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Created on : Monday, September 22, 2008, 06:59:18 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard2
(Original Air Date: 09/26/08) To sue or not to sue, that is the question for today’s guests. If you’ve ever felt violated, wronged or scammed, it’s time to learn how to fight for your rights! Dr. Phil’s first guest, Robin, says she was blindsided by officers in an airport when she mistakenly went through security with a bottle of contact solution. She says she was beaten so badly, she thought she might die. See her ordeal caught on tape, and find out what she’s doing about it. Then, after Kate’s plane was grounded for nine hours, and the passengers were without food, water, medical attention or any information, she created the Coalition for an Airline Passenger’s Bill of Rights. Today show travel correspondent Peter Greenberg and longtime consumer advocate Ralph Nader join the show with tips on how to travel safely and how to fight for your rights as an airline passenger. Next, Katerina says lingerie powerhouse Victoria’s Secret stole her design for a bra, and she’s not going to take it! Plus, have you ever bought a lottery ticket? Witness one man’s recent discovery within the Virginia State Lottery that has him steaming mad. Are lotteries just scams? Learn how you can fight back without suing, and what you should know before you decide to litigate. Join the discussion

Find out what happened on the show.


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December 22, 2008, 8:19 am CST



We the people need to vote all of our congressmen out of office.  I am aware that they collect big money for re-election from special interest groups, but they need to be concerned for the welfare of the  fellow who voted for them.  The bailouts for the financial institutions should never been allowed to be used for bonuses to failed management.  The audacity of these people is beyond belief. 


Dr. Phil, you are powerful when it comes to getting a message out to the people.  Please make the people understand we do need a clean sweep in congress.  That is our only hope to right this country.


I am fully aware Congress wants only two classe of people.  Our media does not help, it could be a real educational tool.  We are heading back to bondage and some of us are really concerned. Government waste is frightening, especially when most Americans have to work hard for their money, and are barely making ends meets in this economic downturn.  


A very concerned citizen

December 22, 2008, 2:44 pm CST


Quote From: harleybiker803

This society has become sue happy.  You can sue for anything. What is a sad state of affairs is that lawyers are willing to file a suit for you, for a huge retainer and fees, over anything and everything and our courts allow them to be heard no matter how rediculous they are.  Even worse is that huge awards are given for very frivilous reasons.  Many times huge awards are given to people who cause their own problems despite the warnings posted for your own protection.  Or plain common sense.  I bring to mind the woman who sued McDonalds for their hot coffee injuring her.  What part of "HOT' didn't she understand. What would she of done if they, in order to prevent anything like from happening, gave her luke warm coffee?  She could of sued them for advertising hot coffee and got warm instead.  That was a suit that should of never been litigated.  For anyone that is interested in seeing just what some people sue over and get big awards just do a search of stupid lawsuits. 


Then there are the ones that have a ligitiment reason to sue.  The ones, due to the frivilious ones clogging up our legal systems, take forever to resolve.  Often times the one filing the suit give up or settle for very little in compensation.  On occasion some people make it their personal goals to do something and let it be known to all what goes on in our world.  But most take it and walk away hoping to never be caught in something like that again.  This instance is one that needs to be taken to that level and I hope she wins.  But I doubt that it will prevent that from happening over and over to others. 


It is unsettling that people working in enviroments where they have the utmost control over other people, in the name of secuity or professionals that have control over you for any reason, take that to mean they can abuse people and people have no recourse without adding to the problem.  The lady that got beaten at the airport.  If she had fought back she, most likely, would of added the charges of resisting and assult on security staff.   You put some people in that power, they abuse it with little or no worry of being accountable for their actions.  It's got to a sorry state where people in authority can abuse and beat on you and you can't fight back without severe legal implications. 


Where does it stop when authorities have the power to do as they please for little or no reason?  You see it in all forms and in all agencies that deal with the public.  People given a position and the right to be bullies anytime they feel the urge.  I think this is becoming a sorry society we are living in.  From our schools to life in general.  You get wronged and what you face are those who care less other then the dollar figure.  It's more a battle over the dollar amount then fixing the problem. 


I, personally, only have sued one person in my lifetime.  It was due to the attempt of an individual to cheat me out of thousands of dollars.  I won but it took two years and thousands of dollars to win my case.  When it should of, by reasonable people, been settled it in a few minutes.  The ones that made out the most.  lawyers on both sides.  I have many instances where I could of sued over many things according to our society but wouldn't.  Because it was just plain stupid. 


my munister accused my husband of takind an air condioner from the church.

He sued and now we are waiting the damages.  He also lies I really don't know how he can stand up in that pulpit and think he is

god.Ido not think he is worth forgiving and now my husband is dying and in my heart I know that @%$#@#$%preacher made his bone marrow stop producing the red and white cells forgive me if I seem so hateful but he is beyond my forgigeness

December 23, 2008, 2:24 pm CST

Power to the People

Quote From: sm3635


We the people need to vote all of our congressmen out of office.  I am aware that they collect big money for re-election from special interest groups, but they need to be concerned for the welfare of the  fellow who voted for them.  The bailouts for the financial institutions should never been allowed to be used for bonuses to failed management.  The audacity of these people is beyond belief. 


Dr. Phil, you are powerful when it comes to getting a message out to the people.  Please make the people understand we do need a clean sweep in congress.  That is our only hope to right this country.


I am fully aware Congress wants only two classe of people.  Our media does not help, it could be a real educational tool.  We are heading back to bondage and some of us are really concerned. Government waste is frightening, especially when most Americans have to work hard for their money, and are barely making ends meets in this economic downturn.  


A very concerned citizen

Definetly, we need to vote them ALL or at least most of them out of office and we need to vote EVERY single one of them that voted for the theft of taxpayer money to give to corporate criminals bill (aka the bailout).   Nancy Pelosi is the sickest one of them all-did you hear her lying and talking down to us on 60 minutes saying we don't know what is good for us.  Guess what we do and we know that you are a con-artist Pelosi.   Obama so far has gone along with all of the theft for the corporate criminals who are his dear friends as well as Bush's.  Vote Green, Libertarian, or for other candidates that will actually stand up to the corporate criminal party.   

These monsters are waging class warfare against us-and by us I mean everyone who is poor, middle class and even people in the lower upper class.   The media has tried to minimize and hide this theft.   On yahoo the story about Citigroups corporate jet fleet and Chases CEOs trips to visit his family in Chicago paid for by tax payer dollars was hardly even seen on the front page even though it was buzzed up to the number 1 story.    These people are criminals and they belong in jail, if not more.  

Some things you can do:

If you haven't already you should go to angry renter/freedom works and sign the anti-bailout petitions.  

Boycott the bailed out corporations, especially the large ones.  There is also a facebook group just starting and in the works in regards to this:
December 24, 2008, 12:37 pm CST

The Airlines

I am so sick of this! You all want to be safe in the Airport and in the air and you complain about waiting in security that is there to keep you safe! Both of my parents work in the airlines, my father a pilot and my mother was a flight attendant and worked at the ticket desk. After 9-11 NO ONE wanted to fly so the airlines had to cut back and fire staff, so now there are fewer people to help you, and now more and more people are flying and the airlines are forced to decrease their prices so people who cant afford to travel otherwise travel with no extra money for food or a hotel. These are the people who scream the loudest when they get stranded, I grew up in airports and I saw people who knew how to travel, brought extra cash in case they were stranded.

If you travel in the winter you should bring extra cash to take care of yourself for up too 5 days, to either get to a cheap hotel or for food. As for being stuck on a tar mac sometimes a bus can't be taken to the plane for all the passengers. And a pilot has no power over where the plan can go, if they go back to the terminal without authorization they could be put under probation, loose their jobs.

My mother worked behind the ticket counter and she feels sorry for people who were stranded and tried to help them best she could but when people came up to her belligerent acting like they were going to hit her and yelled and raised hell about something she had no control over she stopped caring. Show some respect for those trying to help! Its not the pilots faults, or flight attendants faults or ticket agents. They have bosses who tell them what to do and if they don't they get reprimanded.

And for the man put in the bathroom he has a right to sue; the flight attendant should have stayed in the jump seat, she was most likely flying for free and the policy is ticket buyers get first dibs on seats and the flight attendant gets bumped.

Just get prepared for flying! Bad weather is beyond the control of pilots and the airlines!  Please don't be rude and yell when you want help they want to help you but they cant!! DO what Dr. Phil said write to the higher ups and realize sometimes the people you talk to at the airports hands are tied! Stop Blaming the Pilots and Flight Attendants, Blames the insane FAA rules or over compensating, stop demanding cheaper tickets and they will stop charging you for everything. Just travel smart PLEASE!

My dad comes home and is stressed because some one got drunk on his flight or managed to get on the plane while drunk. It is just as hard on them as it is on you. They want to get home to their families just like you do. Try to be calm it makes everything easier.

As for the security staff I have been lucky enough to have had the ones with a sense of humor who understand we are all humans and forget some things sometimes. But there are some bad ones, not all are but still some.

 That's all I have to say about this. But please read it and think about it.
December 24, 2008, 1:45 pm CST

To sue or not to sue

The reason why so many people are suing these days is because corporations and law enforcement authorities who abuse the law, or abuse their power like the Robin Kassner case, DON'T TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THEIR ACTIONS.


Take for example the Robin Kassner case and how the Washington Regional Airport Authority put a major beating on Robin Kassner resulting in permanent brain damage over something stupid as contact lens solutions.  While the officers involved are still on duty and not taking responsibility for nearly murdering Kassner, Robin is paying the price for something that is not her fault. 


If there is any justice whatsoever, Robin Kassner should be found NOT GUILTY of all charges, and the Airport Authority should give her every single penny to cover the costs of medication and treatment for traumatic brain injury.


In my opinion, for the flagrant abuse of power, the officers involved in the unjustified beating of Robin Kassner over contact lens solution should get the DEATH PENALTY and broadcast live on USA national television to serve as a consequence of people paid to serve and protect abusing their power.


This abuse of authority is not just limited to United States.  Last year, in Canada, a Polish immigrant, Robert Dziekanski, was tasered five times at the Vancouver International Airport by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada's national police agency, for no legitimate reason leading to his death.  Despite the clear video evidence posted on YouTube with millions of viewers worldwide, the officers got away with murder.  As a result of this flagrant abuse of power, Canadians are showing distrust towards the RCMP, and so is the international community.  Because the RCMP are not taking responsibility for their actions, and the officers are not being charged with murder, Robert Dziekanski's family might sue the RCMP and the British Columbia government for wrongful death.  Furthermore, its giving a nation with a great reputation like Canada a bad name.  Its times like these I'm ashamed of being Canadian.


If corporations or corrupt law enforcement agencies don't want to get sued, here are some solutions:


1.  If you do something illegal or overstep your bounds as an authoritarian figure, do something simple as TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES.  Don't hide behind the parasitic lawyers and don't drag your heals in the justice system like the Washington Regional Airport Authority and Victoria's Secret.


2.  If you do something wrong as an authoritarian figure, like the Robin Kassner case, don't add insult to injury by imposing additional charges.  This violates the US Constitution and the writ of HABAES CORPUS, meaning I OWN MY OWN BODY.


3.  Do something simple as OBEY THE LAW.  If you obey the law and not abuse your power as a corporation or law enforcement agency, then you won't get sued.  Remember Dr. Phil's expression, YOU CHOOSE THE BEHAVIOUR, YOU CHOOSE THE CONSEQUENCES, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


4.  Don't hide behind company policy to dodge responsibility.  No wonder why so many people want to sue because companies hide behind their unfair policies.


5.  For minor issues, like contact lens solutions, DON'T USE EXCESSIVE FORCE.  Remember what happened in Canada in relation to the Robert Dziekanski incident which gave Canada a bad name and jeopardized relations between Canada and Poland.


6.  For all corporations and law enforcement agencies, require mandatory Commercial Law training so it makes people think twice before bashing someone's head or abuse the law.  No wonder why Commerce or Business students at a University level have to take Commercial Law courses so they will not break the law and face the consequences of committing a tort.


In the end, if you simply follow the law and not use excessive force for minor issues, then you will not get sued or have to file lawsuits.  Its that simple.

December 24, 2008, 2:17 pm CST

The Lottery Scam

 I do hope you read this Dr. Phil and to  those of you out there beware!!!  The man suing the lottery is right on track because the same story came about a few months ago here in Massachusetts.   Some one picked up on the fact that the lottery was still selling the scratch tickes even when ALL the prizes had been won, not just the big winners.  The lottery was confronted with the information and ordered the tickets be removed from the stores.  I know of only a few stores where the lottery officials went in and physically removed the tickets, so it makes you wonder what happened to the rest and is this continuing to happen with each game that comes out. Lastly you have to ask your self whose getting the money from the sale of the remaining non-winning tickets, the lottery or the store owners?
December 24, 2008, 2:35 pm CST

Fighting a pharmaceutical company - uphill battle

I just saw the Fighting the System show and am a consumer that hisfighting an up hill battle...more like a mountain. Last February, I hadthe Mirena IUD placed. My doctor thought it would be a great solutionfor birth control since I was a prefect candidate. I had a c-section 6 weeks prior to the IUD insertion and this met the guidelines presented by the pharmaceutical company's patient documentation. Also the advertisements made it sound like a wonderful birth contorl. After having lots of womenly problems, I asked to have the IUD removed and I found out that the IUD was no longer in it's place. After numerous tests and assuring the doctor that it did not come out on its own...they found it. I had to have surgery to remove it and am not able to have children for 4 years otherwise the chance of my uterus rupturing is very high. In 4 years, I will be put in the high risk category for pregnancy because of my age. The whole point in the birth control is to allow you to have it removed and go back to having the option of having more children. The Mirena commercials show how wonderful it is and do not address all the side-effects!

I got on-line and started to find a lot of other women having issues with the Mirena IUD as well. I started talking about what happened in my community and have found a lot of other women that had problems. I called the maker of Mirena and they had to file my case with the FDA. I then wrote a letter to the maker requesting financial help to pay for just the part insurance did not cover. I had been with out a job for so long that money was very tight.We are still paying for this surgery and tests. I got a quick response from the maker saying my case was being reviewed. After I made several phone calls and I did not hear back, I finally got a hold of someone. They pushed my request to their litigation department and I received a letter with a contact and was asked to talk about the situation. They wanted me to run all my inquiries through this one perosn.  That was over 5 months ago...I've left messages with the contact, but have not heard back. I don't think I'll will here back.

I think their pharmaceutical patient information is false and I think they know that, but are not doing anything about it. When I say false...I mean leaving some of the valuable information out. Where do I go from here. I know this is long...but I'm not sure what to do?
December 24, 2008, 3:48 pm CST

TSA and police (Airport Security)

Are you people for real or is it maybe you just can't read or are too ignorant to follow directions.
When you fly there is simple rule.
3-1-1 for carry-ons = 3 ounce bottle or less (by volume) ; 1 quart-sized, clear, plastic, zip-top bag; 1 bag per passenger placed in screening bin. One-quart bag per person limits the total liquid volume each traveler can bring. 3 oz. container size is a security measure.

I am a frequent flier with 700,000 miles on a single airline. I have been to most international airport in the US. The woman in this segment said something or was belligerent to the police to invoke a reaction. I saw 2 officers attempting to restrain  this individual. She was speaking to the female officer while being screened.

To all you TV talk show folks. Maybe you should get both sides and not just the whiner who can not follow directions. I believe there should be a class given by TSA on how to pass through security and if a person does not pass the class they can not fly. i also believe that those who can not follow directions should be sent to the back of the line and have to go through again.

Its easy. Arrive 2 hours before boarding (boarding occurs 30 minutes before scheduled take off)
3-1-1 or put your hairs spray in you check in luggage.
Remove all electronics from your bag and take off your shoe before you reach the metal detector
And last but not least stay calm and do not annoy the security personal as they have had to put up with people like you all day.

If you can't fly with the rules don't fly at all, make it easier on people like me who follow the rules.
December 24, 2008, 9:44 pm CST

I am Afraid to Fly through Reagan National Airport Now

The woman at Reagan National Airport who got beat up by Officer Michael Jose Urbina, Sharnice Gartrell and Naima Reed, was not saying anything to the officers when she was brutally jumped from behind and thrown into another passenger and into a metal chair on the floor. The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police beating up young women does nothing to make us more secure. In fact, it has made people terrified to fly. Not for the fear of bad guys, but for the fear of being beaten up for no reason, having false charges pressed against them and being wrongfully imprisoned by their batterers. There was no need to restrain the passenger, let alone beat her up, as she was standing calmly watching the TSA person screen her luggage. If they want to arrest her, put the cuffs on her. Don't throw her across the room, into another woman, into a metal chair and onto the floor, then deliver a blow to her head so hard that it causes a permanent traumatic brain injury. Nobody needed to be restrained on the video except for the rowdy police who assaulted this young woman. In fact, the passenger was the calmest person on that video and the hot headed police seemed to need to calm down as opposed to roughing up airline passengers. The police who beat up the young woman at Reagan National Airport were invited to go on Dr. Phil but declined to show. I wonder why. Could it be that they were caught on video beating up a young business woman for no reason? Could it be the false criminal charges they pressed against her? Whatever their reason, they chose not to go on Dr. Phil, of their own free will. I think your solution to send people to the back of the line is great. Next time, instead of beating up a woman because she has contact lens solution, send her to the back of the line. It is much more humane, legal and moral than bashing her head into a metal table and covering her body in black and blue marks. Instead of educating passengers on the proper airport security procedures, why don't you educate Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority Police on refraining from assault and battery on passengers? If you can't provide security at the airport without beating up and falsely arresting women, go into a more appropriate field. Ralph Nader said Officer Michael Urbina looked like a frustrated wrestler. Perhaps he has a new calling?
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