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Created on : Friday, November 14, 2008, 03:17:58 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
As the nation suffers through an economic meltdown, many Americans resort to drastic measures to keep their families afloat. Just how far would you go to stay in the black? Laura and her husband, Allen, say they’ve made nearly $1 million in the last six years. There’s just one problem –- they don’t have jobs! Self-proclaimed professional shoplifters, the couple says they travel across state lines to steal TVs, toys, electronics and more –- and they often take their three young children along on their heists. They videotape themselves to show Dr. Phil how they get away with nabbing big-ticket items. Do Laura and Allen just get a thrill from thievery, or are they kleptomaniacs? Can the couple quit for good before they get arrested and lose their children? Then, Tami and Chris have a beautiful house, three cars and two children. But Tami says her husband is shattering their idyllic home life with his shoplifting addiction. She says he’s been arrested four times and was recently sentenced to 90 days in state prison. Chris joins Dr. Phil via satellite from jail to tell his side of the story. Find out why he says he can’t stop stealing, but when he hears his 4-year-old daughter's emotional plea, will he change his mind? And, Tami’s mom, Marilyn, calls Chris a pathological liar and says her daughter needs to kick him to the curb. Is Chris beyond redemption? Will he be able to clean up his act? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 14, 2008, 4:32 pm CST

Doctor Phil Show.

Con Dioctor Fessions Lifting Phil Shop. Doctor Phil I have never shoplifting before and I will get to see it--

soon. See you on  Wednesday November 19th, 2008.  Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.-------------------

November 15, 2008, 11:47 am CST

NOW we're talking and I'M SHINING!!!

Dr. Phil:

     Yes, this economy SUCKS!!!

     Yes, I am SICK AND TIRED of being "house poor", just able to stay afloat!  I WILL NOT TOLERATER this type of living!!!

     When my money isn't enough I gotta make it count for two, three, sometimes four times the value of what it's worth!!!

     I've stolen bicycles (from the Big name stores, of course, NEVER individual persons!)

     I've stolen my prescription medications when my electric bill was too high and I had no choic e...

     I panhandle like a creep, netting five hundred dollars every month average.

     Yes, I'm "living wealthy in the ghetto!"  'Cause the Ghetto is still in my blood!

     There's nopthing to do in this town so I LOVE to spray paint and break windows.

     I'm maing the best of my life.  There's nothing else to do in this godforsaken city IT SUCKS!!!  And so does this living...


November 15, 2008, 11:50 am CST

Issues w/Mom?

I had heard many years ago, that people who had problems with shoplifting have issues with their moms - more specifically, issues with not enough attention from mom.  When I was a teenager, I had problems with shoplifting.  It didn't stop until I was caught.  That was enough of a deterent for me.  I felt pretty humiliated!  I am curious as to Dr. Phil's opinion about where this comes from, (the shiplifting problem), and what can be done for these people that cannot stop.
November 15, 2008, 2:12 pm CST

You gotta do what you gotta do!

I am a single father raising my son by myself and also take care of my elderly father.  I am so worried that my family and I will fall through the huge crevases that we call America!  This country is one of the richest in the world but you couldn't prove it by me.  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  If people have to shoplift for the basic things they need there is a problem.  I never thought that it would come to this but you gotta do what you gotta do!  I do not condone stealing but I can understand why people are doing it.  I would rather see them taking from a store than and individual.
November 15, 2008, 3:43 pm CST

Shoplifting son-in-law


  I will be watching your show with sincere interest, as you could be describing my son-in-law.  He just got sentenced to 120 days in jail (of which he only had to serve 41 in a COUNTY jail no less),  and 2 and a half years probation for stealing from Walmart!  he would take his wife, my step-daughter, and her three year old daughter, and their roomate to walmart and then tell the roommate to steal stuff for him while he stole stuff as well.

This is his second felony conviction in three years, and this latest stunt was pulled after only being off probation for stolen car parts for a couple of months.  It was so bad that when our granddaughter visited, she told us we could go to walmart to get money to buy things because mommy and daddy take things from walmart then give it back to get money.

we've tried talking to our daughter when he was in jail this last time but she says she loves him and is not leaving him even though she admits he's controlling.
November 15, 2008, 6:11 pm CST


This guy is an idiot!!! Does he really think he can come on national television showing us how he steals things??


He should be arrestd on your stage. I am outraged that he thinks he can just do what he wants and get away with it. . Dr. Phil...are you going to let him continue getting away with this???

November 16, 2008, 12:16 pm CST

Why is it always blamed on the mom

Quote From: suebee3196

I had heard many years ago, that people who had problems with shoplifting have issues with their moms - more specifically, issues with not enough attention from mom.  When I was a teenager, I had problems with shoplifting.  It didn't stop until I was caught.  That was enough of a deterent for me.  I felt pretty humiliated!  I am curious as to Dr. Phil's opinion about where this comes from, (the shiplifting problem), and what can be done for these people that cannot stop.
Why is it when adults have emotional problems or get into trouble with the law it is always the person's moms fault. For some reason if adults get into trouble they always say their mom treated them badly as a child. It looks like adults would start taking some of the blame since they are not children any more
November 16, 2008, 12:19 pm CST

What can he do?

Quote From: gocubbies

This guy is an idiot!!! Does he really think he can come on national television showing us how he steals things??


He should be arrestd on your stage. I am outraged that he thinks he can just do what he wants and get away with it. . Dr. Phil...are you going to let him continue getting away with this???

Dr Phil is not a police officer and can not really make this man or anyone else stop shop lifting. All he can do is give them the counceling and the help they need to stop.
November 17, 2008, 12:59 am CST

Oh shoplifting, why must they?

  Personally I don't know how anyone has the guts (I wanted to use another word here) to shoplift anything! I would be so afraid of getting caught and then humiliated that no way could I ever do that. Of course my own values and morals are the first reason as to why I don't do stuff like this. Sure, there are things out there that I would like to have, but if I can't afford it, then "Oh well", I can't have it. What could be so important that someone would have to resort to stealing? Of course if I had a baby that was starving and that was THE only way that I could put some food into it's belly then yes, I would do it. But that is THE ONLY WAY!

  Shortly after I had to quit working and had been through two back surgeries, my SSD hadn't been approved yet, and the bills were flowing in from all of the tests that I had done, the hospital bills, the treatments I tried, etc., we were a little on the financially strained side at the moment. Anyway, during all of this my husband and I had gone to Cracker Barrel to eat dinner one night and as I was walking up to the door I found a wallet on the sidewalk. I looked inside and there was $1700.00 in there. That sure would have helped us out at the time. Instead we went into the restaurant and asked for the manager after we had been seated. I told him about the wallet and said that I would be keeping it and was going to take it to the police station. I wanted the manager to know about it in case a customer came looking for it. To be honest, I didn't want to turn it over to anyone but the police or keep it myself, I was afraid the cash would go missing. Granted I'm not a very trusting person! But sure enough while we were sitting there an older black gentleman was brought to our table and asked me about the wallet. I made sure the name was correct, etc. and then gave it to him. He told us that the cash was his social security check that he had just cashed, all of his money in the world. That man was so happy to get that wallet back! He also very kindly bought our dinner for us.

  I have lost jewelry, sunglasses, etc, only to never be seen again. As a matter of fact I lost a valuable bracelet just the other night while shopping at a department store. I have never had anything returned. Has this soured me in my own honesty? NO! If something does not belong to me it's not mine to keep, or take. I just couldn't live with myself any other way.

  On top of the obvious with the people who steal for a living, and seem to be proud of it, shoplifting raises the cost of items that the rest of us honest shoppers purchase. We are basically buying belongings for others. That makes me sick! My husband works very, very, hard to earn his paycheck and it isn't right that other people just take what they want and are too lazy to get a job and buy things the honest way.


A side-note: When I was about 12 years old I was at the grocery store with my mother and we saw this woman walking back through the store with a huge lump under her coat. She looked oddly pregnant. Sure enough management caught up to her and found a turkey that she had tried to steal. It was the funniest and oddest sight I had ever seen. I'll never forget this story!

November 17, 2008, 9:44 am CST


Well I would agree that these people have serious issue's that go much deeper then stealing! I'm very upset with these people who do these type of things because our nation is in a crisis not to mention we are all trying to keep our home's ,JOBS, ect and there are to many people who steal and we all suffer for that! Everytime someone has the bright Idea to go out and steal from whom ever we all have to pay for everything they stole and thats not right and I dont know how they can sleep at night!


Not to mention they take there kids with them! WHAT are they out of their mind's.In my opion they are out right pathetic and If I'm correct to be so proud to tape themself on their stealing trail. You know I cant stand the excuses from people like this.I hope you stay in jail or when you get out you have to work 3 job's and give up every single dollar you earn back to all the places you stole from. I hope your 2 innocent kid's dont do this when they get older.


DID YOU BOTH EVER HEAR OF JOB'S ! No matter how many you have to work! You dont have a right to steal from my family and myself or anybody else.I dont know if their's a cure for this problem but if you get help and overcome what you have done to all I hope you have the same gut's to make a public appology to everyone! Also what upsets me is you'll be lucky that DR.PHIL will give you the time of day and help you and you'll go back to stealing again because of how bad you say you cant stop.I wish he wasnt going to waste his time on someone like you because I have a serious illness and would love DR.PHIL to help me and my family!


For the mother in law you cant just blame this guy your daughter is just as bad and she's supposed to protect her kids not take them on their selfish theft party! So your daughter is doing the dirty deed to.

 Dont even tell me your going on the show to stick up for your daughter! Are you kidding me! Do you realize their kids can be put in foster care.They have taught their kids to steal from everyone.Trust me if you think for one second they dont get it they do.I hope their will be hope for the kids and I know that Dr.Phil will make sure their ok.



Why do you have to steal and whats really funny all the stuff you stold you have nothing to show for it all so arnt you proud of yourself? Your home and all your other keep up with the jone's will probley be taken away and your kids are paying a very high price because what neither of you can get off your lazy butt's to get job's like most of us.


Some of us have 2 and 3 jobs to survive what make's the both of you special where you dont have to work. Look at our news every single day  you hear all these sad story's of people who do work and are losing everything. I blame you and your other partner in crime! I don't feel one bit sorry for you at all! I hope you do get out and you will have to pay every single penny that you stole. For all of the theif's who are so proud to admit to this should hang your head's in shame! Your making it so hard for all of us for your selfish need's.No wonder no one trusts anyone anymore!



Look I'm really sick for the last years8 clinging on to survive with thousands of dollars in medical bills and Im headed for a really serious procedure in the summertime its ketimine infusion and It cost's 50,000 dollar's and I have to go to germany to be put in a medicaly induced coma and I have no Idea where we are getting this kind of money.I have full-body RSD Which is one of the worst disease's to have and my husband work's 2 job's because of the car accident I was in 8 year's ago with a speeder on his cell phone and he had that phone but had no insurence and his license was nill so we have insurence but none will pay for this and this very well can save my life.


I burn from head to toe and alot of other sensations that are so unbearable you couldnt even imagine for 8 years now I have waited for something and I have been so sick but I wouldnt steal or do anything that would put my family's life in jepordy. WOULD YOU PAY FOR SOME OF THE MONEY WE NEED FOR THIS OH NO YOU CANT YOUR IN JAIL!


People like you enrage me ! Then you get to DR.PHIL who is willing to help in some way and why you dont deserve it at all.If your claiming its a problem why did it take till you went to jail to get help.You stole enough to get help,I dislike you for what you have done and your really lucky you have DR.PHIL! He is a very unique man and has a heart for everyone and help's anyone to change or to better themself and their life. I hope what ever he does for you that you wont let him and his staff down ! Dr. PHIL is not their for you to waste his time with you and your wife so I hope you step up and be a man!


Pay back all you stole somehow because what you have done is effecting all of us and our family's who work so hard  they cant see straight half the time!


DONT WASTE DR.PHIL OR HIS STAFF'S TIME AND IF YOU DO I HOPE HE DROP'S YOU LIKE A BAD HABIT!THANK'S FOR MAKING IT HARDER FOR ALL OF US WHERE NOT STRUGGLING ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!Be a man for once and stop making excuses and do what you have to and should have from the get go if your that lucky! I know when I see the show you will make me very mad with your excuses and walk away with help it kinda makes me sick!


To bad you wont know how many people are yelling at their tv screans that day of the show! Shame on you man!!!!!!!!!


 Im sorry DR.PHIL AND STAFF I HAD TO SPEAK MY PEICE. Good Luck with these people! Thankyou for all the great show's I have learned alot and I havent missed 1 episode since he started from the get go! 


I have so much respect for DR.PHIL I hope to meet all of you someday! That is no#1 if I get better from this horrible and most painfull Disease that I have been fighting for 8 years.


I have read all his books all but the weight loss but I may soon because I cant exersize anymore and it take's a toll on your body after a while.LOL!




                        Sincerly,                      [ HOPE FOR ALL!]

                   Mrs.Kimberly Kenberg



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