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Created on : Wednesday, October 08, 2008, 10:03:07 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Join the new Dr. Phil Community! Currently in BETA, the new Dr. Phil Community will allow you to personalize your message board experience. We’ve created this FAQ board to help guide you through the transition from the old boards to the new boards. Here, you will find helpful tips to getting started. You can also post your questions and we’ll answer them!

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NOTE: Please post only questions related to technical issues, or how to use the new boards and blogs. Any other questions will be removed.

UPDATED 11/13/08

What is MY PAGE?

My Page allows you quick access to all of your member features.

  • My Profile
    • Shows your private member profile.
    • Allows you to edit your profile picture.
    • Allows you to edit your profile via the "About me" link.
  • My Blog
    • Lists all of your blog entries, mood changes and quote changes.
    • Allows you to edit or delete a blog, or change the privacy setting.
    • Allows you to select when the blog will be posted so you can write it in advance and select the date when it will go live.
  • My Friend Gallery
    • Shows all of your current friends.
  • My Photo Gallery
    • Shows all of your current photo entries.
    • Allows you to edit or delete an entry.
  • My Video Gallery
    • Shows all of your current video entries.
  • My Audio Gallery
    • Shows all of your current audio entries.
  • My Comments
    • When a member posts a comment to your blog, you have the option to accept or reject it. All comments waiting to be approved by you will appear here.
  • My Friends
    • All pending friend requests will appear here, you have the option to accept or deny a request.
  • My Media
    • Shows number of audio or video entries awaiting approval.


A blog is a section where you can share your thoughts on just about anything! It's similar to our current diaries, you can also select who is allowed to view your blog entries.

  • Post a Text Entry
    • Adds a text only entry.
  • Post a Photo Entry
    • Allows you to add one or more pictures along with text.
  • Post a Video Entry
    • Allows you to upload a video or record one from your webcam along with text.
  • Post an Audio Entry
    • Allows you to upload an audio file or record an audio along with text.
  • Change Mood
    • Add or change a mood with an icon along with a text entry.
  • Change Goal
    • Add a goal as a text entry.
  • Change Quote
    • Select or change a quote from a selected list of Dr. Phil "Philisms.".

What Types of Comments/Messages can I post?

There are four different types of messages you can post

  • A Text entry allows you to only add text, nothing else.
  • A Photo entry allows you to add a photo, or multiple photos along with text.
  • A Video entry allows you to upload a video from your computer, or record one from your webcam. You can also add text to this entry.
  • An Audio entry allows you to upload an audio file from your computer, or record one using your microphone. This also allows you to add text.

How do I post a Comment/Message or Blog Entry?

  • To post a comment/message, click the arrow down icon next to Reply with Text. A dropdown box will appear allowing you to select a text, photo, Video or audio entry.
  • For Audio, video and photo, please follow the instructions to upload or record. NOTE: We still need to add instructions for uploading a video and audio from your computer.
  • For a Text entry, you can either type directly into the posting box and use the formatting toolbar, or you can use one of the following:
    • The icon with the letter T on it allows you to paste something as plain text. Use this if you wish to strip any formatting when you're copying from another site or word processor. Click on the T, paste your text and click Insert. The plain text will then be inserted into the posting box for you to submit.
    • The icon with the letter W allows you to paste something you already typed in Microsoft Word. It will keep the formatting just as it appears in Word. Click on the W, paste your text and click Insert. The formatted text will then be inserted into the posting box for you to submit.
    • To the far right you will see HTML. Clicking this allows those familiar with HTML code to add their own HTML tags. Once you finish writing your coded text, click Update and your formatted text should then appear in the posting box to submit.
    • For Blogs, you also have the option to choose who is allowed to view them (Everyone, Just Friends, Only You), whether or not comments are allowed to be posted to your blog, and the date you wish your blog to appear. The default is to appear today as soon as it is reviewed by the moderators.
What are Blogs?

A Blog is your personal place where you can chat about anything, some folks like to use it as a diary. The blog belongs to you and you have control over who is allowed to view it. You alone are responsible for screening all comments posted to your blog. You can view pending comments under MY PAGE at the top, also in the left column when you go to your own profile. You then have the option to accept or reject a comment posted by someone else to your blog.

Blogs can be edited, but once a public blog is edited, it's sent back to the moderators for review. You can also add moods, a Dr. Phil quote, and goals to your blog, all of these can be found under UPDATE BLOG at the top.

What are Friends?

Make new friends or invite current friends to be on your friends list! With Friends, you can set up a blog that only those on your friends list can view and comment on. You also have the option of selecting how much info from your profile page your friends are allowed to view.

When you invite someone to be your friend, you need to wait until they accept your invitation. If someone sends you a friends request, you can view Pending Requests under MY PAGE at the top. You then have the option to accept, or deny the request.

How do I invite someone to be on my Friends list?

If you see a message posted by one of your friends, simply click on their user name to access their profile page. From that page you can invite them to be your friend.

If your friend hasn't posted yet, you can use the "User Search" box located on the left side on the main community page to access their profile:

What is My Profile?

Your profile page is what others can view to learn more about you. They can access your public profile page by clicking on your user name. You can choose exactly what information is made public, and who is able to view it.

  • To add a picture to your profile click Edit Profile Image and follow the instructions.
  • To edit your About Me section, click the Edit link. Here you can select what information you wish to remain public for all to view, which information only your friends may view, and which information no one can view.
  • This is where you can also update your personal info, and change your password.
  • You can also select how many messages you can view per page, and increase the font size.

I selected to have everything in my profile private, but it's still showing up. Why?

If you are still logged into your account, you will see more info than what the public can view. To see exactly what others can view, log out and then locate your member profile. You can use the SEARCH on the left side to find it.

The following have now been added to the BETA boards:

  • You can see whenever someone on your Friends list adds a new blog entry. Go to your profile page and next to the word FRIENDS it will list if there are any new entries posted by any of your friends to their blog.
  • On the main community page, on the left side you'll see a section called public blogs. As new blogs are created, they'll be added here for others to view. Similar to our Shared Diaries.
  • Ability to sort boards either by date or by popularity.
  • Ability to view NEW Messages since your last login. Also ALL messages.
  • Mousing over a profile pic on a message board post will enlarge the image for viewing.
  • Animated gifs are now supported on the BETA site. These will however, take a bit longer to upload since these files are generally larger in size.
  • Spell check has been added for text entries and comments
  • You can now choose a larger font size via your edit profile page.
  • You can now select messages to appear newest to oldest, or oldest to newest via your profile page.
  • A Subscribe/Unsubscribe link has now been added to message boards and blogs so you can add your favorite ones to your subscription list for easy access. Your subscription list will appear at the bottom of your profile page.
  • You may edit and/or delete any message or blog entry that you post.

As of January, 2009, this message board will become "Read Only" and will be closed to further posting. Please join the NEW Dr. Phil Community to continue your discussions, personalize your message board experience, start a blog and meet new friends.

February 27, 2009, 2:36 pm CST

Child Support

I don't get child support laws. women use this to get men in trouble. i do belive we should pay but lets' not rape the guy cause she get's mad. I don't know if one child is mine but i payed but when my bank account status changed and records were lost  i had no evidence she place me in back in child support out of anger i owe now. i would really like to get on your show and tell my story for unfair practice of child support laws. this is a crazy law to place a man in jail or take a liscence to driving to get money is a stupid law. yes some dead beats are making ti bad for the real guy down on payments or lost job. dr phil i chanllenge you to advicate the laws with me and what can be done to fix them.


March 3, 2009, 9:34 am CST


I have sent several messages to dr phill, how come i have never gotten an answer back, and where do i go or look to find my answer to my question, i have covered most of all the pages, need help on where to go for a answer to my questions, thankyou, colleen dawson
March 3, 2009, 10:42 am CST

BETA Community FAQ and Help Page

Quote From: dawsoncolleen

I have sent several messages to dr phill, how come i have never gotten an answer back, and where do i go or look to find my answer to my question, i have covered most of all the pages, need help on where to go for a answer to my questions, thankyou, colleen dawson
Please understand, because of the large number of responses we receive each day, unfortunately not every e-mail can be answered personally. Be assured that the producers do however, read each submission carefully. If a producer wishes to follow up with you, you may receive a phone call or an e-mail response.
March 9, 2009, 10:38 pm CDT

Dude in Australia

The show entitled  Young and Reckless....

I was watching this show and i found myself i have seen this behaviour!

And it is a problem....

Working in hospitality on the business side of the bar.....i have seen people girls and boys doing things that maybe they shouldn't be doing.

This type of stuff has been happening for years and it will continue to happen because of the bombardment of celebrity news and the over glamourisation of drugs and alcohol.

Ladies scantilly clad in revealling boobie tops and booty bottoms serving drinks to customers and having to work for thier money is one thing....but young ladies comming into bars and getting in free and not paying for drinks...its just such a silly way to party....all you are doing is setting a terrible example for the next generation and giving them the wromng idea..."oh if i show off my boobs and ass then i get this...." thats not a good way to go....
Its all good to come out to clubs and have fun as Dr Phil said but at the same time its also good to know what your limits are....

if you get out to a club at 11pm and you are half naked at 1:30 am and you've lost count of how much you have had in terms of booze or drugs you really need a reality check...

I myself have been out from 10 pm till 6 am and i have said to myself...."ok you are not sober so you can't drive, and also you are starting to be a little bit rowdy so basically its time to get in a cab and GO HOME"

The body will warn you when its time to put down the drink and get your butt home and i really can't understand why people choose to ignore what the body is telling them.

Most of this is far from the danger of drink driving and actually hurting someone....and thats just really low down have been given a higher concscience for a reason....these ladies need to use it! Hopefully they still have one.....the ladies that i saw on the program looked like intelligent people but if the company you are keeping are influencing you to do things thast are going to be detrimental to you or some one need a new group of friends....and as Dr Phil said "don't go out and be a librarian..." find yourself a sexy librarian friend....i am sure there would be a few of them around...god knows i have met a few working behind bars!

Anyways just my two cents from across the world....

Great show Dr Phil :)

March 10, 2009, 8:08 am CDT

Nadya's child support

Dear Dr Phil,


I say the doctor who impregnated Nadya with eight more babies knowing she already had many children should be taken to court and ordered to pay child support.


He has a job and he created them.




Barbara Gomez in Rio Rancho, NM

March 11, 2009, 8:48 pm CDT

BETA Community FAQ and Help Page

is there any way to watch a full episode of dr. phil....because i missed the nadya suleman episodes this week and i really really wanted to see them!
March 12, 2009, 10:46 am CDT



March 13, 2009, 2:12 pm CDT



 The U.S. Government is handing out stimulus money out to large companies to help them out.  If they took the same amount of money and distributed it to every taxpayer, the average citizen would purchase vehicles, buy homes, and purchase items from retailers.  This money would then be stimulating not only a few large companies but would keep jobs in the local sectors.  Production in manufacturing plants would increase, and many non-profit organizations would be helped.


I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I think this idea would help CUT the recession we are all experiencing.


Thank you,


The Ole' man

March 25, 2009, 2:25 pm CDT


Dear Dr. Phil

I am confused about the comment you made on you show today when you said that your only interest is in covering the stories is for the welfare of the fourteen children and I agree that the childrens welfare is paramount. The confusion for me is how is the childrens welfare and two atterneys arguing about who did what connected. I may be wrong but having negative informations publisized about the mother could only hurt the babies not help them. I also beleive that Naudia saying she did want attention brought to her is a crock, because if she didn't want attentions she could keep the news media in the dark and she for sure could keep the media out of the house.

April 15, 2009, 3:10 pm CDT

the love dare

Dr phil why haven't you done a show on the movie Fireproof and th book that is being used by so many churches and organizations to help  marriages repair damage and to improve thier marriage the Love Dare book it is awesome., it surely does touch on many issues that you so often mention .. like todays show you told those two young peopel to do something nice for each other every day how can they make thier partners life for that day nicer easier. that sounds like the love dare book i would like to see you do a show on it and how well and how it can be used in marriages today and relationships that want to juat make it. thanks.
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