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Created on : Friday, January 09, 2009, 02:31:05 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
As difficult financial times put additional strain on familial relationships, rage-filled outbursts are on the rise. Dr. Phil explores a wide spectrum of anger, from irrational fits to yelling at your kids like a broken record. His first guest, Mimi, says her husband, Ed, loses his temper while trying to lay down the law with their 13-year-old son, and she's tired of being the referee. Ed says he's frustrated with the teen's attitude. Dr. Phil cameras capture the fighting, which has even became physical. Are these parents expecting too much out of the boy, or is he to blame for the confrontations? Dr. Frank Lawlis, chairman of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board, sits down with the teen. You'll be surprised to learn what he discovers. Find out what Dr. Phil suggests these parents do to keep the peace in the family. Then, meet Isabella. She says her rage grows worse with every year, and anyone is subject to her outrageous outbursts, including her own mother. You won't believe the shocking footage caught by in-home cameras, often in front of her 5-year-old son. Find out the list of items that causes Isabella to unleash her anger, and why she thinks she behaves in this manner. Is she ready to get real and end the tirades? Watch these guests and learn how to manage the frustrations in your life. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 24, 2009, 9:16 am CST

01/15 Rage Caught on Tape

Quote From: sbates2009

I can understand the frustration that the family of this young woman feels.  I have a daughter that is just like this woman.  When things do not go her way she will lash out at the ones that love her the most.  I, her mother, am usually the one that bears the brunt of all her outbursts.  She has gotten better over the last little while but the least little thing will set her off and she is only 14.   I sometimes think maybe I haven't done a good enough job in being her mom but her older brother is nothing like this.  Sometimes I ask myself if I should contact Dr. Phil because it can get really crazy around here when she is in one of her moods.  It is not easy to live with a person who has anger issues.

You should definitely contact Dr Phil on your daughter's behalf. Her issue could be something other than anger. Heavy metal toxicity, perhaps. Dr Phil had a raging teenaged girl on his show a season or two ago. Dr Lawliss took her to his PNP clinic and treated her for heavy metal toxicity. It made her a new person.
And, it could be what your daughter needs.
January 24, 2009, 9:38 am CST

divorce and kids

Quote From: ktubbs12

You have hit the nail on the head! Thank you. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your well thought out letter.


Stepfamilies face insurmountable odds, this has been acknowledged for years, but little has been said about this phenomenon between the testosterone-charged members of the household. I do agree that men instinctly have greater difficulty in dealing with the "product" of the previous relationship, for several reasons, than do the women - those without children of their own.


I wonder if there would ever be any way to resolve such a strong, inescapable Pink Elephant within the family...the young men of this generation are so lost as it is.

I'm a divorced mom with a 13 year old daughter.  I've recently returned to teaching, after many years out of the profession.  Even tho I am divorced, I see the destructive power of it every day at home and in school.  Luckily, I've watched too many Dr. Phil shows to know that bringing in a boyfriend is horrible idea, so I haven't done that.  One of the common themes I hear from my kids is " Mom's boyfriend did this to me", or

"my stepmom did that".  Oldstepkid is right.  Relationships with step parents are tough at best, deadly at worst.  I just don't know why the real parents choose to subject their kids to years of this kind of tension.  OK, your marriage failed.  Don't add insult to injury to your kids, by bringing in your new lover.  Pay attention to raising your kids.  They need every bit of you.  When they're gone, then you can pursue "true love" again.

January 24, 2009, 9:46 am CST

01/15 Rage Caught on Tape

Quote From: ktubbs12

I'm not quite sure what you may be thinking. You sound as if you are trying to hit on this woman, or make a pass at her. This is the LAST thing that she needs. Her out-of-control behavior has garnered more attention that it should already. She is ill-mannered and shows traits of a sociopath, a SOCIOPATH not a star. And the fact that you found her self-centeredness attractive as a quality speaks VOLUMES about who you may be as a person, you might want to look into that. Anyway, I can appreciate that she agreed to come onto the show, but freely admits that she makes no connection between her actions and the pain that it causes others. She is sad and pathetic, and may not look quite so "georgeous" in prison-orange, which is where she's headed if she doesn't re-focus her emotions and energy.

It could be Isabella's son in prison-orange if she doesn't change her behavior before he starts modeling it. While most women express their anger verbally, many men express theirs nonverbally. And, even if Isabella's son expresses his verbally, as she does, as Dr Phil pointed out, he could become a social outcasts. And, guess who shoots up schools and shopping malls? Social outcasts. And, it isn't always classmates and shoppers who get shot. Sometimes, it's the parents.
January 26, 2009, 5:11 pm CST

Step parents don't love their step kids?

I find it pretty amusing that you people are saying that step dads don't love their step children. Reason being, I have a step dad, and he's done more for me than my real father. I actually haven't seen my real father in over 18 years. My step dad has been there the entire time. I'd like to know where you got your statistics from...because I don't think you have any basis for your beliefs.

February 22, 2009, 7:34 am CST

Call Center Employee

I just want this woman to realize that just because she is upset at a company she should not be taking it out on a decent human being.  I talked to 15,000 customers in 2008 and at least 20% of those people felt it ok to swear at me and disrespect me.  Those people recieved less from me then the ones who came to me with respect.  If I were this woman I could not look myself in the face.  I believe that a company should be able to fine customers who speak to their employees that way she does.

July 31, 2009, 11:52 am CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

Caught Doctor On Phil Rage Tape. Well Well Well here we go again. Another round of this year. See you---

on August 05th, 2009 Wednesday. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.------------------------------------------------

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