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Created on : Friday, September 12, 2008, 01:22:29 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Dr. Phil takes on controversial issues that could affect your child’s safety at school. First up, imagine your child’s first day at school and his or her teacher is carrying a concealed weapon. How would you feel about that? One small Texas school district will allow gun-toting teachers. Dr. Phil hears from moms on both sides of this debate, as well as the president of the Texas Federation of Teachers. Then, did you know that almost half of college-aged kids binge drink? That’s why 100 of the nation’s college presidents have signed the Amethyst Initiative, calling for a national discussion about rethinking the legal drinking age. Should kids be allowed to drink legally at 18? An Amethyst board member joins Dr. Phil, along with the national president for Mothers Against Drunk Driving, two university presidents and a family devastated by a drunk-driving tragedy. Where do you side on these debates? Take our poll! Plus, don’t miss a school bus brawl caught on tape. Who's at fault: the student or the bus driver? Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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June 9, 2009, 11:26 am CDT

Alcohol, no thanks!



Here in Sweden the drinking age is set on 18 years old, and the alcohol has find it´s paths down to some 13-14 years old. Children at that age hasn´t finish grow in there there brain or body. At 18 years old the most youths are´t ready for all the consekvenses of there actions, aspeciallt not the once that alcohol or any other drog brings. I wish that parents teatch ther children mor about alcoho,and that the schools dos it to, at a earlyer age than today, and more regulary under the schoolperiods up to the university. I wish that the education about alcohol learn ,children and young adults, more about the alcohols negativ effekts on the body and mind, how it effekts other people in it´s inviorment, society and what kind of negativ effekts it can have in there own lives.


This is the thouths of a 26 years old youg woman.



August 14, 2009, 3:28 am CDT

drinking age


I just saw the episode on changing the drinking age. I'm from Denmark, so i see things in a compleatly different way. Our leagle age for driking is 16, and i'm 18 now, 5 years ago the limit was 15, and the people here were outraged when the limit was changed.

As you may have realized I have a verry different opinion than the mos of you. I don't see any problemt in lowering the age, the youth is drinkingn already at that age. I'm verry sorry for the loss some families have experienced, but I am sure that it still would have happened even though if the limit was 25 og 30. When you get to a certain age you discover alcohol, and it being forbidden just makes it more interresting.




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