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Created on : Friday, October 03, 2008, 02:17:07 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Twenty-seven million people worldwide are the victims of modern-day slavery: They are forced into sex or back-breaking labor against their will. Most of the victims lured into this criminal world are innocent children -- maybe even your own. Last year, slave traders made more money than the profits of Google, Nike and Starbucks combined. A new documentary, Call + Response, features a few of  Hollywood's leading actresses who feel passionate about this injustice. United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and featured actress in the documentary, Julia Ormond, joins Dr. Phil to share her firsthand experience of witnessing human trafficking and what she -- and you -- can do to put an end to it. These atrocities are not only happening in other parts of the world. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 17,000 people are trafficked into the United States every year. The filmmaker behind Call + Response, Justin Dillon, goes undercover in San Francisco and discusses what he witnessed. Could it be happening in your home town? You might be surprised by what’s uncovered?. Then, police in Texas recently found a 16-year-old girl who was allegedly smuggled into the state with the promise of love, only to be locked in a house and forced to sell herself at least five nights a week. Hear from an FBI agent who sheds light on the case.  And, Tyamba was a straight-A student who ran away from home at 13 and was lured into a teenage prostitution ring. Find out how she broke free and what her life is like today. Plus, hear from women who were forced to be sex slaves in a sex ring, and meet two women fighting to help get child prostitutes off the street. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 3, 2008, 4:03 pm CDT

Doctor Phil Show

Child Doctor Erica Jay Jodan/Robin Sex Slavers. Are you kidding me? I never of that before. See you on T--

hursday October 09th, 2008. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.-------------------------------------------------------- 

October 7, 2008, 1:44 am CDT

Re: Child Sex Slaves

Dr. Phil, I am deeply concerned about this growing problem. The city where I live (in Canada) is the place where police effected a wonderful and fabulously successful sting against pederasts operating 2,000 away over the internet. The existence of the internet---tho' indescribably essential now for use in business and every kind of research, is a travesty in terms of the ability it provides pederasts contact of children.
I am at home all day--retired. Last week, in the middle of the day, I tuned into a television station I had never watched before. It was Station 31 (in Canada) called SHOW. The program had just begun--& I feel I must tell you what I saw. It was a police `track the criminal' sort of show: the police were engaged in trying to find a 9 year old girl who had been lured away from her home by an on-line pederast. The police learned the criminals username--it was `SpankDaddy'. In plotting their strategy for trapping this person it was decided that what was needed was (novel twist in such a story!)--a mature, sophisticated WOMAN: a person who would not pretend to BE a child, but would openly admit (to the pederast) that she was `bored with her husband...he "didn't do it" for her any more... She asked --slowly and sensuously to be introduced to a child. The camera moved slowly in to focus on her eyes as she spoke. "I want to make love to a child", she said. A chill went down my spine. THIS is what television has come down to. Dr. Phil--the woman was acting the PART of a police woman--tracking a criminal. BUT, within the role, she was acting another role--that of a woman WANTING a child. BUT OVERLAPPING THIS, the actress was (to my mind) doing something else entirely: it seemed to me that she was well past the mere job of acting a part. THE SHOW ITSELF was deliberately tittilating: it was selling the very porn it purported to `condemn' (if one can make that accusation of a show at all!) It was devious beyond belief. As the camera went closer on the eyes of the actress--her eyes became almost `smokey' with desire. Her face was filled with such a level of lust no-one could possibly accept what she was doing as mere acting. She FELT what she was saying as she murmured "...yes--a girl--about 9 or 10. I want to experience it. Ive thought about it for a long time...take me to a dark place. A very dark pace. I long to feel the body of a child--to make her come..." It went on and on. Well, the meeting was arranged. The price was fixed. The place was agreed upon. The man was caught and the child was `found'--by the woman `police officer' who took the child in her arms, saying ""It's all right now--don't be scared--I've got you"--he ace suffused with passion I was unable to believe was acting. Dr. Phil, the show itself was presented in the manner of a successful `sting', but the show itself had a dual purpose: it served to tittilate, to disturb, to engage the viewer in the same way adult porn is intended to. And it accomplished all this while being presented as `afternoon entertainment'.
It has to stop, Dr.Phil. The more such `shows' are allowed to be viewed, the more they will be regarded as`...nothing shocking--just the usual thing', until pederasty itself becomes `normalized' in the minds of the public. I could not get the thought out of my mind --the wondering--what kind of feeelings such a show would be stirred up in the mind of a lonely, unemployed male--sitting at home, alone--watching this kind of `entertainment'. Only a year or so ago a man ran out of his home in Toronto--grabbed the first young woman he saw, pulled her into his home and raped and murdered her. He later admitted to the police that he had been watching the kind of `show' I have just described every day for weeks. He said he was "unable to control the pressure such shows created". Dr. Phil, the problem of illicit sex with children is now a world-wide problem. Please will you work to bring attention to the role televised porn plays in this growing problem.

October 7, 2008, 9:15 am CDT

Child sex slaves

I lost my daughter at 15 in a car accident, but if someone had lured her away and turned her into a sex slave I would end up in jail because i would hunt down and eliminate the person who did it.  Jail time for those cought is NOT enough punishment.  If they have so little respect for human life they should never see the light of day again.

So many pretty young women and girls who are missing are taken for this purpose and often send to other countires.  Just as women/girls from other countries are brought here and smuggled in.  Once away from the home country it is easier to control them.

Very sad comintary on the lack of morals and faith all over the world.  Bad guys are winning and we need much tougher punishment for all of them. 

At 62 I remember how things used to be and am saddened for what the grandchildern are facing.

October 7, 2008, 10:08 am CDT


I am very glad Dr. Phil has decided to address this issue. It is an international crisis but America often cannot bring itself to admit that  we are not  immune to this epidemic. If you want to learn more about it, at least from a hypothetical first person account, I would recommend the book Sold. All the best.

October 7, 2008, 10:36 am CDT

sex slavers

This is just another example of how adults are failing children.  Crimes against children need to be put an end to.  This will be accomplished through education and stronger punishment for the perpratators.  This not only a problem in the U.S. but Canada, as well as the rest of the world.  I have been working toward accomplishing these things, but 99.9%  of people do not understand how wide spread crimes against children are and those who do refuse to get involved.  To those who could get involved and do not I say, If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.  It has been an up hill struggle for me to get anyone to listen, let alone help.  Maybe hearing it from you will change their minds.  We can only hope.  God bless for your efforts and for caring.  P.S. It truly amazes me how many people will help an animal, but will not lift a finger to help a child.
October 9, 2008, 12:25 pm CDT



October 9, 2008, 5:39 pm CDT

10/10 Child Sex Slaves

Think that is good that Dr.Phil is getting the word out about this kind of stuff. These people that do this to these children and teenager are sick and need to be lock up in jail for a long time.
October 10, 2008, 12:21 am CDT


27 is too high a number never mind Twenty Seven Million victims.You have to be a sociopath or evil to be a human trafficer.We can change this and exterminate these parasites.The answer is MORE shows about HUMAN TRAFFICING,EDUCATION until we all know about it and STRONG LAWS consistent around the world.Perhaps the death penal;ty for the first conviction will send them a message about our disapproval .I normally don't agree with a death penalty but were dealing with humans that feel ZERO empathy which has been called the road to evil.
October 10, 2008, 7:25 am CDT

not just children but older women too

I know of a man who has brought Thai women over to the USA and promised them all kinds of things including Green Cards, only to return them after Visa was up (2years). He used them for his purposes, and lonelyness. Well I meet one of his victims. When she told me he had lied to her about several things after marrying her, I couldnt allow him to get away with it. I gave him warning to take care of her, to not just use her for his slave or else I would turn him in. He then tried to keep me from talking with her, but that didnt work. She was trying to learn english, but since he couldnt understand her, he would tell her to just shut up. I meet with her several times, helped her speak and learn some of the American ways. She came to this country not knowing much, but was very eager to learn and loved the USA and freedom. I found her an attorney that would work on her behalf Pro Bono, but this women (young looking 40ty) was very afraid to do anything because she was so afraid and was hopeful she would get her Green Card, and this man would treat her better. After months of waiting for paper work I again threatened to turn him in if he did not get her the Green Card. He bought only used clothing for her, rarely let her buy her Thai food to cook at home, and didnt want her to talk to anyone unless he was present or knew them. When he realized I was not going away, he did get her work permit but she didnt know she needed a SSI# and tried to keep her from getting drivers license. After he put this off, I taught her to drive and went and got her SSI# and she passed her drivers license test, and took her to the Temple for the first time in USA (10months). She was so thankful and so happy until she got home to him. Now she has become stronger and is doing everything she can including playing along with his games to get her Green Card and interview which should have happened months ago. As of today she has not heard anything yet. This man paid her family money to marry her and made promises to them as well which have all been broken. This just doesnt happen to children but also older women. He has threatened to send her back several times and said if you turn me into immigrations I will tell them you were a prostitute and would be sent back. I told her the USA would protect her and an attorney would make sure she wouldnt have to return to Thailand unless she wanted to, and there have been many times she thought about returning, until I proved to her she could get SSI and License without him. She does not want to get this man in trouble, because she is thankful to be here in USA. She just wants to start work asap, to help herself and more importantly to send money back to her family. He has told her she can not work around any men, unless its taken care of old dying people, or cleaning their homes. This is slavery just in another way.
October 10, 2008, 1:08 pm CDT

Experts on slavery in the US

I wrote an article recently on sex slavery and why women are such a palatable commodity, not only in other parts of the world, but in the United States. Advertising and media play no small role in helping us see women as objects for use - and misuse.

Gender experts and professionals in the field of women's studies contributed to the article.

Not an easy question to answer is why our country, considered by many to be a progressive nation at the forefront of securing individual human rights, is one of the principal destinations for 14,500 to 17,000 women and children trafficked annually for the purposes of slavery.

In a 2004 Trafficking in Persons Annual Report, Miller noted that information on slavery is inexact, “but we believe that the majority of slave victims, in the neighborhood of 80 percent, are of the female gender.” He added, “We believe the largest category of slavery is sex slavery.”

Ms. magazine reported in the summer of 2007 that sex trafficking is one of the most profitable crime industries in the world — second only to the drug trade — and that U.S. trafficking victims are most prevalent in New York, Texas, Florida, and California. The question now becomes, how is it females have come to be considered a viable, and apparently an even somewhat palatable, commodity, particularly in the United States?

To read the rest of article, go to

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