Iraq like the people in Iraq did not deserve to be freed from someone like Hussein.  I thought the reason we still talk about the Hollicaust(?) was so it will never be repeated, yet everyone seems to think we had no business in Iraq and Hussein was a good guy with no weapons of mass destruction.  He did have  chemicals and used them.  I still remember talk here in the United States about how to stay safe in the case of  a chemical attack.  Would not want to die that way any more than I would have by a nuclear weapon. 

       My husband and I deal with everyday issues and just trying to sell a house in this economy has  had us second guessing what we should do.  Can't imagine the pressures of a Presidency.  President Bush was gracious in every way throughout not only the campaign but in the transition.  I used to watch Jay Leno every night but have turned it off lately because he has done nothing but talk about how inept President Bush was during his terms in office.  I for one am thankful that we had a kind, decent man in office over the past 8 years where every  day we didn't have to hear about some scandal about their personal lives and affairs.

     I did not vote for President Obama but will at least respect the man as I know the job is the most difficult job in the world.  PLEASE AMERICA STOP BASHING FORMER PRESIDENT BUSH!

January 22, 2009, 9:41 am CST

I can't Believe he gave her airtime

I am shocked that Dr Phil has given that slug Ann Coulter some air time... She is nothing but one sided filth. I think having her on his show was a bad choice. She is just a hate filled venom spouting human.  Boy those Clap now signs must have been smoking... LOL  That's all i have to say.
January 22, 2009, 10:16 am CST

01/22 President Obama: Hope vs. Reality

Quote From: dawnnreed

Why does it matter what people call themselves...If I want to call myself a skinny white girl when infact I weigh 200 pounds who the hell cares..I just don't get why everyone is so upset of thoughts is if there where ever a definition of African-American I am guessing he woud be it...his father Kenyan his mother American=African-American....but why do we care so much?
why cause I am sick if the labels if one would understand what I wrote from my black African American ancestors you would understand but your not. So  you wouldn't get it. We have freedom in America and their is no longer Slavery so stop. I want people to stop looking at the fact his father is black. DON'T FORGET HIS MOTHER IS WHITE making him Biracial not AFRICAN AMERICAN He is not a slave if you would understand that when it was Slavery if your mother or father was White even though the other parent is colored your an African American when that is not the case today. What would you call a Japanese who married a white man or a African American.. Its the labels. I could understand if BOTH of his parents where African American THEN WE CAN SAY LEGITIMATELY HE IS The First AFRICAN AMERICAN
and to address you saying you can  call you self a skinny white girl and weighty 200 The eye can see that you cant call your self what you are not that is called LYING.. and when one says Barak is The first African American that is LYING.. Let us not Lie = deliberate act of deviating from the truth!!!! 

If that is the case we want to call him that then I think many better look into their closest then and find out who they really are because many are a product of Biracial marriages and relations who knows maybe all the white peopel who are white looking like my kids then are really african american.!!!! If we shouldnt care then they shouldnt ask what your race is in the united states of american they shouldnt ask what your race is on an application and force people who dont want to pick caucasion or african american like they did with me when I was younger cause I dont consider my self either . I am both...
January 22, 2009, 10:19 am CST

01/22 President Obama: Hope vs. Reality

Quote From: raymom5

I was told that if an American has at least one drop of American Indian blood flowing through their veins, they are eligable for scholarships, quotas, etc.  I guess if one is half black...they can check the box....get it?

Well then would you please give me the place where you heard that because my husband was told he had to be 50% and his Grandfather is full fledged American Indian!! They said he doesn't qualify for anything!
January 22, 2009, 10:22 am CST

invite her back

Coulter has the numbers so it helps her feel self-righteous about speaking on the topic of single mothers. Having been a single mother I want to talk about my personal awareness about where my identity and self esteem intersected during that time. Motherhood gets romanticized just like military service, young people act on societal messages.  In 2008 and at Presidential inauguration America surpassed a race barrier, we mentally internalize that milestone. Now we can begin to discuss the economic class impacts on young people's decisions. Many messages of shame around money get across to young people. The upper economic classes act them out the most because they came from upwardly mobile family dynamics, they are the ones acting out "being driven"--by humiliation.


Let's frame the discussion with comparisons that make the point simple instead of giving political pun-dents a platform to sell their over priced complicated perspectives.

January 22, 2009, 10:35 am CST


Quote From: mrpete70

I am shocked that Dr Phil has given that slug Ann Coulter some air time... She is nothing but one sided filth. I think having her on his show was a bad choice. She is just a hate filled venom spouting human.  Boy those Clap now signs must have been smoking... LOL  That's all i have to say.
I agree completely
January 22, 2009, 11:08 am CST

A Great Day in History-Alex Hairston

Today, as most of you know, a historic moment in time occurred. This afternoon President- Elect Barack H. Obama was sworn into the office of the President of the United States. The pandemonium leading up to this moment was unbelievable. In Washington D.C at every street corner there were people selling anything with this man’s face on it. And people were buying, no matter what the price. On Sunday, my family and I tried to get to our nations capital and traffic was ridiculous. Due to bridges and roads being blocked off for this monumental event. We didn’t have a chance to actually be there in person for this memorable event. But all the same, we could feel the anticipation. The hope is everyone’s hearts has risen to heights that would have been unknown this time last year. Our very own country is in turmoil. People are losing jobs, family are out on the streets homeless, everyone is struggling to meet ends meet. And all of this was because of some people in the governments’ greedy and stupid decisions. But that will change.   I believe that God has his hands all over this man. And his angels were surrounding him this afternoon. As I watched this man, this man and our country making history. A man just like our fathers, our brother, our best friends. A man who likes to play basketball, relaxes with his children, and is clearly in love with his wife. Anyone who’d has seen him just last year; just walking down the street, wouldn’t have even had an inkling of an idea what he had a plan to do. God put it into his heart that he had the strength to make a change in this nation. And not only in the nation, in the entire world. I believe that during President Obama’s time in office, he will succeed in the things he has set out to achieve. Yes it will be difficult. There’s no doubt about that. But with our own contributions, with even the smallest bit of service, we can make changes. I see the pride in every African-American, as well as many others who fought for equal rights, man and woman’s face. To know that we have overcome, and we’ve come very very far. I see in every young child the…hope that they have. That they can do it too. They can do anything they set their minds to. That this country is a free country and still a place where dreams can be made to reality. That even the c hild who lives without there parents, in lowest of place can look at him and say, “That could be me. I could do that too.” That they know they can make a difference in the world. The can also make a change!   At the beginning of the Presidential election, I was much of a skeptic. I honestly didn’t even like the idea of having a President. I didn’t believe that they had any say on what was going on in the world. That they couldn’t change. But then I heard Obama speak. He speaks with such confidence and like he just knows that if we try we can and will succeed. And that planted hope in my own, and many other people’s hearts. Young people, who had never voted before, felt like they really made a difference in the world after going to the ballots and placing their votes. Even though I’m too young to vote, I saw in other young adults the hope that he put into our hearts. A time when we, as a country, were at our lowest. A time when we should be at the end of the line. But he’s changed that. Even though this is the end of something. It is also the beginning. The beginning of a change.   God is all over this. It couldn’t have happened without him. It was so close; there were so many people who didn’t support this man. But people changed and everyone made an effort, and we made a change. The difference that we’ve made in unbelievable. I think I'm still slightly shocked that we have our first African-American president of the United States. It’s amazing. Lol and with our help, he will make a change. We all will make a change. I believe God is pleased.   I pray for protection over President Obama and his family. Our new first lady Michelle Obama, his daughters Malia and Sasha and their grandmother. I pray for the new vice president and his wife, Joe and Jill Biden. I pray that President Obama will be blessed with God’s guidance and wisdom. That he will not grow weary in our time of need. That he will make a change. I pray for his divine protectio n from anyone who wishes harm upon him, his family, or administration. Lord God, keep him in your will and guide him to do what you have planned. Let everyone remember that he is just a man, and he will make mistakes. He’s not a savior or messiah. He’s only a man. But he is a man with God’s hand upon him and he will make a difference. There will be a change. Yes we can, we have, and we will. Amen   We are one country. One nation under God. And if we work together, if we roll up our sleeves and work hard, we can make a change.

Alexandria Hairston-14 yrs of age
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