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Created on : Thursday, November 06, 2008, 09:31:50 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
More than a year has passed since Drew Peterson's fourth wife, Stacy, mysteriously vanished. Although the former police sergeant maintains that he had nothing to do with her disappearance, many suspect foul play. The Dr. Phil show covered the story when it first broke, and a year later, it’s still making headlines. Now, Dr. Phil asks the hard questions that are on the minds of millions: How did a young mother with no resources vanish without a trace? Why would Stacy leave her four children behind? Next, Drew takes Dr. Phil cameras on a tour of the home he once shared with Stacy. Find out why he says he still holds on to her belongings. Then, the death of Drew’s third wife, Kathleen Savio, was initially considered an accidental drowning but has now been ruled a homicide. Drew took a polygraph exam in connection with both cases, and the results may shock you. And, author Derek Armstrong recently interviewed Drew Peterson for more than 200 hours for his new book, Drew Peterson Exposed. The author doesn’t mince words about his subject. Plus, Drew says the media has portrayed him as a monster, but his kids, Thomas and Kris, view him as a family man. Is Drew Peterson guilty of murder, or is he simply the product of bad publicity? Tell us what you think!

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 9, 2008, 8:31 am CST

Drew Peterson

Quote From: makarena

What  IF she shows up 15 years after he has been locked up?
well....hopefully her body will 'show up' sooner than 15 years from now, because unfortunately that is the ONLY way in which she will be coming home. She isn't alive. no ifs ands or buts about it.
November 9, 2008, 8:40 am CST

Drew Peterson

Quote From: cvt6702

  Stacy Peterson is dead and in the spirit world and I know this because she has appeared to me several times and told me this.


  Drew killed her and put her in the large blue barrell that everyone has heard so much about and tossed her into a swift waterway leading to a larger water way.


  I knew this from early on and long before I ever heard or read about the enfamous blue barrell in the news or on the internet.


  He killed her because she was going to leave her and he didn't want to divey up the money and property and so she went much like the second wife that left him with all of the money.


  Drew Peterson is a serial killer and may get away with this one just as he has in the past and its my impression from what I get from the guides in the spirit world who give me this information  there may be more dead women in Drew Petersons past than these two.




I recently posted a message that said the reason Drew Peterson shows that he is being truthful on polygraph tests for the question if he knows where Stacy is, is simply b/c he threw the barrel that contained her body in a moving body of water. Interesting, isn't it that two of us have now said that? I just read what you said about your visions. I don't get visions. But I do get 'feelings'. I can sense things. It is something I have started tuning into more over the past 10 years or so. And this is the feeling that I get.. I sincerely hope that he doesn't get the chance to hurt another woman.
November 9, 2008, 10:30 am CST

I'm sorry but..................

Quote From: cvt6702

  What a bunch of hooey, you could actually be Drew Peterson writing all this crap trying to make him look better.


  The man is guilty and I know that because a Dead Stacy came back to me in spirit from the spirit world and told me this, and that man should have been sent off to the death chamber already.

  Stacy is not happy with him and his getting away with and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if she and some of her friends in spirit don't come back and possess his body and make him miserable by coming into his dreams and haunting him day and night. this is exactly why there are so many exoprcists on Call because spirits can come back and seek justice if they so desire.



The fact that you mentioned Stacy has come to you in the "spirit" world gives you about as much credibility as Mr. Peterson's friend does. Probably not the best way to get your point across.
November 9, 2008, 10:50 am CST

Capable of crimes?

Quote From: julesbabies

Dr Phil,  I realize Im surely one of the very few in America that would believe in Drews innocence.  You see Ive known Drew since he was a very young man and although his arrogance and sense of humor come off as psychotic and narcissistic, I cannot belive he is capable of such crimes.  I cannot answer the obvious, such as why hasnt Stacy or her "missing" companion surfaced, or why would she leave her children.  But I also cannot answer why would a middle aged man choose to raise 4 small children on his own without a young beautiful wife?  Drew has always been kind of nerdy but funny and has anyone given him credit for helping to raise his two grown sons responsibly, or providing for his present family or even being an honored police officer all of these years?  I realize there are stories in everyones lives that can make a person appear on the outside to be a horrible person but look at the overall picture and know Drew and his first wife as I have and it is not feasible that he has done this.

  Haven't you ever heard about when when someone learns their next door neighbor is a serial killer and they had always thought he was the nicest person you could ever meet? I realize this is a friend of yours but to be honest, you couldn't possibly know positively that he was not capable of murder. How many men and women have we seen on the news, followed their trials, watched documentaries about, and read true crime stories about the fact that they have killed their spouse? Many of these headliners were upstanding pillars in the community. And yes, even cops kill their wives.

  I happened to know a woman very well, she was my brothers ex girlfriend, who was murdered by her husband. This man was a member of the city council, has his own Engineering firm, and is highly respected in the community. But the deal with him is that most people do not know the whole story behind the murder of his wife. I do, but I cannot disclose how I learned of it. He pulled off the perfect murder and got away with it. Of course the fact that it took the detectives so long to look for any traces of her body didn't help to prove the case. He also is now raising their little girl which is breaking my heart.

  So keep in mind, we may think we know someone, and we of course want to believe that our friends would never be capable of such atrocities, but the truth is that one can really never know the mind of another. Case in point: Laci Peterson was married to the "perfect" man who she believed loved her. I would bet anything that up until the moment that he actually killed her she would have never thought that he was capable of doing anything that despicable, especially to her. How many spouses have been murdered by the person who they trusted the most?

November 9, 2008, 10:57 pm CST


Quote From: manofgoods

Honestly, I don't know what to believe in this case. If he did do these murders, then he needs to man up, admit to what he had done, & take responsibility for his actions. Plus that means by going to prison for the rest of his life.


I would just like to say that I FULLY AGREE WITH "manofgoods."  These cases HAVE to come to a head.  However, with that "smug" smile & "giddy humor (?)", we may never know for sure.  I am beginning to think that he's not a man, but a smug mouse who isn't going to confess to anything!  That's a real shame.


Thank you for saying what you did!

November 9, 2008, 11:30 pm CST

11/10 Drew Peterson

Quote From: jewelsf

The fact that you mentioned Stacy has come to you in the "spirit" world gives you about as much credibility as Mr. Peterson's friend does. Probably not the best way to get your point across.

  I will assume you say that because you do not believe the Spirits of the Dead can speak back to us here on earth.


  They can not only speak to us from beyond the veil of death, they can appear to us anytime they want to in our homes or anywhere they choose and come into our dreams and give us pleasant dreams and or nightmares.


  When the person dies, their spirit leaves their body and takes with it all its intelligence and memories both good and bad and if they choose to come back and seek vengance there are many ways they can do that including getting into the thoughts and having the human do many things both good and bad and if they wish to go further they can climb into the body and become possessing spirits seeking vengance and if that happens then a Priest is called into to try to reason with the spirit and remove it.


  Having said that I don't think Stacy is the kind of person who would choose to sit in the smelly body of Drew among the entrals and other unpleasantries but there are some spirits of the dead who are not as fastidious and when that happens the Human they choose to haunt and or poss can have quite a time trying to find a solution.



November 10, 2008, 6:57 am CST

X's 3

Quote From: rlwhitedov

What in the world is it with the name Peterson?  Didn't we do this not to long ago with another Peterson?  Doesn't the story seem familar?  I don't know about other ladies out there but I think I would run from someone with the last name Peterson.


Dr. Roberta Lee Ph"D

 This is the third "Peterson" wife killer.  Didn't Stacy name her daughter Lacy?  I'm not so sure I would have done that.
November 10, 2008, 7:03 am CST

3rd and 4th wife

Quote From: elliegerva

I have watch with interest most everything that hit the media on this so called disappearance of Drews 3rd wife and can not understand after all the circumstantial evidence, all the failed or suspicious polygraphs, all Drew's unusual behavior for someone who lost a loved one and now with follow up investigation we learn his 2nd wife died under less than natural causes or  by accident why the police in Bolingbrook, Illinois do not have a case against him.   We have learned recently that you do not need the body to arrest someone if there is enough circumstantial evidence. So how much is enough?

I am so happy you are bringing Stacy's disappearance to light again.  Her loss of life should not go unpunished. Somehow we have to find the murderer or resolution to her disappearance as well as who killed wife #2.  Lightening does not generally hit the same spot twice.

 I believe Stacy was his 4th wife and Kathleen was his 3rd.
November 10, 2008, 7:13 am CST

He looks guilty!!!

Quote From: katy_brown

Come on!!! where is the sand your head has been in for the last few years.  He is as guilty as O.J. is and you being an acquaintance does not make him any less guilty.  Some people just don't have a heart and can cover things up without  feeling or showing guilt at all.  GET REAL!!!
I agree  totally, but don't feel this applies to Drew.  He looks and acts guilty!! 

If he doesn"t know anything, what is he going to write a book about?   I know (aha moment), maybe he can title it "If I did it too / 2"
November 10, 2008, 7:28 am CST

SICK,this Makes Me Sick!!!

  I Don't Believe Him or Buy his "Stories",just Listing to Drew say that his 17 yo wife & the Kissing in Store & that he wanted to "Bash Her Head,or in her Head" for her Cute Lil way's is a Sign to Me he's Abusive & Has "Issues".I lived & Married a Sicko much like this Guy,my hubby also liked to make "Me" look bad to "Anyone" who would listen to his LIES & I was so broken down,abused,that I not only didn't say anything to clear my name seeing I often believed it was Me & I often feared abuse for speaking up as well.My husband was So Sick that he believed his own Lies & would tell thee most crazy stories that if you didn't know the "Real Him" you might think he was telling the truth,and I too would leave signs when & if I could that if anything ever happened to me,to look at my husband. This guy was a Cop for many years & knows the "Game/Routine" & in's & out's & ppl who could help him get rid of body,bodies & it seems much like Dr's often get off in wrong doings,I guess even cops can too,how could Any so called Loving Husband speak so calloused about someone they "claim to have Loved" one min & speak down the next bye saying they just left Me,I Doubt this guy will ever tell the "Truth" for he knows what the guy's in Prison would do to him & I'd bet he just loves himself way to much for that to happen & I also think that when Drew answers & it is the truth he will say so,when he's lying he prob ally will say he's not sure,ect,that way in his own mind he's not lying but I'm Not Buying this gut for one min. & Drew knows what he did & has to live every day with that...
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