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Created on : Friday, October 17, 2008, 02:55:31 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 10/23/08) Do you text message while driving? It may seem harmless, but distracted drivers account for nearly four out of five crashes in the United States, and looking away for just two seconds doubles that danger. Still, nearly 50 percent of drivers between the ages of 18 and 24 continue to text behind the wheel. Twenty-one-year-old Heather boasts that her multitasking skills are so fine-tuned, she has no problem texting while navigating the road. Dr. Phil cameras capture Heather driving with her hands off the wheel for more than 60 seconds. Next, Linda discovered the harsh reality texting while driving can cause when her daughter, Lauren, was killed by a driver distracted by his cell phone. She created the Web site in her daughter’s memory. Then, Francisco was a survivor of the recent L.A. Metrolink train crash that killed 25 people, and Roland rescued Francisco from the wreckage. Hear their reaction to the National Transportation Safety Board’s reports that the passenger train’s engineer sent and received 57 text messages that day, and that he sent a text just 22 seconds prior to crashing head-on with a freight train. Dr. Travis Stork of The Doctors weighs in regarding accident victims in the E.R. And, State Senator Joe Simitian wrote the bill that outlaws texting while driving in the state of California; he debates with State Assemblyman Chuck Devore, who is opposed to anti-texting laws. Where do you stand on this controversial topic? Log on to to cast your vote!

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 20, 2008, 2:45 pm CDT

Your Father-In-Law was very wise

Quote From: kivarocks

    My father-inlaw refused to put a radio in his vehicles from the 1940's till his death in 1992.He preached to us that distractions could be deadly while people are driving.This is the same man that joined the army while underage so he could defend freedom in 1942.This from a man left for dead for two days durring a major battle which left him with medals and an appreciation for life.He never harped on anything else and always joked around.I really didn't  understand his deep fear of distracted drivers on the road.....UNTIL...  two days ago.Two days ago I took his only daughter for a ride to Algonquin Provincial Park to see the leaves changing color. and all the campers and hikers at Mew lake.We stopped for a nice meal just outside the park and gave the friendly waitriss a nice tip and a thank you for the great service.I had no idea what was about to happen to us 6 kilometers down that winding road..After we finnished that nice meal we headed up the twisting road as the warm sunny day and the silence of nature relaxed us.Then on a corner all of the sudden a young man in his mid twenties crossed the center line and gazed up from his distraction with a look of PANIC and FEAR.There was nothing I could do because of the deep cliff revine to our right and I knew death was about 3 seconds away.I took the gravel with my right wheels and the young man pulled hard to the right missing us by a narrow width !!.If he wouldn't have looked up and taken the correct action I wouldn't be writting this right now.We would probably be in a funeral chapel for a viewing if we were presentable enough after being knocked into the ravine? Now I understand the fears of a brave War vet that felt DISTRACTIONS AT THE WHEEL CAN KILL.
So many peoples these days are so wasteful in so many ways, even when it comes to lives.   I am glad you and your sister-in-law(?)  are okay physically and hopefully recovering emotionally.  

 This will probably be said over and over on this message board but that is okay because it is a message that needs to be heard.  If you are driving, then drive.  If you want to text, read, to work, etc while you travel, then do what I do and take public transportation.  

Some of the areas around where I live seem to be particularly bad for distracted drivers-that again it is probably everywhere.   I see soccer moms and dads on there cell phones, driving way over, sometimes even twice the posted speed limit in their SUVs and minivans trying to get there overscheduled kids to 20 million different activities all while forgetting that they actually have a responsibility to get there kids there alive and well as keep over peoples kids alive, even if they arrive a few minutes late.   

Quite honestly, the laws on the books current seem a little antiquated, and need to be updated to today's driving conditions.  I strongly support the fairness in automobile safety system, also known as the tiered system.   It appropriately tickets larger and more dangerous autos such as SUVs at an appropriate rate (anywhere from 2x-10x the normal ticket price depending on auto size) in porportion to the danger they cause (not to mention damage to the roads due to there size and the negative impact they have on the environment).   This suggested legislation also slightly lowers ticket prices for compact autos ,motorcyles, and non-SUV hybrids.   The extra money goes to public transportation, police departments, schools, etc.  It would also add in additional fines for texting and other driver distractions.  
October 20, 2008, 3:11 pm CDT

Again we agree

Quote From: juliebgg

Oh and maybe also suspend licenses for people who text while driving.  Better to get these morons off the road rather than have an innocent person killed by the likes of them.
I think that is a great idea to suspend licenses for those who text while driving.  It would be easy in many cases to prove in court because all you would need is to get the phone records.  I also believe that people who kill others while texting should get charged with manslaughter as there is no reason to take a life just because you want to have some silly conversation with your friend.  All this would be a good detourent to others.  Plus the money from additional fines could be used for the improving public transportation, the police department, and/or schools.  

I told another poster this to but I find the current laws in terms of driving outdated.   Given that many people have made the choice to buy larger autos that are more dangerous to others (as well as there selves) and these are often the same people who I see talking on cell phones, speeding, and driving with no regard for others I am a supporter of the fairness in auto safety system (also known as the tiered system).  When these large autos drive recklessly if fines then approritely in terms of the potential danger to others by increasing the fines anywhere from 2x to 10x depending on the size of the auto.   The money will be used for public transporation, the police department, and schools all of which can contribute to safer roads and lives saved.  
October 20, 2008, 3:50 pm CDT

Trains are one of the safest ways to travel

I think it is horrible what happened to the victims of the train crash.  My heart goes out to them and there families.   If the driver was texting when he had so many lives in his hands that makes it even more horrible.  

But I hope this won't detour people from using light rail and other forms of public transportation.  This was largely national news because train crashes are so rare.    Public transportation such as light rail SAVES LIVES both on the road and off through less deaths through pollution.   As long as you aren't an operator/driver you can also safely text or perform other activities while using public transportation.  Did you know that when gas prices went up 2200 lives were saved to the decrease in the number of autos and more fuel efficient autos?   

I hope that when people see this it doesn't cause people to jump back in there autos.  You don't see auto accidents on tv because they are so common.  Autos are the REAL danger not trains.  
October 20, 2008, 3:55 pm CDT

Texting while driving

My daughter was texting while driving and missed a corner hitting a car that was tring to turn. She is very lucky that she didn't cause major injury to the other party. It seems that it takes an accident before they figure out that texting while driving is dangerous. I truly wish they would outlaw texting while driving and just think of all the accidents that wouldn't happen and lives it could save. Gene (Colorado)
October 20, 2008, 4:03 pm CDT

10/23 Killer Texting

Quote From: marianparoo

But I don't mind, I don't think that too much can be said about these egotistical killers.
He had a show on texting last season. I think texting is stupid. Why not just talk? When you aren't driving, of course. I see waaay too many people on cell phones, weaving all over the road. I'd love to send those people, by time machine, back forty years. And, laugh my head off at them while they try to cope in a world without cell phones,
October 20, 2008, 4:09 pm CDT

10/23 Killer Texting

Quote From: juliebgg

These idiots need to pay very hefty fines for their texting while driving,  AND have their oh-so-precious cell phones taken away from them as well if they text while driving. People, especially  younger ones are far too attached to their phones to begin with.  Just enter any  restaurant and you'll see girls clutching on to their stupid phones as if they were lifelines. 

It isn't just girls. It's guys, too. Every time my step-daughter buys minutes for my grandson, who doesn't live with her,  she calls and gives him the pin number, he blabs them away. And, had none left for emergencies. Or, when she tries to call him.

October 22, 2008, 8:09 am CDT

That is great you use public transporation

Quote From: lynnfield

Exactly.  And if they are kids in the cars and driving and are caught by an accident or ticket, I say remove the cars.  They can text while they are walking. And if they are driving mom/dad car, take it away.  Bet that will straighten them up. Parents MUST BE RESPONSIBLE if they agree to let the kids take a 3,000 lbs weapon onto the streets and do not demand them to do right.  I also believe manufactturers can assist in stop making cars moving living rooms.  They are just transportation from point A to point B.  No one has been saved by a DVD movie in a car; they have been by seat belts and bags.  What more do you need?


You have to think yourself as so important to think you must immediately do this.  I know when I take the Metrolink in/home each day, people will be on their phones LOUD and just carrying on conversation.  Nothing important but trying to appear important.  Same with the drivers and you see them on the freeways, self absorbed. 


When I had drivers ed in school, my teacher had Coroner's Corner.  He got pictures from the County Coroner and put them up for us to see every class.  Let me tell you, that is reality. 


I actually wish they would create quite cars and load cars on light rail just like amtrak has done.   I would rather see people talking on cell phones while using public transportation than while driving.    For some people too being able to multitask is part of the attraction of using public transportation.   

I wish that when someone is caught texting while driving the police should just take there drivers license, particularly if they are a minor.   A lot of parents to don't get it and stick there kids in giant gas guzzlers not understanding that these gas guzzlers are actually more dangerous than passanger cars not only to those in them, but to others on the road.   Then if the kid wants to text while driving they shrug there shoulders and say oh well.  A lot of the parents that raise irresponsible teenagers and then let these irresponsbile teenagers driver are just as bad as the teenagers themselves.  
October 22, 2008, 10:18 am CDT

10/23 Killer Texting

I wonder if Assemblyman Devore texts while he drives.
October 22, 2008, 1:23 pm CDT

Don't do it

Only foolswould drive using a cell phone.  I carry one for emergency  use only. It's always turned off unless I need it in an emergency, or to call someone in an emergency. Either the cell phone is off or the van's motor is turned off, no questions asked!  That should be a nationwide law!
October 22, 2008, 1:38 pm CDT

Not Just Teens, Not Just Girls

While going through my divorce 3+ years ago, I was on the road with my ex hub of 11 years, who was seeing a 21 year old (he was 34).  He was driving 75+ mph, and texting her, and it scared the hell out of me (at 32).  He claimed he could drive & text;, yet he almost killed us because his bimbette girlfriend replied while we were driving.


Yesterday I almost got into a fatal car accident because of a person text messaging.  I was following an suv, driving the speed limit, but she was texting, didn't notice that there was a stop at the light, then came to a full-on stop, with no notice.  The only reason it was not an accident was that my brakes locked, and I swerved, and there was no oncoming traffic.

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