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Created on : Thursday, July 03, 2008, 01:07:16 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You might think of the classroom as a safe, protected environment for learning, but how safe is your child’s campus? Could a stranger take your little one right off the school grounds? That’s what happened to 6-year-old Kendall, who was abducted from a private Catholic school by a 47-year-old man she had never met before. Dr. Phil sits down with Kendall’s mother, Natasha, to hear her terrifying account of the abduction and the surprising racial aspect of the case. Did the school release Kendall to a total stranger just because he was black? Plus, Natasha sits face to face with the family of the man who kidnapped little Kendall. Emotions run high as they make a heart-felt plea for their son. Would he be better off in jail, or a mental institution? Next, Latoia's son, 4-year-old Zachari, was released by a teacher's aide to a complete stranger who rode up on a bicycle! Latoia and "Little Z" join Dr. Phil to tell how this potential tragedy turned out to be a comedic mix-up. But how could the school let this happen, and what measures are the administrators taking? And, Dr. Phil reveals what you need to know -- and more importantly, what your child needs to know -- to prevent an abduction, including some high-tech devices no parent should be without. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 11, 2008, 4:22 pm CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

Quote From: submarinewife

As a state licensed home daycare provider I  would like to say that THIS is the very reason all of us who do home daycare would like to see after school care programs that are run out of schools SHUT DOWN. These kids are NOT safe..why? Because after school care programs in schools are NOT required to follow the same licensing guidelines that the state puts on us home day care providers!!! Most people don't know that! I am required to have all my parents fill out a form for 'authorized people' who are able to pick their child up. I am required to get each persons FULL legal name, phone number, address etc etc..and then if they DO pick the child up, I am required to ask for their ID the first time they pick the child up. They then have to sign the child out with date and time and FULL LEGAL NAME. My records are randomly inspected by the state...after school care programs that are run out of schools are not 'required' to do so. Also, did you know that MOST after school care programs run out of schools are NOT RUN by the school or school board???They are private contractors who get to use TAX BUILT AND BOUGHT school property to run their business without having to pay rent of any sort!  These programs are allowed to hire anyone they long as they pass a basic background check..and so they usually hire teens (because they are cheap) and NOT people who have any background in education/child care etc....The old adage that you get what you pay for is very true in these instances! After school care programs are usually cheaper than what an at home provider would charge, but you do not get the same care/ adult to child ratio/ or other state mandated requirements! You want cheap childcare, then don't count on your child being nurtured and kept safe when you use a cheap after school care program!
There is a great movement afoot to have these sorts of programs SHUT down because the kids are NOT safe...they are not nurtured...they are simply warehoused until mom or dad gets off of work....

Not everyone can afford day care! For many single parents, these after school programs are all they have, and they ARE better than nothing, and better than the kids being home alone with no supervision at all.


Would you prefer these kids run the streets? 

July 11, 2008, 4:35 pm CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

Quote From: nurse_mel2000

Watching the show my heart goes out to the parents of the mentally ill man. It goes to show what a failed mental health system in the US does to the mentally ill person and society. If the man had received help like the parents stated they had wanted for him before he was released from system, the kidnapping of a child may not have happened. I thought the show only encourgaged the stigma related to mental illness. If only we could face the reality that the mental health system is greatly underfunded to address this population. A population who has no control of their actions at times due to the physical functionings of their brain chemistry.  As a family member of a bipolar and schizophrenic brother of 10years I sympathize and only hope this show does not further stigmatize the mentally ill population and instead shows how this population is underserved and effects that can have on society.

It is sad that our mental health system is such a mess, and I, too, feel sorry for the parents of this man.


However, this man has to be confined somewhere, doesn't he? The little girl he took was could have just as easily had a tragic end....and probably would have if they hadn't caught him when they did! And, if he isn't confined now he will re-offend. The next little girl won't be so lucky.


Lip service about how awful the system is and what SHOULD be done is useless, isn't it. We have to deal with what is, not what it should be.

July 11, 2008, 4:38 pm CDT

Secret Password

my best friend has a code word that only her and her children know.  anytime ANYONE unexpectedly has to pick up her children the MUST know the password.  i think this is a great idea that parents should use. 
July 11, 2008, 4:44 pm CDT


Quote From: limbicsystem

Today's show made me realize how brilliant my mom was.  When I was young, she told me never to go anywhere with someone unless they knew the password.  She told me if someone (other than her or my dad) showed up and said that I was supposed to go with them, that I wasn't to move an inch unless they said the password.  What concerned me about today's show was that they went straight to the little electronic devices without many details on WHAT to tell your kids.  Role playing is nice, but have a STRATEGY!  If you rely on cell phones or GPS systems, you will get burned.  A smart predator will just yank that little device out of your child's hands and dispose of it...assuming you remembered to give your child the device that day.  It's a lot more difficult to remove intelligence and rehearsed strategies from your child.  The idea would be that your child would refuse to leave with a stranger and would be told to inform the teacher that the stranger doesn't know the the stranger cannot take them.  This would then lead to the teacher calling the appropriate contacts for confirmation.  This should be school policy.
yes, that is what my best friend does.  her children are my godchildren and i have known them all their lives and if I showed up without pre-arranged plans, i would have to know the password.  that is drilled in their heads on a regular basis and i am sure her kids would NEVER go with ANYONE without that person knowing the password.  they know not to share that password with ANYONE, not even friends or family.  she rehearses this with them regularly. 
July 11, 2008, 5:01 pm CDT

Para Educators

I take offense to the way the Para Educators in the class room were put down as uneducated and perphaps stupid people who do not know how to follow school rules of the school. 


As a Para Educator I would like you to know that in the state of CA we need to have a college degree to work in the classroom. 


I have worked in my school district for over 16 years. 


This grandfather didn't know that the child he picked up was NOT his!!  Who is the stupid on?


July 11, 2008, 5:01 pm CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

I have to agree with Zachari's grandfather. The school should have called the police after when this happend. I do not belame him for being upset. I would be upset to if someone did this to my child.
July 11, 2008, 5:18 pm CDT

Doesn't happen in brevard county florida!

  I live in Brevard County Florida, I just watched your show on children being abducted form their school and I find it appalling. In Brevard County even if your known to the attendance lady you still have to show ID. I can't believe that a school in Florida would be so blatantly irresponsible.  In 1991 Junny Rios-Martinez  was taken from Clearlake Middle School in Cocoa, Fl. he was 11 years old. He was abducted by Mark Dean Schwab, who by the way was released 4 years early after having raped a 13 yr old boy. He took Junny, he raped him and murdered him. He put Junny in a foot locker and disguarded him in a ditch along side a road. He was arrested and took the police to Junny's body. There's not a school in Breverd County that will let just anyone take your child. Its just to bad that a child had to die to make people realize the ramifications. They implemented the Junny law.  On July 3rd Mark Dean Schwab was put to death by lethal injection, it took 17 years but justice was served. I don't know the family but it still hits close to home, they are friends of a friend. July 3rd we had a little celebration for Junny getting justice.

   I'm amazed that a county in Florida doesn't keep up with whats going on in its own state, read the paper, watch the news Duval County.

July 11, 2008, 5:29 pm CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

We need to be careful not only with schools, but any activities that our children are involved in where they are supposed to be safe in the care of authority figures. When my son was 8 years old he was enrolled in a basketball program through the YMCA on the campus of his elementary school. I was working part time and was assured that after school a teacher/proctor walked all of the children who were either enrolled in the program or who were in the YMCA daycare program over to the YMCA which was located on campus. I was also assured that the coaches were instructed to release the children only to the parents or other authorized person that I designated (as is usually the case). I felt secure that my son would be safe until I could pick him up as he was on school grounds and in the care of "trusted" YMCA personnel. One day I arrived ON TIME to pick up my son from practice. There was no one at the basketball courts except for a few teenagers playing basketball. I asked them if they had seen the YMCA program practicing and they said they had. They told me that the coach had to leave early and released all the kids to the people who were there. I started panicking wondering where my son was and who he was with. I drove to the babysitter's house and she had not received a phone call from the YMCA asking her to pick up my son. She started panicking also. I drove to the YMCA office at the school and by this time my heart was racing. They reached the coach on his cell phone and let me speak to him. I asked him where my son was and he said he released him to one of the parents because I wasn't there to pick him up. I informed him that I arrived ON TIME to pick him up, and they were already gone. He said he had received a phone call during practice and had to leave early. I told him he was required to remain with the children until all the parents picked them up or call people I had authorized to pick him up and remain there until they had done so. He was not supposed to release him to just anyone. He had done neither. I asked him the name of the person he released my son to and he said "I don't know his name". I asked him if he knew the name of the child the "parent" was with. He said he did not. I started yelling at him, asking him how he could release my child to a total stranger! He hadn't even asked him his name. At this time I was shaking and felt like I was going to pass out. I didn't know any of the other kids who played and didn't know where to begin looking for him. It was the most helpless feeling I had ever had in my life. I then remembered my son mentioned one of his friends that was on the team. I quickly drove to his house praying all the way that my son was there. I drove up to the house and there he was with his friend playing out front.  The dad who took my son home said that he didn't want to leave him there by himself so he brought him to his house for safety. I was grateful to him but very angry at the coach. My husband and I wrote a letter to the YMCA about the incident. They apologized profusely and told us that the coach had been terminated as a result of the incident. We cannot assume that because our children are with people or organizations that are supposed to be trustworthy and have safety practices in place, that our children will be safe. I'm one of the lucky ones but there are many out there who haven't been so lucky and my heart goes out to all of those families.
July 11, 2008, 5:32 pm CDT




Hello.  It is unbelievable to me that strangers can take kids out of school this day and age.  The fact that the teachers were so racist to believe because there is a African American child in the school then any African American con take that child out of school.  All of this is inexcusable in this day and age.  I don't care if the lady that let the child go with stranger has tenior or not she should not be working where she cannot let the kids go without proper authorization.


One thing that bugs me to death about this, I am a single parent.  When my son went into the first grade which was a quite a few years ago, his school told me that his father who has never, ever been in his life except at inception could come in at anytime he wanted to take my child whenever he wanted.  Even though, he wasn't on the "list".  I even had to go to a lawyer with this because they wouldn't let it go. 


He basically was trying hard not to laugh himself to death.  He said do you know how many  cases of married couples I have where the wife/husbands name was accidental left off the list and  they are having to go to court over this.  He gave me his card and said "Have them call me if they e any other questions in this matter"  I did.  Had other problems with that school but that's another story.


How on earth can  any child get taken from any school these days!  It's totally reprehensible.

July 11, 2008, 5:59 pm CDT

witness a parent leave with wrong kid from DC

I was leaving daycare one day with my son when I watch a father walk out of the daycare and when he went to put the child in the car he noticed that the child was not his and in fact the child was a different ethnicity as his child. The child was an infant and was placed in the wrong carrier. The father picked up the carrier with out looking at the child.
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