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Topic : 09/12 The N-Word Debate

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Created on : Thursday, September 04, 2008, 12:16:52 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
This two-syllable expression is arguably the most divisive word in society. Dr. Phil tackles this touchy topic with help from a panel of outspoken luminaries: civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton; legendary comedian and writer Paul Mooney; CSI actor and author Hill Harper; comedian Sheryl Underwood and conservative radio talk show host Michael Graham. First, is there a double standard that allows African-Americans to use this sensitive word, while non-blacks are forbidden? The debate heats up when Rachel, a white guest, says she calls her husband the N-word all the time. Then, should hip-hop artists be censored or fined for using the N-word in their songs? Becky says rappers promote negative stereotypes with their lyrics, but find out who Rev. Al Sharpton thinks should face the music. Plus, does tone or intent make a difference when using the N-word? See what Dr. Phil thinks and share your thoughts here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 6, 2008, 5:53 am CDT


It seems to me that when there is conflict with an African American and a white person that the white person gets attacked that they are racist. Could it be the other way around? Just wondering if anyone else feels this way?
September 6, 2008, 8:59 am CDT


I think the N-word should be treated the same as the F-word. They are bad for everyone. No one should use them. There is no reason to use them. They just hurt .
September 6, 2008, 9:04 am CDT


I am 61 years ol, grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles and never experienced racisim.  I wasn't taught it, I just never knew about it.  I learned about it when I married a militarty man and lived all over the place.  When I learned that a friend of mine from Florida would not get on a bus if the driver was black, it made me laugh.  I have never heard of anything so ridiculous.  Then my black neighbors told me what they had gone thorough when growing up, couldn't try on clothes they wanted to buy, etc.  I was mad.  I know my mind, and If I had been born black and lived in their area I would be dead.  Now I am a very proud and happy gramma of a black grandson and he considers himswelf black.  I try to teach him all I can about his history, try to keep him from going into the gangs (white or black or hispanic, asian).  I want him to carry himself with pride, be smart, make the right choices and tell him how it is.  He has a great sense of humor, manners, and he does not even think about "what" his friends are.  I see lots of people looking at him then looking at me and I know it is because he is so handsome, how could it possibly be anything else?


Children live what they learn.

September 6, 2008, 9:24 am CDT

Why must it exist?

Quote From: ryeclan

It seems to me that when there is conflict with an African American and a white person that the white person gets attacked that they are racist. Could it be the other way around? Just wondering if anyone else feels this way?
I too have often thought this.  I personally think the N word is a terrible word and should not be used by any race.  I have even asked a couple of my african-american friends why it is o.k. for them to refer to each with N word; however, if any other race uses it, offense is taken to it.  I was informed that it is another slang word that they use like "bro", "brother", etc.  I just think the N word really causes too much trouble and forms an unnecessary division among races.  So in that, I must ask myself who is actually causing the division?!
September 6, 2008, 9:26 am CDT


 I don't understand how this man gained so much fame and respect, when he rose to those by lying and perpetrating a fraud?  Why is it okay that the African Americans can spew hatred about anyone and none of them are taken to task? Did the media go balistic and criticize Kanye West after his outburst on TV after hurricaine Katrina? No, they replayed  it as a condemnation of the Bush administration?  An African American child calling a white overweight child fat is as hurtful to the white child as the "N" word to the African American. I doubt if any uproar would be made about the child being called fat.

September 6, 2008, 10:46 am CDT

Reverse racism?

It seems to me that there is reverse racism going on.  Blacks can use N***** in their songs and raps but Whites aren't supposed to say it.  Where's the logic in that?  If they can use it about themselves then they shouldn't  get all in our faces when we or anyone else uses it too. 


Besides....aren't there more important things to work on in this world of ours besides the use of a word?

September 6, 2008, 11:02 am CDT

just wrong altogether

I don't know the actual origin of the "N" word, but it doesn't matter who uses it. 

They sound illiterate when they do.  You could be a highly educated Harvard law graduate, or

a high school drop out living on welfare.  You are in the same class when you use that ugly word.

I lose so much respect for anyone who uses it. 


September 6, 2008, 11:14 am CDT

09/12 The N-Word Debate

I really think that people whoever uses the N-word (no matter what race you are) is really disgraceful & it disrespects African-Americans. Rappers, etc., shouldn't even use the N-word in the first place in their music lyrics. That's why whenever I listen to rap, etc., I usually go for the Edited versions of it, whatever it comes from buying CD's, or downloads. Plus we wonder why kids are saying things that they shouldn't be saying. It's 2008 now, soon to be 2009.


And I'm a African-American man myself (I'm only 26 years of age). It's time for this world to grow up, & quit living in the past.

September 6, 2008, 11:15 am CDT

The N word is one of the worst.

I cannot believe there are so many bigits out there.  I cannot stand bigits.  I beleive black and white are the same just a different color.  I have black and white friends and some of my black friends are more loyal than my white.  For someone to use the N word is just a way to cover up their own insecurities and try and place blame on someone elses race because of course they could never be wrong.  I can think of alot worse names that I would like to call people that do discriminate.  That word is not allowed in my house and if I ever hear my daughter use it I will put soap in her mouth.  I think people that think or talk like that are one of the worst people out there and should be ashamed of themselves and their families since this was obviously an upbringing that was very inappropriate. 
September 6, 2008, 12:17 pm CDT

Placing the blame

The resurgence of the N-word, the B-word, F-word and other offensive terms has more to do with society as a whole spiraling into the a cesspool of depravity. Everything that once was frowned upon, is now winked at and acceptable. There have always been double standards among the races as to what is and isn't ok for outsiders to say or see. There are terms that other ethnic groups use among themselves that don't make headlines. In part because these terms are not reminders of lynching's, beatings, rapes, separation of familles and other types of oppression. Younger people are not aware of what the now Baby Boomers lived through so they can now stand on a stage or make a movie, or even go through the main door at a sports arena.  If  a forensic unit examined the N-word, I'm sure they would still find the blood, heart and soul of those that gave their lives for the freedom of us all. I don't feel the N- word should be used openly by recording artist, because it's a slap in the face of their parents and their own family heritage. But unfortunately some of these artist know very little about their heritage, as some proclaim in their music the lack of parenting and family values.
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