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Created on : Friday, October 03, 2008, 02:17:07 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Twenty-seven million people worldwide are the victims of modern-day slavery: They are forced into sex or back-breaking labor against their will. Most of the victims lured into this criminal world are innocent children -- maybe even your own. Last year, slave traders made more money than the profits of Google, Nike and Starbucks combined. A new documentary, Call + Response, features a few of  Hollywood's leading actresses who feel passionate about this injustice. United Nations Goodwill Ambassador and featured actress in the documentary, Julia Ormond, joins Dr. Phil to share her firsthand experience of witnessing human trafficking and what she -- and you -- can do to put an end to it. These atrocities are not only happening in other parts of the world. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more than 17,000 people are trafficked into the United States every year. The filmmaker behind Call + Response, Justin Dillon, goes undercover in San Francisco and discusses what he witnessed. Could it be happening in your home town? You might be surprised by what’s uncovered?. Then, police in Texas recently found a 16-year-old girl who was allegedly smuggled into the state with the promise of love, only to be locked in a house and forced to sell herself at least five nights a week. Hear from an FBI agent who sheds light on the case.  And, Tyamba was a straight-A student who ran away from home at 13 and was lured into a teenage prostitution ring. Find out how she broke free and what her life is like today. Plus, hear from women who were forced to be sex slaves in a sex ring, and meet two women fighting to help get child prostitutes off the street. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 10, 2008, 5:43 pm CDT

Heartbreaking story

When I saw the very first of the program today I knew I could not watch it.  I turned it off but I have been haunted all evening.  I saw just enough to bring back the memories of my childhood and the sexual abuse I endured around the same age as these young girls.  I was around the age of 6 when I became  victim of incest and the hell lasted six or seven years.  I lived in a world of silence for 39 long years.  When I saw this today and heard just a little of the abuse these precious children are enduring I was filled with such anger at the ones who do this to innocent children who have their lives ahead of them.  There will be a special place in hell just for these bastards who harm children. 

October 10, 2008, 7:06 pm CDT

Friday Night

Friday Night


At night the Main becomes a completely different place. It sorta turns into an underworld Hollywood. People are all decked out, wearing expensive perfumes and there is no limit to the sexy ladies everywhere. But amongst the many outcasts that are just trying to survive hides the few who use this underworld for profit.


It was an icy cold winter night as I walked along St. Catherine street eastbound towards the Main. Just ahead I noticed Michelle, a local whore asleep from pill overdose in a snowbank with two tricks trying to pick her up and drag her into the closest hotel room hoping to get a freebie. On the opposite corner was this new couple everyone was talking about. It was a woman and her daughter who had recently moved into the area. New comers always get noticed because down here everyone knows everyone. What was alarming was that the daughter couldn't of been more than twelve years old. She was wearing a very short pink skirt with this very revealing tank top with just a jean coat to keep her warm. She had so much makeup on she looked like a model. Obviously there was something not right going on with them two, but down here we don't get into other peoples affairs because we have what we call "The Street Code". Mind your own business!


Most of the girls down here are protected by local pimps. It seems the common thing to "own" a pimp. The funny thing is many of the girls are getting abused from their pimp but still proclaimed that they own their pimp. I can understand this philosophy because the Main can be a dangerous place. None of the girls would pull tricks without the protection of their pimp, it's just not good business. Having a pimp ensures payment as well.


Approaching the Main, I quickly dash down to the disco where I hang out on Friday nights. Fridays is the best night to go out because everyone is around and the place is packed. The only thing I don't like is when I go to the washroom I got to move through the crowd and someone keeps pinching my butt. Upon entering the disco I see Karen with the front of her tea shirt over some idiot's head. I don' t think he realizes that it's going to cost him his wallet in a few moments. Oops, there's the move, she's got it! ha ha!


Yes sir, my usual, thank you. I always order a "Sex Machine", Grand Marnier, Kahlua and milk, I don't really drink. I think I'll go out and smoke a quick one before my friend arrives. Hey, check that out! There's that little girl getting in a car with this big ugly two hundred pounder, holy macaroni! And the mother's right at the driver's window getting the cash. The condom is $120.00, the sex is free! Look at that, she's just letting him drive away with her daughter, I do not believe it!


Up I go back to my table, hey! check out those two little babes, they look like sluts. hmm....


This new world is something else man!


Lots of cashola here man!


I love it!


But I'm only sixteen, what do I know?




October 11, 2008, 3:25 am CDT

Reduce the rhetoric, Add some logic!

Dr. Dr Phil,

I already wrote you once and it took me an hour or so before your site cut me off so I’m sure you didn’t get my last message.

I was writing in regards to “Call + Response”. I saw the show and was not surprised to find how you and your guests and audience react to the rhetoric. First of all, exploiting children may be bad but you are rhetorically exploiting children by using them as the disguised front for an argument against prostitution of all sorts. Adding the term “slavery” adds even more rhetorical abuse of a logical argument. Had you focused on real evidence of this supposedly massive child slavery and not circumstantial evidence and the very limited videoed evidence you present not to mention the questionable statistics (inform us for instance how is this magnificent evidence is obtained without first capturing the criminals to read their accounting books! Also, the interest of one who does such a stat will likely set the qualifications that determine a count in their favor. An induced likelihood is just as likely to be NULL. Logical certainty is not approximate.)

The problem that blinds you is your perception of sexual morality through a religious mind-set. You as most of the viewing audience think that it is natural fact that humans are innately born to a sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or that their at least exists such a set of magical essences that we might learn. The idea that humans are just another mere animal that just happens to successfully manage and control much of the rest of nature’s destiny for its own purposes is unbelievable to the majority of people. Therefore, when it comes to sex, (not to mention other areas), for religious people it’s an unfathomable sin of even thought that an older man (especially) could desire a girl based on her youth but be legally underage.  To psychologically try to divorce this as a simple religious cause you people reverse it and claim that these ‘perpetrators’ appeal to these girls because they are legally underage and that it is merely about a matter of a likeness for control and NOT sex at all.

 For some of us who lack beliefs in religious things knowing that the human is an animal allows us to understand that we only make laws to establish a contemporary morality for practical purposes. We create laws or a legal morality for the sake of preserving each of our personal needs collectively. A law to prevent one from having sex with a person below a certain age is a computation we make based on what health or harm it could cause an individual. Or at least this is how law evolves without forceful prevention by intention of the individual. In your country you arbitrarily set an age limit restriction to 18 for instance as a border for definition of ‘pedophiles’.  In Canada, it is 14. But I am shocked when I see how any American reacts to something like a twenty-one year old MALE is caught sleeping with a seventeen year old. Pedophile! Wow. It is acceptable that we make rules for practical purposes. But to be shocked by some sense of disgust against people based on a natural animalistic behavior is weird to me. When you hold such disgust for such a case you must feel even more outraged at India. People there preplan their marriages without the individuals consent at age six sometimes. And if they marry at ten, sex is expected. And no, India is not asking America to come and save them from their torturous pornographic upraising. They want money and jobs.

What you and your guests and others say is that woman (girls) in the profession are all victims captured and controlled by pimps and johned out to ‘pedophiles’ (by innuendo)  who need to be focused on and criminalized (punish the demanders) How many conservatives (supply-side supporters for reasons of wealth) support this contradictorily? What you seem to be ignorant about is that people in most of the world’s cultures  teach their children early that the role of woman is to be a sexual object of desire and that men are to appeal to that by being a protector and provider to her. High-heeled shoes on women don’t serve a survival function. Pretty dresses and make-up lessen the ability of girls and woman to play or function in many physical environments. We teach girls that it is okay to be sensitive and vulnerable and to be visible with their weaknesses, cook, clean, and serve men. Boys are taught to hide emotions – not by their non-present father, but rather, by their loving mothers. They are sent outside to play and make up their own entertainment or let alone. (De-sensitizes without parental social interaction) They are taught that girls are dainty and pretty and can’t play rough when they are young. Then once they are attracted to them they are taught that they must appeal to them physically first and by what they wear secondly (wealth), and then what they can give (wealth realized).

Girls learn young that they can get things achieved through manipulating their appearances and doing seemingly trivial behaviors. And for most girls, if they have a sexual encounter that didn’t outright traumatize them, they often choose to use sex as a bargaining tool to get what they want and do NOT find it sinful or disgusting. Well, many sometimes do but continue the act anyways. Their own conflict is usually due to the religious environment we live in and the taboo that’s placed upon on it. People like you create an excuse for some of them to redirect the responsibility for their guilt elsewhere when it needs not exist at all.  Most people refer to a slut as one who ‘gives it away for free’. In other words, the assumption by those who use the saying presume that the norm is to make men EARN their sexual rewards. Now, Dr. Phil, I’m sure you don’t use the word “slut”. But ask especially any high school girl. If you’re still doubtful, ask her how she defines it.

The fact that you had post-prostitutes that were not understandably children to most of the world testifies to the fact that the show was a bias on prostitution itself. What’s worse, like most post-prostitute examples I’ve witnessed on television so far, they appear to have lost something most precious to the sex industry – their physical appearance and thus their potential desirability to demanding customers.  Also you too quickly dismissed the ‘pimp’s’ words when you sort-of interviewed him probably because you biased his whole credibility from the start. Guess what? A person who does a crime at one moment doesn’t lose an instant ability to possibly tell the truth at every moment thereafter. If you didn’t trust his credibility why would you plot to interview someone and certainly harm his credibility by belittling him and cutting him off?  This forces viewers who trust your credibility to fill in the blanks by innuendo and presume his incredibility. Do you sincerely believe that no women actually want to prostitute?

Well do I have news for you?! Once upon a time I moved in with friends and strangers who wanted to run an escort agency. My friends were hoping to meet girls. It was relatively non-profit. Any moneys paid to anyone only paid for services like time for answering phones, driving, and rent for my friend who owned the house (for those who lived there). Get this – I never got laid! Some of the girls hit on me and never felt shy about dressing or undressing in front of me but no matter what kind of moves they made on me I never took advantage of the opportunities. I was actually, and still am, quite sexually less experienced than most and find it uncomfortable to be aggressive towards woman sexually. I get paralyzed and uncomfortable and tend to lose my window of opportunity before I feel brave enough to act. But I did get to know them as friends and felt most comfortable in that. All of the girls and a couple guys volunteered their services. One thing that was lacking with us was an ability to guarantee physical protection from johns when they went out and were out of our site. For the most part there were no problems. But once in a blue moon you would get a client who felt like…well,…you and your guests. They were disgusted with prostitutes and did sincerely believe it a sin but they frowned upon the escorts and would demand services that would belittle and/or harm them. For the most part there was nothing we could do because technically the girls or guys would do massages but would obviously do more on their own discretion. That was their business. (Only in bigger cities with bigger population do you get clientele who take them out first.)

We didn’t last long. A personal relationship problem with the owner of the house and the girls developed that finally ended the agency. But prior to its fall they lost confidence in the agency’s ability to protect them safely and so it began to wane beforehand. My point is that they wanted the protection that a service of what customarily a pimp would presume (or could potentially). Why? Police obviously will not voluntarily police or knowing protect a girl while she is ‘servicing’ her client. Someone who appears to be threatening to the john will behave accordingly. So it is likely that in most cases a pimp is working for her as much as she for him. Most are likely boyfriends. And it is not likely that those who career at it are monsters to their girls. It is a stereotype. In cases where aggression exists it is likely accepted with open arms by most girls (or guys). Cases where drugs also get involved get problematic due to potential debts. But it is also not likely that pimps stereotypically get a girl addicted to drugs so that she can support her habit by pimping. NOTE: Drugs were not allowed in our agency. (One girl had a really bad drinking problem though)

A few years later I met one of my natural sisters and told her about the escort agency. I didn’t want to lie about who I was or my past. She had to accept me based on the truth only. She was (is) very pretty and had I not met her as my sister I would have met another dream girl of mine. And I told her as much. I didn’t know it then but I developed an image in her head of who I was that really upset her when she re-examined me later on.  She soon began opening up to me. I didn’t set any ‘sister’ boundaries because when I met her I wanted her to understand that I could only get to know her as a friend because I didn’t grow up with her and I didn’t want to set up any false expectations. (I did this with my natural mother and another natural sister I met later on too)

I might have had a hint of what she was thinking early on but I didn’t have enough to be certain of anything yet. First of all, she was originally with her husband and two kids. But they were having on and off problems. One situation she brought up with me was that her husband asked her if she would be willing to do a threesome with one of his friends. She told me that she was somewhat curious and wanted to but wondered whether she should or not. It didn’t dawn on me that her husband really didn’t want it to happen but might be testing her. I thought she should feel free to experiment if she felt comfortable with it and wanted to. She did tell her husband that she would be willing to try it but he backed down and changed his mind.

One day afterwards we were sitting at the kitchen table on opposite sides talking when all of a sudden without reason she crept around the table really seductively and approached me as if to kiss me. I froze and my face must have shown fear or something because she stopped short and then suddenly said, “Just kidding!” I didn’t respond or say anything and pretended like it never happened and just carried on awkwardly with conversation. I was never sure if she was just kidding or not. But I often wondered what would have happened had I not reacted the way I did what could have happened.

It wasn’t long after that she came over to my place, told me that her husband viciously raped her, and then showed me her bruises on her body. I felt like I was outside of myself watching a movie of her telling me this. I felt so cold in my responsiveness. I didn’t hug her or get emotional or anything. I was absent. I kept totally logical and so she acted the same. I asked her what she thinks she wants to do about it and that I would support her. She only assured me that he was out of the scene and wouldn’t come back. She didn’t want to tell anyone else and wanted me to keep it to myself (not call the police, etcetera). It wasn’t until she left that I began to feel …well anything about it. I began to worry and started thinking possible bad events in my mind. Early the next morning I decided to go over there when she should have been there and she was gone. I tried a few times for the next few hours. Hours turned to days and my mind was panicking. But I didn’t know what to do.

Finally the phone rang. It was her. I didn’t answer it. Instead I was so angry that I took my phone off the hook and refused calls for a couple days.

She eventually came over and was shocked to discover that I was even mildly upset at her. I discovered that she and her kids went away with her husband on a whim. They got together the night that she left my place viola, they fixed everything and went on holidays. I told her that if she ever did that again I would refuse to ever have anything to do with her again. It clicked in with her and she finally broke it off with him. I also offered to get a place with her since we could both get a financial break if we lived together. So we did.

Things didn’t go too well though. Although I was financially struggling, she was worse off because she had also two kids to feed. She was always down on herself. “I hate my life!” was her favorite saying. It bothered me most because she didn’t hold back even when her kids were around. It would get quite depressing. We talked quite a bit. But I tended to be the constant unintentional critic of everything she said and did. She would be confusing about many things she said. Sometimes she would tell me how horny she was. I wasn’t sure if she was giving me hints or being matter-of-fact. Too often she talked without concern when her kids were in the same room. I became frustrated that I couldn’t have a normal adult only room to talk openly. Instead all I could do was to try to talk carefully. But it came out mostly critical of things like how she couldn’t discipline the children so that they could for instance, play on their own in a different room while we talk.

Then one time she asked me if I would ask one of my co-workers’ if he would like to have sex with her for money. She blurted it out all of a sudden. She was so serious that I didn’t know what to do. So I actually asked my co-worker but in a joking kind-of way. He was unimpressed by me. It appeared as though I was cutting down my sister. I said, “Do you know, if you want to you can have sex with my sister, she said she would do it with you if you paid her?” Well, now that I look at the sentence, maybe it appeared like it was an insult to him.  Anyways he ignored me and we weren’t much of friends after that.

My sister began clamming up on me and refused to talk to me. I finally gave her an ultimatum. I told her that if we couldn’t talk about anything I have to move out. She got mad and challenged it so I gave a month’s notice and moved out. She told me that I wasn’t what she thought I was.

What is the point of this story? In retrospect, my sister wanted me to pimp her out! She wanted me, however to initiate the idea and support it. However, she didn’t have the environmental opportunity that would give her the justification. And I wouldn’t provide it. In fact, at times I would even be at odds with the way she seemed to be too easy with some of the guys she was dating at the house. Three guys within a couple month duration (and her husband!) She thought that since I was involved with an escort agency that I should have no personal ethical boundaries or opinions.

To close, both men AND women are to blame for the social sexual problems due to nature and the conflicting religious moralities we impose on ourselves. Yes, it is practical to make laws that can alter behavior that will ensure each individual to grow up physically and mentally healthy as much as we can. For now, our best contemporary knowledge tells us that we should ban sexual acts imposed on younger people. To me, fourteen seems to be an approximate age. But I would even go differently and see a future law that imposed a ban on sexual acts without a social maturity level that requires one to have a formal educational pre-requisite and psychological exam. People mature at different levels at different things at different times. Someone at fourteen can mature sexually while someone at thirty still hasn’t.

Also, prostitution should be completely legalized. Only a legal industry can be protected from abuse within. Continuing with the “child slavery” rhetoric in regards to the sex trade is minor compared to what I could think up regarding religion and the real harms it does. RE: “Parents everywhere are imposing unrestricted fear in the minds of their children with threats of the existence of an eternal damnation where they could possibly end up if they don’t …”



October 11, 2008, 6:11 am CDT



         If woman  knew  how to dress themself in Canada and USA and around the world it probably going to reduce the sex slave. Especially those yought one who wear t-shirts that say PLAYBOY and I bet you cannot touch them. For me there no different between a prostitution and a woman, their are basically the same think.  Sorry


October 11, 2008, 7:09 am CDT

Our sad world

I had no idea child prostitution was as strong as it is, even in our own country. I'm going out to look for this documentary. How many other things outside my door are my eyes not seeing?
October 11, 2008, 9:35 am CDT

child sex slaves

I've read most of the messages on this subject. I am surprised that the message board is't full. Folks this is happening in our towns and large cities.  When girls run away from home they are immediately vulnerable to men and women waiting to offer them a place to stay and into the sex trade.  Little kids are kidnapped and turned over to pedophiles in that network of perverts.


Thanks to the brave souls that are trying to DO something about this crime against humanity. Thanks to Dr. Phil for putting this on the show.


We claim to be a child caring society and yet more money is raised by the SPCA than for child abuse and neglect etc.



October 11, 2008, 11:17 am CDT

I'd rather hear from you...

Quote From: amandabonella

thats why we avoid them
There's a lot of bloated, wordy replies on this subject by people who are really impressed with themselves. As a general rule, I like many others, totally ignore what they've written (after a cursory glance). The only ones who KNOW the truth are people like you who live it. I wish you had said a lot more. You are the information that's needed.Thanks.
October 11, 2008, 11:59 am CDT

10/10 Child Sex Slaves

Quote From: nasale

There's a lot of bloated, wordy replies on this subject by people who are really impressed with themselves. As a general rule, I like many others, totally ignore what they've written (after a cursory glance). The only ones who KNOW the truth are people like you who live it. I wish you had said a lot more. You are the information that's needed.Thanks.
Ignorance is bliss!?
October 11, 2008, 1:21 pm CDT

western sex slaves

I didn't know children so young were being used like this, but i did recently watch a canadian documentary on teenage & young women being brought here for this purpose.  The unfortunate thing is that, since some countries have such a low view of women, they feel canada & usa will allow them the freedom they deserve, but don't understand there are creeps in our countries too, who unfortunately don't have a higher regard for women than the men from their home countries.  Some of these men say they are looking for housekeepers or nannies & women come to find that's not the capacity they're needed in.  This documentary i watched said that canadian law allows women 2 yr visas to work here as exotic dancers.  The reality of this situation is that these women aren't brought over solely to dance.  It's disgusting that i live in a country that's supposedly progressive but can have such a ludacris law in place. 

October 11, 2008, 3:00 pm CDT

I second that!

Quote From: tobagirl79

I didn't know children so young were being used like this, but i did recently watch a canadian documentary on teenage & young women being brought here for this purpose.  The unfortunate thing is that, since some countries have such a low view of women, they feel canada & usa will allow them the freedom they deserve, but don't understand there are creeps in our countries too, who unfortunately don't have a higher regard for women than the men from their home countries.  Some of these men say they are looking for housekeepers or nannies & women come to find that's not the capacity they're needed in.  This documentary i watched said that canadian law allows women 2 yr visas to work here as exotic dancers.  The reality of this situation is that these women aren't brought over solely to dance.  It's disgusting that i live in a country that's supposedly progressive but can have such a ludacris law in place. 

I agree with you. Our laws are screwed up and I would love to vote for a party that would change them. But, which one?I wish a lot more people cared about this issue.
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