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Created on : Friday, October 10, 2008, 12:10:13 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
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November 15, 2008, 3:22 am CST

Depression sucks...

Quote From: darksoul

I am only 13 but I already suffer depression. No body believes that I do because of my Bipolar mood swings. My friends are afraid that I am at risk for suicde. I am scared. But at times i feel that it would make everything better. Like a numb feeling instead of pain and fear.
Please keep trying to get someone to listen to you about how depressed you feel ok. Tell your mum, your favourite teacher or someone you trust. I'm sorry you feel so bad and I be thinking of you ok.
November 15, 2008, 5:32 am CST


Quote From: sarahireland

Hi ,

I dono why im here writing this i guess i just feel like watching dr.phil i can see people moving on from being stuck in there personal situation into happiness, and id like to do that too. My brother suffers from muscular dystrophy since he was about ten, this casued stress on my familys relationship with eachother and particularly the relationship of my parents. My dad is working in America and so lives there. We dont c him very often so its hard to work any problems out. My parents got together young and married young as well. I think that makes them resent eachother as something that lost them their lives. I think they blame eachother for my brothers illness and they worry a lot about him. My brother doesnt go to college or have any friends since we moved 6/7yrs ago. He's 21 living at home and has no job. I have a 9year old sister as well. I am the middle child so i feel i dont get attention, and i feel bad for feeling this way. My mom is always stressed and takes a lot of her anger out on me. My dad told me he's not in love with my mom anymore and they fight all the time when he's here and even when on phone. I resent my dad a lot and our relationship is completely messed up. I think i could be angry at him for not being here. But mostly im sad that they ignore the issues we have, they say we'll get counselling but thats never going to happen. I feel so frustrated at this and it effects me in so many ways. Im quiet at home, i feel its pointless having conversations with them as it seems so fake to me and usually ends up in arguments or my mom ignoring me. We fight a lot and i often end up crying, she tells me im being a whimp and turning on the water works but she cant see the true actual pain im going through. I dont know what to do really. it effects my relationship with guys as well as my relationship with myself if that makes sense... i lately have low self esteem and feel like im just existing and am a shadow to my friends. I feel really alone and like im existing rather than living. I feel like nobody really sees or hears me or is interested in how im feeling. My friends are great but they dont know much about it or show a lot of compassion to me. I feel like im there for everyone and am a really understanding caring person but i can feel myself starting to diminish. Even my college work is being effected. I feel so blank.


i think i just need to hear a compassionate empathetic person to just hear me as i am usually the compassionate person to others. Im a totally normal regular girl but i am hurting a lot and feel a bit lost at the moment . But maybe im not alone in feeling this way.


Sarah , 18 x x x x x

From the other messages I've read that you've posted, it is easy to see you are a compassionate person. You're also mature, intelligent and very perceptive. Those kind of attributes are priceless. You have a lot on your plate to deal with. Try to keep your school work up, that's gonna help you in your future plans. Be good and kind to yourself like you are to others.
November 15, 2008, 6:09 am CST


Quote From: ninetys_baby

Hey, I'm 18 years old......As far as my life's been up and down. I've had a very ruff life, from not having a father, cause he chose drugs over me, never had a part in my life....even if I seen my real father in a store right now I would have no idea who he was....then to me going down the wrong path!! When I was in middle school I was the girl everybody loved!! I knew everybody....Then I went to high school, and thats where it all started. I started to hang out with the wrong people, ended up meeting this guy...he wasn't the perfect guy!! His black, and im white which that was something that my family didn't believe in....I hide me n his relationship for a year n a half until I got preg. I ended up giving my child up for adoption...which I regret until this day!! Well I was 15 had her when I was 16...He sold drugs n was in n out of jail...I let my family decide for me about giving my baby up for adoption...I never took the time myself n thought about what I wanted....I just kept thinking that I didn't want my family to hate me...which was a pretty bad decision, cause I wanted to keep her n now im not the same outgoing, goofy girl I used to be. Now it's been almost 2 years since I had her im getting used to the decision I made it was hard, and still is n will be everyday, but im learning to deal with it.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding the decision making, I think you are a very, very courageous person for adopting your baby out.
November 15, 2008, 10:42 am CST


My mother who is 36 years old is fighting Large Cell Lung Cancer. She has always been a strong woman, and always known what she wanted. Seeing her like this in the prime of my life is hurtful. Im about to graduate high school and my mom keeps saying she hopes she can make it. which i know she will, but in the back of my head i cannot get the thought out that she wont. im trying to just stay away from the house and be with my friends because i feel if i stay here it will just hurt more. I have never seen anyone go through something like this, and i never would have even thought of it being my mother.

November 16, 2008, 1:30 am CST


Hey I have a question,

    My name is David and I am currently dating this wonderfully amazing girl, her name is Hannah. I have great respect and I care about her a lot. The one big delima I face is that she is 15, I am 19. Is it wrong of me to be dating her?

November 16, 2008, 7:13 pm CST

Teen Talk

Quote From: lovesushi

No matter what the circumstances surrounding the decision making, I think you are a very, very courageous person for adopting your baby out.
November 17, 2008, 3:12 am CST

When you don't know where your going any road will take you there

Well this is the end of my teenage years turned 20 a week and a bit ago and already not a fan you think that once you hit post secondary everything will become clear a path will be chosen and a decision will be made that will shape you into the person you want to be this epiphany does not exist it is not depressing it is just a fact one moment in your life will not change you it is your experiences as a whole the one thing that i can pass on to others is that you must question you must think and question everything for if you don't you never evolve as a person you just become a vessel filled with thoughts and opinions of others and no one can tell you what you need to do they may say what you should do but they can't tell you what you need to for you need to make your own choices and mistakes its the only way you'll learn I have made some huge mistakes and done things that I am not proud of but it is all part of growing and figuring out who you are the one thing I can't touch on is love for I have never truly found it just meaningless lustful encounters best way i can put it without being crude i guess but ya just question and never take anything at face value
November 17, 2008, 3:07 pm CST

OMG How life works SUX!

well all i want to say is how life is so stressful. i don't know where to start to tell you about my life. i have gone through too much for a kid my age to go through. i have gone through almost losing my mother in heart surgery to losing my self in a simple surgery. i had my gullbladder out at the age of 17 years old and that shouldn't happen until i'm like 50 you know. but anywho i had it out and the nurses gave me penicillan which i am allergic too and i almost died i was almost gone when they gave me a drug to counteract with it. and then come to find out it isn't even in my charts i don't think. then the surgeon who did my surgery didn't get my duct clsoed and so i was being ppoisoned to death which caused me to have an appendicitis attack a week later. Also when i came back to school i was at homecoming and everything in my life was just getting back to normal and then the next morning i found out that one of my really good friends died in a car crash that morning. now that was one of the hardest things to deal with because i viewed him as my little brother because of the relationship we had together. and he was only 15 when he died.  now i found out last friday that one of my best friends lost her father to a seizure and i knew this man and it was sad to know he is gone, also i am going to have to deal with my friends feelings when she gets back to school and i love her to death and even more that i will deal with her feelings before my own. i didn't sign up for the life i live but i guess now that i have told the public half of my teenage years i will have to deal with life sooner or later but for now i choose later. it is much easier when you put your feelings aside and ignore them than to deal with them like i don' anywho i guess i am going to stop typing you all about my life because it is probably too long anyways so until next time....i hope you read this and take the lessons in life i have told you and think about it because i don't wish this life on anyone....EVER!
November 17, 2008, 5:43 pm CST

australia's way

The school i go to has a pretty bad reputation. Its known as one of the worst schools around this area.

But i am almost 17, and i have never been drunk, never seen any form of drugs or been threatned by a gang...because there is only one at the school i am from. There isnt much pressure to drink or have sex its our choice if we feel we are ready. Yes i have sex, great, i am responsible. There is A LOT of pressure on us though to do well at school. I have just completed my year 10 certificate. All i've been hearing since i was in year seven is "you must do well in your certificate."If they didn't make it so hard and have so much pressure on us, i would have tried harder. I used to try hard, but i got sick to death of it. I am still in the top classes.

There is a lot of bullying at my school. Our teachers don't care, they just sort of have a talk to us and say "don't do it again."

We can legally have sex when we are 16, drink when we turn 18 and learn to drive at 16.

..I just wanted to tell everybody how it is in Australia. =)

November 18, 2008, 4:50 am CST

i want to share my story all over the world even

hello my name is kirsty anderson and i am 16. i have a life story that may shock you with what i have been through but i would like to share... i have diabetes,type 1 for 7 years now.. my parents are divorced and my dad is a drug addict that is very close to death. and i have unfortunately taken after him :(  my sister died in a car accindent  2 days before christmas in 2005.. and that has killed my family. after my sister died i started using drugs often, i got into the rong crowd,well i was the rong 13 years of age i stupidly went into a forest like thing to smoke some pot and just chill, but it wasnt what i expected.. i was cought by a black garden boy that smelt dirty, he wore blue overals and zulu tribe scars on his face.. he shoved me face first into the ground then flipped me over, took out a gun and placed it above my head and he raped me, he raped me with his hand over my face, his devil hand. he stole my virginity.  when he was done tortureing me he held that gun to my head and said he is going to shoot me and my family if i tell anyone,i had seen this man walking in my street before..  i  didnt tell anyone untill 2 years later..

when i was 15 i went  to my first drug rehabilitation centre.. i have been to 4 rehabs and i have used drugs in all of them.. when i went to a rehab called riverview i told my doctor about my rape.the first time i told anyone.. in that rehab i got involved with a 38 year old man, he was also a sex sddict and had a child 2 years yonger than me, this man told me how much he loved me and that we were going to be happy, and yes i fell hard for this man.. he was my everything.. But because hes a sex addict, he soon forgot about me.. wich made me hurt so bad.. maybe i looked for a father figure in this man.. my dad is a disaster, i cant even call him a father.. when i was younger i walked in on his attempted suicide.. but my dad will always be my hero.. i will never let him suffer alone, i will suffer with him.. he pulls me down in the dirt with him.. if he is thinking of killing himself, he will phone me and tell me what he is going to do... and boy that is a dagger straight through my heart...

one of my big worries is HIV. i am very afraid that i have it, because of my rape.. i do live in south africa wich makes it much worse, i often feel sick and i am very skinny, i weigh 44kgs and i am about 1.62m tall. i have not got the guts to go get a test, but i hope to work up the courage to do so soon.. i wish death against that thing that hurt me.

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