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Created on : Friday, August 29, 2008, 12:04:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The Doctors are in the house! Dr. Phil is joined by his renowned panel of  medical professionals, including Lisa Masterson, an OB/GYN; pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears; family therapist Dr. Tara Fields; plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon; and E.R. doctor Travis Stork in answering your most pressing health questions. First, meet a mother of a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old set of twins who says she forgets everything from paying the bills, to her child’s name, to the fact she has children --and she’s only 21 years old! Could she be literally losing her mind? Then, meet a courageous 6-year-old Iraqi girl who miraculously survived a car bombing, leaving her with second-degree burns all over her head and face. Find out how her story changed the lives of one American family forever. Plus, 21-year-old Kristin has been dealing with a physical disorder that she says has stolen her self-esteem. When her insurance company turned down her plea for treatment, she turned to Dr. Phil as a last resort. Can help from one of The Doctors restore balance to Kristin’s life and give her the confidence she has lacked for so long? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 2, 2008, 3:07 pm CDT

Mirena IUD

i have had the Mirena in for 16 months, and i have not quit bleeding i bled straight for 10 months then it went to 3 wks a month and now it's 2 wks.. is this normal or do u think something is wrong? what could t be if you think something is wrong?
September 2, 2008, 3:18 pm CDT

Beautiful little girl from Iraq

I think it is wonderful that Barbara and Tim can help Teeba, I was wondering what the situation is.
She was calling Barbara mom, did the little girls family give her up. It showed her coming with her grandmother because her mother just had a baby. So I'm a little confused, did Barbara and Tim adopt
little Teeba?
Don't get me wrong I applaud Barbara and Tim I'm just a little confused the show wasn't very clear on the
future of Teeba.
September 2, 2008, 3:19 pm CDT

Same Problem

Quote From: kwarren24

I watched the episode with Kristin.  She has the breast issue with them being different sizes. I could not believe that someone else in the world has the same problem I do. My breasts are different sizes and very, VERY noticeable. I have struggled with this my entire life. One is a D and one is close to a B I think. I always say one is two and a half handfuls and one is not even one handful. I have a son and the difference is so great that my son would not latch on to the smaller breast to breastfeed. My whole life I wanted to breastfeed my children and with this disability I cannot. I was wondering what to do about it and how to go about getting the help I need. I don't have the funds to pay for surgery I have a family to take care of. I could use some advice.

I can't believe this problem is a lot more common than it is talked about. I have the same problem with my breasts and have had it since they developed back when I was around 13. It was horrible for the first little while, I had to wear baggy t-shirts and couldn't go swimming at all! It really was painful. My right is a C and my left is a small A - Huge difference. But thankfully, one day when I was still young I tried on a padded bra and it looked like my breasts were even!!! Turned out it was a 36C bra, it was a bit bigger than the C breast but it fit it, and the other side was padded enough to fill in the smaller breast. Ever since then, that has been my bra size and I was able to get my life back. I can wear low cut shirts (with camis under of course!) I can wear tankini's (nothing low-cut of course) I just always have to wear a bra! So if any of you reading this has this problem, you can give that a try. Of course I would LOVE to have surgery to correct this and have been looking into it for years! Nothing will correct it but surgery. I`m very lucky that I had those bras, I found my wonderful husband and had my daughter 6 months ago...I have to say my breasts didn`t change much at all during or after the you a head`s up..doesn`t always change!

I`m glad Dr. Phil brought upon this issue, it`s very private and upsetting to anyone going through it and I feel your pain!

September 2, 2008, 3:23 pm CDT

mirena iud

i have had the iud in for 16 moths and i have not quit bleeding, the first 10 months it was straight then it went to 3 wks out of a month, and now its 2 wks a month.... It this normal or is something wrong? and if you think something is wrong what could it be?
September 2, 2008, 3:25 pm CDT


i AM SO HAPPY FOR YOUR KRISTEN!    I do know that you are going through, I to have suffred from this sence I started to develop.  I went through everything that you did.  In 6 th grade I missed wet and wiled day at my school with my friends because I could not wear a swimming suit.  I was thrilled when my 8th grade class trip was cancled to the water park.  I thought it was a blessing.  In highschool was humiliated when I found out that there were rumors about me stuffing my bra.  My senior year I evan went through going to a plastic surgen who sent it in to be approved by insurance and it was denyed.  I cryed!  Now I dont go on my inlaws family trips to the lake.  They just think that I am rude, but I know that they would not understand. 


Now it is worse than ever.  I am a B and a DD.  You just cant hide that very well.  Evan at Dr appointments it is embarasing cuz the Dr's always seem suprised!  I still have nightmares about there being a fire and having to leave the house and not having a bra on( with the gel thing inside....which yes is so unconfortable to wear and does seem to leave rashes from the heat ) 


 I wish that no one would  ever have to go through this.  It is not only embarasing, it hurts your back!  Now my 16 year old sister has this getting noticibly worse.  It hurts to watch her have to deal with this.  It worys me that my daughter will have to face this also. 


I am so happy for you!  Enjoy it!  and promise me you will wear all those fun bras (  for all of us that cant ) ! 


Also thankyou for sharing your story maby people will realise that this happens and we are still normal. 

September 2, 2008, 3:28 pm CDT

menstral cycles

I was watching the show today and was flabbergasted that DR. lisa Masterson Suggests that Depopevera and skipping your periods is perfectly safe.


I dont think that skipping your period is a good idea as inconvienent as it is. Our bodies are made this way for a reason. I have yet to meet anyone who has been on depopevera and not had side effects from it. I have also yet to find a doctor who thinks these side effects are not caused from the depo.


Maybe this new pill is better for you but i think it is wrong to mislead people into thinking depo is a good alternative to having a period.

September 2, 2008, 3:43 pm CDT

Breast Surgery

My daughter, now 32, has this same condition.  She also kept it from me until she was pregnant with her first child.  She is now a single mom and has tried to get insurance to cover reconstructive surgery for this defect. One size C, one size A.  It is very difficult to become intimate with this abnormality, especially with the way society and focus on looks.


Congratulations to you for coming out and making this a know abnormality that insurance companies should not hesitate to help correct.

September 2, 2008, 4:23 pm CDT

Kristin-"seeking balance"

I know exactly what Kristin has been dealing with! My sister and I have the same problem- we are 35 & 29 yrs old. but we are bigger than Kristin is. I wear a 38DD bra because of the left breast-the right is 1/2 that size. As much as we have never liked this-medical won't help us either-because there is no pain-no problems w/breathing or back problems-nothing! But I've noticed that because of the bra size-people don't seem to notice the difference. I've always worn one piece swim suits where hopefully noone notices anything. I also have a 13 yr old son-so if you have the right men-guys in your life-they don't notice either or they have never said anything and never a problem. I've learned to accept myself like this-but has taken years to do! If your going to be intimate w/someone (just a little humor/positive for this) some men only like a "handful"/some like "more"-this way you have both! ha,ha. It's not a "disorder or disease or disability" it just is and you could have much more serious physical health problems than this. Although I know if there was a way for me to fix it for myself I would probably grab it-but I don't believe in inplants. Thanks
September 2, 2008, 4:26 pm CDT

little Iraqi girl

I was so moved by the little girl but so sadden.
How many kids in Iraq are now left like her? Thousands... As we put a face on the horror, it hits home! Ten of thousands of kids are now orphans, hurt, without school condemn to a life of misery and horrible pain. For what?
This little girl has also lost her family and culture. When asked what language she spoKe she did not mention Arabic. She has been totally robbed !!! We are going to need more than dolls to make it right...
Can we ?
September 2, 2008, 4:34 pm CDT

Little girl from Iraq

Maybe I missed something today, but I am concerned about the little girl calling her caretaker "mommy" unless she has been adopted permanently.  If she has then that is great but if not, won't she be kind of confused when she goes back to her home in Iraq?  She seems to have adapted quite well to the "American Lifestyle".  The couple that has taken her in and helped her is so wonderful and loving to her.  She has been so blessed by them and the wonderful doctors here.   I absolutely do not fault them but commend them.  So many of us say we want to help and either don't have the means or the real "want to".  I hope that they are also keeping her in tune with her original heritage along with her introduction to American freedoms and prosperity. 
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