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Created on : Thursday, August 21, 2008, 04:04:39 am
Author : DrPhilBoard1
What happens when family feuds turn into legal wars? The story of Chana and her husband, Simon, made national headlines when their bitter divorce turned into the Wall of the Roses. A judge ordered that a wall be built in their home to separate the feuding couple. Chana says she's imprisoned because her husband of 21 years controls everything, and she has no access to their million-dollar fortune. She makes some shocking claims about Simon, including the allegation that he has installed surveillance cameras to spy on her. Simon chose not to participate in the show, only to listen via phone. But what makes him so agitated that he gives up his vow of silence to interject in the middle of Dr. Phil's conversation with Chana? Is there an end in sight? Then, 19-year-old Logan admits he's addicted to speed and gets a rush driving 180 miles per hour. Nothing has slowed him down, not even facing felony charges, or his best friend dying in a car crash. His father says he has less than two weeks to get his act together, or he's kicking him out! What's at the root of Logan's need for speed, and will Dr. Phil's wake-up call inspire him to put his foot on the brakes? And, find out what legal expert Lauren Lake thinks about these cases. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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August 26, 2008, 4:35 pm CDT

And he got away with it instead of justice happening

Quote From: boobooiseeyou

Chana if things were so bad and the wall hurt you so much you would walk out that door. So i am going to tell you what is going on! You are about the money and getting revenge. If there is abuse you are thriving on it. I will tell you what I and other abused women have done. I LEFT EVERYTHING!!!! Money! Home! Cars! I ran!!! I grabbed my children and ran for our lives. I got out and then fought for our very lives  and stood up to him. I have no sympathy for you Chana.
 I'm a bit sick of the idea that women have to "take the kids and run" instead of the police removing the man!  Our society is supposed to look out for the interest of children, not good old boys.  And every woman that runs enables another abusive jerk!  Let the S.O.B meet me! 
August 26, 2008, 4:48 pm CDT


Dr. Phil (and to the parents of Logan) .   As terrifying as Logan's behavior may seem in the moment, how about reinforcing a talent natural to him.  His "need for speed" his ability to go 180 miles per hour ------1 8 0 miles per hour.  Not even in my dreams do I travel 180 mph.  How about reinforcing a talent this young man clearly has for precision of projection vs. speed and it's consequences-- instead of hammering him.? Are the DRUGS a GOOG THING?   NO NO NO -----absolutely NO!  This young man needs professional speed way coaching.  A sponsor on a speed way ---crazy commercials for cars ---I don't know, I'm not the doctor, but this is a young man I see who has a talent.  A crazy talent, but it's the talent we, as people at Datona, watching nutty car/speed related commercials get off on.  How about encouraging Logan to sport his talent constructively instead of hindering and depressing ---which I believe only drives him more into the drugs.

He saw a friend(s) crash and burn.  It happens.  I've seen family members die too, for incredibly stupid reasons.   Encouraging? No.  Life, yes.

Instead of suppressing a talent, how about placing it in perspective and making it a good thing.  I bet the need for drugs goes away when the PURE adrenaline is allowed.

Dr. Phil, didn't you see this one? 

BTW, I think you're very good most of the time. 


nanSea in Canyon Country, CA

August 26, 2008, 5:00 pm CDT

A Reckless Driving Result

I just had to comment on the show today.  These reckless driving teens are outragous.  They need to think of other people, not just themselves.  Death is the ultimate price to pay, but sometimes death isn't the only price paid.  How would they feel if they or an innocent person came out of it paralyzed or with a brain injury or any other disfigurment?  Death is not the only price paid.  I say this because it happened to me.  In 1989 when I was 16 I was in a car with friends and the guy driving wanted to hit a large dip in the road at high speed.  Well he lost control of the car and we crashed.  I ended up a C5 quadriplegic, paralyzed from my chest down.  The driver of course was fine. 
August 26, 2008, 5:33 pm CDT


Quote From: greendi

I was so happy to read your posting.  I have never been on this site, however I was so frustrated and angry when I heard Dr Phil's and the attorney's reply this afternoon, I had to respond. There are thousands of woman across the country who have been abused by the court system and attorneys.  I would love to hear your story and the stories of others like you. My feeling is, it is the legal system, attorneys and the laws that are in place, that cause a great deal of domestic violance. Motion churning, dragging woman, in partiular through court for years with no relief. Men who abscond, judgments which are useless. We can do business in China but we can't enforce will non-support orders across our own United States. It infuriates me. What makes me even more furious is Dr Phil's response to this woman today, along with the attorney. If Dr Phil thinks that the courts and other establishments can't be bought or controlled, he is ignorant of what goes on in the real world. I would love to hear back from you.

I too was so shocked by the statement of Dr. Phil and the attorney-I want to know on what planet do they live on. There was indictment of judges in the Brooklyn, NY court system for taking bribes and setting up the outcome of cases-there was a made for television movie made about this where the mother exposed this-I had the utmost respect for Dr. Phil but my blood boils to hear the out of touch with reality comments-I am a single mom, RN, whose children were taken away by the courts without ever having one piece of evidence presented. I also have heard about the wonderful work of DCF spoken by Dr. Phil and I am ashamed that such an educated man could discount corruption within the system-Women and the disadvantaged do not get justice because as I have seen the color of justice is GREEN (money).


I have to now deal with children given to a domestic abuser and my other child to a police sergeant fired for hitting a handcuffed minor-My nine year old daughter has been with him since 2002-This attorney has the nerve to tell this woman to get her case set for trial-In what state do this attorney practice? Does she not know about the stall tactics of domestic abusing people? My ex-husband's domestic abuse history was discounted by the judge eventhough the man was arrested- I think a little more investigation should have occurred and all the delayed trial dates should have been looked into before it was made this woman's fault. I am truly embarassed by the portrayal of this woman-I think she doesn't have a chance in court-his money will buy the outcome he wants. I am glad she said it on the air-lets see what happens.


To say police influence doesn't exist is an irresponsible statement to make- I have had the same calls with threats from contacts of the fired police sergeant-when the other father wants things handled he calls on him. How does a judge refer my case to the state attorney's office to prosecute ex for perjury and it is never investigated? How does my 2 year old child leave and re-enter this country without a passport and the judge gives a protective order to the airline when I try to subpeona the ticket claimed by the airline as not existing (so why is a protective order needed)?-Please WAKE UP DR. PHIL- any woman who saw that attorney needs to take note- Like all problems the first step to correcting it is acknowledging the problem-This woman has my prayers-In God is all we can trust. There is no justice in the courts-best thing to do is keep your family out of it with every ounce of your being. I think Dr. Phil needs to go to court with some of the disadvantaged and see the TRUTH of what really happens. In Florida NOW (National Organization for Women) created COURT WATCH-so notes are tken-biases exposed and the cnduct of judges sent to the Judicial Qualifications Commission to affect changes from the practices of justices-The Good Ole Boys club is alive an well- In Hillsborough County, FL judge Holder exposed this club to the FBI-don't discount this inequity in the system-it is alive and getting exposed.


I have been saying for years that judges that make decisions permanently affecting people's lives need to be pschological examined and drug tested randomly-to put a wall in a house when this man has other residence to be in is not aa normal occurrance. I have met Jewish women and getting a divorce is not simple-if the rabbi doesn't agree it is not happening-Jewish women have started to organize so they can be released from this kind of abuse-Come On Dr. Phil- I am disappointed with this view and the stones casted on this lady.

August 26, 2008, 5:33 pm CDT

Wake up

Quote From: airesflora

 I'm a bit sick of the idea that women have to "take the kids and run" instead of the police removing the man!  Our society is supposed to look out for the interest of children, not good old boys.  And every woman that runs enables another abusive jerk!  Let the S.O.B meet me! 
It was very obvious that Chana was lying through her teeth.  There is absolutely no evidence of abuse here only Chana saying that he needed to give her everything,  She is after one thing and that is money and revenge. If a woman is being abused like she claimed she wouldnt stick around.  Her story was so unbelieveable.  She would never stay in that house unless she was after something and what she is after is revenge and money plain and simple.  You could tell that even the lawyer in the audience didnt beleive her bullcrap story.
August 26, 2008, 6:20 pm CDT

logan's road to disaster

I live in province of ontario in canada last year our provincial government enactted on of the toughest street racing legislation in country.if travel 50km over the posted highway speed your vehicle will seized by the police for seven days and your will suspended for the same period and you will subject to a maximum fine of up 13000 dollars cdn because well had a real with people street racing on public highways

August 26, 2008, 6:30 pm CDT

Take it to the Strip

Dear Dr. Phil; Logan and his family


What Logan is doing is nuts.....what he is doing is street racing, NOT DRAG RACING!!  People who street race not only endanger themselves but others and don't know what a true drag race is, and it gives true drag racers a bad name.  Most people don't know it, but at most local drag strips they have what they call a street class race, where you can go and race a true drag race in a controlled enviroment and do it safely.

A true drag race takes skill not stupidity.  Logan may not care about his life and doesn't believe he is hurting anyone, but he has no idea what the consequences could be of his actions....obviously the young man that died that he says was his best friend truely meant nothing to him or he would see how distructive his behavior is...he has a sister and father who care about what happens to him and all he does is disrespect them by continueing to drive like an idiot.  Logan should be ashamed about everything he puts his father through and realize his dad is trying to help him and wants to make sure he is around to have a long productive life.  So, in closing to Logan  GROW UP!!  get your life together and show some respect to your family by straightening your act up....and learn to respect yourself and make a good life unlike your friend who lost his by driving crazy.  If you want to race take it to a drag strip....most tracks have a program for people like you with the need for speed and they have website with the info and weekly schedules posted.  A night of racing at the track might teach you a real lesson and prove that you have a true talent that could lead somewhere, but street racing will lead you no where.

August 26, 2008, 6:34 pm CDT

08/26 Legal Wars

      The topic of street racing or driving fast can be controversial. I don't think there is anything wrong with it as long as it is at the right place and right time. There are race tracks designed for this. Going to a track and racing that is fine and its safe. The problem comes in on public roads. Racing on public roads is dangerous and can kill someone.

      A lot of young kids think that cant happened but you will be changed for a lifetime when that one moment happens where the unthinkable does............

August 26, 2008, 7:50 pm CDT

The courts ARE working like freaking crazy for women!!!

 To the ladies here complaining about the courts being in the man's favor... HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING CRACK??? ONLY  for the rich, politically-connected man does any chance of "buying" the outcome of your case exist.

And for the millions of other men getting divorced who are NOT politically connected... be honest with yourselves, as you know EXACTLY what happens to them. They often end up in a one-bedroom hovel while paying for BOTH legal teams, paying the mortgage for a house they can no longer legally live in, making the car payments, right on down the line, while the ex sits there and does nothing to provide for herself.  Is THIS what all the bra-burning was for so many years ago? I think not. I know TONS of men in this unenviable position, which is a major reason why I am 37 and still not married.

The courts are still so heavily slanted in favor of  women and making sure she continues to live the "lifestyle she is accustomed to/entitled to".  What a load of rubbish. Why do you think so many women out there are gold-diggers? Because they KNOW that once they marry into money, then they have it made. Sad. I actually know a girl who married into money and soon after was quoted as saying "Now all I have to do is have that first kid as an insurance policy". Doesn't that turn anyone else's stomach?

KUDOS to the REAL WOMEN who have the guts to go out and get educated and stake their claim in the business world AND KUDOS to the women who get married for LOVE and only love. Sadly, the way it looks right now, you are apparently a dying breed.
August 26, 2008, 7:51 pm CDT

Her Voice change?

Did anyone else notice her accent change?

It sounded Eastern European in the beginning, RIght after the huband started talking suddenly her accent became Boston like. Much more American. My husband thought the same thing too. To me, it was like I was hearing a different person. She sounded paranoid when referring to this so called power he ex had over judges and police. (can't remember her exact words)

Very interesting to see how this pans out in the end. Would of liked to hear some of the court transcripts regarding this wall business. It isn't like what they are saying about each other can't be proved.
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