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Created on : Thursday, December 11, 2008, 02:57:19 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Since her disappearance in July 2008, Caylee Anthony's image has been splashed across magazine covers and TV screens in an effort to find the missing 3-year-old. America has been riveted by the bizarre twists and turns of this case, including reports of suspicious behavior of the child’s mother, Casey. Despite her continued claims of innocence, Casey was charged with Caylee’s murder. Now, the latest developments in this case may finally solve the mystery, as the skeletal remains of a small child were found within a mile of the child’s grandparent’s house, where she oftentimes resided with her mother. While a positive identification has yet to be made, investigators searched the home of Caylee’s grandparents, and according to police, recovered additional evidence that may lead to a resolution. Dr. Phil and his panel of experts probe into a case that has captivated millions. Talk about the show here.

Update: Authorities reported that the remains found near the Anthony property have been identified as Caylee Anthony. Her mother, Casey Anthony, faces charges, including first-degree murder, in the disappearance of her daughter. If convicted, Casey could be sentenced to life in prison.

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 21, 2009, 8:14 am CST

Media may blow the case?

As much as this child caught our attention in empathy for the child, we forget that a case will need to happen.  It is reported that because of so much leaked information, mishandled evidence and information and improper searches for the child to begin with, they may blow the case to be thrown out?

They want to cremate the remains, garbage bags may have been destroyed for a link and bottom line is this may very well be another case that we never find out the actual truth.  Mostly because our media was way too envolved in it from the begining?  Tell us what is facts, show is the reality of child abduction and definately do more time on many cases instead of just one.

Look back to the case in Michigan about the foster child missing for 6 months after moving him repatedly when reports was calle din about abuse, let them parents begin to adopt the sibling before they even find the missing child only to discover them foster parents tortured and killed that precious child?  CPS workers was fired, police never vindicated for trying to stop the foster parents and so little was on the news as this child Kaylee because a major news caster put it out?  Please, far too many children are being exploited and lost in the foster care sysytem to give so much to only one child?  It was the Walshes who dispite their severe grief of losing thier Son, that started programs and public information centers to help ALL children in harms way, not the chosen specific ones by a media hungry for fame?

I ask you to please not only give the popular but the many unknown cases like the outrageous number of children missing in foster care alone?

January 23, 2009, 11:41 am CST

12/18 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony

Quote From: efffy_

I know what you wrote, I was extrapolating and expanding on a theme that you presented. How do you know all these things are fact? You saw it on T.V.? That is not a standard of proof it is hearsay, gossip and speculation. You have stated that you are not very smart or educated so how can you pass sentence before a trial? If you were educated, you would understand the way the law works, and how its checks and balances are made to protect you. People like you make getting convictions much harder because you have decided based on nothing but your feelings and ignorant assumptions. If you ever get in trouble you should be so lucky to have me on your jury at least I would not condemn you before hearing and weighing the evidence. Innocent until proven guilty is a basic legal precept in most western societies. It has to be applied to everyone or it does not work for anyone. Can you understand that? You claim to believe in god yet I have been unable to distinguish any Christian compassion, forgiveness or mercy in your tirades. I feel sorry for your children if you could allow them to rot in jail. Love is unconditional or it is not love. I do not really believe your statement in any case. It is always easy to speak with bravado when you are not in a situation. Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea, and relax. 

What are fathom empty apt, and deflects?


She was right on most them 'facts'. some was actual recordings from police records of what was said and done.  TV or not it was published as public information, I have no idea why though, may harm the case?

hearsay is when you say what someone else has said rather than actual knowledge frist hand, it is allowed in some situations, like death bed confessions, refers to the person not a witness to examine.

it is 'Presumed Innocent until proven guilty' not just innnocent, presumed so you may get a fair trial.

Every person in the world must indeed pass some judgement calls concerning children, any child when it is suspected or felt they are abused or any legally wrongful act against them because children cannot speak for themselves on most issues, especially when they are missing.

I would so let my child rot in jail if they commited an evil crime, especially the death of a child!

Love is not unconditional in all aspects. certainly is from God but not a human strength.

Love has many conditions. thou shalt not kill, just one huh?

I am not trying to beat on you but to justify this chat page allowing us to speak our mind we need to understand many write from thier heart in a time of emotion during or after the show?

I do nto see where anyone got a tirade out of what was said, so I stand up to the so called christian judgement on that poster to say please consider none of what we write is goign to trial it is just us venting or sharing as I do now to you, pleas eshow more understanding of any poster and geeesh TV is not just TV, there are some people like Nancy Grace who do their best to give us facts, I for one do not call that hearsay, those Grandparents irked my soul: how long can anyone protect and defend when  a child is missing, may be dead or in danger?  Maybe they did it to get info from thier daughter but umm, they should have shut up to the media then?

January 23, 2009, 11:55 am CST

12/18 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony

Quote From: carolrhill

This poor child suffered so badly I can not even imagine nor do I want imagine.


She had a face of an angel as all children do of that age and that is a fact.


I hate to say this but I have Dr. Phil because it is something I have been thinking for a very long time.


I think that this child is the product of her own grandfather and that is why she is not telling who the father is because she can't because of the fear factor.


I think that she was so jealous of this child because of that. I know what it feels like to keep a secret that is so big that it is life changing. Every time I look at that child I see her grandfather in her eyes. It really scares me to think that way but I do and that is a fact.


I was being raped by my brother-law-law for nine (9) years and I never spoke about because he would tell me that if I talked he would kill my family starting with my mother and let me watch so I know what I speaking about.


What ever they do to this mother it is not good enough because she took the life of innocent child and she didn't have the right to do so.



They have the DNA now ya know, what Casey has told is the father was killed in a car accident, the Mother of that man said it was not his, he had not seen this girl since high school, they can check now.  Hard telling who the father is, maybe she does not know, looking like her Mom, grandMom, GrandFather and certainly from News pics her Great Grandfather also does not make it one of thiers, that is absurd, they are related?  She also told it was yet another mans but blood test proved it was not, obviously a party girl, she probably does not know who it is or fears they would take the child if they did know?  doubtful they can determine without blood to compare huh?  She gave up telling who the father was long ago who knows why, we can only asume it was because she did not know most likey harder because she did look like her Moms side of the family with little of the real fathers looks some can use to determine, it happens.

It is believed she was drugging this child so she could go out partying ( use of such was on her PC), somewhat punishing her parents by having a Nanny because they would have taken her if they knew? 


January 23, 2009, 12:00 pm CST

12/18 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony

Quote From: tika2008

I find this whole case very strange. Why did it take a month for the grandparents to ask how Caylee was especially when she was the center of their universe and lived with them off and on? The few times I heard Casey talk I felt as a mother with a missing child she seemed somewhat unconcerned as to her whereabouts. How could she have afforded a nanny when she did not even have a place of her own to live in?

If Casey's car was parked in the grandparents garage and really smelled like death, would you not have investigated further on your own especially when you have a granddaughter that has been missing? If anyone has smelled something dead like an animal bloated up on the side of the road the stench is horrible so I can't imagine what a human body would smell like.

The guy that called it in, I read where he had tried to call in before alerting the authorities of his find but they never found anything after checking out the scene. I also thought it was odd that when he called 911 one of the first things he said was this is in the Caylee Anthony area. If this bag was in plain site for him to see why did everyone else miss it?

Poor Caylee she had to suffer so much and this is so sad. No one might ever know the real truth in this case.

The grandmother reported the car stolen, I believe she got it back from police impound after several days, thsi is when she said it smelled as if someone died in it, later excused that to pizza left in it for them days.

something like that anyways.  It was not left in the garage. it was taken without permission.


The garbage bag was not in plain sight to anyone, in brush but this man was on foot and it caught his eye and he reported it in August I think, then the rains and then after that again?  something like that?

Basically it is doubtful it was really checked out to drench in that wet land of brush and weeds.

January 26, 2009, 10:41 am CST

Caylee has been found

As I watched this unfold on the news, the first inclination I had  was that Casey Anthony did something to her child. The biggest clue was not calling the authorites immediately, she had to be forced to do this 31 days later. As Tim Miller said, "this was a cold case before it was a missing person's case", how right he was.


The grandmother Cindy Anthony should be commended for making this happen. Afterwards, she became combative and defiant with the authorities. Her first instinct was correct. "Casey, what have you done
",. "I found my car today and it smells like a dead body was in that damn car"! Then came the coverup, shouting from the highest tower Caylee was alive and all these false Caylee sightings, when all along, that precious child laid for 6 months, 1/3 of a mile from where she once lived. The Anthony family wants to know why the public acted as they did. She is also not being honest. She knows what her child did. She told her coworkers more about what was going on,.then she did with law enforcement.


Casey Anthony could have ended this the day it allegedly took place. Now we know Caylee was found and evidence inside that garbage bag (how awful to dispose of this child in this way) will prove who is the true killer of this precious two year old, Caylee Marie Anthony.


Then we hear there was a heart placed on the duct tape over her mouth, only someone near and dear to this child would do that. Hearts hold a significance to that family or to Casey Anthony. There were hearts on the vehicle being driven around spreading the word lookin for Caylee..and hearts on the photos she had.


I await the day of trial but I wish with all my heart, that Casey Anthony would plead guilty and ask for leniency, The gory details of Caylee's last moments alive will be told at that trial, If Casey had a heart, she would spare her parents the pain of hearing this.


Nancy Grace also should be commended for keeping this in the forefront. I have tried since July to get on her show and ask some questions, I never got through. I would love to be involved in this from the outsider looking in view...

January 26, 2009, 1:16 pm CST

George Anthony is not Caylee's father!

Quote From: ricker1947

I am in agreement with Carol. I have followed this case from the beginng and taped every news media I could to keep up with everything. It was definitely mentioned just one time that Casey was molested by either her father or her brother Lee. thats when Cindy said no one will know who the father is and after that nothing else was said except that Casey did not like her father. If i am lying i am dying. because I was fixed on that statement and never forgot it. This family is so twisted  that I wouldn't doubt it for one minute


How do you take the word of Casey Anthony who is a stranger to the truth.


Casey is promiscuious, she doesn't know who the daddy of Caylee is. What difference does that make?


Cindy Anthony was not honest and open with the detectives. She never told them about that physical altercation that took place at the home on June 15th. It's been said Cindy put her hands around Casey's throat when she learned of Casey stealing money from the Grandmother's assited living account.


Casey left that night in a rage. Casey has a strong resentment for her mother. What happened to Caylee was the anger and rage Casey had for her mother. This child was in the way of her freedom. She wanted to party and not be responsible for Caylee. Caylee paid the ultimate price for the anger, rage and resentment Casey felt for Cindy Anthony.


They found Caylee with her Winnie the Pooh blanket, some clothes, a toy and a VIP hat (Very Important Princess), Duct tape was placed around Caylee's head/mouth. On that duct tape was a sticker of a heart. The duct tape was sent to the latent fingerprint lab, waiting on those results. That will prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, Casey and only Casey harmed Caylee which caused her death.


The only person in that family who told the truth to the detectives was George Anthony. Lee Anthony also told some truth but he had fallen off the radar under the threat of being arrested.


Cindy Anthony went on this crusade to try and cause reasonable doubt. She herself is good at spinning her stories. She went from knowing Casey did something to harm Caylee, to Caylee is alive, we have the person who has her under surveillance. All fruitless since Caylee was found dead. That child died the night of that huge fight. She put her in her playhouse first, then moved her to "THE ZONE" a place she hung out as a child, a place they buried their dead animals. Was Caylee only a plaything for Casey? Her disposal of the remains is horrendous in itself. How do you do that to a child, your child? Dump her like a piece of trash.


Casey Anthony will be found guilty as charged. Hoping she spends the rest of her sorry life in jail, never to have another child or to be around another child.


She is a narcissis who cares only for herself. Here is is January 26th, and no funeral/burial in sight for this precious child. Why doesn't she tell her defense attorney to get moving on what he needs to do and get this child an honorable burial. It's the defense who is holding up the funeral/burial, not the Anthony family.


Now George Anthony had thoughts of suicide. Thankfully he was stopped.


Why isn't someone from the Anthony family being Caylee's voice? Casey is an adult who can fend for herself.


I implore anyone from the Anthony family to be Caylee's voice, Justice needs to be served here even if it's your daughter Casey who is responsible. You can still love and support Casey, but Caylee should be your first priority...


I am a grandparent to three beautiful girls. If one of my children tried to pull what Casey did, I think I would be arrested for murder....

January 26, 2009, 1:39 pm CST

12/18 Behind the Headlines: Caylee Anthony

Quote From: shetypes

The grandmother reported the car stolen, I believe she got it back from police impound after several days, thsi is when she said it smelled as if someone died in it, later excused that to pizza left in it for them days.

something like that anyways.  It was not left in the garage. it was taken without permission.


The garbage bag was not in plain sight to anyone, in brush but this man was on foot and it caught his eye and he reported it in August I think, then the rains and then after that again?  something like that?

Basically it is doubtful it was really checked out to drench in that wet land of brush and weeds.

No, Cindy Anthony did not call the car in stolen. When she found Casey and she is without Caylee and wouldn't tell her where she was, Cindy called 911 and since the car was impounded and they retrieved it and that deadly smell, her instinct was to call in that she had stolen the car. But it wasn't reported stolen when Casey left with it on June 15th...

June 10, 2009, 12:18 pm CDT

the missing caylee

hi i got a sort of fealing that caylee is with her nany   andcaylee doesent want to come home just now  i got a fealing that caylee is still a life  i got a fealing that caylee is so happy now with her nany just now  caylee likes her nanny verry much so  cayle is missing her grand parents verry much  i got a fealing yhat caylees nany is verru angrey at caylees mom   caylees mom is verry bad   i got a fealing that caylee is so happy now with her nany ok  from christina in sweden
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