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Created on : Friday, August 29, 2008, 12:05:08 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Nothing is off limits as Dr. Phil answers viewers’ questions! First up, Angel says she and her husband, Don, seem like the all-American family, but despite her soccer mom demeanor, she’s hiding a deadly secret: she’s addicted to pain pills. Angel admits to being high while driving with her kids, and she says she even gambles her husband’s paycheck away. Can Angel get her life back on track, and will Don be able to trust his wife again? Then, 17-year-old Jocelyn says she has to care for her two younger siblings while her mother, Lori, parties all night with 20-somethings. Lori denies that Jocelyn is forced to police her, yet she admits using the teen as a babysitter while she drinks at bars. Does Lori need to get real about her behavior? Plus, don't miss the horrific story of one teen's online mistake that nearly cost her life. Find out how you can keep your kids safe in cyberspace. And, meet a mother who says her 17-year-old son believes he’s God’s gift to women, and she fears he'll grow up to be a womanizer. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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November 4, 2008, 11:37 am CST

this is angel...please take the time to read

my name is angel and i was the subject of this show that taped over a year before it was aired.  i want everyone to know that addiction is a terrible disease and people should not be too quick to judge.  before this happened to me i used to look down on addicts and alcoholics as weak people.  just dont drink, just dont use....if it was only that easy.  i know that the choices i made during my use are horrible and to some unforgivable.  but i have changed.  i want to say im sorry to dr phil for coming on to the show high.  at that time i felt that was the only way i could get on that stage and admit to my husband and millions of people what i was doing.  i understand why dr phil did not believe that i wanted help.  thank goodness i went home and proved it to him.....dr phil gave me the wonderful gift of recovery.  i was sent to la hacienda in hunt, texas.  i never hesitated on going.  i knew this is what i needed to do if i wanted to keep my family.  i was there for 34 days.  i learned so much about myself and why i was taking pills.  la hacienda is based on the big book of alcoholics anonymous and its 12 steps and traditions.  i feel so lucky to have gone there.  i left la hacienda and went to a meeting the very next day.  only 3 days later i had a terrible accident.  i managed to stay off the pills even though it was painful.  in december i was told i needed another surgery to remove another mass in my stomach.  in january i had another accident.  in february i had the surgery, i had to take some pain meds, but i was honest with EVERY single person i came across in the hospital.  when i got home after a serious mrsa infection my husband controlled the pain meds.  thats how i wanted it. 

i have a wonderful sponsor.  i have worked the 12 steps, and i continue to work them daily.  i am sponsoring women.  i attend meetings.  i am working.  the point of telling you the things that have gone wrong is to let any addicts/alcoholics out there know that bad things still happen, and you can remain sober. 

my mom had a stroke 2 weeks ago, never thought id get that call, shes only 57.  i flew to va that night, im in tx.  i held it together.  ill admit, it was hard, but i knew NOTHING good would come from relapse. 

i have not gambled either, no bingo, no game rooms, not even the lottery. 

my marriage is stronger than ever.  i have an amazing husband who loves me and supports me.  my kids know what happened, i was upfront and honest about it.  i have a wonderful relationship with all of them. 

in closing, if anyone needs to talk, vent, ask questions, whatever, please email me at im more that willing to talk. 

 Thank you so much, dr phil.  i would love to come back on your show and let people know that it is possible to recover!!!!!

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