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Created on : Friday, September 12, 2008, 01:18:37 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/17/08) Dr. Phil takes an intense look at the life of Star, a stay-at-home mom who fears that her dangerous habit may take a turn for the worse. Star’s 11-year-old daughter, Autumn, sends Dr. Phil a poignant plea for help before tragedy strikes. By appearances, Star had it all: a nice home, a loving husband and four beautiful children. But inside, she hid a dark secret. What started out as a prescription for postpartum depression turned into an addiction, with Star downing 30 to 50 pills a day. Autumn was even left at home to baby-sit her younger siblings while Star drove around town for her next fix. Star's husband, Isaac, worries for her future and threatens to call the police if she continues to abuse drugs. A Dr. Phil camera crew is on the scene when Isaac discovers the depth of his wife’s addiction. See what happens when he takes matters into his own hands. Plus, Star receives a phone call that shakes her to the core. Find out what nearly causes her to break down. And, learn what line Star crossed which could shatter her marriage forever. Will Isaac ever be able to trust his wife again, or will this latest revelation cause him to call it quits? Can Star get her life back on track before it’s too late? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 17, 2008, 1:40 pm CDT

Save My Mommy Show 9/17

I feel for the lady on the show today and I'm very glad she is reaching out for help for her and her family.

What concerns me is that  people who legitimately need pain and/or anti-anxiety medication may be denied what they need out of physicians fear of patients self-medicating and/or abusing the drugs.

I had cancer last year and at the time of diagnosis was experiencing severe anxiety.  I needed short term help to get through the time to surgery. I could not sleep and was crying constantly.   I was lucky that one of my doctors agreed to give me a very small amount of Xanax to help me get through the 60 days till surgery.  The other doctor in the practice told me he would not have given me anything. 

I was given 16 Xanax in mid June, by late August, when I had my surgery, I still had 4 or 5 pills left.  I was very careful to use them only when I could not cope in any other way.  I feel that this was a legitimate use for the medication and it really irritates me that I was nearly denied them because of other people misusing the drug.

September 17, 2008, 1:42 pm CDT

I Feel Bad For Her, BUT...

I watched the show today and I do feel bad for Star, but she chose to take drugs. I have Bi Polar disorder, 2 major medical problems and a husband that calls me " psycho bitch" when I have my really bad days, yet I have never turned to drugs. I am working on getting help financially so I can leave and possibly divorce my husband if he doesn't get the anger managment that he needs. I could have very easily turned to drugs or alcohol or both, but I chose to go to my doctor and ask her to help me. I am getting back inot therapy as well, as I can't do it with the medicine alone. My 3 children deserve better than what they have been living with for the past several years. They know that I am ill and need help and they are all supportive of me getting the help that I need. I'm not condemning Star for her drug use. I'm just saying that she could have chosen another path. I had a dear friend that was hooked on pills and when she finally told me, I was angry at her becuase I allowed her to drive my children around in her car when she was high on those pills. She could have seriously hurt or even killed my chidlren, but I forgave her and supported her decision to go to treatment and get the help that she so desperatley needed. I called her and wrote her letters the whole time she was away and welcomed her back with a huge hug. My friend has been clean for 4 years now and is doing awesome. There are other ways to deal with depression, etc. rather than turning to drugs, alcohol, etc.  Star and others like her need to think about what them taking the drugs, etc. does to their children as well. They are the ones that suffer the most and I know all about that. Just because I don't take drugs or drink doesn't mean that I don't understand. Maybe my fear of overdosing is why I never went down that road. I hope that Star and others like her get the help they need before they destroy their loved ones and everything else in their lives.
September 17, 2008, 1:43 pm CDT

Addiction is a Beast

Lady...Your odds are so stacked against you. You are the walking dead. Your little kid is standing up by the microwave as you drone on emotionally like a crazy fool. I'm surprised you can even feel anything, taking that much medication! Which is why I think you are 'acting' Recovery is possible but I'm guessing you don't have what it takes. I was once addicted to vicodin. Luckily I took 8 a day at most, and I became so insane...that I had to go to treatment for it, after only about two months of being introduced to them, through a friend with a prescription.

The protective children services need to step into your family immediately. Your husband is so codependant that he is not responsible enough either.

And, how dare you lay that emotional diarrhea of the mouth, onto your poor helpless 11 year old? Just get away from her! You have damaged her enough.


Go to treatment. You're nobody special, but you are somebody's MOM!

September 17, 2008, 1:45 pm CDT


Quote From: cuddles05

then you didnt watch the show very think its easy just to quit think addicted to perks and i have tryed stopping and everytime i do i have so many side effects it isn't fuuny.try it you'll see/your a idoit to think this does'nt hurt
I am sure it does hurt.  If you choose to hurt yourself that's one thing but she in endangering the lives of these children.  They have no choice in this matter!!  She doesn't belong in the house or anywhere near these kids until she gets the help she needs.  She is right  on one thing---She doesn't deserve her husband or children at this point.  She chooses the pills every day over them.  She is simply not fit to mother right now.
September 17, 2008, 1:45 pm CDT

todays show

Hey Dr.Phil,

I watch your show or go online everyday!  I am watching your show as we speak. I wanted children and couldnot have them ! She is VERY lucky to have to kids that she has and the husband that she has to stand beside her.  I lost my mother 4yrs ago to cancer and MISS HER EVERYDAY!  I Really PRAY FOR HER and especial  for her 11yr. old and the rest of her family. THANK YOU DR. PHIL. You are THE BEST.



September 17, 2008, 1:50 pm CDT

You'll feel like you've been run over...

Dr. Phil just said you will feel like you have been run over, coming off of that crap! He is so right! That is how I described it exactly.
September 17, 2008, 1:51 pm CDT

Very well done

Very well done show!  I was very moved.  I wish Star and her husband luck.  Star I think you are ready and I believe you are a strong woman and will make it!
September 17, 2008, 1:52 pm CDT

32 years old and my mom was the same way.

I can tell what it will happen to the kids if she does not get help and stay sober. I am 32 years old and my mom was and still is the same way. I have a sister that is 9 years older than me. She also took care of me when I was a baby. My dad was a wonderful man and lived with my mother for 10 years and tried to get my mother help many times. It never worked. My dad finally left my mother when I was a baby for fear of our lives. She locked us out of the house one day and that was the final straw that broke the back for my dad.

My dad got custody of us in 1977 which was very uncommon for a father to get custody. It was the first father full custody that the Judge had ever given. My mother has been a pill popper all of my life and made me a very unhappy child. My dad does not have any thing for my mother. Which has made it hard for my sister and I. My sister and I have tried for years to get my mother to stop but we know now she will never stop. This woman doesn't understand what she is doing to her children and the rest of their lives. My mother is now in prison for selling pills. It is a never ending sad sorry. My dad made the right decision on leaving my mother and made a life for us. I still talk to my mom but out of her being my mom. People don't understand why we still have something to do with her after everything she has done to us. She is my mom and the only one I have. I just hope these children will not go through what me and my sister has went through. I only hope the dad makes his children his top priority and gets them out of the situation.

I feel so sorry for the children. I know their lives will never be the same. I just don't think their mom will ever  stop by seeing her on the show. She says everything my mother has said in the past and it was all a lie. I have now a 2 year old girl and will never do anything to hurt my little girl.

My heart goes out to these people. Dr. Phill please help these people and these children so they don't have a life like mine.

September 17, 2008, 1:56 pm CDT

Where is everyone's compassion???

I read somewhere that someone thinks she's being given a 30 day spa treatment while her "poor" hubby has to do all the work!!!  No one gives a heap about anyone else in this world today and that may be the biggest problem.  Don't you think for one second Star knows how far she's fallen?  I understand that her family is hurting deeply but I'm really surprised that Dr. Phil didn't point out to her husband that calling her names and saying he's sick of her will NOT help one bit, that will just send her running for her pills so she can escape the shame, lack of self-worth, feeling like a burden to the world, self-hatred, etc.  She's caught in a vicious circle right now.  The more she loathes herself, the more she self-medicates to run away from her reality.


I understand her predicament a little as I've battled my own little piece of hell.   I have been on anti-depressants for years and it is a miracle this woman is still alive!  Once, I mistakenly took a second dose and thought I was going to die!  Anti-anxiety medication however is very addictive and I had to pull myself back from addiction when I noticed I was depending on them way too much.


I understand Star's pain, her wanting to escape from herself because of all the self-loathing.  Why does everyone think it's so easy to stop taking pills? or just stop being depressed?  If it were that easy, would we need people like Dr. Phil to give us a helping hand?


I know self-hatred, I battle it every single day and there but for the grace of God go I, because I could easily see myself in Star's position.  It's not about being weak or strong, good or evil, smart or dumb.  It's about trying to cope and becoming lost.  I'm really glad Dr. Phil decided to help her but I think he could have been a little less harsh.  When he has alcoholics on the show, he tells them that he doesn't expect them to make the right decisions because the alcohol has totally taken over their brains and they couldn't stop on their own even if they wanted to....he said none of this to Star - instead I painfully watched her face, her pain so visible while her husband sat there morally superior. 


I believe you can do this Star.  My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.  To your husband I say, I'm sorry for your pain and disappointment and I do feel for you but please, please stop calling her names and making her feel like a bigger failure than she already does.  And to both of you I say, please pleeeeeeeeeease stop doing this in front of your children.  When they showed the clip of Star and Isaac on the phone, I thought I could hear her daughter saying "don't cry mommy" and it broke my heart.


God bless.

September 17, 2008, 1:59 pm CDT


Quote From: mominct1

I am feeling a little frustrated as I watch this show.  I know that this is a difficult situation.  This woman really needs help.  She is in a bad way.  Dr. Phil is not being nice to her in my opinion.  So far he is not giving her credit for admitting her problem and looking for help.


In contrast on Monday he had a spoiled rotten family on the show who spent  their way into financial ruin.  What that family did will affect all of us, our taxes and our ability to get credit.  Dr. Phil was sweet as pie to this family who had an addiction to spending.  He even told them that he would help them find a new job.  When he himself always says you "don't fix money problems with money. "  I wish that Dr. Phil had been much more blunt and mean towards those people.


I just think that it was crazy that Dr. Phil was so nice to the spend addicts but is being cold to a drug addict.


I just don't get it!

 Her husband has been "nice" to her all this time and allowed her to continue being stoned.   Time to be "NICE" is over. It's time to get real and fix the problem. It's kick butt time!
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