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Created on : Friday, October 24, 2008, 02:51:47 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil tackles the sensitive topic of children who identify more with the opposite sex. What do you do if your son wants to wear dresses and play with dolls? Or if your daughter tells you she wants to be a boy? Should parents chock it up to being a phase that their children will grow out of, or should they intervene right away? Meet Melissa and Tim, whose 8-year-old son declared himself to be a girl when he was just 3 years old. Now, they allow their child to live as a girl and wonder if and when they should begin hormone therapy. Then, when Mary’s son was 8, he told her he felt like a girl, and Mary allowed him to experiment with dressing as a female. Now a teenager, her son is more comfortable living as a male -- but Mary wonders if she caused his confusion. Joining the discussion are experts with differing points of view: Dr. Dan Siegel, professor and clinical psychiatrist at UCLA School of Medicine, and Glenn Stanton, author and research fellow with the organization Focus on the Family. Is gender identity something we’re born with, or is it influenced by parents and environment? Don’t miss this heated discussion, then talk about the show here..

Find out what happened on the show.

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January 29, 2009, 9:50 pm CST

10/29 Gender Confused Children

Quote From: longwalker

Despite all of the overlong, overwrought missives posted here the bottom line is simple. God made us all. He made all these children that are led to believe they have these problems by people who llive by the secular side of life instead of asking for guideance from the One who can actually help. The devil walkls this earth today as real and active as he ever did and this debacle with these children is proof. He has people working for him overtime to indcotrinate a new generation into believing that alll this homosexual, transexual, transgender, gender in a quandry is normal. It isn't. And it doesn't matter how many so-called experts that are paraded onto tv by Dr. Phil and Oprah, it never will be. You people that think you need help pick up a Bible and start reading it. Find yourself a pastor you can talk to. You do not have to live the way you do. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

I wonder how you explain this then.. Pastors and people of the clergy suposedly spreading the word of god living by the bible etc, then secretly sexually abusing and preying on young boys??  These kids are innocent and sometime end up as adults gender confused.. what does that say?,  people of god sexually arroused by the same sex  and sadly innocent children?? Hmmm doesnt quite sit right with me im affraid..

Might i just say I believe god had a hand in creating every person no matter who they are and how they feel and think that its uneducated people whom know nothing of the topic making outrageous statements like that, that make people question religion in general and feel like outcasts or different or not normal.. my god loves all his children boy, girl, girl, boy and is non judgemental..

January 29, 2009, 10:21 pm CST

10/29 Gender Confused Children

Quote From: balunrdale

Get off the cross somebody needs the wood! This isn't about religion!!!!!! I suppose that a child born with a birth defect was because the mother sinned. Do you see the ignorance. These children didn't choose this they were born this way. Look at the study they did on twins. The Doctor was right they have proven that this happens in the womb within the first trimester. If you have a complaint make it with God that he didn't make a full proof system there are some kinks in the wiring. We must have love and compassion for those that are different than ourselves.
said beautifully Thankyou there are still non judgemental people in this world..
January 31, 2009, 2:49 pm CST

Don't support permitting children to cross dress

I'm sure parents facing these issues truely mean to do what is best, however permitting a child to dress in clothes designed for the opposite sex will only cause more serious problems with peers and others teasing them in their schools. The woman therapist on the show was obviously "Gay" and believes that a homosexual lifestyle is "Normal" . Her  views seemed a bit biased and acceptance of  this  cross dressing behavior in children is not shared by the majority of people. I understand that most trans gender types do eventually end up in homosexual relationships which is a difficult path to follow..
March 17, 2009, 9:00 pm CDT

10/29 Gender Confused Children

Quote From: michiganfan

God does not make mistakes when it comes to the way your child is born.  He made the plan of what we look like, what we do, and what we will do in our lives.  We were created in God's image.  I think that parents that have gender confused children need to figure out whats right and wrong.  In the show today I saw a video of one of the mothers smiling as they are putting make up on their child.  No wonder the poor boy is so confused, you can't do that to the boy.  He does not know any better at that age if he is a guy or a girl.

First of all, gender is socially constructed. The term wasn't even used until the 21st century. Secondly, Makeup was originally used by men, as were high heels and even dresses. Men decided they didn't want to wear them so they were given to women to wear. It is all what society deems acceptable for someone's gender. If we stopped genderizing things to begin with people would be okay with the idea of boys wearing makeup, or girls playing with trucks. If we get rid of the societal construct that will help immensly.
April 5, 2009, 7:49 pm CDT

Once upon a time

I had a narrow black and white view on sexual identities. There is male and female!Thats it! Anything else and it's the parents fault eg: t"hey always wanted a son "etc etc ( I also have a son.)

I wanted a healthy baby


That was until I gave birth to my 5th child and that little neatly packaged theory went right out that window exploding on the way.

My child born into a female body, feels totally male and knew this as far back as she remembers. She  expressed it to me very clearly at 41/2 years old  though I was already aware that something was different.

She has told me she feels so male that the calling herself gay doesn't  even fit her description.

Luckily she has been born into somewhat of a more open society and though it is sometimes a bumpy road she has developed with a healthy esteem. Lucky we have a family who communicate love accept and respec. She has lots of good friends and some great teachers.She ( He) is a very cool human being.

She is  now attending a school to further her education this year. It is Christian based and this is the first time we have come up against non-acceptance of who she is.They seem to have such a doctrine on how it is.I've had interrogation from members and told it is something I have done wrong in her upbringing. It's pretty sad and I'm suprised by this narrow attitude and we have learnt to not expend out energy as they are set in " their view" Black and white. Male female and thats it!

We talked the other day, my teen and I and smiled at what we have been hearing. 

We both prayed that many Christians be blessed with these gender identity babies. I'm not saying this mockingly or sarcastically. I truly mean this with love.

The world is not one or the other. It is a myriad of colour and I hope for more openness respect and less closed carelessness.

 Thanks .





July 24, 2009, 4:37 pm CDT

Doctor Phil Show.

Chil Con Der  Doctor Dren Fused Kids Phil/Robin. I have seen this last year. See you on July 29th, 2009---

Wednesday. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 

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