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Topic : 12/18 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony

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Created on : Thursday, December 11, 2008, 02:57:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Since her disappearance in July 2008, Caylee Anthony's image has been splashed across magazine covers and TV screens in an effort to find the missing 3-year-old. America has been riveted by the bizarre twists and turns of this case, including reports of suspicious behavior of the child’s mother, Casey. Despite her continued claims of innocence, Casey was charged with Caylee’s murder. Now, the latest developments in this case may finally solve the mystery, as the skeletal remains of a small child were found within a mile of the child’s grandparent’s house, where she oftentimes resided with her mother. While a positive identification has yet to be made, investigators searched the home of Caylee’s grandparents, and according to police, recovered additional evidence that may lead to a resolution. Dr. Phil and his panel of experts probe into a case that has captivated millions. Talk about the show here.

Update: Authorities reported that the remains found near the Anthony property have been identified as Caylee Anthony. Her mother, Casey Anthony, faces charges, including first-degree murder, in the disappearance of her daughter. If convicted, Casey could be sentenced to life in prison.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 18, 2008, 4:50 pm CST

So Sad

 I'm a bit shocked at the grandparents behavior.  Caylee is their grandchild and their daughters behavior from not reporting this for a  month, the lies she's told to the police, internet searches found for neck breaking and chloroform are just a few of the Huge red flags that Casey is involved.  In the same situation, I'd have long ago demanded the truth from my daughter and not continued to ignore the signs.  It seems they are enablers and most likely part of the reason that Casey is the kind of person she appears to be.  Watching the prison phone videos just makes me sick.
December 18, 2008, 4:55 pm CST

I share your thoughts on the matter

Quote From: cuddles05

I  would  also  like  to  know  that 

my  best  guess  is  one  lie  has  to  tell  another  lie  to  cover  up  the  first  lie  and  so  on  and  so  on....the  drum  beat  goes  and it    is  a   strong   character   trait  of  the  mother  and  maybe  the  apple  has  not  fallen  far  from  the  tree  ! 
 fine  details  are  VIP  important  to  document 
in  order  for  the  TRUTH  to  be  brought  to  the  surface 

the  hearbreaking  thing  is  this  bright  eyed  beautiful  child  did  not  apparently  have  any  kind  of  a  close  bonded  panicked  parent  to  speak  of   that  got  help  and  first  response  when  she  went  missing  to  begin  with 

that  gives  me  a  knee  jerk  reaction  !! 

Im  sorry  that is  inexcusable ! 

why  did  no  one  call  authorities  screaming  help  me  I  can  not  find  my  child  ,she  was  here  just  a  few  minutes  ago  a  hour  ago  .Most  parents  know  the  exact  time  there  child  was  last  seen   this  is  just  heartbreaking 

Being  the  mother  is  apparently  a  pathalogical  liar ! 
how  hard  was  it  for  authorities  to  follow  the  path  of  seek  and  find 
I  think  this  case  will  get  more  heartbreaking 
what  a  beautiful  child  !  cayLee  Is  ,at  rest  now 
and  she  should  be  playing  and  laughing  and  living 
Lord hear  our  prayers  let  our  concerns  grieve  and  penetrate  the  lies  , causeing  only  the  truth  to  come  foward  speedily 
so  more  pain  will  not  be  caused 
bring  swift  closure  and  justice 
for  the  sake  of  a  precious  little  one
  CayLEE Anthony  your  sun  wont  go  down 
may  you  always  shine  bright

I  cant  help  but  just  cry 
Its  really  to  much  to  try  and  see how  some  things  went  down
I  just  believe  some  how  God  wont  let  little CayLee's  soul  down 
he  will  lift  it  up  and  let  her  have  abundant  Love .

this  is  so  grievious  

December 18, 2008, 4:57 pm CST

12/18 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony

Quote From: getrealtime

The grandparents are asking for a new interview with police as long as they are not prosecuted for any false staments made in the past.


500 hours of Caylee sighting sit on the desk at the police station and no one from the defence or the grandparents have ever pick them up, If my child was missing I would have picked them up and gone through every sighting I could not leave one stone unturned .


Grandparents just say that the child is alive but give nothing to help in the search like what does this so called babysitter looks like for they could be looked for too.

You do know that the grandparents testified AGAINST Casey in court and also verified to police that the "babysitter" does not exist. The grandmother was one of the first people to call the police even before Casey, and has been actively looking for her since she disappeared.

Don't be too quick to assume that the grandparents are guilty.
December 18, 2008, 5:02 pm CST


I hope you are all ready for another OJ SIMPSON type case.  Anyone who watched the OJ trial knows the man killed Ron & Nicole but his DREAM TEAM got him off by using the same tactics that Casey's experts are already using.  They are out there on every talk show laying the ground work for the "Garbage In-Garbage Out" defense.  They are involved in this case only for self promotion and to stroke thier own ego's.

They are "The Top Experts In their field."  ...Only because they go on TV all the time.  Do you know how many other experts there are out there that do this kind of work not for the glory-but for the truth and for the victims and their families.  Public servants do not receive hundreds of dollars per hour to come in and muddy the water.  They only seek the truth.


As for the Anthony's, Cindy is out there.  George is honorable and if you listen to his interviews with the FBI he is truthful and admits that he also believes Casey is involved and that Caylee is dead.  But he also tries to explain his crazy wife's actions, and then asks the FBI not to tell Cindy what he said. I guess he is trying to protect what little family he has left.  Mark my words....he will testify truthfully in the trial....Cindy won't even be called to testify.  As for Lee, I think he has been so absent lately because he has figured out what the rest of us have known for quite a while...his sister is guilty.  He was trying so hard in the beginning to help gather info for the authorities, but at a certain point I think reality hit him in the face. 


Casey Anthony is a lying little brat that, unfortunately, is so common today.  What happened to getting married, establishing a loving home, establishing financial security and then getting pregnant.  Why do we, as a society, encourage this behavior.  Our local schools have programs for teen moms to finish there education while someone else cares for their babies at our expense.  We throw baby showers and celebrate pregnancies with no marriage or father in the picture.  Maybe if we turned the clock back about 40 years, things would be better.  Girls would think long and hard before becoming sexually active.  Out of wedlock pregnancies would be shameful and not encouraged, and there would be alot more babies put up for adoption to loving two parent homes-which is what a child needs.  They need a mom and a dad to raise them-not the poor grandparents, they should have the luxury of enjoying and spoiling their grandchildren.


Last subject-I Promise...


I live in Central Florida, and believe me during the rainy season water stands everywhere.  Notice the neighborhood the Anthony's live in.  Homes are everywhere except in that one small stretch.  Why?  Because it is the lowest lying area.  If it weren't, there would be homes on it. We have to have these areas designated all over the state, if not the roads, homes and yards would be flooded for about 4 months out of the year.   Flooding is such and issue here you have to have the county come out and test your lot before building permits can be issued...if you don't pass you bring in another $20,000.00 worth of fill dirt and try again.  These low lying areas are full of cotton mouth snakes, coral snakes, and depending on the location - gators.  You don't just casual wade through a swamp in Florida unless you are stupid. 

December 18, 2008, 5:02 pm CST

Double Talk

Michelle Bart is as good at double talking as Casey.  I guess if you're an ex-spokesperson, bad habits DO rub off.  I wonder how much of "family" they really are to Bart.  3 months?  I could rant on and on and really vent my frustration over this but it won't do Caylee any good.  I'm always curious about people and constant exposure to the limelight.  I believe Casey loves the attention however negative.  A woman who has no life or expression in her eyes discussing her daughter but then when the camera is on - smiles and actual life in her eyes???  ummmm  Come on Casey.  Get real, fess up and pay the price for your actions!!
December 18, 2008, 5:05 pm CST

I don't understand the motives of Casey Anthony's "dream team"...

I do understand Casey Anthony a little bit ~ she's got no conscience.  There's people like that.

What I don't understand is the dream team who has rushed to assemble for her defense ~ gifted people like Dr. Henry Lee and Jose Baez ~ why would they lend their talents to assist the defense, to help a psychopath get out from behind bars. 

Is it for money? They say not.  They're either lying or they're helping a devil for free.

If they want to attach themselves to famous cases, why couldn't they assist the FBI and help the investigation?

The psychopath, I get it.  Psychopaths do what psychopaths do and we put them away so they won't hurt anybody.  We put them in prison where they belong.

But, what about people with seeming conscience who choose to help, of all people, the Casey Anthony's of the world?

A woman who was so broke she stole to shop at Target suddenly has a dream team?

Can someone EXPLAIN this to me?
December 18, 2008, 5:21 pm CST


Quote From: nadovah

Did anyone find the Adam Walsh comment made at the end of the show totally off the mark and very offensive.  Adam Walsh was abducted and murdered when he was 6 years old.  He is not a missing child that found his way home 27 years later.  The information in the news right now is that the police have announced they closed his case and named his killer.  The idea there is any connection in these two cases is just plain wrong.
I  did  not  find  it  connected  to  CayLee Anthony 
neither  did  I  find  the  comment  made  off  the  mark  or  offensive  .
I  did  however  find  when  Adam  Walsh's  father  and  Mother  spoke  their  words  about  closure 
I  could  see  how  etched  into  their  hearts  ,their  sons  memory  still  is  ,and  it  broke  my  heart  to  see  their  grief  and  all  the  torture they  had  to  endure  and  go  through  before  they  could  finally  say  today  we  at  least  have  these  words  said 
and  a  apology  was  made 
but  there  is  no  way  any  sorry  can  bring  them  back  their  son 
yet  these parents  have  worked  so  hard  to  do  a  lot  for  the  cause  of  Justice
It  just  serves  to  be  said  that  there  is  a  lot  that  is  wrong  in  the  way  in  which  things  are  percieved  in  the  world 

That  mother  and  Father  deserved  to  get their  say  and  it  will  mark  something 
and  I  know  no  one  can  say  how  they  feel  , no  one  could  know 
they  deserved  to  get  to  speak 
and  I  dont  think  the  ideal  of  missing  the  mark  and  finding  offense  is  correct  perception  at  all 

I  just  think  maybe  some  people  wear  blinders  the  thickness  of  brick  walls  to  insinuate  connections 

but  every  thing  has  a  universal  principitality  in  which  it  operates 

my  question  is  this ?  ? 

 where  is  yours  ? 
In  asking  this  question  that  u  have  ?

If  u  dont  mind  me  asking  ? 
December 18, 2008, 5:26 pm CST

Caylee Anthony

I  watched your show today regarding  Caylee Anthony.  Our community is just devastated.  I  live approximately 3 miles from the Anthony's and I was upset with our CBS affiliate Jessica D'Onofrio stating that the location was "dry" and Casey was in jail.  Ms. D'Onofrio apparently does not live in this area (I was born and raised here) and we do have rain in June, July and August.  That area is always underwater with just one summertime afternoon rain.  The property is nothing but woods and used to be pasture land too!  Yes, Tropical Storm Fay hit Orlando in August...but, did Ms. D'Onofrio forget about June and July!  Today, we got more disturbing news that the "meter reader" called our sheriff's office on August 11, 12, and 13th!! and reported  a suspicious bag in the same area he called about last Thursday when he found the skull.  The deputy that went to "check" the area on August 11th....cleared it!!   That is horrible news. 
December 18, 2008, 5:28 pm CST

12/18 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony

Quote From: sage32

 if casey  is  so  innocent   why  would you   wait   a month  to report  a missing  child  her child she  carried inside  her womb   if it is proven somehow  she  did not    physically   hurt   caylee   than  she should at  least  get   accessory      just  becouse   she  waited  a month ( when my   my   4yr old  daughter  is in preschool   i go crazy )     i only   hope  and pray   little  caylee   is found      and for  casey    your lies  only  hurt  your  child  at  least  tell the truth   for  caylee    do  something  right  for a change

I feel the exact same way! My son is in kindergarten and I don't let myself lose sight of him for a SECOND!  (He has this tendency to make a mad dash down the cookie aisle sometimes and the instant he veers off, I'm after him!!!)

Assuming for a moment that Casey's flimsy story is true, I CANNOT IMAGINE a mother letting her child go for a month, not knowing where she was, how she was being treated, whether she was scared or hungry or lonely ~ let alone the more awful possibilities.  To have a missing child would be horrible.

Casey's partying behavior after Caylee went missing shows that she's got some pretty thick skin and a pretty empty heart.
December 18, 2008, 5:31 pm CST

12/18 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony

Quote From: pambam47

I was wondering or has anyone else wondered this... if I were the grandparent and I hadnt seen my granddaughter in over a month... wouldnt I be asking questions or call the police?  Seems like they might be covering for their daughter also... just a thought. 
I think that's bizarre, too.  Especially because the grandmother maintains that they spoke to Casey often during this period.  Also, I seem to remember that in one interview, the grandmother said that Caylee practically lived at their house.

There's some tenuous dynamic between parents and child and I'm not totally sure what it is.  Maybe the parents were afraid Casey would take Caylee away from them permanently?

The parents recently admitted to telling conflicting stories, and I've wondered just how honest the grandmother really is.  I don't think she had anything to do with Caylee's disappearance though.
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