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Created on : Thursday, October 30, 2008, 03:18:50 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You see photos of missing kids on billboards, flyers, at the post office and even in grocery stores. Child abductions are a reality, and friends, neighbors or even relatives could kidnap your youngster! In 2002, 11-year-old Shawn Hornbeck vanished without a trace. His parents, Craig and Pam, lived their worst nightmare, until four-and-a-half years later when Shawn was found alive at the home of a child predator. Hear their emotional story and Shawn's courageous tale of how he survived captivity. Next, Jessyca was 13 when she was abducted, held captive and raped by a neighbor. After three months, she was returned home, but her mother, Monica, says she wasn't the same little girl. It's been 13 years since Jessyca's abduction, but the wounds haven't healed. Hear about the pain she still lives with every day. How can she pick up the pieces of her life? Then, in the new film, Gardens of the Night, Tom Arnold plays a pedophile who targets and manipulates an 8-year-old girl to abduct her. Hear why he and the filmmaker, Damian Harris, were compelled to make this movie. And find out the five things all parents need to know to keep their child safe. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 4, 2008, 10:13 am CST

Bravo Dr. Phil

I was so glad to hear that Sean Hornbeck is doing well.  Hopefully, he is still checking in with a therapist to keep going in the right direction.

Also, I had seen Jessyca on several shows and she obviously needed help.  I'M SO HAPPY DR. PHIL IS GOING TO HELP HER.  I saw her smile for the first time during the standing "O".

Applause to John's parents for their courage, and to Tom Arnold.  It is apparent things are still difficult for him.

I only hope we can get these predators off of the street for good!

November 4, 2008, 1:38 pm CST

For Sean

I have no words to say that can bring you any sense of comfort or relief from the nightmare you lived, I can only tell you that I've cried with heart wrenching pain over the evil you had to endure, and am so very sorry that this happened to you.
These next years will probably be filled with all sorts of emotional ups and downs; sadness, grieving over the years you lost, anger over the unjust and evil acts done to you, and many emotions I'm sure I can't even imagine. But dear God, how i pray that He helps you find healing!
The amazing ending of this nightmare that you were forced to live, is that you've come out alive--thank GOD!-- and have a second chance at something that was stolen from you before. I pray that you are able to have true peace, and grab hold of this next phase of life with passion and purpose and live it to the fullest! May God hem you in; both before and behind as you walk this difficult road.
November 4, 2008, 3:39 pm CST


Quote From: froglover71

My heart is saddened by seeing Jessyca and her story. She is so sad and at 26, she deserves a better, happier life. I wanted to jump through the tv and hug her, cry for her and help her. Dr. Phil, PLEASE make sure she gets the help she needs. I also hope that you continue working with her and post updates on her progress. She is in my thoughts and prayers. I applaud her for having the courage to go on the show.
  I feel for Jessyca, No one should ever have to think about the past every minute of ever day. Many women are not able to leave the past. I have. I make each day my own. I will never let any one tell me that I am not good enough ever again!
November 4, 2008, 7:58 pm CST

11/03 Child Abductions

I watched the show and just cryed.  My heart goes out to Jessica and Shawn.  I know things will never be the same for you or considered normal but i am so glad you are home safe.  I have two children of my own an 8 year old boy and a 16 year old girl and i am scared every day of something happening to them.  My daughter still does not believe how dangerous and crazy people are in the world.  Jessica and Shawn i know that it is easier said than done especially because i don't know what you are exactly going through but don't let them take the rest of your life away.  If you do than they have won and we don't want a low life loser to become a winner!!  Good luck you are in my thoughts and prayers.
November 5, 2008, 8:56 am CST

Tom Arnold

I was moved by Tom Arnold's appearance on the show today.  It seems that he is still haunted and still has difficulty talking about what happened to him, which makes him all the more brave to do a movie about pedophiles.  And, he does have a unique insight because he's seen an actual child molester in operation, so he can bring quite a bit to the role.  We expect these predators to be drooling monsters, leaving a trail of green slime behind them, but the scary truth is that they can often be quite likable and charming.

I remember something my husband told me on our first date (back in the 1990's).  He was in Turkey, someplace near the border, in a very dusty and remote place.  This man approached him out of nowhere, and, when he realized that my husband was from the U.S., he asked, "Ees it true? Ees it true? Are Tom and Roseanne getting a deevorce?"

November 5, 2008, 12:23 pm CST

11/03 Child Abductions

Jessyca, I speak for many people when I say I will be praying for your full recovery. I believe God can use you to  help other kids who may have gone thru  similar circumstances. God Bless you !
November 6, 2008, 5:34 am CST

11/03 Child Abductions

Quote From: jnokleby

As young children, 2 of my 3  sons joined TaeKwonDo. I had taken self defense classes a year prior to this and I felt it was a good step. Small town (less than 4,000) even so, going to larger communities for trips, etc. I felt I needed to make a move towards their safety.

How right I was. During the next few years, issues came up, bullies, challenges, the education in self defense through TKD allowed them to move past the bullies with self confidence and challenge them to their gym to wear safety equipment, then accept their challenge.  No bully ever showed up, showed their faces again, also knew my kids stood up for less fortunate students who continued to be bullied. The principal of the high school issued an invitation for anyone who wished, could join my son at his gym to see what they could do.  Announcments of advancements in rank and also tournament results would be announced and posted in the schools.  The list of students in TKD grew longer--alot happened to be those being bullied as well as special needs students.  The bullying within the students dropped off. This made the problem public, as well as the names of the bullies were coming forward too.

My sons never had to fight a bully anywhere, their own personal safety was enhanced.


Kids need to know it is o.k. to fight back and how to get away from danger--safely and swiftly. You don't have to fight back--only when you have no more options--being taught how to get away is part of the TKD skills learned.


I am at 15 years later, now a practicing Grandma--with  6 and 2 year old granddaughters who also know the sport. They also have been taught to show self confidence in their personal space. The 2 year old has high kicks, powerful hits, as well as a sqwack that is similar to her taught yell.

I don't give opportunity to leave them alone, nor do their parents. The 6 year old is known as a playground peace maker, yet, she carries herself with self confidence and stance and her classmates know she studies TKD.

If you don't learn and practice, practice practice, you can't expect the natural thing to happen of what is in their minds, hearts and souls in how to respond. You can't take a half hour lesson in a  classroom, parent talk, etc. You must allow your child to be safe in the realm they can function in. And this takes practice all the time. 

My 4th grader and 7th grader continued with TKD, the oldest studied up to 2nd degree Adult Black Belt and 1st in Hapkido, before moving on from home. He was also the gym head instructor for 3 years too.

the 4th grader, well he is now known as MASTER MARC.  He has studied all levels, gone to Korea to study, has other martial arts black belts added to his skills and one of his 2nd jobs is teaching TKD since he was 18.  He became the head instructor and teachs 2 night a week. His goal is for kids to learn how to be safe, show their parents the skills their children have in being safe.  His pay is not much--he keeps his class fees down to make sure all who want TKD can have it.

The side note is the teachers find students are easier to teach in classes, they show respect and manners more than other children.  Master Marc also teaches special needs children. They are of many levels and feels they also need a sense of personal safety.  He has has students who have graduated come back for continuing classes--even special needs students. They school special needs teachers also recommend his classes to parents.

Oh,  he holds his classes in the school gyms which helps students in their own surroundings as well.


Master Marc teaches from the World Federation TKD from Seoul Korea. They are the last association in the US still connected ONLY to Korea.

I  hope this makes sense,  let's keep those kids safe.  

Sign me  PROUD MOM.

I agree that all children should be taught to defend themselves in this way. I know a family and they are in Uechiryu Karate. Two of them are 5th degree black belts, one of them is a third degree black belt, and their dad is a seventh degree black belt. All of them teach classes. The children have been in this since they were 5 years old and I've heard a lot of stories of them growing up and standing up for themselves against bullies and standing up for kids that are getting bullied. I think getting kids involved in self-defense classes is a good start to getting them to protect themselves against any and all people who want to hurt them. It may not protect them from EVERY situation but it's better than sending them out into the world with no defensive skills. I myself recently started taking classes and find that it's helpful in many aspects of my life.
To Shawn and Jessyca, I'm glad that you're home safe and just concentrate on the fact that you do have another chance at living a great life. It made you stronger and someday soon you will realize that. Good luck with everything you choose to do.
November 6, 2008, 4:06 pm CST

11/03 Child Abductions

Quote From: jeanhppy

Cindygale, I understand where you're coming from.  I'm sorry your life was so hard and proud that you are now the mom you wanted to be.  I, too, was sadistically sexually molested as a child--it's a long road to wholeness after that.  For those of you who can relate, here is a poem I wrote when beginning to face and conquer my demons.  And luck and blessings to all who have had to endure.


For All Shes Worth


She has never been able

to wear her hair in curls

like her friends

who stood in the mirror

wrapping tresses around pink plastic

curlers.  She would balk at the prickly

tubes as they urged her to try

Just this once.

So she cut off her hair

stylishly short before

androgyny was fad.


They couldnt see him sitting there

with his flashlight and collection

of beer bottles, clothespins,

and those damn plastic curlers.

Tools of entrance.

Tools of love, said he.

But dont ever tellif you

tell secrets you die.

He said she was beautiful

(and stupid)

and seductive

(and worthless).

She didnt tell.


She knew hed lied because

it was death she felt as she choked

back tears that brought him to her mouth,

to her throather

jaws still ache.

And though she tried to grow her hair

long and straight, it is short,

stylishly short, and she wishes

just this once

that she could cry for all shes worth.






How are you doing in your adult life?


I really liked your poem.  Have you learned to cry? 

I do for my kids.  I can't for myself.


November 7, 2008, 3:25 am CST

11/03 Child Abductions

Quote From: cindygale



How are you doing in your adult life?


I really liked your poem.  Have you learned to cry? 

I do for my kids.  I can't for myself.


How am I doing?  Mostly okay.  I only sleep 3-5 hours a night because I am still haunted by nightmares--I have learned to deal with that.  I do not enjoy sex and could live the rest of my life without it--much easier for me than for my ever-patient partner.  I, like you, am able to cry for my children, or over a good movie or book--sometimes even a good TV commercial--but I am still unable to cry for myself.  I once had a shrink who tried very hard to make me cry, or to get angry--didn't work.  Though on some level I know I'm angry, I have not been able to "experience" that for my situation; however, I have no trouble at all getting angry over someone else's experience.


I'm glad you liked my poem.  I have sheafs of them, written during my therapy while coming to terms with my experience.  Peace and love to you and Jessyca, and any others who have experienced the death of chlidhood at the hands of a victimizer.

November 7, 2008, 12:55 pm CST

mom of 4

iwas a mom of 4 by the time i was 19 .a single mom all have the same daddy.theres wasnt one day i thought bout giving them up.i always told them m life became the day they were born,all grown up now 20,21,22,23 and i tell them all the time you might have been accidents but NEVER MISTAKES.they didnt asked to be seen them once in 20 ears ,never child support but you know waht I tell my kids it might have been tight but we made it .
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