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Created on : Friday, August 29, 2008, 12:04:30 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
The Doctors are in the house! Dr. Phil is joined by his renowned panel of  medical professionals, including Lisa Masterson, an OB/GYN; pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears; family therapist Dr. Tara Fields; plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon; and E.R. doctor Travis Stork in answering your most pressing health questions. First, meet a mother of a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old set of twins who says she forgets everything from paying the bills, to her child’s name, to the fact she has children --and she’s only 21 years old! Could she be literally losing her mind? Then, meet a courageous 6-year-old Iraqi girl who miraculously survived a car bombing, leaving her with second-degree burns all over her head and face. Find out how her story changed the lives of one American family forever. Plus, 21-year-old Kristin has been dealing with a physical disorder that she says has stolen her self-esteem. When her insurance company turned down her plea for treatment, she turned to Dr. Phil as a last resort. Can help from one of The Doctors restore balance to Kristin’s life and give her the confidence she has lacked for so long? Share your thoughts, join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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September 2, 2008, 12:31 pm CDT

Temporal lobe seizures

Hello, Dr. Phil

I'm watching your show and was interested in the young lady whose is having problem forgetting things.  Please have her doctor check her for temporal lobe seizures.  I have the seizures and went through the exact same symptoms.  It is very frustrating and the doctors tend to not check for seizures.  Hope she will get some help soon. 

September 2, 2008, 1:02 pm CDT

09/02 Ask The Doctors

I just think it was GREAT what they did for that girl from Iraq. That was so awesome for Dr. Phil to give her all the Barbie stuff. It made me very happy to watch.
September 2, 2008, 1:03 pm CDT

Today's Show: plastic surgery

I feel that that it showed very poor judgement to follow the touching, heart wrenching story of the little girl from Iraq who was burned and disfigured in a car bomb, with that of a girl whose boobs didn't match.  At another time, it may have been an interesting and "uplifting" story, but following the other one, it made her look like a self-absorbed, whiny teenager.   
September 2, 2008, 1:18 pm CDT

About Birth Control Pills

I would like to comment on the BirthControl Pills. I'm not sure about the not having a period thing but I have to say. I am 26 and have been on birth control on and off sense I was 15. On Aug. 4th I was hospitalized with a DVT (Deep vain Thrombosis) (blood clot) in my right leg that ran from my groin area to my ankle. I also had multiple bilateral PE (Pulmonary Emboli) (blood clot in the lungs) I had one in my leg lung and 3 in my right, one being in my Pulmonary artery which if broke loose could have went to my brain and caused a stroke. So I am saying that any kind of Birth Control is dangerous. I have had no problems like this until now I was healthy. The Doctors said most people don't make it to treatment with these, I did... I was extremely lucky, I was given a miricle. I now can't take any hormones whatsoever ever again in my life. What is going to happen at Menapause for me? I still have so much swelling in my leg and were not sure if I am going to loose my vein in my leg or not just yet. I can't even take care of my kids at this point. I can't do the dishes without swelling so bad I can't tell I have an ankle.... PLEASE.. if you can not take birth control, DON'T!  ITS DANGEROUS!
September 2, 2008, 1:20 pm CDT

09/02 Ask The Doctors

Quote From: lydeee

I feel that that it showed very poor judgement to follow the touching, heart wrenching story of the little girl from Iraq who was burned and disfigured in a car bomb, with that of a girl whose boobs didn't match.  At another time, it may have been an interesting and "uplifting" story, but following the other one, it made her look like a self-absorbed, whiny teenager.   
I'd say most people have the ability to separate one story from the other.

September 2, 2008, 1:22 pm CDT

Breast Issues I Understand

I just have to say that  though I understand the young ladies problem - since I too was blessed with no breast tissue in one of my breasts and extra skin in both.  They looked like wet limp ice cream cones that a child took too long to eat - I was embarrrased to change in front of myself and decided to get mine fixed.  My before picture was not even recognizable to people I showed it to and I don't mean strangers, I mean close friends and family - no one knew what the picture was.  So, even though my family had money I saved and paid for half.


Now, my question is this, can someone who did not have adequate breast tissue and too much skin, grow breasts after a baby?  After having my baby and losing almost 70 lbs off of my 4'9" frame, I was sized for underwear for our wedding in June and was told my best fit is an "I" not a DD or C but an I.  Now, my breasts are too big which I realized before the fitting my Bi-Polar turning into more easily treated non-Bi-Polar Depression after my pregnancy, did I also grow breasts?


Another interesting point - my mother in order to become pregnant with me was given a testosterone shot in her belly and told not to get pregnant right away.  Accidentally she did.  Out of the 4 women my mother's doctor did this to, I was the only child who was not miscarried or stillborn.  The 2 hormonal issues I mentioned above have not been my only ones, I have more hormonal problems that I am slowly trying to fix as finances allow.  I wonder if these were related to the testosterone shot my mother had?


Thank you very much for your time in reading and hopefully aiding me in understanding the above. 

September 2, 2008, 1:27 pm CDT

Diet Drinks

Quote From: cjrudi

I wonder if the 21-year-old mother of the 3-year-old and 6-month-old set of twins who says she forgets everything from paying the bills, to her child's name, to the fact she has children, who feels like she may be losing her mind is drinking soy?


A month after delivering my daughter, I switched to soy milk, because drinking cow's milk would give my daughter gas through my milk.  At that same time, my wrist joints started hurting and my hair started falling out.  I attributed these problems to hormonal changes.  As the months went by and 2/3 of my hair had fallen out, my wrist pain got worse to the point where I could only bend my wrists back to about a 35 degree angle, not a 75 or so degree back like most people.  My mind was also going away, it seemed.  My snap memory of phone numbers had gone away.  I had to write everything down and I mean everything.  I kept a note on my dashboard to remind me to look at the list in my pocket so I wouldn't forget where I was going or why I was going there or what I was to get while shopping.  Myshort term memory seemed to be non-existent.  I wasn't sleeping, but a few hours each night, then I'd be exhausted and napping in the day.  IT WAS HORRIBLE!  The problems were getting progressively worse over three+ years. 


I was contemplating going to a doctor for a mental evaluation and possibly drugs to avoid entering a mental facility.  It was as if I was developing Alzheimer's or something like that.  However, a friend with thyroid problems and a sister of mine who is a nurse both told me I should have my thyroid checked.  At the same time another sister sent an email saying that even small amounts of soy can sometimes affect some people's thyroids. 


I immediately stopped all soy products, of which I was using a LOT; soy milk, soy chocolate milk (yummy), soy sausage, soy bacon, soy granules, soy chips. 


Within two days my wrist pain stopped.  Over coming months my hair starting filling in to it's previous fullness.  Six months off of the soy I was very excited one day when I came out of a store with my four items and realized I didn't have to look at my list, which I had forgotten I had in my pocket.  One year off of the soy another exciting moment when I remembered a phone number easily -- it was only one phone number, but it was progress.  My sleep didn't come back, but eventually I found iodine supplements (kelp, dulce) and within two days of taking kelp I slept the entire night and wasn't cold all over, as I'd been for quite some time.  (Side note for those not familiar:  Our thyroids need iodine to function). 


So, if she's eating soy, please tell her to stop!  And see what happens.


Thanks for giving us a place to talk here, Dr. Phil and Staff!

  I wonder if the mother is drinking a diet soda with Aspartame? I have a friend who is very affected by this  being in diet drinks. She would get in the car and forget wher she was going. She reschearched this while attending college. It might be worth a try to stop using any diet aids with Aspartame.
September 2, 2008, 1:28 pm CDT

Do your homework FIRST!!

Quote From: cdunne86

I am a nursing student and I just wanted to say that I was on that continuous birth control pill and I just wanted to comment that even though the period part is not dangerous (and wonderful to not have one) the side effects from the medication are what I found to be unhealthy.  I was experiencing recurrent yeast infections along with a constant dry cough for 4 months and my doctor was telling me it was no big deal and that I was not treating the problems correctly.  It was not until I researched the drug and put the symptoms together myself (from a nursing point of view) that I realized it was because of the pill that I was having these problems.  So I just wanted to say that women who take that pill have to really pay attention to the side effects and know when to stop taking the pill or any other medication.
OH you are soooo right I encourage everyone to do LOTS of research before going on this stuff I know of a Mom in our area who was in very serious condition for sometime wiith a blood clot on the brain and it was do to taking one of these birth control pills I also read a article of a young Mom dying from this same thing. So we may not enjoy our monthly visitor but the side effects of this may be deadly DO YOUR HOMEWORK first PLEASE.
September 2, 2008, 1:32 pm CDT

Birth Control Pills

I just wanted to say that I am 26 years old and have been on and off of birth control pills sense I was 15. On Aug. 4, 2008 I was hospitalized for a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) (Blood Clot) in my right leg that ran from my groin area to my ankle. I also had Multiple Bilateral PE (Pulmonary Emboli) (Blood Clot in Lug) I had 1 in my left lung and 3 in my right, one of which was in my Pulmonary artery that could have broke loose and went to my brain, causeing a stroke. All this was cause by the Birth Control. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days and will be on blood thinners for at least a year. I can't take any kind of hormones EVER, what about menopause for me in the future? I am extremely blessed, God gave me a miracle. My Doctor said most people don't make it to the point of care or treatment because these clots in my lungs have actually passed through my heart.

So I have to say that Birth Control pills are dangerous! I am young and was healthy up to this point. Now I don't know if I am even going to keep the vein in my leg or not. The clots damaged my valves in my veins and I have soooo much swelling. I can't even get up to do dishes without swelling so bad you can't tell I have an ankle. I can't get up and take care of my kids and its horable just sitting and not being able to do anything or take care of your family (I have 4 kids)

If you don't have to take birth control pills then PLEASE DON'T! THEY ARE DANGEROUS!

September 2, 2008, 1:36 pm CDT


After my third child I had some of the same symptoms this mom possesses.  My doctor concluded that I was suffering from "Momnesia" and that I'd get over it.  Nine months later, still suffering memory loss and horrific headaches he finally sent me in for a MRI.  I had a GOLF BALL size tumor that had pushed my ...having a moment where I  capture the word...the top part of my spine... completely over to the right, and pinched the nerves controlling the left side of my face.  I had to have brain surgery, where if it had been caught earlier other options would have been possible.  It doesn't say what happens, but please, please listen to this lady and check all avenues to her condition.
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