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Created on : Monday, September 08, 2008, 04:46:16 am
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September 25, 2008, 2:23 pm CDT


OK today show upset me. I am an army wife and solder's have the same problems or well worse than today show. It's Thursday sept. 25. I wish that the good doc would do a show on how to deal with them coming back and how we are suppose to cope. My husband has been gone most of the last 3 yrs he is due back in 2 and half weeks and I am not sure what to do. We are both different ppl now I have lost 41lbs and he has gone through so much including getting hurt over there. Help
September 25, 2008, 6:45 pm CDT


ok the show of that day no longer comes up on  the main page, and we now go to the feedback page to post about a show? Also i cant get past shows to come up like they used to so i can not go back and see any new posts? Maybe I am glitched, i hope so because i liked looking up past shows, especially if i missed one, and I perfered it when the shows had thier own seperate page, so posts were kept on topic of that specific show... but like i said maybe im gliched lol.


September 29, 2008, 3:27 pm CDT

helicopter moms 9/29 show

I raised my boys to be independent.  I think that the chronological age has nothing to do with setting the kids freedom limit.  That mom in new york felt her 9 yr old was old enough mentally to do the subway ride.  Hooray to her for trusting her abilities to raise a strong young man.  True, some kids are not ready for that type of responsibility even at 16yrs old.  With the world and technology going the way it is, we need to train our kids to be kids but be responsible kids.  I let my 9 and 11 yr olds get on an airplane by themselves to fly to visit family.  When my youngest was 16, he went to work in Disneyworld for the summer.  And that was 5 states away.  Wow, I must be a bad mom according to that 1 'copter mom.  My children are now in their late 30's and early 40's and are raising their children as I raised them.  We have 6 young people who will be assets in the world....... Strong, independent, and responsible...... sallyjo 
September 30, 2008, 8:07 pm CDT


They really need to forgive OJ for there peace of mind (you can see the wear it puts on the father and especially the daughter), and let the Lord deal with him, God doesn't let us leaving this world with out us paying our dues, because he is suffering and struggling himself and the Goldmans really don't know what OJ is going through daily (not because they see him on TV smiling means he's happy, it's a cover).  I not siding for OJ, it's just old and they (Goldmans) need to let the grudge go, it going to kill them, it's gotten they soul and you see it. As Dr. Phil says, "Take you power back."
October 1, 2008, 11:41 am CDT


Quote From: labelfree

I am a 40 something person and get hives with new tech nology     my mind starts racing and I know I am not as smart as you guys or my kids and I dont even know how to download music or pics or upload and then I saw the new diaries and BETA  what the ferock is beta anyways?  There is this program where my handsome smart sweet 18 year old son who lives in NJ can talk to my computer can down load music to my IPOD in OHIO can YOU believe that?  What will they think of next?


The lingo The layouty  OMG!But for real though you guys are awesome and anytime I ever had a question you all have patients of saints  walking me thru it like I am in Kindergarden so thanks for that!






Dear Brilliant People and Staff and Tech  wiz kids (always remember my comments are always said with 100 percent love)


I ventured out in the land of the new on this website and OMG TO MUCH INFORMATION...




AUDIO Playing


To the left  MY BLOG





I am about to explode  implode  PLODE SOMETHING>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>EVEN calgone  couldnt take me away from this mind funk you crazy kids are putting me threw....YIKES and geez la  weez!


Well I am sure the higher ups the whoevers might say well  this is how it is right now.....



HELLLLLLO  Maybe in your cracker jack world  Maybe  Ill give it to you  EASTCOAST  WEST COAST  CHICAGO  AND MIAMI....I LIVE IN OHIO  sometimes referred to as SLOwOHIO


I am a former JERSEY CHICK  my whole life  and I promised two gals i would teach them at the library how to get emails and how to get on the internet  etc  because they out here are into RABBIT EARS ON THERE TV  ya here me?


OF COURSE DR PHIL has the best websites.  He and his shows and his staff each year keeps getting better and better but come on  slow it down...HAVE A SHOW DR PHIL  HEY YOUR FORTY DONT FREAK CATCH UP...







S.o.s.  This is way too much info and way too much to absorb..Maybe the banner should be at the bottom 


A soothing color should be at the top and no moving ads nor ANY FOOD ADS at all should be on your site!




October 1, 2008, 4:23 pm CDT


WILL YOU please ask DR Phil if on one of his shows he will please disclose  how many hits a week his website gets or a particular board gets?


I have been posting I believe  I am sure you can look it up before 2005.  Will you also ask him GREAT TECH OZ GURUS if he will consider giving his steady long timers and new timers  you get what I mean right like positive LABELS under our screen names LIKE PLATINUM POSTER  OVER 5,000 Posts  GOLDEN 3,000-5000 Posts etc...


I don't know  That might make us OLD-TIMERS feel cool and appreciated because we LOVE DR Phil so much..


What do you say DR Phil Those names were only a suggestion.  You of course could prob ally think of better names.




October 1, 2008, 5:55 pm CDT

Forgiveness would free all!

Quote From: gacorralez40

They really need to forgive OJ for there peace of mind (you can see the wear it puts on the father and especially the daughter), and let the Lord deal with him, God doesn't let us leaving this world with out us paying our dues, because he is suffering and struggling himself and the Goldmans really don't know what OJ is going through daily (not because they see him on TV smiling means he's happy, it's a cover).  I not siding for OJ, it's just old and they (Goldmans) need to let the grudge go, it going to kill them, it's gotten they soul and you see it. As Dr. Phil says, "Take you power back."

I am so glad you wrote this comment.  I filled out the form to finally try and get on this sight.  I was really furious when I heard they were dredging this O.J. mess up again.  My partner was an Obama/Raced man I am LILTY WHITE, we listened to the whole trial and were so up set the questions that were never asked that would have cleared that this man could not have done it.  when the rsults came in we wept for not only the verdict but for all the others that have been framed to cover up the real "Drug Cartel people" that did this horrific crime. I viewed OJ when he picked up his son after the recital and he almost collapsed when the weight of his son made his legs give out. I did this with my 3 yr. old so I know what I saw.  < This man that has come forward at this time NEEDS something or was paid off to so this. Look at the timing,  tThe Prez election so close and then this is dredged up again, same time the trial happens tocome to trial on the men that were selling OJ's personal things that he earned and owned and they were exploiting him but selling things that he had stolen from him.NOT A COINCIDENCE at all.< Sylvia Browne tells us that we make our charts with GOD before we come here; I think in this case when each review their charts they will see that FORGIVNESS is what is missed 99.99 % of the time.  That is the only healing power. It doesn't say "I agrree with this thing" it says, "I let it go" Let the souls that left us rest in peace.< They took all of Oj's wealth, took him down but I am glad he talked with Rosey Grier.  You know Rosey went through some awful times being black while in his career, they could not sleep or eat in same place as their white countrerparts.  He knew He gave him Hope and just like people are telling awful things about Sen.Obama, things haven't changed. I was really upset when this was being dredged up, these people are consumed.<<<<<<I think of my own tradgedy; 2-19-1979 my Poor Husband (NOW X) backed his pickup truck back 3 feet in the blizzard of 1979 on the East Coast (Penna.), he got out and what he saw( almost killed him and me, )our 3 yr.old was under truck, and when he pulled him out and hugged him and shook him and had to carry him up the walk, I saw his face pure "SHOCK", I knew J.W. looked limp, I ran our neighbors came out took our son took him inside and worked on him until Ambulance came, I knew he

was gone but I didn't tell my husband.  WE followed  the ambulance in our truck. I prayed out loud for God to have His will be done, If J.W. would be ok to allow him to live if not we told God we could not bear to face him knowing what happened." So after we got to hospital we waited, then I saw my nurse friend and I said, " He is gone isn't he??" She said the Doctor had to talk with us. We were told he was gone.  Now WE did the TAKING OF OUR OWN SONS LIFE. I certainly did not blame my husband, 7 others were there and did not see him unlatch the gate and go out and scrape the snow from under the truck. It was his time to go and we choose 5 exits and we can go at any one.  We want to experience different things when we come back for another learning experience.  We can study and study about a subject but if we write about how wonderful swimming would be, we never would know unless we got in some water and swam.< The same with ugly things, we want to understand, so we come to this neg.planet to learn.  Ron would be telling his parents to,"FORGIVE". The drug cartel holds alot of police because they themselves fear what will happen if any of them talked or tell what they really know about that event.  I always said the maid that was sent back to her home saw too much and she was never questioned again..>


Thanks for writing this comment, God bless you.  This contest coming up is so important that this kind of "remembering" brings alot of HATE out that has been burried. Nancyl2

October 3, 2008, 1:57 pm CDT


Hello Dr. Phil I really like your website now....It's very easy to do...And i really love your show. What i really like is how you speak what you think and say what you know is right!  Your GREAT dr. phil....
October 3, 2008, 2:08 pm CDT

friday oct. 3rds show

hello i watched todays show and would like some advise. i am currently involved in a custody visitation case in court. i have been talking and expressing myself about this same thing to my mother for about 5 years. the thing is this subject is often the topic of convo. i never heard of this before but it is to the t exactly what happens. the father always has to fight ,at least in ohio, to be in the childs life. the court appoints the female counsle. its called csea. my issue is not with them rather legislatation that automaticly gives full rights to the mother. i have wrote the legislaters in ohio columbus and no response.this is where i need help.what needs to happen for the court to relize the proplem giving full power of choice to the mother with no regaurds for the father causes. it should be handled more responsably. as the father i have no rights having been told by cps "you are only the father". if his mom doesnt want me in his life he is not allowed. i am not the only father going through this same what do we as a society do.i also think that this is more common in a marriage less relationship. so in clossing i need help could some one contact me with advise on making rights for fathers more relavent. for the record i believemy child and i are prime canidates for being victomized by  brainwashing from his mother and many of her relatives
October 5, 2008, 10:43 am CDT

"Brainwashing children and a failing CPS"

   Well I'm new to posting on here but I watched the show Oct 3 about brainwashing children.  I've been with my fiance for 3 years now and I suspect his 8 year old son has experienced this.  The childs bio mother was very hurt and upset over the breakup of the relationship with my fiance.  They had been split up for a few years before I ever came along.  Once I did start my life with my fiance things went from bad to worse for him.  The "ex" would keep his son from him, telling the child that Dad didn't want to see him, that dad hated him, or that dad would get mad and hit him.  She was calling both our cell phones constantly and leaving love letters on our house door or on our cars at work.  We dealt with this for well over a year.  I tried being more than civil with the bio mother.  My fiance did not have a visitation order for his son so I backed him every step of the way to getting one.  The summer that we were working on the order the bio mother kept the child away from us for over 4 months.  We had no phone contact, no letters, and no visits.  It killed us inside and we felt totally helpless.
  Now with the visitation order in place it makes things a little easier for everyone.  We still have problems with her trying to skip our visits.  She's even gone as far as to tell the child that he could choose between getting new shoes for school or coming to visit us.  I can completely understand that child support is a must to help take care of the children.  In our case I do believe that the child support is being spent on the adults and for "fun" money.  My poor fiance's son always comes to us in dirty, holey, and smelly clothes.  Of course we do take pictures and document all this.  We have tried to file two abuse reports on her with cps but we have gotten denied each time.  The little boy tells us that he is afraid to go back with his mother every weekend due to her new husband hitting and throwing around his own child.  My fiance's son tells us that his mother and her new husband play a hundred questions with him once he leaves our home.  The list just goes on and on but there is some of what we deal with.  I guess I am seeking advice on how we can improve this childs life from our stand point.  We do have a lawyer that has to do the communication between my fiance and his ex.  The ex completely refuses to talk with him or me about the child.  It use to be by text messages or a short phone call but we dont even have that anymore.  It feels like we are suppose to be cut out of the childs life.  Even after all of this we try to create a safe and loving home here for the child.  We constantly talk about being positive, talking problems out, and sharing our feelings.  We are trying the best we can for being the "EVIL" side according to Social Services.  What else could we do to make sure this child is not in a abusive, neglectful home with his bio mother?
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