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Created on : Friday, September 26, 2008, 02:39:06 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard3
Dr. Phil continues his biggest weight loss project to date, with six teams of two competing in a race across the country to drop pounds and inches. After the first grueling challenge in Hollywood, the teams check into the Dr. Phil House, where many surprises await. Head trainer Robert Reames explains their new personalized meal system based on Dr. Phil’s Rapid Start Plan, but can the teams resist the House’s plentiful snack foods? Then, after their first workout with their trainers on the beach in Malibu, Dr. Phil flies in via helicopter to review Key #2 of his 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom: Healing Feelings. Richard confronts his emotions over the painful loss of two loved ones for whom he hasn’t properly grieved. Can his brother, Jeff, convince him how much he’s loved and needed? Dr. Phil admonishes Phil and Tiffany for the negative names they call each other, and confronts Lauren about how much she criticizes her twin, Joe. Will the competitors stop medicating themselves with food and learn permanent healthy lifestyle realignment? Join the weight loss movement, and vote for your favorite teams and trainers! Ultimate Weight Loss Race  Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 28, 2008, 8:03 am CDT

plentiful snack foods?

"but can the teams resist the House’s plentiful snack foods?"

Am I mistaken, or has Dr. Phil always said to have a "failure-proof" home, when he has discussed weight loss strategies/methods on his show?? If my memory is correct, how can he allow there to be "plentiful snack foods" at the Dr. Phil house where these people are trying to lose weight? That is like leaving drugs  around for drug addicts, or beer for alcoholics!!

If you see this, Dr. Phil, I'd love to see a personal response.
September 28, 2008, 11:41 am CDT

Self control

Dr. Phil I would loveto introduce you to Dr. Gillian Mc Keith.She is a weight loss specialit in England. I started watching her show " YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT" on BBC America. She is wonderful. I have not seen one show that has not been informative and eas to follow.

She has some of the most helpful menu ideas I have ever had. For 8 weeks she puts her clients on a vegetarian diet to cleanse the colon and start you on a healty diet. After that you go on a healthy eating plan.
She has a very in your face method but it is what some of us need. She also uses your poo and your tounge to find out what is wrong with you I have not seen her miss yet.

Here is her web site
Please if you have her onI would love a chance to meet her.

September 28, 2008, 11:51 am CDT


Quote From: happykitten

"but can the teams resist the Houses plentiful snack foods?"

Am I mistaken, or has Dr. Phil always said to have a "failure-proof" home, when he has discussed weight loss strategies/methods on his show?? If my memory is correct, how can he allow there to be "plentiful snack foods" at the Dr. Phil house where these people are trying to lose weight? That is like leaving drugs  around for drug addicts, or beer for alcoholics!!

If you see this, Dr. Phil, I'd love to see a personal response.

As to snacks being avaliable to the dieters in the house.
These people are not going to always be in Dr.  Phil's house and they are going to be around sancks in the stores and resturants, so they are going to need to learn SELF CONTROL.

I am loosing weight due to medical reasons and can tell you it is hard to go to the store and not buy the cakes and cookies, but if I want to be successful I hve to have SELF CONTROL. I have done my research and found fresh foods that remove the desire for sugar and caffine. It takes me hours to buy food due to reading everything I buy, but it is what I have to do to stay on the right road.

SO the words for the day should be SELF CONTROL


September 28, 2008, 11:03 pm CDT


 The Mother who gave her 9 yr old money and left him to find his way home via the NY subway should have been arrested for child endangerment.  That action is way more than teaching your child independence. It is a wonder he does not suffer from nightmares every time he goes to sleep.  Thank goodness he was not abducted or hit by a automobile.
I am a  64 yr old  Mother and my husband and I  have raised 3 children. I was a fairly strict  parent but gave them freedom appropriate for their ages.  They were not left alone unsupervised, before they were 11 or 12 yrs old and then only for a few hours, usually after school. Even then, I was  a phone call away and  made sure they called as soon as they got home. No friends were allowed over before my husband or I got home.  They were not allowed to date before they were 16 and they were always required to tell us where they were going and with whom. They also had a curfew. They were required to make their beds every morning and had other  house chores to do for which they  were given an allowance.
Today they are all well adjusted, educated,  working, and living in their own homes. They respect us, their firends, and co-worker's. They are in their 30 s and as independent as one can be. They learned it gradually as they were given age appropriate freedoms and responsibilities. My  husband and I were raised the same way.  That's is how we knew it would work.  
September 29, 2008, 6:20 pm CDT

Doctor Phil Show

Doctor Loss Part Phil Race The Three Ultimate. Here we go again another round of weight loss teams.----

See you on Wednesday October 01st, 2008. Sincerley Your. Russell Vlaanderen.-----------------------------------

October 1, 2008, 7:10 am CDT

10/01 The Ultimate Weight Loss Race, Part 3

Its a good thing twins dont share personalities! My sister is my biggest cheerleader. Lauren just showed all of america what Joe has ben up against. I will root for you Joe, your sister has her need to appear correct all the time above her making sure to support you, maybe she will realize that soon. Until then keep supporting her, she obviously has self esteem issues as well. You can do this. Good Luck!

October 1, 2008, 8:13 am CDT

Ultimate weight loss show / participant

This is to the gentleman on the team (orange shirts), (the larger of  the two brothers.)

I think it's really great you are doing this challenge, I'am sorry I did not catch your name.

You seem to be a really nice person, and you can tell how much your brother loves you.

So don't give up you can do it!!!

P.S. you are very handsome! even with the weight! Imagine how great you will lokk when your done if your face is this beautiful now.

Well any way good luck, If you need someone to talk to, email me.


Annie J

October 1, 2008, 12:12 pm CDT

Good Luck to you all

I find it very courageous for these people to be doing this show, it takes alot to make yourself that vulnerable and while trying to lose weight. I wanted so badly to do the weight loss challange but just didn't have the self esteem to try for it. I have always been like a yo-yo with my weight from a child and still struggle everyday with it. I have been very ill for the past 3 years and now i am just getting to the point where i can do some exercise now. I eat very well but its the moving that really helps to lose the weight and keep it off. I think that Dr.Phil and his whole staff should be very much rewarded with doing a show like this again. It really does motivate others even if it is from your own couch to get up and do something about your weight and to stop making excuses for your life but to just do it!!! I could really use some tips on more creative weight loss meals if anyone has some to share. Thanks!! please post them

October 1, 2008, 12:18 pm CDT

I don't get it!

I don't get the contestants.  If I were chosen to participate in something like this, I would give it 100%.  Don't they understand that they are being GIVEN the opportunity that so many of us would love to have.  I would love to have trainers, a beautiful place to exercise, meals made for me so that I can learn how to eat, surrounded by others in the same predicament.  I would love the accountability.  They need to stop their whining and step up to the plate.  They have won this opportunity - I hope they don't blow it.
October 1, 2008, 1:13 pm CDT


Why is O.J. on today AGAIN instead of the weight loss show? I rearranged everything so I could watch today--for my own motivation, etc.
Who cares about this? You are giving O.J.'s camp prime time recognition....IF we all would ignore him, he may go away. I don't believe this is anything except a money making venture for legal bills. I am so disappointed!!!!
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