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Created on : Friday, October 31, 2008, 04:16:39 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil continues his intense three-day retreat with 14 people who say they’re ready to change their lives. Struggling with issues such as addiction, anger, abuse and grief, guests confront their personal demons once and for all. After getting kicked out of the studio during Part 1, will everyone agree to stop wasting time? Part 2 introduces the remaining participants. Kaylee admits she abused her three children throughout their entire childhood. Now that they are grown and estranged from her, she says she’s ready to deal with her anger. Dr. Phil confronts Kaylee about the shocking truth of how she treated her kids. Then, throughout her childhood, Melissa’s father would share nightmare-inducing stories about how he would hypothetically kill someone and get away with it. She later learned that her father was not who she thought he was. Kelly says she blames herself for not being there for her father before he committed suicide. Jessica R. and Diona share their problems with weight and self-image, and Carina is trying to rein in her anger and hatred toward men. Jessica F. says she’s the most controlling person in the world. Nicole is so obsessed with perfection, she says she’s never had an intimate relationship, and Don is trying to come to terms with his drug-filled past. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 17, 2008, 11:23 pm CST

Protect yourself

Quote From: corpsmen

 I completely disagree the fact that DR. PHIL is encouraging these strangers to trust each other.  It takes years to develop trust.  So DO NOT trust someone or accept them because they have a sob story.................for all you know they are making it up to get close to you and they  can hurt you and your family!

 Dr. Phil can check background's, so maybe  on TV you can trust freely and know their story is true but  DO NOT do it  in real life.  You can have empathy for another person but ask yourself , WHY are they telling  me this,  how long have you know this person and what does this person want by tell me this information. 

 Let the wrong person in and the Narcissistic Borderline personality disorder will  try  to destroy your life!!!!!!!  Everyone has a story beware of whose is true. Sometime people will tell you things to win you over and  to get you to trust them . 


This is what you would learn from my story.  I hope and pray that Dr Phil will do a show on warning signs of sociopaths and BPD.

Please be careful who you trust and  ALWAYS ask yourself ........How well do I really know a person.


It is good to share but who is reading your story........there are predators at all ages and they like to come in pretty packages.


You are asbolutely right. I am living your story, I made the mistake and trusted the wrong person, and am know being stalked by an obsessed and evil person who's only goal in life is to harm me. I discovered too late that this person who I thought was so kind, and interested in my life, had a narcissitic personality disorder. You must question motives, and be very very careful. I used to be naive, and trusting, and I paid a heavy price.
November 25, 2008, 6:52 am CST

Praise God for precious people like you!

Quote From: genesis1

I also have a very hard time understanding God's love for me. It;s easy for me to understand if for others, because I know Him, I know about His agape love. But like you, I occasionally have lies of satan in my head that play over and over that I have to rebuke and take my thoughts captive. Sometimes i am not strong enough to do this. Thankfully, our Protector is.
Go outside for your church to look for godly counsel. It exists, you just have to find it.
Also--I am going to be upfront--but reread your prayer. Can you read that you are not asking God for HIS WILL to be done--but for yours. *sigh* I understand it. We all want the pain to just go away. We all just want ot stop hurting. But it is through pain that we learn and grow, and are drawn to God. He will not always take our pain away-but He will teach us how ot live through it. It's wouldn't be a miracle for you to wake up one day with a purpose--you already have this. And help won't come ot you--you have to go to it. ALso--I have been in a "love" trial for several years. I grew up with a very distorted view of love. So when I first accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I had a lot to learn about love--especially agape love--an incomprehensible concept to me. As I started to pray for a deeper understanding of God's love for me--things got even harder. Because it is through trial and error, and persevering that we learn.
Also--you need a safe circle to talk in. If finding a circle of godly women to talk with is difficult in your church, then start with an online group. Type in Christian Women, and search the links for a discussion board. I happen to know there is one that exists. Don't look for a place that has bickering and division, but a place that encourages and counsels--not with "opinions' but with the word of God.
Hang in there. Keep your eyes focused on Christ, who saves.

Thank you for your wisdom and for taking the time to write to me. 


My prayer has changed to "Your Will Be Done"! 


I will search for an online group and a support group.


God Bless You Sister,



December 1, 2008, 10:06 am CST

Dr. Phil

I am like Kathleen.  I think about hurting myself just about everyday.  I don't want to hurt myself because my psychiatrist will send me away and I don't want that.  I have had enough of my life sometimes.  I have been hurt to much in my life and I want the hurt and the pain to go away most of the time.  I have overdosed on medications many times and I keep thinking that I want to overdose on some of my meds, but I can't so I think about hurting myself and sometimes I think about what would happen at my funeral.  I am just tired of hurting all the time.
December 3, 2008, 11:44 am CST

11/06 Dr. Phil's Get Real Retreat, Part 2


The night after Thanksgiving, I was some 75 miles away from home, driving the freeway about midnight, when my car’s lights began to dim and the engine began to lose power. I managed to ‘putt-putt’ down the exit, but it was slow going! Hoping to at least get to a gas station right around the corner, the car literally crawled around the corner. Someone behind me was BLARING their horn at me, non-stop. Then they raced around me, yelling out their window: “GET A JOB!!!”

…. The shame….

I’m in real bad trouble right now. I talked with a financial counselor over the phone last night and some comments that she made became ‘emotional issues’ for me… one in particular was when she asked how much money I set aside/spend on clothing… “nothing” was my reply. “how can that be?” she asked, “Surely you buy socks once in a while, or undies…?” “no… I never can, and rarely have” I replied. “those kinds of things are what I ask for at Christmases or my birthday”… somehow, all these years, I’ve ‘gotten through’. Long after this conversation was over, I found myself in emotional distress…. Lots and lots of crying.

It’s a ‘worthless’ thing. I feel so worthless. My feelings of worthlessness get nourished more than anything else I can think of in my daily life. Of course no one understands me… how could they?

How could they? I look able-bodied and capable.

I look to my childhood for answers to these feelings of worthlessness.


… one really nice Sunday morning, for some reason, my sister and I decided to go for a walk while everyone else was still sleeping. By the time we decided to return home, as we approached the block we lived on, we could see the man who fathered us up ahead, standing with his feet spread apart, a belt in his hand, hands on his hips, waiting for us. I think most adults would not be able to do what my sister and I did next… what we had to do: walk into a rage…

I could feel fear fill my whole body… I felt like I would ‘poop’ my pants as we approached… Rage greeted us… the belt whipped angrily across our bodies, our skinny little bodies, over and over and over again, biting, stinging into our flesh. I don’t know if our screams were audible but mine were piercing to me!


 Nobody came to help us... Surely the spectacle did not go unseen.

December 7, 2008, 6:26 am CST

to:kaylee on get real retreat

you represent one of my past issues that i was been dealing with on and off for 20 years now. i also abused and terriozed my 3 children for many years. they are all grown up and each one of them carry huge and life changing scars from my abuse. which is only to be expected. i have dealt with my reasons or excuses for that abuse for years now.


i am also very lucky because they haven't slammed the door on me but that maybe only because i am always involved in their lives through their kids. my abuse have stopped but now they have the courage the express their rage. when i hear their hate for me i would like to say i do understand. but i am helpless to help them because they are grownups now. by oldest who also suffered the worst and the most years becomes emotional unstable in her rages and everything from her prospective it is my fault. in the past 5 years she has been dealing with cancer. last month her doctor made an incorrect dianoges and told her she now has lung cancer and only a little time left. that has since been changed to heart problems with her limp glands. i am so afraid she will end up dieing and never knowing a truely happy day in her life time. my youngest is consumed wih drugsand has attempted sudicid while my oldest son just works and doesnt acknowedge his past. I cant change or take away the damage i have done. i have just recently told my daughter if it would help her then charge me with the police i would go to jail without any problem. not because this is what i would want but because i really want her to find some happiness and i would be just fine serving time for a crime i know i did commit. i have apolized many times and i have changed my life around through healing. i have looked into my own past and gained so much happiness and contentment in my own life. when my kids turn to me with their rage it breaks my heart that i cant give them what i have been given.


my very first step into my healing was because of the first dr. phils retreat 8 years ago. i really hope he covers the topic with you on how to help your own children find happiness they really do deserve it just like mine do. i dont want to bury any of my children knowing they have never had a drug or alochol free and a happy day. I wish you the very best and please do face those challanges with Dr. Phil with your whole mind body and spirit and dont give up on yourself you are worth it no matter what. it is only a start to waking up every morning and looking forward to a happy day.

March 23, 2009, 9:48 pm CDT

i know what they are going through

Dear Dr. Phil,

      My name is Kathleen and i watched this episode today. i live in Queensland, Australia. When i heard some of the stories on the show today i cried! I am only 20 years of age and in my opinion i was given a pretty raw deal. My Grandfather died on my birthday when i was just 12 years of age, i have blamed myself for that for the past nearly 9 years. Every year since then i have lost atleast one person per year, either to suicide or some other tradgedy. My best friend and confidant, who drowned whilst celebrating his end of school and exams, was my boyfriend aswell, i wish that i could have tried harder to stop him from going. a close family friend, Pete, that i have known my entire life lost his dad last year which was one of the hardest to deal with as i knew all his family and friends, Pete was also the person that had introduced me to my boyfriend, that drowned. I was raped 2 years ago and as a result i had an abortion, which haunts me every day because i used to get so angry at people that had this procedure done, as every one deserves a life, and a chance to live and be happy. But most recently i lost a really close mate in the Victorian Bushfires, because of idiots that thought it would be funny to light another fire. 

I feel guilty for a lot of things and rather then going and hurting other people or property, i used to cut myself, it provided me with relief, got rid of my anger but that only lasted for a short time. Now im just left with ugly scars, and still the pain and anger that i started with. i've seen proffesionals but i always get refered to another one and then another one. I got sick of having to explain everything time and time again. but now im just lost and hurt. i dont really have anyone that i can talk as all my family is still in Victoria. How do i get past all of this emotion inside of me, and get on with my life???



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