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Created on : Friday, September 05, 2008, 03:43:54 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
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September 12, 2008, 1:47 pm CDT

The "N Word" Debate

I just finished watching this show and I cant help but feel saddened by the lack of real understanding. In my opinion the N word has little to do with the real issue.  The fact is racisim exists in every area of the world, as does sexism and prejudice. Everyone of these groups has faced adversity that the other could never understand. My great grandfather hid in a cellar from the Germans in the second world war but aside from a sad story it has had little effect on my life personally. I am certainly not running around calling every German I meet a Nazi. Just like I would never call every middle-eastern man a terrorist or every woman a whore, or every physically disabled person a freak.

However every time a group like this "sticks together" they are further seperating themselves from others. This is why (in my opinion) any action that seperates people is a very serious problem . Whether it be a white rapper not being respected in the music scene just based on his skin colour, or a "black" television station.

All underlying problems aside- If we cant get together and stop the yelling, and have compassion for others circumstances than it seems to me that this problem may never go away.

September 12, 2008, 1:47 pm CDT

The "n" word

    I must say I hate to hear that word no matter what color the person is who says it. The word should be used only as history. I personally agree with the Hispanic woman in the audience that said for the African Americans to GET OVER IT ! The reason for this is simple. Not many African Americans are  still alive that lived through slavery. They are the ancestors of those who did. I feel for those ancestors who endured what they did, inhumane as it was. That is HISTORY now. I feel it is time for current generations to..... GET OVER IT! I will not treat any black person any different than I will anyone else.. simply because of what their ancestors went through. I don't feel sorry for them, they have their own life to live now and should be doing all they can to make it a good one. Stop constantly reflecting on the past and DO something about the future. If you are a citizen of the Untied States of America then act like one... speak the language [English], pay your taxes, stand up for OUR country and .... GET OVER IT ! The time is now for all of us who were born here and love this country to live our lives on what this country was founded on and stands for. History is just that , and we hopefully we all have learned from our mistakes. What we all need to do now is to RESPECT all law abiding citizens as equals no matter what color they are and remember that we ALL are HUMAN beings with feelings and desires. I am from German descent, but you don't hear me speaking German, expecting everyone to speak and read it too, or expecting you to feel personally sorry for me for the way MY ancestors were treated, do you? No ! I am an American human being and am very proud to say it .. in English ~!
September 12, 2008, 1:47 pm CDT

the n- word debate

Quote From: wildfire001

Dr. Phil.  I am looking at your " The N-Word Debate" Show which was aired on on September 12, 2008,  My personal opinion is that the N word should never be used by any race, that word has so much negative response from the past, their is no way to change the full meaning of that word reguardless how it is represented by the latest generation in any media format.  I never used that word or in a slang and I do not care  if you are Black, Asian and especially White, I will never tolorate being called that word.  The word should never be used in a music lyic or to re-express a type of person in a different way.  My view will never change in this matter and I do hope one day in time that all words (subject) in this matter will become deleted. Forever.  Thank you for you time.

first of all i just want to say this is my first post of any kind so im not sure if im going about this the right way with a bit of luck i


today i grab my lunch and sat down to watch the dr.phil show with extra excitement because i wanted to see what the out come of the debate would be and now that its over im left going "huh really"? i thought this would be a great chance to start a whole new kind of challange, where we the human race could come together and just say a big NO to the "n-word" and take the evolution to a whole new level. i feel  like we are sabotaging our selves every time i turn the raido on or stand in any kind of line and that word comes flying out . I mean really we ARE better than this. The use of the n-word is a choice no matter how you want to surgar coat it and dress it up. It's NOT RIGHT it's NOTa term of could it be!  Seriously i all most choked when i heard the explinations from some people that it is ok.

   people were missing something here.


My education on african amerian history sadly isn't what it should be but i am smart enough to know that there is some very important afrian american leaders turning in there graves and im going to take a leap here and say this isn't want they fought so proudly for and couldn't possibly be their vistion for the future. Come on people! your're going to have an aferican american president ...what an accomplishment!!!  thats proof the world is changing , but i guess the question is will it keep changing with out us as long as we accept the n-word in our society. personally i would love to never have to hear it again.


thanks for listing to a little rant i do love the show i guess i just expected a bit more.


    frustrated in canada

September 12, 2008, 1:50 pm CDT

Thje N word

I am a white woman that is raising 2 bi-racialboys ages 9 and 7. I cannot claim to understand what it feels like to be called the N word. I do however have alot of black mail friends that say 'n***a' casually. However, we have had conflict about the use of this word around my children. I feel as though it teaches white people that it must be okay to say. I do not allow even the casual use of the word in my household. What would my children think? I wish Dr. Phil would do a show on bi-raciasl children. I would love to be apart of it.
September 12, 2008, 1:50 pm CDT

Respect is valuable

Dr. Phil, I agree with you wholeheartedly today, we were raised by similar folks.  It is almost insulting, and is surely embarrassing, to even have the "need" to have this kind of discussion about something so tender and delicate.  I was always taught that you earn respect by showing it to others and would no more refer to another human being by a name that even suggested any kind of slur, not to mention racial type.  My own personal opinion of the use of the "n" word is to never, ever use it, for any reason, for obvious disrespectful, historical reasons.  No one deserves to be treated with disrespect and it really just shows a lack of integrity, manners and good moral upbringing.  I feel sorry for those who cannot see how hurtful and degrading it is to "need" to use any racial disrespect, toward any race.  We are all here for the same love thy neighbor, be a productive, informed and respectful and decent human being....isn't life too short to do anything different?
September 12, 2008, 1:52 pm CDT

Using the N..... word

First let me say Thank You to Dr. Phil for hosting a show  about this topic.  I appreciated the things that were said about not using this word anymore.  But I feel like Dr. Phil should have talked more or tried to stop the audience from arguing so much, because he has more insite than they do.  The ladies from the audience will never know the way we feel about our history, or the trials and tribulations we are faced with in today's world because of our history.  Yes slavery is dead and prejudice is dying, but it is not dead.  We as Africian Americans suffer with prejudice often, as we try to make our lives livable and get the respect we deserve just as people.  I could have given thoes ladies many examples of things that have happened to me and my boys that would never happen to anyone in their families.  The Spanish lady has a prejudice to overcome but it is no where near as bad as what we experience.  And I notice that for the most part Spanish people stick together, live together and help ,support each other.  When you come from a history of people that were torn apart as a family, women raped and disrespected, people denied education, men praised for making as many babies with as many black women so master can make more money and overall the entire race of people taught to be as ignorant as possible.  This is an extremely hard thing to just get over as they were saying.  Even though we today did not go thru this, it still is in our hearts, minds and history.  We all learn from our parents and elders.  What we learn and our elders have learned and their elders learned and taught and passed down still has a distorted sence of values.  We don't see any other race having a show about any one word that is so bad white people cannot say it without getting beat up or fired.  In order for us to (get over) anything we must first learn how to respect each other and stop using words to each other that are poisonous and promote negative feelings within ourselves.  White people used this word to beat down the Africian American man and woman and keep them in their place.  The place of extreme ignorance.  Please let us all just take this word out of the vocabulary and never use it again.  If anyone uses the word let him or her be booed, ignored, told off and just anything that helps people to get the point.   Let's work together to ban the N...... word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
September 12, 2008, 1:58 pm CDT

The 'N' word...

My grandmother and I have been watchinh your show today.We would like to say that the whole n word is a bullcrap way for blacks to keep things going all the time....Do you see the white people going and crying all the time when we get called a honky or a cracker or anyother thing that can come out of ther mouth?


The black man that had the little back hat thing on he is the reason we still use the word....It is a wrod and people need to look up the meaning of the word and stop with all the DRAMA with the n word.


I hear words that come come from the mouths of people that need to be stoped be do you see that no you don't....So why keep on with the n word all the time slavery is over and people need to move past and stop with the white people owe them something because we don't.


Paul Mooney needs to go back and watch your show and regroup hisself.......

September 12, 2008, 2:00 pm CDT

Talk About the Show

Quote From: getreal49935

after watching the show today, I am just as frustrated about this debate as before. Mr. Moony is a prime example of why this country will continue to be divided by color and race. Yes, the African American culture was not treated with dignity and respect as any person should be in the past, and that's where it happened "in the past". Does it still happen? For sure. BUT, if the future generations are chastized for what our ancestors did in the past, how can we ever move forward? Our country can only move forward and grow as a united people if we can walk away from the past mistakes and start with a new mindset. We should never, ever forget what happened but it's time to let it go. It's not my fault people did what they did hundreds of years ago, I wasn't there. So why do I hear the term, "you people", like I was a party to it? my father had a saying, don't worry about cleaning off your neighbor's back porch until you clean off your own. Mr. Moony needs to clean off his own back porch before he tells anyone to clean of theirs. just my humble opinion.
I couldn't agree with you more and I appreciate exactly how you expressed your opinion.   I sometimes feel that blacks are more racist than whites are.  I could careless what color anyone is, it's how they treat people that matters to me.  As long as they follow the golden rule "don't do anything you wouldn't want done to you" then color shouldn't be an issue.  Mr. Moony was rude and had a sense of entitlment which I found very unattractive and ignorant.  I hope one day he can move forward and leave the past in the past. 
September 12, 2008, 2:00 pm CDT

White People

Quote From: mocha2u


 I really think the reason why so many white people do not understand why it is said that they cannnot use the N word is that white people are not really used to being told that they cannot do something.  Secondly, we have been debating about this issues for years and I do not ever see it being resolved.  I am a black mother of one daughter and just like Hill Harper said, our culture is used to taking something negative and turning it to a positive. 


White people gave this word to us, and if we choose to use it, whether it be in a good manner or bad one, it is our business! Just know that a white person cannot!  That is just the way it is.  I personally have not ever seen or heard a white person use the N word in any other manner but a negative one. So they cannot distiguish on how to say the word.  Not like black people can.  That is why most feel that white people using the word is so negative and should not be used by them.


Again, I know most white people do not like that explanation, only because they are not used being told they cannnot do so, but just like I know how to dress appropriately for an job interview and I know when to use the word and when not too.  Banning the word is not going to solve this problem, and there is no real way to justify it to non-blacks.  It is our word and we can do with it what we want.


Now, I am not saying I condone the way some of our young people use the word as in records or other places, there is a certain appropriateness that should be attached to the use of word, and that comes from the home.  It should taught and explained to our younger generations the implications of the word and what it can mean when used in mixed company and in public places. 

White people can't take being told what to do?

Are you serious?

It is this mentally that divides the races, and both sides have their "thorns" who perpetuate these ridiculous stereotypes.

I am very offended by the condoned racism against WHITES in our country. It exists.

Dr. Phil had the king of the black racists on his show today.

It won't stop until we stop it.

We need to work together and destroy racism in all hearts.


September 12, 2008, 2:01 pm CDT

Talk About the Show

all the guests on this show need to grow up and stop looking at people as color and start seeing people as people.  this is 2008.  im 25 i have every race in my family somewhere.  growing up i never saw them and said that is my black uncle or my mexican cousin.  they are my family.   we live in america and im sure most of todays guests believe in god and the bible adn id like to remind them that only god can judge not us and noone can move on on this racism topic if we keep living in color and not as people
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