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Created on : Wednesday, October 08, 2008, 10:03:07 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Join the new Dr. Phil Community! Currently in BETA, the new Dr. Phil Community will allow you to personalize your message board experience. We’ve created this FAQ board to help guide you through the transition from the old boards to the new boards. Here, you will find helpful tips to getting started. You can also post your questions and we’ll answer them!

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UPDATED 11/13/08

What is MY PAGE?

My Page allows you quick access to all of your member features.

  • My Profile
    • Shows your private member profile.
    • Allows you to edit your profile picture.
    • Allows you to edit your profile via the "About me" link.
  • My Blog
    • Lists all of your blog entries, mood changes and quote changes.
    • Allows you to edit or delete a blog, or change the privacy setting.
    • Allows you to select when the blog will be posted so you can write it in advance and select the date when it will go live.
  • My Friend Gallery
    • Shows all of your current friends.
  • My Photo Gallery
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    • Allows you to edit or delete an entry.
  • My Video Gallery
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  • My Audio Gallery
    • Shows all of your current audio entries.
  • My Comments
    • When a member posts a comment to your blog, you have the option to accept or reject it. All comments waiting to be approved by you will appear here.
  • My Friends
    • All pending friend requests will appear here, you have the option to accept or deny a request.
  • My Media
    • Shows number of audio or video entries awaiting approval.


A blog is a section where you can share your thoughts on just about anything! It's similar to our current diaries, you can also select who is allowed to view your blog entries.

  • Post a Text Entry
    • Adds a text only entry.
  • Post a Photo Entry
    • Allows you to add one or more pictures along with text.
  • Post a Video Entry
    • Allows you to upload a video or record one from your webcam along with text.
  • Post an Audio Entry
    • Allows you to upload an audio file or record an audio along with text.
  • Change Mood
    • Add or change a mood with an icon along with a text entry.
  • Change Goal
    • Add a goal as a text entry.
  • Change Quote
    • Select or change a quote from a selected list of Dr. Phil "Philisms.".

What Types of Comments/Messages can I post?

There are four different types of messages you can post

  • A Text entry allows you to only add text, nothing else.
  • A Photo entry allows you to add a photo, or multiple photos along with text.
  • A Video entry allows you to upload a video from your computer, or record one from your webcam. You can also add text to this entry.
  • An Audio entry allows you to upload an audio file from your computer, or record one using your microphone. This also allows you to add text.

How do I post a Comment/Message or Blog Entry?

  • To post a comment/message, click the arrow down icon next to Reply with Text. A dropdown box will appear allowing you to select a text, photo, Video or audio entry.
  • For Audio, video and photo, please follow the instructions to upload or record. NOTE: We still need to add instructions for uploading a video and audio from your computer.
  • For a Text entry, you can either type directly into the posting box and use the formatting toolbar, or you can use one of the following:
    • The icon with the letter T on it allows you to paste something as plain text. Use this if you wish to strip any formatting when you're copying from another site or word processor. Click on the T, paste your text and click Insert. The plain text will then be inserted into the posting box for you to submit.
    • The icon with the letter W allows you to paste something you already typed in Microsoft Word. It will keep the formatting just as it appears in Word. Click on the W, paste your text and click Insert. The formatted text will then be inserted into the posting box for you to submit.
    • To the far right you will see HTML. Clicking this allows those familiar with HTML code to add their own HTML tags. Once you finish writing your coded text, click Update and your formatted text should then appear in the posting box to submit.
    • For Blogs, you also have the option to choose who is allowed to view them (Everyone, Just Friends, Only You), whether or not comments are allowed to be posted to your blog, and the date you wish your blog to appear. The default is to appear today as soon as it is reviewed by the moderators.
What are Blogs?

A Blog is your personal place where you can chat about anything, some folks like to use it as a diary. The blog belongs to you and you have control over who is allowed to view it. You alone are responsible for screening all comments posted to your blog. You can view pending comments under MY PAGE at the top, also in the left column when you go to your own profile. You then have the option to accept or reject a comment posted by someone else to your blog.

Blogs can be edited, but once a public blog is edited, it's sent back to the moderators for review. You can also add moods, a Dr. Phil quote, and goals to your blog, all of these can be found under UPDATE BLOG at the top.

What are Friends?

Make new friends or invite current friends to be on your friends list! With Friends, you can set up a blog that only those on your friends list can view and comment on. You also have the option of selecting how much info from your profile page your friends are allowed to view.

When you invite someone to be your friend, you need to wait until they accept your invitation. If someone sends you a friends request, you can view Pending Requests under MY PAGE at the top. You then have the option to accept, or deny the request.

How do I invite someone to be on my Friends list?

If you see a message posted by one of your friends, simply click on their user name to access their profile page. From that page you can invite them to be your friend.

If your friend hasn't posted yet, you can use the "User Search" box located on the left side on the main community page to access their profile:

What is My Profile?

Your profile page is what others can view to learn more about you. They can access your public profile page by clicking on your user name. You can choose exactly what information is made public, and who is able to view it.

  • To add a picture to your profile click Edit Profile Image and follow the instructions.
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  • This is where you can also update your personal info, and change your password.
  • You can also select how many messages you can view per page, and increase the font size.

I selected to have everything in my profile private, but it's still showing up. Why?

If you are still logged into your account, you will see more info than what the public can view. To see exactly what others can view, log out and then locate your member profile. You can use the SEARCH on the left side to find it.

The following have now been added to the BETA boards:

  • You can see whenever someone on your Friends list adds a new blog entry. Go to your profile page and next to the word FRIENDS it will list if there are any new entries posted by any of your friends to their blog.
  • On the main community page, on the left side you'll see a section called public blogs. As new blogs are created, they'll be added here for others to view. Similar to our Shared Diaries.
  • Ability to sort boards either by date or by popularity.
  • Ability to view NEW Messages since your last login. Also ALL messages.
  • Mousing over a profile pic on a message board post will enlarge the image for viewing.
  • Animated gifs are now supported on the BETA site. These will however, take a bit longer to upload since these files are generally larger in size.
  • Spell check has been added for text entries and comments
  • You can now choose a larger font size via your edit profile page.
  • You can now select messages to appear newest to oldest, or oldest to newest via your profile page.
  • A Subscribe/Unsubscribe link has now been added to message boards and blogs so you can add your favorite ones to your subscription list for easy access. Your subscription list will appear at the bottom of your profile page.
  • You may edit and/or delete any message or blog entry that you post.

As of January, 2009, this message board will become "Read Only" and will be closed to further posting. Please join the NEW Dr. Phil Community to continue your discussions, personalize your message board experience, start a blog and meet new friends.

December 17, 2008, 12:59 pm CST


I DO NOT NEED YOU TO RESPOND I JUST NEED TO look on the depression board soon and see a BUTTON OK?

ON THE OLD DEPRESSION BOARD there was a report to STAFF.


There are old timers me being oneof them when we see someonepost who says they want to KILL THEMSELVES OR NEEDS THE ATTENTIONOF SOMEONE FROM DR PHil's staff PRONTO on theold boards this exsisted.


I do not see this feature on the new boards,






December 22, 2008, 9:30 pm CST


MY ELDERLY PARENTS HAVE BEEN STOLEN FROM OUR FAMILY!  I am the 54 year old daughter of parents, ages 92 & 88.  For the last 2+ years I have been in the fight of my life.  My parents have been taken over by social services in Maryland.  Essentially, my parents have been imprisoned, against their will, in assisted living.  Those in the 'system' had no issue with lying in court and defaming my character to take control.  The family was so villified that we have restricted visitation for 3 hours in the afternoon.  The 'guardian' refuses to communicate with me, as I am the sibling pursuing legal justice.  There have, repeatedly, been issues with their health care, as well as their mental and emotional well being.  Recently my mother had to be hospitalized due to dehydration and a resulting infection.  This was preventable.  My parents want nothing more than to be with their family.  I wanted to prepare a Christmas dinner for them, but, I am not being allowed.  My parents can not leave the state, which means they can not visit most relatives, or come for a visit with me or several of the siblings.  Please, Dr. Phil, I and my parents need your help.  Social services and the courts are violating the laws and the Constitution.  The 'system' is very, very, broken and they know exactly what they are doing!  These are crimes against humanity.  The pain is excruciating.  Please, Dr. Phil, without a miraculous intervention, this is how it will end.  Please, help us!
December 23, 2008, 2:58 pm CST

suggested topic

Recently my 84 year-old mother came back from a flight to visit family and was upset at the treatment associated with airport security. A good topic for your show would be how to make US airport more travel friendly and still maintain security. For example, I noticed in Europe last spring that the Frankfurt airport is much friendlier and more efficient than the Atlanta airport.
December 26, 2008, 11:19 am CST

About our fighting men and women!!!

I hope and pray by speaking about what is really going on with our men and women of the service this will help them but the truth of the matter this has gone on for so many years for just about all wars in is way to common place.

Look what has happened to our men and women in the Vietnam War they are still needing the help and they still are not getting it and that is a fact.

I am sure if you could all of this will change but it needs to be changed NOW we don't have another second to wait.

I am very surprised that you haven't had a program such as this because you have a lot of power in your program but now you are going to start helping them all and I can't say Thank you enough because all of our Men and Women in all of the wars now and in our past need to your help TODAY.

December 28, 2008, 2:48 pm CST


Quote From: DrPhilBoard1

There are 4 types of posts or entries you can make:
  • Text entry- all you can add is text, nothing else
  • Photo entry - this allows you to add a photo or multiple photos along with your text
  • Audio entry - this allows to to upload or record an audio file to appear with your text
  • Video entry - this allows you to upload or record from your webcam a video along with your text
When you add a blog entry, or a board post/comment it will open a drop down box asking you to select one of those 4 options.

Thank you for that.  I thought I would go stir crazy, trying to add pictures to my posts and not have them show up.  I'll know better next time.



 Australia Hooroo 


January 6, 2009, 3:34 pm CST

Monday's show and Tuesday's show

My name is Corrine Baugh

And I am mad at those people on Monday's show. EXCEPT the sex couple. Once a month or 2 would have been nice while raising my kids alone.

I am now 62, raised 3 kids (alone with out child support (until my oldest son was 13)  and 1 of someone Else's and worked 2 jobs, one was a part time kind of. I would get my kids ready for bed take them to my mothers go to work at a convenience store work for 6 hours (thank GOD they worked with me)run home get ready for work go to work at TI, come home and get the kids feed them try and lay down and take a nap with one eye open, get up at 9 get the kids ready for bed take them to mothers go to work and start my  mid night to 6 job, so I could run home and go to my full time job. I NEVER had anything cut off and still we had fun. I did that for 6 months till I was so wore out I quit my part time job. I never had  time for me. Even when my kids grew up and moved out, there was always someone here living with me or I was helping one or the other of my kids. My kids did not were hand me downs but they did not have to eat sub way unless they wanted it and they wore nice clothes. But not designers either. Levis or Wranglers was it. I bought them clothes not me. I still have a very hard time buying me things unless it is something to eat for the house. I'm not complaining just telling you what I had to do. Why did I not get on welfare and food stamps? Well that is how I started out but only long enough for me to get a job and that was that. Once I changed jobs and it was 3 weeks till I got a paycheck and we had to eat water grave, home make inky biscuits and powdered milk and for dinner it was beans and fried egg plant that some one at work gave me. I learned a lot of way to fix egg plant. Lol, my kids well not touch it today. There was more than 1 time that i would buy the kids a hamburger and take a bite of each one's and then turn it around so it would look like a whole one and that was all I would eat, If they ask me to get them one today I still have ot do that. They think it's funny. that was when I was skinny, Not too often though. I was fat and skinny, fat and skinny. When I left my 1st husband that I loved from the 2nd grade and said at that time I would marry him some day and I did. I gave him the house and car because I had no job and no way to pay for it and he said that he would take the kids away from me if I asked him for child support and i believed he might do that. And I was not going to give up my kids that I carried in my tummy for 9 months and gave birth to, they were my kids. I was young and DUMB. Still love him cause he is my wonderfull kids daddy. He did not have that much to do with them unless he had a new girlfriend and he wanted to play super daddy. Why did I not quit and just get on welfare like everyone else. I had too much pride to let people help me and still do.

My story is way too long but the morale, I hate it when I hear women say they can not make it without a man, mean or not. I did. I did not get to see my kids grow up cause I worked all the time. But I  helped out my daughter with her kids, I got to watch them grow up, and loved it. Now I have a downs grandson that is 3 and I have helped with him since he was born and fixing to have to let him go cause he is going to be 4 in Aug. and going to school where my wonderful daughter-in-law works and I now have 2 great grandson's and my granddaughter lives with me and i am helping her with my GREAT grandson. I don't know how to say no, When is it my turn. So you women out there shut up and get a job and go to work. There is a way. If I can do it hey anyone can. I've been married 4 times. Once to man I loved with all my heart that had a broken zipper and ran around on me, one that tbeat the crap out of me and left me in the hospital for 3 weeks (I married him cause I ran the bars and drank too much and did a little drugs and because I was broken hearted and I could make excuses all day but I wanted to get back at my husband for doing me like that when I thought that every things was great in our marraige, married my 3rd husband cause I was lonesome and just wanted someone to help and love me, the 4th, I wanted over 20 years for, said that GOD wanted me to be married he would find me a man that would love me and take care of me and he would bring him to my door and that is just about what happened, we were friends long ago and he lost his wife 3 months before we got married, I was friends with both him and his wife when I was married to my first husband and I did fall in love with  him so much but married too soon after Kay's death and he had a lot of military problems and his kids hated me, it just didn't work out for many reasons, we are still friends. Crap I just keep going. Sorry. I could write a book on my life that no on would believe.

Anyone I just don't want to hear about women who can't make it, I don't know how I made it just too stupid to stop I guess. And I'm not through yet. But once my granddaughter and i get our income tax money I am going to give it all to her so she well be on her feet with money and not have to do the things that I had to do to make it. I will never be able to quit work cause for 1 I don't know how and 2 I have no savings and live PAY DAY TO PAY DAY. But after your show, I am going to start putting back 20.00 every 2 weeks for me. (I hope lol). Sorry for all the gripping  but it does make me mad. EXCEPT for the couple with the sex problems. lol. Wait till they get my age and get NO sex. I don't date or sleep around. Don't have time.

Thankl you for letting me vent.

Corrine Baugh

Calera, Oklahoma

January 12, 2009, 12:46 pm CST

A Mother In Need!

I am a 24 year old mother of two beautiful boys.  I would love to have someone listen to my story and help me because I can not find anyone that is willing to help.  I got to start from the beginning to get you to understand my story.  I got pregnant and had my children at age 15 and 17.  I graduated high school as normal kids would at 18 and then got into college.  I was with my youngest childs father until 2006 and he got locked up and I left him while he was in jail.  I had put an epo against him for beating me and my children and did not have no contact with him for about a year.  I got some friends that I went to school with that helped me when I had left my son's father because I was only 20 years old with two children and of course was struggling.  I started to get onto drugs and so I took my children to my parents and did my thing for about a year and a half.  I have now been clean for over a year, work full time, have a home for my children and the only problem is I am not able to fight for my little boy.  I do not by any means have the kind of money that is neccesary to fight against teh devils that I have to go up against.  My oldest son is fine I see him all the time, talk to him everyday and am active in his life and have been since I have been clean, but my youngest son's father has him and when I go into court I am going up against the devil.  The judge is on the fathers side because his mother works for city hall and knows all the judges, lawyers, police, and gets away with whatever she wants to get away with.  he lies in the courtroom on me and my parents that have done nothing, but helped him when his mother threw him on the street because he was useless.  He has numerous charges pending against him, but yet the judge does not even listen to anything that me and my family have to say.  I have a lawyer but he has been up against her already and says that there is no way that he can fight somebody that is like her.  I have nowhere else to turn and my two son's have been seperated and they are both suffering because of it.  I have tried to contact my child's father and so has everyone in my family, but they will not let us see him or talk to him.  He will not let two brother;s speak to eeachother and my oldest son is in so much pain.  he has had a lot of trouble in school since his brother was taken from him. I need help, my family needs help and we don't know where else to turn.  Will you please help me.  I have no where to turn anymore.  Lawyers that know this story do not want to fight this because of the relatiionship that is between the mom and everyone in this city.  Help me please.  I can not live without my child.  They are my heart and I have worked so hard to get my life back together and will never be complete until my son is back in my life.
February 7, 2009, 1:32 pm CST

Burning the Bra ! In defense of men.


Burning the Bra ! In defense of men.

I want to begin this....this way, with these comments.  How I look at all of this may/or may not have something to do with our cultural differences. If I hurt or insult anyone. Please forgive. As that is not my intention. Its simply the way I perceive things and how they have spilled over into my life over the years. So please allow me these observations. :) So with respect...And with your permission I will continue.


We have spent years on the road too being liberated women. We want equality on the job. We want to bully our way into ALL the "MALE ONLY CLUBS." (i.e) military colleges, hockey clubs golf clubs etc..Just to prove we are the,"BETTER MAN."  We have constantly removed his manhood. We NEVER permit them to have their own little corner of the world. We belittle them and make light of their feelings.  We proved our independence of them. WE as women are self-absorbed, spoiled over indulgent females. We constantly whine and snivel we are aggressive and out spoken and we are know it alls and many of us suffer from toity mouths and we name call. I don't know if we behave this way for shock value. Or if someone of are just plain ignorant.  NO doubt about it we fight dirty. And we have the nerve to scream " they don't open doors for us or hold our chairs out, or pay the bar tab that they use us for sex,?" when we are promiscuous. Most men do not like to marry a sexualy promiscuous/active woman.  We call it hypocrisy I prefer man culture.  Men are losing respect for us. They want and like to have femininity in their lives they live that part of their live through us.  We are soothing creatures if we permit ourselves to be what God/ the universe intended.

We want it both ways. It’s like men's feeling don't matter to us at all. What a horrible existence for our men. And what a crock of B.S. I have yet to see a man impose his way into a woman's only club or want to be like a woman. Well maybe unless if he/she is gay, which is okay. 

WE are so depleted/bankrupt of our own sexual identities. Then we point the finger at the at the other sex. It's sad. We have said in our messages to men over the years "we are tuff we want to be treated like a man.” Now comes time to pay the piper.  And we don't ike the results. I have watched this for years and years. In total disbelief I might add.  I sure as heck will not be a party to the castration of men. Then turn around and expect them to behave in a manly fashion. Which do you want? A sissywhimp, or a man?

I do NOT need to search for my freedom as in look TOO anyone else, place or thing, nor too my husband for it. We all have it. It depends on how you perceive yourself in your relationship. If you see lack of freedom and isolation. Then I guess you're right.

I have never in my life felt more liberated as a woman..I love being a woman and all it entails. And just because Randy survived my (our heheheheh) menopause..... Barely.... doesn't mean squat.:) :)

He's just dang lucky the peanut butter scare didn't happen then. He mighta had peanut butter and jam sandwiches, along with peanut butter cookies for his lunches and throw in a little Maple leaf meat (Canadian style). till they kicked in whichever came first. The end of menopause or the peanut stuff kickin in. Some things are chemical reactions. Right? Yeah.

In our subconscious minds we know our natural rolls as a woman   God created both sexes and they were created with differences. You can NOT put a rabbit’s mouth on a donkey's mouth, and horses and dogs don't mate, you can't put your car motor in your hard drive, and grass does not grow on tree tops. Get the point? Going against what was intended to be natural, causes some serious repercussions. We become dissatisfied with our roles as men and as women. It becomes a constant battle of the sexes while it should be all fun times with the sexes functioning together.  ouu lala..Men know subconsciously that they are the protector they know that holding the door open is the right thing to do, but we have forced them into a more submissive role. So to win our APPROVAL guess what happened? They hold the door open till we're half way through he darn thing. OUCH ! Thus the sissy syndrome. Or in lots of cases the indifference. 

Mommy makes up for it long before he gets hitched she already knows what he's up against as an adult but he is after all her son, the rules are different in the upbringing/rearing of her male off-spring. She coddles him and caters to him. This translates as lazy boars to us who can’t carry and rinse a plate due to the rearing of that sorry little dweeb. Causing him to become a bonified idiot who can't pick up his own drawers after going potty.

The toilet seat in our bathroom (bye the way) is absolutely NEVER left in the UP position. Two reasons..

1. He knows better, and

2. I made the toilet tank cover and seat cover way toooo thick it falls with a very loud bang if he lets go of the toilet seat. Not to mention it could hit something important on the way down. <<grin>>  Randy (my hubby) says he has said dirty words at it many times. I guess he peed on his foot once. bummer.  It was my way of NOT making a big deal out of the toilet seat thing. So problem solved.  My hinny doesn’t make contact with porcelain in the middle of the night.  And it beats arguing. But ALAS my home decorating loaded with booby traps. Polite ones though.:)

My husband is treated with respect, I like him a lot and I love him. I also say thank you all the time.  For things he does around here, and his help with heavy lifting.  Or when he brings home MacDonald’s I say," Thank you honey, that was sooo good, and I appreciate the break."  My husband trusts me completely. I have more than earned his trust.  He is so good to me. But it hasn't always been like that. We had a battle of wills at first. Until we figured it out almost simultaneously.  It was like an epiphany yeah an epiphany you know when the little light bulb turns on? It was a matter of choice, A life sentence here or one behind bars..Divorce not being an option. Now we know better.

If you want the secret PHIL has to pay for it. heheheheh..Then I will tell Robin.. maybe. But it works well. The really big things are these. I cook all of his meals, I wash and iron all of his clothes, HE goes to work looking neat and it's great for the self-esteem thingee. I make his lunches EVERY single day for work. My house is always clean. I pay the bills. and I do all of the above with love.

Like it is the most important job in the world. and it is to me. Labours of love, all of them. He knows those things I certainly don't have to tell him. He FEELS ME

Kinda Like he will feel me in a few minutes for leaving the T.V. on and no one watching it.  grrrrrrrrrrr.

Well time to go and do some work around here. and pay some attention to my husband. He was ( had to add the word WAS) sitting kinda behind me watching T.V.  YES the T.V. is on during the day Saturday and Sunday mornings. I hate it. It really irritates me. but then I look forward to listening to the struggle in the weeee hours of the morning when he goes to the bathroom. payback is a B----- nes pas?

God Bless all of our men. they are so cool, cute to. Oh and guys thank you for ALWAYS opening doors for me and helping me load groceries into the jeep. Now that was nice.  <3 I appreciate you. Moslty.


February 14, 2009, 11:59 pm CST

Myspace the real hook up

My name is Thomas s im from Ohio i am 18yrs old and in a very ruff relationship and i need help. I have been with a young ladie whos name is amanda, we have been dating for 8 months now and have broken up 4 times now all on her account. Amanda hasnt had a wonderful up bringing, her parents are divorced and her father kicked her out of his home on Thanksgiving night. she is currently living with her mother, her mother works two jobs, and her step father is a truck driver and is always on the road.  Amanda and her father havn't spoken for three months and just recently her ex boy friend that is 25 yrs old told her that her father loved her and wanted to take her back.  She sent her father txt messages and myspace messages i hopes he will contact her back. a few days ago he sent her a message that told her that bc i was in the picture he wouldnt take her back. I fear that she will pick her abusive father over me. after 8 months i have to say that i love her very much, with all my heart and i have asked her to marry me. All i ever wanted was commitment from her, my biggest problem is her myspace account, she has used it to find older guys who will take advantage of her. some would call it risky behavior , every morning she checks her myspace and whenever she gets home from college classes she checks it . we have fought many times about the many guys who appear on her account and also on the phone. i need help i have done everything for her i have managed my account to show her that she is most important thing in my life. i cant help but to think what is really happening on myspace,facebook,im ,and via cell phone all day long, our last argument started at 7 am when she recieved a txt from and older guy who we will say is 23. how can i help prevent this from going to far and her getting hurt, and at the same time save our relationship. I love her very much and i would like to get the commitiment that i show her every day , sometimes i feel used and it hurts to see her do this
February 26, 2009, 8:35 am CST

On Nadya Suleman

I was really confused watching the show today. I understand everyone makes misstakes and Dr. Phill is, being a good man that he is, and watching out for these babies. But what upsets me is, he wants to help her with these babies and the way they were asking for a home on TV and now hes got people helping her with money. My question is? What about these poor families out here that have lost thier jobs with families and are now on the streets. They didnt do this, to thierselves like she did herself and he is, willing to help her but the real people who are on the streets with familes that worked all thier lives to have a home then to loose it and end up on the streets. I dont understand helping her and not worrying about helping the familes with children on the streets? Its just not right and she did this, to her self.  I wonder if she didnt do this, on purpose to make some kind of crazy name for herself and get free money and a free home? I am to worried about those inocent babies but in reality what about the children on the streets with thier families that tried to, work and now they cant find a job and thier living on the streets and no one is, out thier helping them? It just really burns me this, woman taking advantage of, all of this, she wants a free home, money a new car, yeah all of us would love that but Im sure as heck not going to go out and have a boat load of babies just to get what I want. I just think its horriable and people are letting her get away with it and she knows what shes doing.. We need to focus more on the poor families and children living on the streets in america with no homes.. Jessie North Carolina
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