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Created on : Thursday, July 03, 2008, 01:07:16 pm
Author : DrPhilBoard1
You might think of the classroom as a safe, protected environment for learning, but how safe is your child’s campus? Could a stranger take your little one right off the school grounds? That’s what happened to 6-year-old Kendall, who was abducted from a private Catholic school by a 47-year-old man she had never met before. Dr. Phil sits down with Kendall’s mother, Natasha, to hear her terrifying account of the abduction and the surprising racial aspect of the case. Did the school release Kendall to a total stranger just because he was black? Plus, Natasha sits face to face with the family of the man who kidnapped little Kendall. Emotions run high as they make a heart-felt plea for their son. Would he be better off in jail, or a mental institution? Next, Latoia's son, 4-year-old Zachari, was released by a teacher's aide to a complete stranger who rode up on a bicycle! Latoia and "Little Z" join Dr. Phil to tell how this potential tragedy turned out to be a comedic mix-up. But how could the school let this happen, and what measures are the administrators taking? And, Dr. Phil reveals what you need to know -- and more importantly, what your child needs to know -- to prevent an abduction, including some high-tech devices no parent should be without. Talk about the show here.

Find out what happened on the show.

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July 11, 2008, 8:21 am CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

I'm a white gal who thinks it's about time Dr Phil did a show on black kids getting abducted. In fact, there was some discussion on yesterday's showboard about this very same topic. Most of the time, on talk shows and crime documentaries, it's about white crime victims. But, these things happen to every race. Thanks, Dr Phil!
July 11, 2008, 8:26 am CDT


Let me start off by saying I'm glad Kendall was found and this didn't end in a tragedy.

But I also have to ask why is this being made into a "race issue?"

It seems anymore everything is made into a race issue.

How about the aide that allowed this guy to sign out Kendall without requiring proper identification is just incompetent? This aide probably would've been just as incompetent if the child were white.

If this country ever wants to have peace and solidarity within the races, the African American Community needs to STOP bringing up race as an issue in everything that happens. I have to say, it's getting extremely old and tiresome.


July 11, 2008, 8:43 am CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

Quote From: jberryman

I hope more schools will enforce stronger rules that will be followed.


When my school system(I've taught for 33 years)began working on safety plans for each school, some of the other schools were shocked to find the regulations we already had in place at our school:

1. Parents must fill out a paper at the beginning of the year that lists who is allowed to pick up their child.

2. When someone comes to sign out a child, this paper is pulled and checked.  The person picking up the child must provide identification before the child is called from the classroom.

3.  Students who normally ride a bus, MUST have a written note from home presented to the teacher that morning and the note has to be reviewed and approved by the assistant principal.  NO PHONE CALLS!  If the student does not have a note, they are put on the bus!  Changes are not made because little Johnny wants to go home with his friend, emergency changes only.  Assistant Principal makes calls for verification.

4. When our drivers take students home, any K-2 student taken home where there is not someone home, is returned to school and parents are notified to pick them up.


ANYONE who enters our school is required to sign in at the front office.  Our students are trained to know that anyone in our building should either: 1. Be wearing a school ID tag or 2. Have a visitors tag on.


All doors are locked except the front door to the building during the school day.  Our students are trained NOT TO OPEN AN OUTSIDE DOOR TO ANYONE!!  We actually practice this at times.  They should not let in a teacher or even the principal. 


The thing that SHOCKS me is the reaction we sometimes get from parents.  We sometimes have people who get quite upset at being asked to show ID when picking up a child.


Once a new superintendent was offended, "Don't you know who I am?", at being asked to sign in as a guest, but we expect it of EVERYONE who is not an employee of our school!


Joy Berryman

The rules you stated above are rules for most schools I know of, but they are so easy to brake and  no partent should be   comforted by them. I have walked right by the office to pick up one of my children many times over the years and could of walked out with any kid I wanted too, The person who is going to take a child would not stop at the office and sign in, but keep on walking with the little tag found in the garbage can out front. The only school I think that was the closiest thing to true protection was a school I visited for my son when he was going to start pre-school, and that was a school for children with Autism, and you had to be buzzed in and out with a cam pointing at you and a person meeting you at the door.

People in the office are typing or talking or just not there at times requiring someone to do something is different then enforcing  to.

everying you said sounds good looks good on paper, but as long as those front doors are open they are open to everyone to enter.

July 11, 2008, 10:02 am CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

Quote From: gprenn11

Let me start off by saying I'm glad Kendall was found and this didn't end in a tragedy.

But I also have to ask why is this being made into a "race issue?"

It seems anymore everything is made into a race issue.

How about the aide that allowed this guy to sign out Kendall without requiring proper identification is just incompetent? This aide probably would've been just as incompetent if the child were white.

If this country ever wants to have peace and solidarity within the races, the African American Community needs to STOP bringing up race as an issue in everything that happens. I have to say, it's getting extremely old and tiresome.


It isn't only blacks playing the "race" card. White, blonde bank robber Kylee's father did it, too. On Wednesday's showboard. "Apologizing" for being white? Great Caesar's Ghost, what a crock! No one would care if Kylee only got 15 months for her role in robbing three banks. If every other race and gender were sentenced the same. Which they usually aren't. Maybe Josh got his 20 years because he had a prior criminal record. But, Kylee's was still way too short. And, she chose to hook up with him. Why didn't her parents try to stop her? Her cousin said they even paid for her quickie wedding. Afraid of letting little blondie have her own way?
July 11, 2008, 12:25 pm CDT

A granddaughter was molested too

My interest was peaked when the mother said the abductor tried to phone her in front of the daughter.

When an attempt to phone the mother was made in front of the child, it was made to intimidate her to let her know that he knew her mother and knew how to contact her. (whether this was true or not it was irrelevant.)

My granddaughter was molested by a neighbor who threatened to burn the house down and kill her family. 

So it was a long time until she told someone what he had done to her.  She was 4 at the time and didn't divulge it until she was in Kindegarten.  We did get professional help for her.

The school was wrong to release her without parental permission. 

This little girl is probably keeping silent about what happened to protect her family.

That was our experience.

Just because there was no penetration doesn't mean there was no molestation.

July 11, 2008, 12:50 pm CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

Quote From: pala50

  iam sorry to say this but now i think we should put micro chips in our children when born to trak them down, when  some  thing like this happens !    we do our dogs and other animals !!! 

      I know its hirrible to say this but thats how i feel !


from ohio

I totally agree with you.  If you want your kids to be safe, why not do it.  I'd rather be safe than sorry
July 11, 2008, 12:55 pm CDT

School Abductions

I can't understand how these schools don't have policies in place to prevent this sort of thing from happening.  I am the mother of a 12 year old.  I was so impressed by the security system  her school from the first day she started there.  A lot of parents complaint about how strict they are with there policy but I am very happy they have these policies in place.  I feel that my child is safe and I don't have to worry.  Their security is:  Whenever you pick up your child from school, you need to sign the child out and advise where you are taking the child (parents included).  There is a security person who checks your ID.  If someone other than the parents are picking up the child then the parents need to send a note to school.  The school will call you to confirm that someone else is picking up your child and their name.  When the person arrives they need to show ID that they are that person.  The school my child attends you must be buzzed in to the school and must stop at the security desk upon entering.  No one is allowed further than the hall by the security desk to pick up their kids unless you have a scheduled appointment in the school.  You must wear a name tag while on school premises.  Why don't all schools have this policy.  Our kids are our most precious thing and everyone should treat them as such.



July 11, 2008, 12:57 pm CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

As a teacher, when I first heard the show's topic today, I sighed a little, and though..."Here we go, another reason for people to fear we aren't doing our job."  Local news stations sometimes use scare tactics for an interesting story.  Obviously, we're going to be very interested in anything that relates to the safety of our children.

When I thought about it, though, I started hoping that the parents of children at my school were watching.  We do have a very stringent policy at our school for child safety, and the problem we run into the most is parents being upset that we're making them sign, confronting them in the hallways when they haven't signed in, or not allowing their child to go home with someone who is not on their emergency contact list.  When a parent gets upset that I'm following the procedure, I very politely remind them that I do it only for the safety of their child.  Sometimes they then say, "Yes, I know, I'm sorry," and sometimes they continue to be annoyed.

Also, no matter what kind of policies are in place, it's impossible for the administration to know what's going on at all times and that her/his staff are following those procedures.  I thought the principal of the school sent a very good statement.  I know that I sometimes seem very "hardcore" when it comes to following the safety policies of my school [i.e. It doesn't matter that both parents are active members of the p.t.o...If they are not on the emergency list, they are not picking up someone else's child], but I really believe its absolutely necessary that when it comes to safety, we do not make exceptions.  Making one exception will not only make you vulnerable to doing it in the future, it also let's someone know that you're willing to make exceptions.  You can't be lax when it comes to the safety of children. 
July 11, 2008, 1:00 pm CDT

07/11 Abducted from School

Quote From: dkcjones

The bottom of Dr. Phil's blurb on this show says to 'find out about high-tech equipment every parent should have.'  Why isn't this stuff made known to us BY our schools??  There is a battery commercial out that shows a little boy disapearing and his mother pulls out this mini GPS looking thing that shows which direction her child is.  They briefly mention the name of this device as if all parents already have one. Why don't we and why do we have to wait until Friday's show to find out! Hahaha!


My son is 3 and I took him to Chuck E. Cheese's for the first time not to long ago.  They stamped us both with the same number that could only be read under a black light and wrote the number down stating no one could leave with my son if their numbers didn't match.  I then let my son run around and didn't get too crazy if he was out of my sight for a minute (2 minutes, yes... :D) But when we left, both of our numbers had been rubbed off! And, they let me leave with him anyway!! I wondered if it was because we were both black! I went nuts!  Anyone could have rubbed off his or her own number and my kid's and taken him!


So what do I do? Complain to management? Never go back? Get that tracking device? All of the above!


Please don't take offense to this question, but I'm kind of curious.  Why does anyone need the schools to tell you how to keep your child safe or  and what you should use to do it with?  Shouldn't parents investigate these types of technologies on their own?  Do people really  need someone else to tell you to look into ways to keeping your kid safe? 
July 11, 2008, 1:27 pm CDT


I am so sorry this happened to this wonderful family.  Their child is precious.  What an unfortunate event.  I urge all school personnel to check id's.  I am a teacher  and we always check id's of new people picking up children from our school. 


The other unfortunate thing about this story is that advocates for the family claimed this happened partly because she is African-American and an African-American man came in to pick her up.  There was an incident in my home state very recently where someone abducted a child from a daycare center and guess what...they were white.  I honestly do not see that race has anything to do with this sad and totally preventable situation. 


I hope and pray this family can recover from this incident.  They will definitely be in my prayers.

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