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Created on : Friday, September 26, 2008, 02:22:48 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard3
Fourteen years ago, America watched in disbelief as O.J. Simpson’s white Bronco raced down California’s 405 freeway with the police in hot pursuit. In the end, O.J. was acquitted for the double murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Ron Goldman, but the Trial of the Century seems to have a sequel in the works. The fallen football star was charged with assault and other crimes in connection with the alleged robbery of two sports memorabilia collectors at a Las Vegas hotel, and is now on trial. Dr. Phil talks to Ron Goldman’s sister and dad, Kim and Fred, who won a controversial battle for the publishing rights of O.J.’s book, If I Did It. With their nemesis about to take the stand again, find out what Kim says is her biggest fear about O.J. being behind bars. Then, an O.J. insider says he helped spin a web of lies for the former sports hero. After 14 years of secrecy, he makes a startling confession. And, civil litigation attorney Areva Martin weighs in.  Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 28, 2008, 2:57 am CDT

Dr Phil and the Goldman's Show

I have read all the post's and can hardly believe that some of you are so dis-respectful to the Goldman's and jealous that they will be on Dr Phil's show Tuesday. Saying you did not follow the trial and the Goldman's are money hungrey and want to be in the lights and action of TV is just plain ignorant.

Read what you wrote folks before sending it. Yes, you do have a right to your opinion's and I do to. But I want to be accurate before I start saying things that are embarrasing and just plain dumb.

Rather then worrying about how much the Goldman's want money for the book O.J. had or them being on different shows, I think they would rather be in a court room right now listening to a guilty verdict and a life sentence to that  murderer and would skip on the money. Their son died tragicly. Nichole as well. There can not be a outside person watching the first trail all the way through and not know he should have been found guilty of 2 counts of murder. The jury was a problem, judge Ito ran his court room like a circus, and when you have an indefinete amout of money, you can by anything, like laywers (OH, but at the end, Johnny C. got his money's worth. Too bad he could not take it with him). That is God at work. Bottom line people, is let the Goldman's be. They want Ron, not gold. Watch them each time you see them on TV talking about this subject. I don't see any faces with $$$ signs on them, only real tears. Many of you will probley write hate mail back to me but I can handle it.


Dr Phil, if you are reading this, know that I have the highest respect for you for all that you do. Not just in the show, but for what you and Robin did for Katrina, kids around the world, charities, and the list goes on.

I know this will be a very good show even though it has already been taped by now. The blood is still on that monster's hands and can never be washed off except by a guilty verdict for the 12 felonies he committed in Vegas and put away to die in prison. It won't bring Ron or Nichole back, but it might bring some closure to Fred and Kim Goldman. No other way will do.


Steve P

September 28, 2008, 5:36 am CDT

O.J. Simpson

I too watch in disbelief as the Goldman's and O.J.'s children went through the devastating pain of seeing a killer go free.  I too watched his smug face as the verdict was read.  My heart went out to the families then and I still feel the same way.  To the writers who say enough is enough......the Goldmans still are missing their daughter, their grandchildren are still going thru hell because of the death of their mother.  When that goes away, they should get over it.  I don't see that happening to a Mother and Father, Grandmother and Grandfather.  You never get over a loss like that.


And yes,  the Lord will t ake care of O.J.  He's done a pretty good job of taking care of himself.  His life has been ruined since that evening when the murder took place.  His smugness must come from thinking he got away with it, but he's been in prison every since.  He's not had a good life at all.  But the point is....he's had a life - good or bad and Nicolle and Ron haven't.  No one should criticize the families.  We've seen those children go through a lot.  Living with a spoiled, smug, murderer is a living nightmare in itself.


I got tired of all the attention in the press to the O.J. Simpson saga when it was going on.  I'm sure the Goldmans get tired too, but they miss their daughter and are well aware of what this has done to their grandchildren.  No one should judge them.  Maybe, just maybe they've shed light on spousal abuse that has saved someone's life. 


End of sermon.

September 28, 2008, 7:00 am CDT

The eye witness to the murders

Dr. Phil-


Apparently everyone has neglected the only eye witness to the horrible, savage murders by O.J, Simpson.

The witness loved the Simpson family and woud have fought to the death to protect any of them from harm.  However, after the murders he was seen wandering around ouside their home in a confused state.  He had stood helplessly by while O.J. murdered his own wife.  The witness was the protective Akita dog, who was emotionally torn by one master killing another.  

September 28, 2008, 9:10 am CDT


   I am tired of seeing the Goldmans. They once again are making the talk show circuit. To re-release the book because OJ is in trial, smells of money hungry to me.

I won't be watching your show this week when they are the guests.

September 28, 2008, 11:08 am CDT

re: Enough ! Enough !!

Quote From: irishburke4

Would you be able to JUST MOVE ON where it someone in your family? 

 In a word, yes.  I absolutely have sympathy for the Browns and Goldmans.  I am just sick of hearing about OJ and the miscarriage of justice fourteen years later.  And yes, I have lost family in horrific acts (including but not limited to 1st degree murder, war, medical malpractice, ravaging disease) and while I do NOT forget, my life does not focus on these events and these events alone.   Yes, they shape my outlook but are not the singular focus as it seems they are for the Goldman/Browns.  I choose instead to focus on all the good days of these people's lives, not just the horrible last one(s).   I do NOT believe they should give up their civil judgement.  They should pursue it wholeheartedly, just out of the public eye.  The criminal trial is over.  "Judgement" of this kind will not be received in this life.  OJ is an idiot.  (No revelation there.)  What goes around, comes around.  Sometimes you just need to wait longer for it to happen.

Did I read "If I did it?"  Hell, no.  I wouldn't dignify the writing (thus the writer) by giving it a minute of my time.
September 28, 2008, 1:31 pm CDT


O.J. .......Guity...........YES! 

Goldman's............. Victims................YES!


WHY WOULD THE GOLDMAN'S GET INVOLVED WITH SOMETHING THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. They will not heal by attaching yourself to everything that happens to O.J.

What is the payoff for them?


Disappointed in Millsboro


September 29, 2008, 6:07 am CDT

We May not see Justise, but GOD WILL!

     Like most people, I truly believe that OJ brutaly murdered Nicole and Ron in cold blood and laughed all the way to the bank. The 1st trial was a farce, but still, I was beyond stunned!??? Meanwhile, my comment is as follows; I once heard a very wise man who's lifes study was the Bible, in it's original languages say, that GOD allows the victims (such as of murder) to be the one to JUDGE their own murderers!  I get the idea that our Lord would be right there with them, but it's their call.  I may be crazy, but from the moment I heard this, it just rezonated with me, it makes such perfect sense, no??  However, it probably isn't that satisfying to us down here on earth, who want blood for this horrific crime and this particular criminal. I say that because the God I know is very kind and loving. Has taught me lots about forgiveness (which is not forgetting), so that I can picture the victims showing mercy to their killers. No matter what, it IS TRUE THAT Judegement is MINE, sayeth the LORD! But, then again, we can't help having strong opinions about this one, those 911 tapes alone. inflamed every caring person I talked to! What's that saying? Most crimes cry out, Murder Screams! God Bless you All, Rebecca in Tucson
September 29, 2008, 6:37 am CDT

09/30 The Goldmans on O.J.’s Trial

Quote From: azviewer

The original OJ criminal trial ended more than a decade ago.  Should he have been convicted ?  Yes.  Am I sick of seeing OJ ?  HELL, yes.  But, I am also sick of seeing the Goldmans and the Browns.  Enough is enough !  The criminal trial -- right or wrong -- ended in an acquittal.  The civil trail ended in a judgement against him.  The Goldmans and the Browns should do everything in their power to pursue that judgement but get out of the public eye.  Additionally, they should focus their attention on something in addition to the civil verdict.  This appearingly single focus can not be emotionally or mentally healthy, can it, Dr Phil ?  Am I suggesting that either family forget about their loved one.  No.  Hell, no.  But, I am suggesting that they focus their energies on something other than that lowlife, OJ.  He's not worth it.  Besides, he seems hell bent on ruining his own life so let him get to it.  Justice will be served.  If not here, then hereafter.

I'm sorry (well, not really) but I will be tuning out of this episode.

becky, former AZ viewer now an LV (God help me!  LOL!!)  viewer

I am also sick of hearing about OJ, Goldmans and the Browns.


My problem is some of us have lost loved ones, but not to someone famous, so we can't go after them. What gets me is her sister - where was she when OJ was beating her???  She was right along with them using drugs and she did not want out of all the fun, now she has started a place for women who get beat. Guess it is the guilt coming out.  As for the Goldmans, GOD get a real job.  How much money have they made off of the brother???  All this is not going to bring him back - but it is making them famous as OJ.


I don't mean to sound so cold but OJ will pay for all that he has done with GOD.  Guess the Goldmans and Browns don't feel there is a GOD or they would get on with their lives and stop making money off the dead.  And if they say they aren't - how are they living???  And what a way to live your life, going after someone not worth even talking about.  They are the ones making OJ bigger then he is.


Thanks but I won't watch this one - they both made me sick last time.  don't forget your love one but move on.  OJ going to jail is not going to bring the brother/son back.  GOD will take care of OJ, but only if you believe.


Carol from AZ

September 29, 2008, 7:32 am CDT

09/30 The Goldmans on O.J.’s Trial

I seriously feel for the Goldmans and the Browns, but it seems to me, they are not allowing themselves to move on and heal, bu constantly dredging this all up on national TV over and over again.  They are not the only people who lost someone in this horror story, but they are the only ones on TV bitching about it over and over.  I am working in the criminal justice system, and, yes, it does fail sometime.  In this case, the defense just did a better job than the prosecution, and that is sad.  Blame the system, blame OJ, blame whoever is an easy target, but, in order for the Goldmans to heal and move on, they should be discussing this in therapy, not national TV.
September 29, 2008, 10:21 am CDT

re: Enough ! Enough !!

Quote From: maurauder


I cannot believe that anyone would cop an attitude regarding the atrocious, bloody slaughter of  two human beings as Becky has.  How dare she entertain an idea that the Goldman and Brown families have no right to pursue the justice that the Civil Court in California found was due them.


Judgment by Becky of the Goldman and Brown families is despicable and we are all warned  in the Bible: "judge not lest YOU be judged"!!!  This atrocity will live in my memory for a long time...perhaps a lifetime.


My deepest sympathy has been with both of these families and the children and will stay with them.  I support whatever legal actions they may take on any level to obtain even monetary compensation (what price can be placed on one human being?)  to keep this animal on the run and unhappy...his conscience, oops, a creature like OJ has no conscience!!!  He WAS a sports idol, not a God!!


Shame on you Becky!!!  Our prayers should be focused on putting this animal behind bars, not trying the Goldmans and the Browns or admonishing them for keeping this atrocity in the Public Eye.


Shall we forget Hitler, Charles Manson, or other deranged butchers, incinerators or their many atrocities?  NO, NO, NO,  NEVER!!!!

Cop an attitude ?  Me thinks not.  Just stating an opinion (sick of the Goldman/Browns after 14 years) and at least one fact; OJ was not convicted in a criminal court so he will never serve a day in jail for THIS crime.  It can not and does not have ANY bearing on any new act of criminality.  That is the American justice system.  Thus, in my opinion, it is not necessary to revisit it over and over and over and again, in my opinion, ad nauseum.   Did I EVER suggest it be forgotten?  No.  HELL, no.   But doing the talk show circus (yes, calling that is intentional) isn't necessary.

"Judge not lest you be judged."  Hmm... isn't that what YOU have done to me?
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