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Created on : Friday, September 19, 2008, 05:26:33 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Original Air Date: 09/24/08) Do you have a friend or relative whom you've lost all contact with or have never even met? While you may dream about a reunion being a great and healing experience, reconciliation could also cause more heartache than you expect. Catherine was raised by her mother, never knowing who or where her dad was. She recently became a mom, and her desire to find her biological dad became top priority. When she did locate him, was the reunion all that she expected? Next, Angel has been trying to reconnect with her twin sons, Tylor and Taylor, for almost 20 years. With the help of Troy Dunn, a professional locator and host of the WE TV show The Locator, her dreams came true. See how the boys react to reuniting with their biological mother. And, when an adoptive mother finds out her children are going to meet their biological mother, emotions can range from joy, to tension, to feeling threatened. Follow the journey of the twins' adoptive mother, Ruth, as she shares her experience of  meeting Angel. Plus, the twins have never met their little sister face to face. Will this be the day? Then, Ricardo contacted Troy to help him find his brother, whom he had never met. Cameras follow their emotional first meeting, and find out the unexpected person who shows up. Have the siblings been able to maintain their relationship? And, if you're trying to find a long-lost loved one, you won't want to miss Troy's top tips for conducting your own search! Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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December 25, 2008, 3:37 am CST

help me to find my son

hi ; my name is jebari Moheddine from Tunisia I am trying hard to find my son Yousef ali Jebari , We didnt meet since 1987 , his mothers name is Ruiz Diane form SAn Antonio TX , I lost contact in 1992 .

please if theres any to help me to contact him I will really appreciante that


yours jebari Moheddine from Tunisia


here are some information about him:

yousef Ali Jebari

Date and place of birth : July 29, 1986 Bexar San Antonio TX USA


heres my Email:

December 25, 2008, 9:26 am CST

Finding my son


 Please help me find my son. I was in the United States Navy stationed in Nea Makri Greece when i got pregnant with him. I would have been a single parent so i thought i would do the best thing for him. I gave him up for adoption. he was born in Athens greece on sept 21,1982, he was adopted a few days later in Nea Makri Greece where the adoption papers were signed by a couple who was also in the Navy. I think about him all the time and even more on his birthday. He has two younger sisters age 22 and 18 who would love to meet their older brother.  All i know is his first and middle name Johnathan Lee. please help me find him..thank you very much

December 25, 2008, 2:37 pm CST

Adult Adoptees are not perpetual children (except in the eyes of the law)

Over 6 million adoptees in the U.S. and their children do not have the same right as other citizens to obtain their original birth certificates ~ even in adulthood.  Six U.S. states have passed legislation which unconditionally restores this right for adoptee access to their obc's.  This restores their right, diginity, genealogical and medical histories for future generations of Americans.  The billion-dollar per year adoption industry in America lobby's against the adult adoptee's right to unconditional access to their own personal records based on myths which have been proven untrue in states which have opened records to adoptees. 

The American Adoption Congress has search help in each state and information about how you can help your state change archiac laws which harm so many. 

Some excellent books are "The Primal Wound" by Nancy Verrier, "The Girls Who Went Away" by Ann Fessler, "The Baby Thief" by Barbara Raymond, and "Birthright" by Jean Strauss. 

Adoption is always based on loss and children and adults who were adopted should be restored their civil right to their own birth records and identity ~ it is simply the right thing to do for the health of our entire society.  It would create a checks/balance system and promote more ethical adoptions as well.

December 25, 2008, 3:43 pm CST

Obtain Legal Information After the Reunion

Dear Dr. Phil,


My son grew up without his father.  While still a teen my son started to look for his father.  Upon going on the internet we were able to locate his father.  My son and his father  met in July, but this union was short lived as my son's father was killed in an automobile accident in early November.  We were taking thing slow.  Too slow.  My son's father was estastic and proud to have finally met his son after so many long years.  But he never put anything into writing legally claiming his son.  Therefore my son was unable to collect his father's Social Security death benefit to which he was entitled. This also kept him from being included in the wrongful death benefit to which the family told us they were including him, right up until disbursement of the money. So  my son was cheated 3 times, first the untimely lost of his father, being a minor at the time and not to collect on the SS death benefits and then again when the family cut him out of the wrongful death disbursement.  (Sadly the other driver also died during the accident.) My message to others with minor children is get the legal information to which their child or children is entitled before it is too late.   

December 25, 2008, 4:11 pm CST

adoptee in search

Hi, I was adopted in 1960 and was very lucky to find 3 of my 4 brothers in 2000. 1 brother I have not meet face to face as he is still in prison in California.  Some people never learn when to stay away from drugs. We have a sister born Debra Lyn Beck 4-28-1954 in Colorado.  We found out that she was adopted in September 1959. Debra would have been 5 years old and we are not sure if she knows she was adopted.Where ever you are Debra God Bless you and know we all love you. Both of our birth parents are deceased and it breaks my heart that I did not get to meet them to find out who they where but I am very grateful to them as I was adopted by 2 angels from God. I now live in southwestern New Mexico for the past 4 years.  I am disabled from a back surgery that went the wrong way and with other older folks I have arthritis that is only getting worse. I would love to chat with anyone searching for siblings or anyone that has any idea of how to get closed records open in Colorado.


Still searching


December 25, 2008, 5:33 pm CST

Christmas program

The locator is of serious interest to me.  I raised my son who was and adopted child and then rejected from his adopting family and came to live with me.  He was an absolute blessing in my life and has become a wonderful man, husband and father.   We really want to find his birth parents, just to know who they are, medical issues, and God allows, a relationship.  He just returned from his second tour of duty in Iraq.  
December 25, 2008, 8:22 pm CST

Birthparent Locator

Thank you, Dr. Phil for airing this show today. Being that today is Christmas my emotions were on my sleeve. I want desperately to get in touch with Mr. Dunn. I have wanted to find either one of my birthparents since I was in high school. I was raised by adoptive parents who were extremely abusive to me and it seems I've been on a life-long search for the people who gave me up. Not to form a relationship with them but to just get an idea of who I resemble and try to get a medical history. I am going to watch the show Saturday night on WE. Hopefully I will be able to get touch with Mr. Dunn. I've had two attempts to try to do a search using Private Investigators, but they were not successful. I interviewed the doctor who delivered me into this world and that is where I began to get the knowledge of my birth parents. Thank you so much for bringing this show on again. I must try again.

Barbara Smith
December 25, 2008, 9:42 pm CST

The Location

The Locator was a inspiration to me.  My daughter is 21 and her bio father left her when she was 2 wks old and then at 5 yrs old.  He adopted father that entered her life when she was 3 yr old has not been close and and easily disappointed in her and tells her in ways in which he should not.  Nothing she does is not good enought.  My daughter is my best friend.  It hurts to see her that way.  She feels all men will leave her and she will never have a serious relationship due to the fact that they will leave.  Here bio dad was young and he did love her but did not want to cut  into the family  bunch.  My ex-husband and I gave birth to a special needs child and he takes alot of time  and energy.  She really loves him  but he gets so much more than she can handle.  She goes to school full time and works at a daycare and is a athletic trainer for a semi-pro football team.  She is also a sports teacher for 4-5 year old kids teaching them all types of sports and baby sits.  I want her to meet her bio dad only because I feel this could change how she feels about the men in her life due to how he really feels.  I know you are busy but could you give me a name of a person that can help me that I can afford.  I just got released to look for a full time job due to some heart troubles.    Please give me hope
December 27, 2008, 9:09 am CST

12/25 The Locator: Reunion Aftermath

I am trying to find out any biological information on myself -I was born in New York Hospital adopted thru Spence Chapin Agency  supposedly my name was Jay Spence born 2/28/1950 would appreciate any information, advice or help I can get to finally get closurre-thank You
December 27, 2008, 10:41 am CST

together at last

I knew all my life that I was adopted and have a very loving family and now after 50 years, I have finally found my birth family. I started my search at 18 but in my state my adoption papers were sealed. My aoptive parents were ok with it at the time, but I didn't push the search until I gor older. My father died when I was 43 and my mom was i was 54 (in 08). But when I was 53 I went to court to petition the local court to open  my sealed records to see if there were any medical records. After I went to court - signed the paperwork I got a call from the judges secretary to come get a copy of my adoption papers and boy was I excited, scared but wnted to know if there were any info on my medical history and to my disappointment there wasn't, but at least now I had my birth mothers name, but also another disappointment no birth fathers name.

When I was about 30 I wrote a letter to the adoption agency where I stayed for a month after I was given up in Seattle - paid their fee to get MY "Non-Identifying" records - so then after getting my adoption papers I could make sure I had the right person, and I did. It took me three months for more research, and thru my adoption support group I found my sibblings. 2 were gone and 1 one lived in Ohio. I also found an uncle that lives in Utah - which someday soon I need to meet before he's gone. I also found out that my birth mother was gone and not knowing my birthfather who knows if he is still alive or not. He was older than my birthmother - they were not married - so a name I don't have. I have meet my older sister and then when we connected I found out that I had another younger sister that our mom gave up also for adoption, and she lives in Texas. If it wasn''t for the support group and their help I wouldn't of found out as much as I did on my other family. My story is a happy one and as you that are adopted some of the stories don't turn out so goo. I wish all the adoptees out there good luck with your search and hope they come out as good as mine did. One of the regrests that I didn't meet my birthmother and find out who my father is.


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