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Created on : Friday, October 03, 2008, 02:15:18 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
O.J. Simpson was found guilty on all charges, including kidnapping and assault, in connection with the robbery of two memorabilia collectors at a Las Vegas hotel. Now that a verdict has been reached, Dr. Phil continues his coverage of a trial that is dominating headlines. Hear from Fred and Kim Goldman, the late Ron Goldman's father and sister. How do they feel about the recent news? Then, some of the jurors who delivered the guilty verdict discuss their decision and thoughts on the case. Find out what they say weighed heavily on their decision. And, Dr. Phil talks to Thomas Riccio, a key witness in the Vegas trial. Did Thomas sell the former sports star down the river for his own profit, or was he simply telling the truth about his involvement? Plus, legal analyst and host of In Session's Open Court, Lisa Bloom, and civil litigation attorney, Areva Martin, weigh in with their opinions. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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October 8, 2008, 12:16 pm CDT

Correction - Most Black Folks Don't Support OJ!!

Quote From: katrina44

But what is legal is legal.
October 8, 2008, 12:35 pm CDT

Tired of media hype

Quote From: latte2008

Surprised at some of the vitriolic comments that OJ didnt get a fair trial, due to race and anger against the Goldman's. This man committed two heinous murders 13 years ago, got away with it. I've never believed in karma but if i were to, this is a dang good example. Also, thank you for the continued updates on Casey Anthony, Dr. Phil. You bring out issues in this story that many overlook (another guilty person going free, and COMPLAINING? because house arrest is 'too confining')?
I too am sick and tired of hearing about OJ and think there are way too many "good" topics for Dr. Phil to concentrate on.  OJ is guilty for killing Nicole and Ron and guilty for this other crime and should be locked up and the key thrown away.  He got away the first time and had 13 years of freedom and now it is time he does the time for the crimes.  I also am so sick of hearing about Caylee Anthony.  It is 24/7 coverage on Nancy Grace and we certainly don't need another show talking about it.  Enough is being said and dragging on and on.  It just amazes me that some people get the national coverage for a missing child and others get none.  I understand that this case has a lot of interesting facts and people want to know what happened and this mother must be punished even if a body is never found.  She is another one that will get her dues some day (might not be now), but in the end, she will pay.  Also, I commend the Goldman's for doing what they have been doing for all these years.  If it were my son/brother, I would never get over it and want to see this horrible man put away for life.
October 8, 2008, 1:05 pm CDT

OJ-Oh Brother!!!

FINALLY,justice is served! I have the show on right now,and the Black woman in the audience who is mouthing off about the 2 women being excluded from the jury due to race,should get real! The ONLY reason OJ got off the first time was due to race! There are not enough SWAT teams in the USA to control the outcry of the black communities when a black criminal with any notoriety is convicted of a crime! Blacks will riot with little or no provocation,and they were just WAITING for the jury to DARE to convict OJ.

    I am SICK and TIRED of the race card always coming into play! You do the crime,you do the time,black,white,green or purple,I don't give a rats' a--! Blacks are NO longer a minority in this country,and it is well past time to take away that label that gives them so much voice and so many freebies and excuses. Let them make their own way and be responsible for their own mistakes and situations,it is overdue. Wanna help needy minorities? How about the NATIVE AMERICANS who live in poverty,alcoholism and rampant diabetes? Who is more deserving?

    Get over it,black community,and GROW UP! Thank you NAACP and ACLU for making them so dependent on handouts and the book of excuses!

October 8, 2008, 1:05 pm CDT

I am tired .

These cry babies wanting to voice that the OJ trial was infair because he was found guilty, No african americans on the jury bid deal. The constitution states a jury of your peers not ethnical peers of nationality peers but AMERICAN CITIZEN PEERS> Quite reading into the constitution what needs to be put in to fit the situation. LEAVE THE JURY ALONE they gave a fair effort and did what they were supposed to do. No matter who was on this jury it would have been said they cannot give a fair trial because of the verdict of the muder trial. So what we decide OJ can't get a fair trial ever so he can do what he wants and get away with it because he can't get a fair trial. HIS LUCK RAN OUT. TO BAD SO SAD BYE BYE.
October 8, 2008, 1:06 pm CDT

Playing the Race Card

The entire show was going great in my opinion on the O.J. Verdict until the black lawyer opened up her mouth and played the race card stating that the jury was unfair because two black female jurors were dismissed.  Look,  a hearing was held to determine whether or not the jury members were legit and the hearing was successfully concluded.  The fact is , when you have a black defendant, the race card will be used to their advantage at some point and I hope to god that this guilty verdict sticks with O.J. because race had absolutely nothing to do with the commission of these crimes.  There is overwhelming evidence against him that HE DID commit all of these crimes and to throw race into the issue is expected and typical........Im sick of it.
October 8, 2008, 1:08 pm CDT

How can we forget

Quote From: lady_tinou

I am ecstatic at the news that O.J. has FINALLY been found guilty !!!!!!

He sure deserves it. It is about time for him to loose the smug on his face and to start paying the price for his actions . He has caused ENOUGH misery to others.
Hopefully he will "ROT" in jail for the rest of his life and we can ALL FORGET about him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Phil, I am glad that you are doing this follow-up show on the post trial verdict. I definitely will be watching your show !!
The "media" won't stop covering everything that he does so we can forget. I am sick of hearing about OJ who cares anymore. 3 OJ shows in less than 6 months? The best way to forget about him is to stop talking about him. Enough with this loser
October 8, 2008, 1:12 pm CDT


I just got done watching your show about O J simpson. let me tell ya>>>I AM SO SICK AND TIRED OF HEARING ABOUT THESE BLACK PEOPLE SAYING HOW UNFAIR IT WAS THAT THERE WERE NO BLACK PEOPLE ON THE JURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   you hear it everyday that how we shouldn't discrimanate against people!!! you got the idiot Al Sharpton on shows talking about how the black guy always gets the wrap for things. When are the BLACK people going to STOP using the RACIAL card to get their OWN WAY!!!!!!  this has NOTHING to do with WHITE OR BLACK!!!!!!!!!!  This has to do with O J Simpson and the decisions that he;s made in his life!!!!!!!!!!!  NO ONE else is responsible BUT HIM for where he is TODAY!!! Right where he belongs( IN JAIL)!!!!!!!!!!!!  And the black people NEED to apologize to MARK FURHMAN TOO!!!!!  that guy got as bad wrap!!!!! We have ALL made racial remarks in our lives at one point or another. I'm sure even Dr Phil has. Sorry dr Phil!!  BUT that cop Mark Furhman got a bad wrap I believe!!!!!!!!!!! And it all had to do with RACE!!! Stop using the race card everytime things don't go your way african americasn people!!!!! it's just like the unions too. I see it everyday where I work. The union is only used when it's at their advantage!!!!!! I'm SO SICK AND TIRED of people making up EXCUSES for their or other peoples behavior just because their the same color as you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It's time to let the past go!!!! The past is the past. Stop using it everytime to your advantage when you need to play the RACE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    He's GUILTY!!!!! thats what the jurors found!!! I don't care what the race was!!!!!!!!!!!  It's GOT TO STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
October 8, 2008, 1:14 pm CDT

Finally Simpson Guilty

I believed that Simpson was guilty from the time he put on the leather gloves those many years ago, if anyone would try on their own leather gloves, with latex gloves underneath, they would not fit! I had my; (then husband try it,) as I knew: with his fingers spread, and those latex gloves , of course they would not fit, and the comments long ago that if the gloves don't fit etc... we all know common sense in my opinion was gone from that Court room those many years ago! That jury could not see the truth, it was a joke of travesty then and now, I pray that monster abusers like that always get their due! Glad he was found guilty, especially during; Domestic Violence  Awareness Month! He was guilty then and he is guilty now! Thank you Jurors for finding the truth, sadly he had too much free time after those horrible murders and to be found guilty on the anniversary of that last verdict is just poetic justice! Thank the Lord for allowing the truth to be finally known!
October 8, 2008, 1:14 pm CDT

Don't get it.....

I keep hearing from defense attornies that OJ was found guilty because they kept black people off the jury.  That is blatantly saying that they want black people on the jury to either hang the jury or to perform another miscarriage of justice.  How can you say that publicly with a straight face?  How can you say because the defendant is a famous black person that you want an all black jury so they can find him not guilty?  This is so ridiculous, I just can't even comprehend it.  How can judges allow this kind of crap to go on in our justice system?  I just don't understand how anyone can say that in the news and think its okay to say that they want an all black jury because they know he will get off like he did the first time?  How can you say something like that?  I know I keep repeating myself, but I'm confused to why OJ's lawyers keep playing the racist card when every one knows OJ isn't black-he's an oreo cookie.  Its just disgusting to me that his defense attornies keep saying that, and boohoo because OJ finally got caught from an audio tape doing the crime and then is found guilty and then cry race.  Jesus, this country is turning into a sesspool!!!
October 8, 2008, 1:18 pm CDT

This may backfire

OJ Simpson is a sick sick individual.  He has problems and he needs to be somewhere supervised, locked up.  His greed and hate got him in this whole mess.  He has to be going mental about now.  If he didn't realize he was being set up by these morons, greed and desparity has clearly taken over, karma is a b_t_h ...  This whole thing sounds alot like entrapment though, hopefully this judgement doesn't get overturned.  Jail or not - his life ended 13 years ago.

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