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Created on : Thursday, October 30, 2008, 03:18:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You see photos of missing kids on billboards, flyers, at the post office and even in grocery stores. Child abductions are a reality, and friends, neighbors or even relatives could kidnap your youngster! In 2002, 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck vanished without a trace. His parents, Craig and Pam, lived their worst nightmare, until four-and-a-half years later when Shawn was found alive at the home of a child predator. Hear their emotional story and Shawn's courageous tale of how he survived captivity. Next, Jessyca was 13 when she was abducted, held captive and raped by a neighbor. After three months, she was returned home, but her mother, Monica, says she wasn't the same little girl. It's been 13 years since Jessyca's abduction, but the wounds haven't healed. Hear about the pain she still lives with every day. How can she pick up the pieces of her life? Then, in the new film, Gardens of the Night, Tom Arnold plays a pedophile who targets and manipulates an 8-year-old girl to abduct her. Hear why he and the filmmaker, Damian Harris, were compelled to make this movie. And find out the five things all parents need to know to keep their child safe. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 18, 2008, 11:02 am CST

No, it's not fair

Quote From: judnroger07

Dr. Phil,

  You know what's not  fair I am in SC and I just went threw the fact that my ex took my child. I have full custody of my child  when the child went to my ex's for a visit  I got a call from the school and found out that he had enrolled  the chld in school there. To my  shock when I called the police I was told that I can go down can get the child with the police with me but that because he is the father it isnt kiddnapping. All it is is violating a court order which mean  I have to pay to take him back to court for anything to happen. To me  there is no differant from him or someone else that takes my child. If a stranger takes my child then they are charged with kidnapping. They didnt have custody of my child child or permission to take them. And either did the dad. So to me that law needs to be changed. And If I knew how I would  talk to someone about how to change it.  So to me it isn't fair which I know life isnt fair.  

My daughter got pissed off at my husband (her step dad) because we have rules and regulations that she didn't want to abide by.  She is 16 years old and she has the typical 16 year old girl attitude.  She talks to people with complete disrespect and we have been battling the pot smoking issue since she was 13.  So, she got pissed off at my husband because he told her that he wasn't going to put up with her mouth and she needed apologize to me for the tone in which she was speaking to me and she refused.  So, she went upstairs to her room and packed all of her clothes and called her dad to come get her.  Mind you, this is a man who for the past 10 years has never been there for his kids and would go 5 or 6 months without seeing them and would go 1 or 2 months at a time without calling them.  So, she told him that she was unhappy and wanted to come live with him.  There was no discussion with me what so ever.  Then my ex-mother-in-law called me and asked if she could come get my daughter and try to talk some since into her so I agreed to let her come get her.  I THOUGHT that she and I were still close but apparently not because she knew the whole time that my ex-husband was on his way down her to get her.  My daughter just didn't want to wait here for her dad because he lives 2 hours away.  When my ex-mother-in-law got here to pick her up my daughter had all of her stuff with her and when I called her dad and told him what the real deal was his response was, "Well, she's my dauther and I have to do what she wants."  I tried explaining to him that all he is doing is teaching her to run from her problems and that if this is what he teaches her then he is doing her an injustice in life.  He just said, "Oh well".  Because of the pot smoking and the trouble she had been in at school we had taken her out of public school and put her in home school which my husband and I were paying for not her dad.  I had sole custody of my kids and he came and picked her up, she completed what she was doing in home school and was able to obtain a new social security card for her and he went and got her birth certificate and enrolled her in school where he lives.  I was told that I could take him back to court and prove him an unfit parent (because he is an alcoholic and there are physical confrontations wtih his current wife almost daily) but that is about a 10 to 20 thousand dollar fight and I don't have that kind of money.  Plus, if she came back here she would just rebell more and be in more trouble.  But, I agree it's unfair and rediculous that a parent can just come take a child and then the one who has raised them can't do the same because then it's considered kidnapping.  What a wonderful judicial system we have!!!!!!!!!!!
December 2, 2008, 10:46 am CST


I think this is so sad. I don't know what i would do without my child. i pray to god that they get there children back. I hope the us government also does something for the father whose child is Brazil. Lord help them all.
January 19, 2009, 2:30 am CST

11/03 Child Abductions

Quote From: lexibrooke

I just watched the show. My heart aches for Jessyca. She is an amazing woman and has gone through more in her short life than most people in their lifetimes.

She is so beautiful and deserves to life a happy life. I hope Dr.Phil can provide her the tools she need to heal and live the life she so richly deserves.

In case she happens to read these boards,


You are beautiful, not ugly

You are smart, not stupid

You are skinny, not fat

You are a good person, not bad

You are the hero everyone says you are

Do not listen to those who said you should have run. It is so easy to tell others what they should have done but they were not there. They don't know.

Please get the help you deserve.

My favorite part of the whole show was seeing you smile. You have such a beautiful smile, but your eyes have so much pain in them.

You captured my heart and I look forward to following your progress....

I also have daughter in such shape and I need help to get the same kind of treatment that Jessyca will get and I also need legal help to fight the predator who I know but against whom my child wil not testify.

April 29, 2009, 8:37 pm CDT

Calling from New Zealand

Hi to everyone. I dont have children so can only imagine the trauma & despair caused by such an event as a child abduction. The Dr Phil show is months behind here in NZ so this episode was only aired today.

I'm a 40yo male &  have to say Jessyca's story had me in tears.

She looked so sad & empty as if the life had been drained from her... I feel so sorry & saddened how such a beautiful young woman can still believe what that low-life piece of trash told her. When she smiled I smiled & felt joy... joy & hope that there is still a bright, bubbly young lady within.

I also felt anger & rage toward that pathetic excuse of a man who inflicted these 'wounds' upon her as a child; I hope he gets what is coming to him!


We have very few child abductions here in NZ which is a great thing; most are to do with legal custody during a messy marraige breakup & 99.9% of the time a parent is involved.


So I end this with some words for Jessyca if she reads this:

Jessyca, it truely saddens me for what you have been through & I hope Dr Phil is helping you realise what a beautiful young lady you are. You have the rest of your life ahead of you & the love & support of a loving mother, friends, family & ALL of us out here in TV land. You have a radiant smile which needs to be put to use more. I was in tears up until you smiled & I too smiled with the hope that the true Jessyca still lies within. God bless you.





May 27, 2009, 8:52 am CDT


I just watched the show here in Holland, and I have to say that Jessyca is a nice girl. You don't often see people so wrecked up, not even on TV. It is heartbreaking to see that she doesn't see this herself. It must have been horrible with that man since she's still affected by what happened to her thirteen years later.


I'm 19 years old, but I just would like her to know that I think she's cute! I don't know whether she'll ever see this message, but if she does i hope it will cheer her up. Jessyca didn't deserve what happened. I mean: just look at her!


And this is not just something i'm saying, because i have been busy for half an hour to find the right show in this drphil site, and have signed up for the site just to tell she's cute. And she's much more worth than she can comprehend. It's just true!


I hope you'll have a good life from now on no matter what.


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