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Topic : 04/09 “My Child Can’t Stop Eating”

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Created on : Friday, November 14, 2008, 03:17:09 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 11/18/08) Dieters know how hard it is to shed five or 10 pounds. What do you do when you need to lose 100 pounds … and you’re just 10 years old? Dr. Phil talks to parents who say they can’t get their child to stop eating, and they fear this food addiction could turn deadly. Luz’s daughter, Kayla, is just 5 years old, but she already tips the scales at 113 pounds. Luz says her child throws temper tantrums when she doesn’t eat, and she once screamed so loudly for junk food, her neighbors called the police! Does Kayla have an eating disorder, or is Luz enabling her? Dr. Jim Sears, co-host of the hit show The Doctors, gives this mom a wake-up call. Then, Stephanie says her 3-year-old daughter, SaJatta, is addicted to sausage and grits. The toddler weighs 88 pounds and gets winded just walking up the stairs in her house. SaJatta’s grandmother, Mary, says the little girl is spoiled, and she doesn’t know how to say no to her. What do the results from SaJatta's blood work reveal? Can the family conquer her obesity? Plus, Mary says her daughter, Brittany, was an active child until she broke her ankle five years ago. Now at age 10, Brittany weighs 190 pounds, and her folks say she’s turned into a couch potato. How can Mary and her husband, Roger, motivate the child to lose weight? Fitness trainer Robert Reames has a surprise for the family! Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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April 14, 2009, 9:03 pm CDT

04/09 “My Child Can’t Stop Eating”

Quote From: cadescove99

It's especially shabby of fat parents who make snide remarks about their children's  weight when they're the ones  bringing all that junky food home. And, shoveling it down their own throats. How can they set such a lousy  example and criticize their children for being fat?

I couldn't agree with you more .  Brittney's parents are doing just that!  To make a statement such as, "well, obviously you want to be a big as a house"  as Brittney's mom did, she has to know that is damaging Brittney's self-esteem.  I hear parents making these comments and think, "you're not exactly in the single-digit sizes either!"  Parents, whether good or bad, lead by example.  It's inevidible, your child will follow in your foot steps whether you like it or not, so we need to set good ones.


Obesity is a growing epidemic, especially in the USA.  If you notice we have a Wendy's, Jack-n-the-box, McDonald's, Sonic, Chic-fiil-A,Taco bell, KFC, Pizza Hut. on every corner.  Rarely does anyone prepare a home-cooked meal anymore.  We're always eating on the run.

May 13, 2009, 7:41 am CDT

04/09 “My Child Can’t Stop Eating”

Quote From: ljones08

I do think no matter the decade we've had bad parenting and good. It's not about a time line. I've heard plenty of old time stories about fathers laying a good beating on their kids, or children hearing/ seeing what they shouldent. Fat kids, and kids with alcoholic parents, even parents who couldent afford to feed/ cloth their children. All problems are not time baised. They are prople based. And it would be said to put a licence on children, we don't have a population crisis yet so we dont need to be so weird. It would be sad for a great family like mine to be denied the right to have children because our incom is so low. Im sure there would be alot of children born without a licence.

I just hate when I hear things like compared to a decade ago. It's sad to hear such ignorance. People have always been really nice, driven, respectful, or slezey, untrust worthy, ignorant, ect. We've just got so many people in the world we cant help but have a few that are different.

These parents of obese children care to much. It is child neglect to have your baby a certain amount over weight (my opinion) but these parents just cant seem to hear their babies cry. They are honestly (selfihly too) but they are honestly just trying to love and not deprive their children. Its neglec with good intentions even though it sabotoges their lives.

But please no more anyone saying a decade ago... Because even B.C if you believe in that time has child neglectors and untrust worthy people. Humans can be the most productive superior race but we are also the most low sometimes.

I think I am so insulted becuase your dissing my generation, the one thats going to be changing the world from the damage it has faced. We really cant be criticized, just try your best to teach us how to carry on and lead the world to sucess. You can take a higher ground and try to have faith in us.

It is about a time line...parents used to actually parent children. Children usually behaved in public and were pleasant to be around.
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