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Created on : Friday, September 12, 2008, 01:20:40 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/18/08) Could you be guilty of abusing your child and not know it? Where are the boundaries when it comes to parenting? Treffly is a mom of three who never thought she would be accused of breaking the law. But that's exactly what happened when she left her daughter in the car to do an errand just 30 feet away. Treffly's case sparked a flurry of opinions and heated debates across the country. People in the community and a criminal defense attorney weigh in. And find out what Dr. Phil thinks about Treffly's encounter with the law. Then, Lynn says her biggest regret is leaving her daughter alone the night the 13-year-old died. Find out how a false allegation landed her behind bars. Her conviction was overturned, and Lynn became the first woman in U.S. history to be cleared by DNA evidence. Hear how the truth came to light and what life has been like since she was released from prison. And, hear about Lynn's son, Ed's, experience growing up in foster care as a result of his mother's incarceration. What can mother and son do to rebuild their bond? Find out what you can do to improve the lives of children in the foster care system. Plus, don't miss the steps you need to take if you're wrongly accused of a crime. Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 18, 2008, 11:36 am CDT

do you have kids?

I am wondering if all these people that think it is SO WRONG to leave your children in the car within sight have ever had a sleeping child in a car, while in the middle of a Michigan snow storm??  If you work full time, then your kids are in child care, so you are forced to do errands during a lunch hour (if you get one) and then you have to run home and get dinner and bedtime started.  And then the stay at home mothers usually don't have relief until the husband comes home (which is usually late), so when can errands be done??????  Running around with a baby and toddler isn't always the easiest thing in the world, some people should try it sometime.....
September 18, 2008, 12:07 pm CDT

parents falsely accussed

CPS,DPS and all state child protective agencies. These agencies are given way to much power and attack struggeling parents all over.Why?Low income parents are the target.Federal funding being used for the wrong reasons by these agencies.Rather than help parents and assist them in programs to keep families together,the children are ripped out from under them,placed in adoptive foster homes after being placed in several homes.The children are damaged and forced into seperation from brothers, sisters,  parents,  grandparents and so on while being placed into the hands of strangers.The Courts,public defenders and social workers all are a part of this problem.Take away the funds and it will stop.Parents rights and child rights are being violated daily in states like Florida and California and many other states.It is like a black market for baby selling by these agencies.Yes there are some parents who should not have children.For those children,a safe heaven is needed.The nightmares are true what families have gone through with these agencies.They should have never lost the children taken from them wrongfully.There are many parents fighting for the children taken and wrongfully accused by social workers.Social workers trick and trap parents into saying things that are false with threats of losing their children if they do not agree with them in interviews,  investigations and so on.I have seen this first hand and hope that this will send the message to those workers that they are being watched.The Wheel of Fortune they play in meetings for who can get the most kids and get a bonus,  well known in Florida to DPS for Federal Funding of adoptive foster homes, must stop now.Families are being destroyed by these agencies who are now private and use court systems to get the money for children who belong with their own familes.Leave this job for law enforcement and close the door on Federal Funding  to these agencies.New programs need to be in place for good foster homes and programs for parents to be better parents.  Child Protection Agencies have gone to far.The heads of these departments like the one in Florida was using foster children in child porn.Other children were dead,missing and foster homes were still collecting funds for children who had not been in these homes for seven or more years.Parents searched for children lost in this system and had parental rights destroyed wrongfully because they could not afford a lawyer.Public defenders and legal aid are not permitted to provide a truthful defense or any defense for these parents and the parents are not heard by the court systems.The very minute these children come into the hands of child protective services,the parents have already lost them and no matter how much they try to fight and be heard,they are rejected and denied due process of law.The courts are one sided and there is no fairness for the parents.I pray for these families and that the tax payers take a stand of what they are paying for and why.The self and unjust enrichment of DPS and CSP is the key.
September 18, 2008, 12:18 pm CDT


These parents should have there children taken away! I have 11yrs and 2 young niece that since they were born NEVER got left anywhere!!  There are not many good parents out there anymore.

September 18, 2008, 12:19 pm CDT

Community Service

I just want to be clear as to what role the "Community Service Worker" was to be performing.

It seems to me the service worker should have been performing a service in this situation.


I am sure the officer saw exactly what the situation was. Why did'nt the service worker take on the responsibily of watching the child until the parent returned.


But then again. If you are going to make errands? Then you should make arrangements to have someone accompany you or scheduel your errands so that you do not have to take the baby with you.

September 18, 2008, 12:23 pm CDT

you might feel it aint abuse

First of all the mother was illegally parked in a fire zone. second of all it takes a car theif less than 15 seconds to steal a car. how would that mother feel if someone lost control of their car in the parking lot and crashed into the side of her car and hurt or killed her child, how would she have felt then it happens alot people stepping on the gas instead of the brake. It may not be abuse but it is negligent to leave the child in a car.
September 18, 2008, 12:23 pm CDT

Confusing to say the least!

Quote From: amyaaron86

 Hi Dr. Phil;

   I had my 9 year old daughter and 3 year old son taken from me on 1986, I had left them  to play

with other children with a 14 yaer old baby sitting while I ran to the store. It was in may of that year

so it stayed light out side later than i the winter. Well I was gone for not more than an hour, and when

I returned there was a card from the local police department. So I called to see what had happened,

and the mother of the other children was busted for credit card fraud, and when they came to pick up

her children they took mine also, the officer said that they had already been placed, it was about

 7:30, but he said I should not have any problem getting my kids because I was not involved, but he

said I would have to wait until the next  day to pick them up. Well I tell you that was the longest night

in my life. The next morning I did not bother calling CPS I just went there expecting to pick up my

children. Well when I got there this woman had talked to my mother, whom we are not close at all.

  She started acusing me of all these crimes I supose to have done, all I had was a ticket for driving

with out my licence in posseion, which I had just not with me. I could not believe it was the worst night

mare in my life. My kids were my life. And from that day on I lost my kids just on faulse accusations

from my own mother, she even got up on the first court hearing, and told the judge she did not want them

but she did not want  me to have them either. To this day I have not talked to my mother.

What state do you live in and did you hire a lawyer?

It is very random and very unusual for a court system to take children away from a parent, especially a mother based on accusation alone without evidence to confirm.  I don't mean to imply that you are not writing your whole truth but it is confusing and I'd love to know what steps you took to regain your children during and after this experience?  The social welfare system is a long way from perfect and more often than not children are falling through the cracks before they are wrongly removed from a home.

I am very interested in your story!  And I do write that with sincerity.

September 18, 2008, 12:26 pm CDT

tru, we relate to the green

Quote From: jd1fanlb

We had a case here in the KC area where a mother left her son in the car just to get something to drink.  Not only did she leave him in the car, but she left the car running (it was cold outside).  The car was stolen and she tried to get her kid out of the car seat, he was dragged to his death.  This woman was not charged at all.  I know it probably sounds very cold hearted, and people will say she has suffered enough, but not as much as her son.  She should have been charged.  It is against the law to leave your child in the car alone. 


I wish I could remember who put it this way, but I really like it.  Let's see how much your child is worth to you.  Would you leave a $1000 bill in the car?  No.  How about a $100 dollar bill?  No.  How about a $50 dollar bill? No.  How about a $20 dollar bill?  No.  And so on and so on. You wouldn't leave a $20 dollar bill, but you would your child. So your child isn't worth $20.00.  I never left my child in the car, no matter how difficult it was to take him out and put in back, or no matter how close it was.


Some mistakes you only get to make once.


The currency analogy is on point. Brilliant.
Would you? Would you leave the buks on the front seat? No you would not.
So - It's NO, NO, NO, NO.
The mama bear always keeps her cub(s) with her.
It's the rule of the jungle.
September 18, 2008, 12:27 pm CDT

Leaving your child alond

I have found that sometime common sense leaves when there is children involved and being arrested because a child has been left in the car is utterly ridiculous if the parent is in sight of the child.  I have six children who I need to put into the car on a daily basis and I have them ready in the house and I take one out at a time.  When I do this they are alone in the car till I get the next child am I neglectful no because is it better to have the children running the road to be hit or to have a controlled environment in which my children are safe.  Even if there is spanking involved. If it comes between correcting a children or risking harm to that child then spank the child so that they are protected.  To many people have control over our lives and it should not be aloud.
September 18, 2008, 12:27 pm CDT

what she did was not abuse

so what i want to know is when you leave your child that fell asleep in a chair and you walk 30 feet to the bathroom do you wake that child up and take it with you... we all know they dont.. also what if the child is in bed at night and you go to bed in your room 30 or 30+ feet away. you can bet you do go on to bed.. is that abuse?  i think not.

Kathy S

September 18, 2008, 12:31 pm CDT

child abuse

I feel the guest you had should never had to go through this kind of ordeal.  I have had false allegations on myself , because we have these nosy people that think they are better than everyone else.  My charges were dropped, it was concluded the person filing the charges was just trying to get revenge because I wouldn't be with him. If a child is in danger I am all for doing what is necessary to help that child.  But when there isn't any danger people should  mind there own business.

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