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Created on : Friday, August 29, 2008, 11:59:43 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
Alienation, slander, sabotage  ... These are some of the ugly extremes ex-spouses go to when fighting for custody of their children. Too often innocent children are used as weapons to exact revenge on a former mate. Melissa and her ex-husband, John, are in a heated custody battle for their 6-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son. Melissa says John is a danger to the children. She says he leaves guns and knives within their reach, and he has locked them outside in the dark. John says Melissa has violated a custody order and kidnapped their children, and that's why he wants full custody. With all the finger-pointing, who's telling the truth? Melissa's mom, Janet, says she fears John could snap at any moment, and she worries for the safety of her daughter and grandchildren. Find out what she says is her biggest regret. And, high-profile attorney Gloria Allred and the director of The National Center for Men, Mel Feit, weigh in. Who do they feel should have custody of the children? You won’t want to miss their heated debate! Join the discussion.

Find out what happened on the show.

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March 26, 2009, 5:35 pm CDT

Thank you!!

Quote From: cammielynn

 Dr. Phil,
I just saw this show here in Italy, and I feel that your attitude tward this mother and grandmother sucked!! You came across as totally being on this crazy man's side!?? And you also might as well have called the grandmother a lier right out, rather than eluding to it! Why can you not believe that someone can have incredibly strong negative feelings twards someone and not spew their feelings to a child but rather, have enough self control to not say these things in front of the children??? Both my mother and myself had VERY strong feelings twards my x-husband, yet NEVER, and I repeat Dr. Phil--NEVER verbalized these feelings in front of or any where in the vicinity of my daughter!!!! Because it wouldn't hurt her father, it would only hurt her! And we love her enough not to hurt her this way, as it sounds like this grandmother loves her grandchildren and has their best intrests at heart.
Also, this man is clearly a danger to these kids!! What is that with talking about his daughters underpants?? What kind of a SICK man makes these kinds of statements?? Also, what is the big deal with the children crawling into bed with their mother?? My youngest daughter is going to be 10 in April of this year, and she still crawles in bed with me, and her dad! What is wrong with that?? Please tell me how allowing your scared child to crawl into the bed with you is somehow wrong, or abusive?? And tell me how this behavior can be attacked in a negative way when there are guns in the home that are clearly accessible to the children, and yet the only thing your "Man" advocate wanted to talk about was the sleeping arrangements? Those children are 6 and 8, what do you think should be of concern, the father making comments about his child's panties, the fact that guns are accessible, dad makes them go outside during thunder storms, chases the child around with dead mice and bugs, makes them hold their arms above their heads until they cry. OR they crawl into bed with mommy at night????? You had a child abuser sitting on your stage and you sat there and you accepted his word that he didn't do these things to his children, and yet treated the grandmother as tho she was just a lier! This man set out to get a divorce from his wife to fraud his creditors, and yet you believe him when he says that he doesn't punish the kids in the way that the wife and grandmother claim. Gee, maybe because he has proven to be such a straight forward, honest man? Come on, haven't you ever heard the saying, that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then it must be a duck? Get it together!! This man is clearly a danger to his children, and should if he has visitation at all with them it should be in direct supervision of a court appointed guardien! Period!
 It's been a long, horrible six months since that show aired, still waiting trial at the end of April--but I just want to thank  you so much for your support.  This is the first time in a long while that I even looked at this message board because of the nightmare it represents.  Our only concern all along is the safety and loving care of those two beautiful children.  Thank you for seeing me for what I am--a loving, protective and concerned grandma who only wants what's best for her grandchildren and daughter.  I even pray for God to touch John's heart somehow and make him realize what he is doing to his children.  Please pray for the kids and thank you, thank you, for taking the time to voice your opinion.  God Bless You.
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