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Created on : Friday, September 19, 2008, 05:22:43 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Three-year-old Caylee Anthony made headlines when her grandmother, Cindy, placed a frantic 911 call to report her missing. By the time she called the police, her granddaughter had been missing for one month. Where was Caylee’s mother, Casey, all that time? Now considered a person of interest by authorities, is Casey a pathological liar with something to hide, an irresponsible 22-year-old or is something else going on? Then, Casey claims she was out searching for her daughter on her own, but pictures of her partying at a local club surfaced shortly after Caylee vanished. Were those photos taken before Caylee's birth as Casey's father claims? Lisa Bloom, renowned legal analyst and host of TruTv’s In Session, explains what a jury might think. Next, meet two local residents and find out why one believes Casey is innocent, while the other is convinced of her guilt Then, bounty hunters Leonard Padilla and Rob Dick say they helped bail Casey out of jail after she agreed to help them find her daughter. Rob says he drove Casey around in search of Caylee for nine days, and what he claims he observed might surprise you. Plus, why is Caylee’s story splashed across newspapers and TV screens, while other missing children go virtually ignored? Is the seeming disparity in coverage because she’s white or attractive, and the other children are different races? Ernie Allen, president and founder of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, says racism isn’t the reason some missing children make headlines while others do not. But April Morris has been searching for her grandson, Benjamin Everett, since he disappeared in 2004 and says he didn’t receive any media attention because he’s biracial. Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 22, 2008, 7:01 am CDT

For the grandparents.....

I am disgusted by the stalking and harassment you and your neighbors must endure through this nightmare.  I understand why you keep your daughter close to you too.  I am shocked that you can get no relief from the "protesters" (stalkers....helloooo Orlando PD) constantly on your street/property.  The mood of the crowd is volatile and something horrendous is likely to happen....this is totally foreseeable and I think you should hold your local government responsible when these people lose their supposed religion.

I don't think media coverage will bring this poor child home or any child for that matter,  more often someone saw something when the child was kidnapped in the first place and relays that information.  They will find Caylee when Casey confesses her whereabouts and she will hopefully pay the highest of prices for what shes done to her own poor, innocent child. 

September 22, 2008, 7:12 am CDT

Precious Little Caylee

It just doesn't make sense.  If that were my granddaughter, I would be on every channel, every camera screaming, begging, pleading with the public please help me find my child every waking minute I could.  Like Nancy Grace said; not once, not once has Casey Anthony gone on TV begging for help to find her daughter, nor has even shed one tear for her daughter.  Geesh, even Susan Thomas (remember her, the girl who drowned her two boys in the lake) even went on TV and shed a tear to find her boys.  If she didn't want the precious little girl, she should have given her up for adoption to a living family that would take care of her.  That precious little girl never stood a chance.




September 22, 2008, 7:18 am CDT


Quote From: angel111999

TIME WILL TELL all of us as to what has happened to CAYLEE ANTHONY. Somehow...Someway there has to be ANSWERS to the QUESTIONS we all have as to what CASEY ANTHONY did with her child. From observing Casey's parents, I don't believe they had a good relationship with Casey. Remenber when Casey did not want her parents to visit her? That made me believe she had no intentions to tell them anything. Another observation I have is when I saw the pictures of Casey partying with her friends knowing her daughter was missing showed her lack of concern to her child's disapperance. That is somone who is a
SELFISH PERSON thinking of her own needs. A Mother who truly LOVES HER CHILD would never act like she did.
CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE..this I believe is so true. The way the parents are acting pushing and yelling with a baseball bat in their hands tell me that they deal with issues in their life with VIOLENCE. Casey is being protected in an inappropiate way which is not what Casey should be observing. Is this what she has seen in the past with other situations?
This is my opinion...I believe that Casey did not want her daughter Caylee to be around family and friends so Caylee would not tell anyone how she was being treated when people were not observing her Mother. For all we know Casey could not handle the responsibility of being a MOTHER and then became RESENTFUL that she had to put Caylee first instead of herself. From RESENTFUL it turned into ANGER..from ANGER it turned into ABUSE. Maybe from ABUSE it turned into wanting her out of her LIFE. This opinion is coming from a person that was ABUSED most of her life until the death of her MOTHER. All of what I have stated are all the feelings my MOTHER had about me...SAD BUT TRUE.
So for me this is a very SAD STORY that brought me to think of my past but in my case I got a chance to have a FUTURE with NO ABUSE again in MY LIFE... I am grateful for that. My THOUGHTS and PRAYERS are for those who have been affected in one way or another who still do not know where that precious and innocent child is and what has really happened to her.
may tell you nothing.  Casey may NEVER tell what happened.  She may sit in prison for the rest of her life and not say a word.....but there are always people like you out there to fill in the blanks with whatever you "feel".  The only ones who NEED to know what happened are the police, family and the DA.
September 22, 2008, 7:50 am CDT

I agree...

Quote From: cnimri99

I have yet to see this show, but will watch when it comes on this afternoon. (I'm in central time.)


Just reading over the topic smmary, I am already feeling frustrated. I seriously question, WHY DOES EVERYTHING ALWAYS COME DOWN TO RACE? Don't people realize sometimes things just happen, people get overlooked, or someone thinks you're an idiot because that's the truth? I get so sick of people always bringing up the race issue. Most times when people say, "It's because I'm ____________", it's really NOT. It's just because of the circumstances surrounding that particular moment in time.

are people so naive that they think EVERY murdered child makes national, let alone local, news?
September 22, 2008, 7:52 am CDT

Missing children

 I noticed that right away someone cries foul and cites "racism" since their missing child has not had as much media coverage.  One certainly is no less important than the other.  Depending where one might live unfortunately will determine the type and amount of media coverage.  There are numerous  web sites and organizations that work with law enforcement to try and solve these dissapearances.  This peticular one has so much garbage intertwined with it that it has captured the publics attention.  The mother I believe is a complete liar and so far nothing she has told the authorities  has been truthful.  This is another classic case of someone who should not have custody of a child.  Where were the grandparents when all this was going on?  They are in denial and can't bring themselves to admit they share some of the blame because they had to know just how irresponsible their daughter is.  Getting back to my original thought about racism; let's stop with using this everytime a situation arrises.  I can't believe that anyone doesn't try as hard to recover a missing child beccause it s a minority.  Our country will never heal until we stop!  It may seem unfair but surley is not RACISM

September 22, 2008, 8:01 am CDT

the kind who....

Quote From: kaykwilts

One time I was in Walmart and my daughter was about three at the time. She went missing for all of three minutes and I was in a panic mode.  Walmart was almost going to do a call Adam and then my daughter found me.  What kind of mother would wait 30 days?  My children are too precious to me.  Most mothers go in a panic mode when they see their child out of their site for 2 seconds.
kills her child and needs time to come up with a plausable story, thats what kind of mother waits 30 days. 
September 22, 2008, 8:06 am CDT


Quote From: cnimri99

I have yet to see this show, but will watch when it comes on this afternoon. (I'm in central time.)


Just reading over the topic smmary, I am already feeling frustrated. I seriously question, WHY DOES EVERYTHING ALWAYS COME DOWN TO RACE? Don't people realize sometimes things just happen, people get overlooked, or someone thinks you're an idiot because that's the truth? I get so sick of people always bringing up the race issue. Most times when people say, "It's because I'm ____________", it's really NOT. It's just because of the circumstances surrounding that particular moment in time.

I also just wrote a response about the race card being used today.  We hear it all the time, it's brought up in the  Caylee case. We get enough of it in the election coverage (race and gender).  I think when there is a child missing the news gets on to if it is 'newsworthy' if they don't think they can get good coverage, the news doesn't show it..  Look at how they have attacked Sara Palin for being a women (dumb woman).  I was disappointed that Dr. Phil put so much emphasis on race today.  LET'S JUST FIND THESE MISSING CHILDREN.  tHE SHOW WAS ABOUT TRYING TO GET INFORMATION OUT ABOUT CAYLEE.

September 22, 2008, 8:08 am CDT


I will not form an opinion without more facts but I too tune to Nancy until I tire of her repetition and BIASED opinions. This is an unusual case and it is hard to determine if the Police or the news media are hell bent on an ego trip or if there may be a prosecuting attorney who has a GOAL like becoming FLA. attorney general but this case STINKS about as bad as the little dancing girl in Colorado and the College boys from the Carolinas I think.
September 22, 2008, 8:09 am CDT

Have they thought of doing this?

Just a thought but have the police ever thought of doing the "TRUTH SERUM" on Casey? I know it would be very controversial but who knows, they seem to be drawing at straws at this point so what could it hurt?

Also, whoever turned in the pictures of Casey partying, the dates of the pictures are easily found just by looking on the computer (assuming they are digital). If it were me and I sent the pictures, I would have no problem letting police come to my house and proving when the pics were taken. Just my $0.02

September 22, 2008, 8:10 am CDT


Quote From: forreal40

It is hard to believe that any mother would go a month without telling someone that her daughter was missing.  Even if Casey accidently gave to much cough syrup (another rumor going around) so she could go out to party doesn't make sense at why she won't tell anyone where her daughter is.  The longer this drags out the more the public will judge her.  I don't know if she did anything to her daughter I just know that the police released tapes of her lies and she won't speak to anyone concerning the truth about her daughters last day with her.   


 I understand that the police will sooner or later arrest her but they need to put all their ducks in a row.  What is it that makes a person snap?  Is this what happened?  Innocent until proven guilty?  I beleive that most of the protestors don't know what the constitution says in full.  I believe that we now have a circus of messed up people needing attention and they are using Casey's family to feel better about themselves.  There is no way she will get a fair trial now that this is all over the media.  How do you handle this?

finally a voice of reason in here!!!!  I mean even I think she killed her child based on media coverage and I don't know what happened, though seemingly the only one admitting it.  Its all the speculation that screws ev thing up and makes ev one start flapping their jaws based on rumor.  The law needs facts and evidence to put her away if she did it, not the rantings from the court of peoples opinions.

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