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Created on : Wednesday, November 26, 2008, 07:21:38 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 12/02/08) Do you ever wonder how your favorite Dr. Phil guest is faring since being on the show? Dr. Phil follows up with some of his most talked-about guests. Up first is the story of a little girl named Kaylee. Her mother, Krista, and grandmother, Bonii, alleged she was being sexually abused by her father, Jeremy. He vehemently denied the allegations, but a lie detector test found him to be deceptive. Find out the shocking twist that has occurred since their appearance two years ago. Next, Shenek admitted that she hated ugly people and didn't want to associate with them. She also had a diva attitude and gave the show a list of demands before her appearance. Shenek says she got a wake-up call when Dr.Phil conducted an experiment to show her what kind of first impression she was making on others. Has she changed? Is there a diva in the house this time around? You'll be shocked when you find out the answers! Then, when Sylvia first appeared on the show for help coping with the death of her husband, she was seven months pregnant and struggling to raise twin 4-year-olds. Now days away from delivering a baby girl, she joins the show via Web cam to share how she's doing. Don't miss the surprise Dr. Phil has for her -- one which you may have contributed to! And, remember Pierre who couldn't decide what was more important: his mother and the luxuries she provided him or his wife? During his second appearance, Dr. Phil told him that his mom was holding his manhood in a Dixie cup, and he needed to man up. Did he listen to Dr. Phil's advice, or is his mom still clinching the purse strings? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 2, 2008, 6:58 pm CST


Quote From: almostcrazy

I'm so glad that Jeremy is not allowed to be near Kaylee and I hope that he rots in jail for the rest of his life for what he did to her!!


Shenek makes my skin crawl!! She hasn't changed a bit, except she's even more annoying because she thinks she has changed. You know, ANYONE could get into an accident and have their face smashed up at anytime, including Shenek. She's not immune to "being ugly" as she likes to say. Her nasty attitude makes her ugly IMO.


It's so nice to see Sylvia healing and moving forward with her life after such a horrible tragedy. I wish her the best with her new baby.


It's also nice to see Pierre not being controlled by that crazy mother of his. I hope he can keep her out of his life for good.

You are so right when you said that anyone could get into an accident and have their face smashed up at anytime.....or be paralyzed, or have a stroke (happens to young people, too) or any other thing that would turn her into something she now abhors!


Karma's a bitch!  And, by the way, if you are ugly on the inside, doesn't matter what you look like on the are UGLY!! 


Right now, all she is putting out into the Universe is negativity....and that will come back to bite her in the butt!  Garbage out, garbage in!


I think, unless Shenek makes some radical changes, deep within her soul, she will be spending the rest of her life alone...which is what she deserves! After all, why should she make someone, OTHER than herself miserable? Some day she will look in the mirror and find an ugly, lonely, grey-haired old woman looking back at her....wonder what she'll do then?

December 2, 2008, 7:00 pm CST

12/02 Whatever Happened To …

Quote From: shelly_80

I must be that ONE PERSON because I can promise if you confiscated my PC you wouldn't find anything of that nature. 

December 2, 2008, 7:24 pm CST

Have no idea what your talking about

Quote From: shmigelz

Watching that clip of Krista hiding in the minivan behind a tree and talking smack about Jeremy gettting arresting makes me sick. Obviously this guy needs some serious help.  Krista is acting like a 4 yr old kid, grow up, let the police do their job and let whatever happens to Jeremy happen. Going and showing the video clip to others right after it happened, and running your mouth off, does nothing to help the situation.

Krista was not even there when Jeremy got arrested.  If you were watching the show you would have seen that her mother had to drive to Krista's work to show her Jeremy's arrest on the camera.
December 2, 2008, 7:37 pm CST


The Innocent Images National Initiative (IINI), a component of FBI's Cyber Crimes Program, is an intelligence driven, proactive, multi-agency investigative operation to combat the proliferation of child pornography/child sexual exploitation (CP/CSE) facilitated by an online computer. The IINI provides centralized coordination and analysis of case information that by its very nature is national and international in scope, requiring unprecedented coordination with state, local, and international governments and among FBI field offices and Legal Attachés.


Report Child Exploitation and Pornography:
  - Use the FBI Cyber Tip Line or call 1-800-843-5678

Today, computer telecommunications have become one of the most prevalent techniques used by pedophiles to share illegal photographic images of minors and to lure children into illicit sexual relationships. The Internet has dramatically increased the access of the preferential sex offenders to the population they seek to victimize and provides them greater access to a community of people who validate their sexual preferences. 


Hope it helps!


December 3, 2008, 7:37 am CST

Anyone know the name of Author?

On the Whatever happened to show Dr. Phil thanked a book Author first name Tony who wrote a book about job hunting.....anyone know his last name and name of book?


December 3, 2008, 7:57 am CST


I knew the first time I watch the show with Jeremy and I heard little Kaylee "they touch my pee" I believe that child. A two year old can't make up accusations   like that, she did not have the brain capacity to say such things on her own. I am so happy it seems he will be going to jail for molesting Kaylee.


However, what I would like to know if charges can be brought against that judge who after viewing the video of Kaylee, he still allowed visits with Jeremy, subjecting that child with more abuse! I remember being very angry when the mother lost her case. 


I hate child  molesters I hope Jeremey gets what he deserves.

December 3, 2008, 8:06 am CST

Book Resources

Quote From: tinkinthehouse

On the Whatever happened to show Dr. Phil thanked a book Author first name Tony who wrote a book about job hunting.....anyone know his last name and name of book?


 Tony Beshara is a corporate recruiter with Babich & Associates
 6030 E Mockingbird Lane
 Dallas, TX 75206
 (214) 823-9999



Also the other author mentioned on the show:


The Two-Income Trap
 By Elizabeth Warren
 and Amelia Warren Tyagi
 Published by Basic Books

December 3, 2008, 10:07 am CST


Quote From: shelly_80

I must be that ONE PERSON because I can promise if you confiscated my PC you wouldn't find anything of that nature. 

My P/C may have a lot of political slurs, but as far as ANYTHING that is SEXPLOITING children, this is an open invite for anyone to confiscate the computer and I know they will find nothing of such nature.  WHY is ther such defense of a man who is viewing that ILLEGAL garbage...combined with the video of his little girl, he is a real piece of work.  As for the Grandmother's actions, from the mouth of someone whose children were molested,  she was NOT acting out of the norm in any way.

Why are victims always being judged, while the perp is given such sympathy? 

Obviously there are those who do not comprehend the innocense of children, and that the violation of this is an outrage?!?!?

December 3, 2008, 10:29 am CST


I have not forgotten about precious little Kaylee since the first show. A lot of my anger/frustration has to do with Dr. Phil. Although I have a lot of respect for you, you struck out on this, from day one. To be specific, when you showed the initial on air interview with Jeremy, his wife, Kaylee's mother, and grandmother, at one point you asked Jeremy how he could explain Kaylee's torn labia, which he was totally at a loss to explain (no surprise). You then asked the mother and grandmother if they were somehow contributing to the drama. THIS alone is enough to make me beyond furious. I might not have the education that Dr. Phil has under his belt, but a three year old doesn't say the specific things Kaylee said, and cry hysterically (under these circumstances), if there is not abuse going on. In addition, this 3 yr. old. was sobbing, hysterically, saying "they" had touched her pee pee, and further, begged and pleaded with her mother and grandmother to make them stop. This little child begged not to be sent home with Jeremy, all to no avail. Kaylee's use of the word "they", as opposed to "Daddy", "touching her pee pee" , is still disturbing to me. It sure makes me believe that Jeremy wasn't alone in the sexual abuse of his daughter. I don't for one minute think that Kaylee would'nt have said "Daddy", instead of her choice of the word, "they", if he were the lone abuser. There's more to this part of the story than meets the eye. If memory serves me, there was also an incident at Kaylee's birthday party, where Jeremy was caught in a locked bathroom with Kaylee, even though this was his first visit with his daughter in two years. His "explanation" was that he was helping her go potty. Even a third grader could easily see through all of Jeremy's lies. Like the old saying goes;  "how can you tell if/when Jeremy's lying? When his lips are moving". One need only look at Jeremy's facial expression, as well as listen to Jeremy's response, to conclude he was lying. I certainly didn't need a lie detector test to confirm this, although I'm glad that that was performed. I also recall that Dr. Phil asked the mother and grandmother about whether or not they had contacted Child Protective Services, and when they said that CPS and been contacted, and that they didn't get any help, Dr. Phil expressed/feigned shock, upon hearing this. Dr. Phil said, that ill of his years experience in dealing with CPS, that this just wasn't believable to hi. Dr. Philcouldn't seem to grasp that, his dealings with CPS, just might be different than the "average Joe's" experience. Personally, I have had my very own "average Joe" experience with CPS, and my experience isn't mush different than Kaylee's mother's and grandmothers' experience with CPS. Isn't it at all entirely conceivalbe, that a practicing psychologist might, just might, get a much better response/experience than most of us "average Joe's"? This concept really doesn't require a PhD. to understand. I would guess that most of the viewing audience got this right away, although it flew right over Dr. Phil's head. Mayme many sat watching with astoundment, that Dr, Phil, couldn't seem to grasp this.
There were so many red flags waving during the initial show, that Dr. Phil's response to all of this was just unbelievable to me. I was sure hoping, that at some juncture last night, during the follow up, that Dr. Phil would acknowledge this. But, alas, that wasn't to be. That this precious little child spent another second, AFTER THE FIRST SHOW, UNSUPERVISED, in the presence of this monster, will haunt me until the day that I draw my last breath. That the grandmother, whom appeared on air last night, didn't confront Dr. Phil about this, especially after his question about Grandma and Mom "contributing to the drama". As a mother, as well as a grandmother, I can't even begin to remotely imagine how Kaylee's mother and grandmother got through the times when Kaylee was with Jeremy, knowing, in their heart of hearts, what Kaylee was being subjected to. I don't think I'd  have been able to make it through that.
Another question I have, based on the first appearance, why wasn't a warrant issued, and Jeremy's computer confiscated before now. Based on Jeremy's deceptive answers, would someone please explain to me why on earth wasn't this further investigated? Just close your eyes and imagine the terrifying abuse this little child suffered since the first show, when she visited her father. Even though she hasn't seen him since Sept. "07, there were many unsupervised visits between the airing of the first show, and Sept. "07.
Thankfully, the Child Protection Act, which was recently passed by Congress, will help to fund law enforcement's efforts to track pedophiles who traffic in internet child pornography, some of which is "real time" abuse of children. My personal thanks to Sen. Joe Biden, whom, if I'm not mistaken, sponsored this bill, as well as other Congressmen/Congresswomen, whom voted in the affirmative on this bill.
This will help better fund law enforcement, no question, but as Wendy Murphy, a former sex crimes prosecutor has said (on Fox News), these pedophiles have already molested, on average, 80 children, BEFORE they are ever caught and arrested. Enuff said.
December 3, 2008, 5:33 pm CST

Are the facts all In

I think people live for this kind of thing.  Publicly attacking people on accusations made by others.  Im not saying Jeremy is innoscent here by any means.  I was very close to this situation in the making.  There is plenty of blame to go around, and it should make a full circle when it does.  Unfortunately it probably won't in this case, and I just hope that with all of the accusations being made toward Jeremy, that the real concern at hand hasn't been ignored.  Is the child safe?  A child can be taught to say and do things that they wouldn't normally.  What isn't the norm becomes the norm when you get used to it.  I hope for Kaylee, that things are as her mom and grandma make them appear to be,  because if not, she is no better off then she was before she stopped seeing her dad and that is really sad.   
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