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Created on : Friday, September 12, 2008, 01:18:37 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
(Original Air Date: 09/17/08) Dr. Phil takes an intense look at the life of Star, a stay-at-home mom who fears that her dangerous habit may take a turn for the worse. Star’s 11-year-old daughter, Autumn, sends Dr. Phil a poignant plea for help before tragedy strikes. By appearances, Star had it all: a nice home, a loving husband and four beautiful children. But inside, she hid a dark secret. What started out as a prescription for postpartum depression turned into an addiction, with Star downing 30 to 50 pills a day. Autumn was even left at home to baby-sit her younger siblings while Star drove around town for her next fix. Star's husband, Isaac, worries for her future and threatens to call the police if she continues to abuse drugs. A Dr. Phil camera crew is on the scene when Isaac discovers the depth of his wife’s addiction. See what happens when he takes matters into his own hands. Plus, Star receives a phone call that shakes her to the core. Find out what nearly causes her to break down. And, learn what line Star crossed which could shatter her marriage forever. Will Isaac ever be able to trust his wife again, or will this latest revelation cause him to call it quits? Can Star get her life back on track before it’s too late? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 16, 2008, 7:34 pm CDT


Quote From: nomorepills

Let me start by saying that as adults we are responsible for our own actions to some extent. I am a recovering pill addict. My struggle with pill started in early 2005. I was suffering from a little depression and I went to my family doctor for help. I was put on an antidepressant and it all escaladed from there. The antidepressant caused anxiety so the doctor put me on an anti anxiety pill. it was what seemed like a never ending cycle. By 2006 I was divorced and I depended on a pill for every aspect of my lif. It was so easy for me to get the pills. I never had to buy them off the streets. I just went to my Physchiatrist and she gave me more and more and more.  I don't even know how many different medications I took but I do know that xanax , seraquel and lithium were my favorite. The xanax took over my life. I became unable to work. I was severly depressed. I shut everyone out of my life. I wouldnt leave my home for weeks at a time. My doctor knew about everything I was going through and yet she still continued to give me the pills. I attemped sucicide 3 time by overdosing on xanax and my doctor still continued to give me the xanax.  To make a long story short I stopped seeing the doctor and about 9 months ago I stopped taking the pills. It was very hard. I suffered severe withdrawl. But I stuck it out and I have been pill free for 9 months. My point is yes we are responsible for our actions. But sometimes we put our trust in our doctors because they are the professionals, the experts. When my mind was completely distorted by pills my doctor did not help me. I believe the ony reason I got off the pills is because I stopped seeing the doctor. I still suffer from depression and anxiety. I am disabled because of depression and anxiety but I am afraid to visit a doctor because I am scared to death of getting wrapped up in pills again. I lost everything. I am now married to a wonderful man and I don't want to risk losing him because of pills.

You must have some good insurance to pay for all those pills.


Did you ever stop to think that sometimes we are supposed to go through pain to learn something ? or should we all have a pill for every emotion. You comment that we are accountable to "some extent" what.....? Where is the line ? Who told you that your accountability only goes so far.  You went to the doctor because you were a little depressed ? That is odd to me. People get the blues. People are supposed to FEEL. Its what seperates us from the animals  This is insane how out of whacked this whole thing is. Disabled ? Start fighting woman. Life is short and for you to stay stuck in this mire is a waste of a perfectly good life. You don't get another one.

September 16, 2008, 7:37 pm CDT

oh yeah

Quote From: friendofstar

Dear Star, Isaac, and Kids, - Also Viewers and Message Board Members,


I write with prayers and encouragement for this enitre family, of which each member is very dear to me. I relocated out of state early this summer and though I visited the home once or twice a month prior due to living in a nearby community, was not aware of this situation. I stand fast in my love and support for the entire family. I am grateful to the Dr. Phil show for giving Star the best possible opportunity to recover to a life of sobriety and success which in turn will result in the best opportunity for the entire family to recover and heal together.


Having known the family for several years including as the newest little ones have come along, I can verify the love in this family will remain a powerful motivator for Star to succeed with this intervention made available to her by the Dr. Phil program. The outstanding professional help afforded to Star and the family clearly offers the best possibility of success. Added to a steadfast desire to break free of this addiction that Star will need to maintain are the prayers and encouragement of her immediate family, friends, church family, and viewers who take the time to pray. Posting positive, constructive, and hopeful messages in support of a successful outcome is equally important. 


I embrace each immediate family member for your individual honor and bravery in the midst of this incredibly challenging season. I am with you in spirit and send big hugs, love, and consistent prayers. 


To all viewers/readers: Please remember we are all vulnerable creatures in this most challenging life; . . "there but for the grace of God, go I."


Praying for Star to succeed in the treatment,  praying for strength for Isaac and each of the children would be the best contribution viewers can do. Be positive - be constructive - be an encourager! 


The reality is, we know not when we too will be pressed and find ourselves grasping and in need of help or intervention wheather a situation brought on as a result of being impacted by circumstance, or brough on by ourselves. Life is good, but it is also hard.


Thank you Dr. Phil, staff, and intervention professionals, for helping Star, Isaac, and these dear children,


Check your purse and the back of your checks for anything odd.  If you used to visit the house, there is probably something missing.
September 17, 2008, 1:08 am CDT

Opposite side of "pain pill addiction"

Dr. Phil is an amazing man who has and continues to rescue people in trouble, and I applaud him, pray for him and everyone who has gotten help and will be helped by this man. 

 PLEASE everyone know I truly mean this, BUT, since Dr. Phil is an icon on TV and in the media, and also because of so many famous addicts, or terrible stories in the media, the new IN drug to come down hard on is prescription pain pills and I'm NOT at all against it, PLEASE (again) know I mean this, but with this frenzy and Dr.s becoming afraid and then the goverment will pass more laws, there are 100's of 1,000's of people who will suffer, some will die.  Its me and others like me-CHRONIC PAIN PATIENTS!!!!

So I would love to ask Dr. Phil if he believes that a person can take meds responsibly, with constant monitering from Pain Dr.s who specialize and do this for yrs, the rest of our lives?  Can this be done?

Society looked down on me before but NOW?? with the media (who we all know is one sided)  

The danger with all of this attention is that the "powers that be" may decide to ban narcotics for long term use, because of all the addicts, I'm NOT confident that they will look at both sides and so I ask you- my fellow Dr. Phil watchers and lovers, to please be open-minded and considerate of us chronic Pain patients who would be NON FUNCTIONING and/or DEAD if not for the GODSEND meds like Oxycontin, Vicodin-we can use it right for yrs. is my opinion ;and my life.

Though I would love to hear how the Dr. feels about this subject and more than that I'd LOVE to see a show about us, Just to let society know that part of its society is living a semi-productive life w/the aid of these meds, It will take someone awesome like Dr. Phil to be innovative and do a show like this and until then I will pray for the addicts, Dr. Phil and so many wonderful people like him, and watch my anxiety and fear level rise about what will happen to people like me.  Thanks for listening, lots of amazing people right here GOD BLESS all of you and PLEASE don't ever stop caring.

September 17, 2008, 5:49 am CDT

my 2 month old granddaughter could say the same thing SAVE MY MOMMY

This subject has hit a BIG note for me. Just 2 months ago my son and his then fiance'(they have since married) had a beautiful baby girl. THAT day is when I was WAKENED to the fact that drugs had taken over. She (the mom) tested positive at delivery to 4 or 5 different drugs from THC to opium to zanaz and oxycotin. I was DEVASTATED to hear this news. The hospital reported this to Child Protection Services(CPS) and the nightmare continues.

Two weeks after Baylees birth my son overdosed and almost died in my OWN bathroom. They have been living with us since the hospital discharge, and life just seems to keep getting worse. I am learning what TREMENDOUS liars that addicts are!

For the first 10 days home they were not allowed to take the baby ANYWERE without me but have since been granted that priveledge.Just this past weekend once again mommy appeared to be "out of it" but denies ANYTHING happened. Let me see if this makes sense, you appear with eyes nearly shut,staggering through the house, unable to hear a baby CRYING and you haven't done ANYTHING?!? HUMBUG!!

I am trying to the best of my ability to help these two young parents but I truly feel they are playing the game! They say what they think you WANT to hear. They avoid drug tests for several days then appear totally out of it the day AFTER they are tested.

I am not sure WHAT else I can do. I feel SUCH a NEED to PROTECT this little (premature) baby but my hands have been tied due to the fact that CPS feels they are "trying" and it is NOT their goal to take children from their parents.

Dr Phil HOW can I help? WHAT can I do? I fear that SOMETHING is going to happen to Baylee and then I will feel horrible.

Mommy and baby stayed out ALL night last night and didn't even bother letting us know where they were! HELP PLEASE before something happens to my precious grandchild.



September 17, 2008, 6:29 am CDT

you must be high now...

Quote From: lonelyheroine

And then I would have seen that this woman is taking Oxycontin and of course, one could get addicted. But I really have to wonder how she is obtaining this controlled substance. As I wrote previously about those smooth criminals who call themselves doctors and who were hailed as "Dr. Feelgoods." I am going to look pretty sheepish, with a liberal dose of humility, that at one time, I was stealing my mother's Oxycontin, something she has to take to alieviate chronic pain, so I was able to get them, but why a physician would keep prescribing this 'Hillbilly Heroin" is beyond my comprehension.

I never crushed that powerful drug and then inhaled it. I got just what I needed by swallowing them. Of course, that doesn't make me look any better from the ones who do use the drug as "Hillbilly Heroin." I'm sorry----I didn't intend to make this entry all about me. The guilt I experienced for taking a drug that my mother so desperately needed finally trumped my desire to blitz out and I realized I loved her way more than I loved Oxycontin. But it was very hard and I slipped up a number of times before admitting I was a drug abuser and subsequently began to go to Narcotics Anonymous.

Being both Bipolar and having been diagnosed as suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, I used narcotics to mellow out and take some of the sting of having a mental illness.

Anyway, this woman who will be featured this Wednesday has an uphill battle. Instead of judging her, both family and friends need to understand what drives her to cling onto this drug. It must be so hard for her daughter to have a drug addicted mother and have no way to help her. I am glad they will be on the show. Dr. Phil always looks out for the children of the troubled guests on the show, so I am hoping he can get both her and her mother in a better place.

... did you not read the transcript of the show?  Maybe you should consider lowering your own dose.

She is buying these pills on the street, stealing them from homes, pleading with friends to give them some of theirs...

There are no "Dr. Feelgoods" involved. 

September 17, 2008, 6:36 am CDT


I am feeling a little frustrated as I watch this show.  I know that this is a difficult situation.  This woman really needs help.  She is in a bad way.  Dr. Phil is not being nice to her in my opinion.  So far he is not giving her credit for admitting her problem and looking for help.


In contrast on Monday he had a spoiled rotten family on the show who spent  their way into financial ruin.  What that family did will affect all of us, our taxes and our ability to get credit.  Dr. Phil was sweet as pie to this family who had an addiction to spending.  He even told them that he would help them find a new job.  When he himself always says you "don't fix money problems with money. "  I wish that Dr. Phil had been much more blunt and mean towards those people.


I just think that it was crazy that Dr. Phil was so nice to the spend addicts but is being cold to a drug addict.


I just don't get it!

September 17, 2008, 7:04 am CDT


September 17, 2008, 7:09 am CDT


I know the problems that come with being addicted to pain pills...My aunt was court ordered to be put into rehab as her addiction is really bad...the sad thing is her sister's and one of her son's are denying it all..For the past year and a half she has been going downhill ...she watched her husband die at home and he was the best thing for her after she had 2 marriages that failed..after that she just wanted to give up..she has caused friction where she lives and also with family members...she is very cruel verbally to everyone and we were all there to try and help her as much as we could..she has really gotten bad with everything...she quit taking care of herself...not bathing for weeks..not washing clothes and wearing the same clothes for days...her two sons wouldn't let her see her grandchildren under these conditions which I don't blame them at all..she has called EMS several times and they were even tired of her abusing the system...also she used the hospital to get treatment for pain when she ran out of her meds...the police department has warned her several times about calling them for non sense stuff...the last straw was when she was driving and fell asleep with her meds with her...they told oldest son to get her help and if it didn't happen then the state would step her son did what he could...she was in rehab for about a week and from coming down off her medication she had a heart was bad but she got better after 2 weeks in the her youngest son has taken her home and said that she needs these pills for her pain and for everyone to leave her alone...when I talked to her before this all happened she sounded just like Anna Nicole Smith did before she died...I told her that she needed the help for her addiction but she said no she's that they let her go home without the rest of her rehab treatments then I am really afraid of her dying...and I know that it will that way as her son has said that he would help her get what ever she needs...sad thing is she is only 57 years old...thanks for letting me vent..
September 17, 2008, 7:13 am CDT

I am so crazy angry with Star

I have no sympathy for Star in the least and that is because she chose to be a mother and watching those children is her priority.  I don't care if you have post partum, if you got caught up in pills.  She is a smart, articulate woman who has given herself PERMISSION to neglect those kids.  I was so afraid for the little girl on the counter on the background who was not being watched and standing up there!  She could have fallen.  There is also a little baby and she leaves her lovely child of 11, schucks her responsibility on this little girl!  She has no right to do that.  She should have had friends over, paid a baby sister or do something to fill in and get her butt to the DR. 


I have a friend who is permantly scarred by the responsibility put on her by her alcoholic father and she is in suc fear of having no money she works to the point of not seeing her daughter, who is cared for by grandparents while she is working.  Her father would take paychecks and drink himself and they wouldn't know when money was coming ever.  You never get over that.  She resents not having a childhood.  Star is robbing her children of a childhood that her husband and she could provide.

I am a mother of 2 autistic boys, 3 and 5, who need constant supervision because they don't understand danger and have limited speech.  I have to guess their needs day and night, they don't sleep and I fear for their safety and I am in the room with them all the time.  My housework can fall apart as long as I can watch them and be with them.  This is my job, my responsibility and it is the work of a lifetime trying to find a way to help them with their challenges.  I cry, I have anxiety issues too, I've had post-partum and take anxities meds when I know I can sleep and have help attending to my children.  Don't tell me that she is too sick to choose.  She has lovely, healthy children and a loving, supportive husband and she is choosing to ruin all their lives.   Stop being selfish and thank God you left for rehab.  Do it for yourself and those kids and prove to them you can do it because it means everything to them.  Your children will always love you and need you.  Be committed and make it up to them later.

September 17, 2008, 7:48 am CDT

Stop feeling sorry for yourself

As an alcoholic who no longer drinks, we would all love to stay stuck in the problem rather than take the steps to quit the addiction.  You are very aware mentally and emotionally of what you are doing, and it is easier to stay stuck in the self pity and hopelessness.  You need to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and find the courage to get yourself in the best rehabilitation program you can find.  They will help you through the physical withdrawal first, then you can get to work on the reasons you are doing this to yourself.

Save your own life first, and that will allow you the years it will take to undo the damage caused to your children.  You said it yourself...they deserve better, and so did mine.   4 years sober and happier and in better control of my life, I work on my relationships with my kids every day.  Good luck, god bless and you CAN do it.

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